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Shaco Build Guide by TarxDark

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TarxDark

Shaco the Tank Jester

TarxDark Last updated on January 10, 2013
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Hey Guys Tarix here but I'm mostly known as Drow wolf and/or UnholyChampion. I'm not much of a build maker but I thought this build would be very strong. It might not be presented as good as it should be but I'm not that smart at presenting stuff so I did my best. Over time I will be improving the build when I find out how to do somethings better and get some pics but right now its just a build with a mini guide, enjoy.

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Taking the damage Marks and Quintessences over all most anything the only other thing to get would be crit damage and chance, but rolling the flat damage is what I do.

You would need armor Seals over anything else, because Shaco as low armor its best to get that because you end game without about 4k+ hp anyways.

The magic resist per level is better than flat because of all the damage comes late game. But if there apc and only this way you can get flat magic resist because late game she is useless.

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Butcher, Tough skin and Bladed armor is a must in the jungle

Summoners revolve gives ten gold per smite and after ten smites thats one hundred gold its worth it.

Destruction is good to get because I find my self pushing lanes with the teammates I just ganked for so its good to get it.

I don't get armor pen because it takes up space for the other masteries and I don't get armor pen in my build anyways.

Getting the crit bonus is best because your Deceive is always going to crit and its great to get it.

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When you get enough money for madred's razor then go and buy it but if lanes need ganking you can buy it later. Sunfire, Warmogs and Atma's is a must, the Sunfire procs on your clone and gives hp. Warmogs gives hp and a great Force of Nature(R.I.P) passive that goes great with all the hp. Atma's gives great damage when you have Warmogs and sunfire also good armor and crit chance. Infinity Edge is a great item to get after your core items having about 200 damage at that adding 70 more plus more crit its a great item. Lastly you want you get Iceborn Gauntlet because of the sheen and slow field, also great armor.

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Skill Sequence

Deceive - I Take this second because I mainly use it for mobility. For example, escaping someone or chasing after someone.

Jack in the box - I take this last because I'm not ap and I mainly use it for a free one minute ward.

Two-shiv poison - I take this first because of the over time damage, also slows them so you can keep hitting them and could also blind monsters such as baron and dragon making it easier if it blinds.

Hallucinate - I mainly use this when fighting adding a second Shaco tank also procing the sunfire even if the clone and myself are right next to each other. Also good for tanking baron and dragon.

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Smite is of course used for jungling. CORE ABILITY do not jungle without.

I role ignite because when I get my blue and if they have a champion that takes blue also, its good to make sure the enemy jungle dies first blood at the brush under the wraiths. Then if its safe take there red then go up to yours and take that encase they want it.

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Because Shaco is very weak and can really only be used as assassin theres no chance because everyone would be wanting to protect there adc or apc. But as Tank Shaco you can fight them head on and still assassinate the adc or apc with a greater chance. With the normal Shaco as I said dies fast and is basically useless in teamfights unless your really and I mean REALLY good with him. With Tank Shaco you can be in team fights but also doing heaps of damage at the same time.