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Shen Build Guide by LeagueOfXiphos

Shen - "Da Flippin' Ninja"

Shen - "Da Flippin' Ninja"

Updated on July 31, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeagueOfXiphos Build Guide By LeagueOfXiphos 4,103 Views 4 Comments
4,103 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LeagueOfXiphos Shen Build Guide By LeagueOfXiphos Updated on July 31, 2011
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The Lore of Shen, the Eye of Twilight

There exists an ancient order originating in the Ionian Isles dedicated to the preservation of balance. Order, chaos, light, darkness -- all things must exist in perfect harmony for such is the way of the universe. This order is known as the Kinkou and it employs a triumvirate of shadow warriors to uphold its causes in the world. Shen is one of these shadow warriors, entrusted with the sacred duty of Watching the Stars - exercising judgment untainted by prejudice.

Born to a clan whose members have decorated the ranks of the Kinkou for generations, Shen was trained his entire life to become the Eye of Twilight, and thereupon to dispassionately determine what must be done in the interests of equilibrium. As his final trial to ascend to this position, he was made to attend the Takanu, a ceremony in which his father was tortured before his eyes to test his resolve. Any reaction whatsoever would have resulted in his immediate disqualification, but he never averted his gaze and never blinked, not once. As the Eye of Twilight, Shen must make decisions which would buckle the wills of ordinary men, removing all emotion from the equation. He now works with his fellows Akali and Kennen to enforce the balance of Valoran. This hallowed pursuit has unsurprisingly led the triumvirate to the Fields of Justice.

The Eye of Twilight sees not the despair of its victims, only the elegance of equilibrium.
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Hallo, this is my first build I have ever made.

Around lvl 20 - 30 I have been playing Shen, as I never EVER played free rotation champs, after having a few games as him, he is AMAZING I immediately accumulated 3150Ip and bought him.

I reckon Shen is a great tank that can save his team, get some kills of his own and most of all feed his carrys if you know how to. A video of how to feed your carry's is listed in the runes section. Before you go and Down-vote my build read the following:

- Don't be a person who just reads builds off Mobafire and down votes for all they care, actually TRY IT!

- Read this build if you are going to actually try it or if your going to Up-vote it.

- Don't Down-vote if you try this and you don't go tremendously well, just try again and see how well you go.

- For this build I highly recommend you lane with a premade so you can feed him/her.

That's all I would like to say. Good luck with the build and Have Fun!

"Live long, and Prosper" ~ Spock.
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Base Stats

Damage: 53.8 / +3.075 per level
Health: 428 / +85 per level
Mana: Energy
Move Speed: 310
Armor: 18 / +4 per level
Magic Resist: 30 / 0 per level
Health Regen: 1.49 / +0.11 per level
Energy Regen: 10 / +0 per level
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Pros / Cons


-Great ult
-Nice damage output
-Great farmer with Vorpal Blade


-Big ult CD (cooldown)
-Big taunt energy cost/CD
-Energy (can run out fast in a team fight)
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The masteries that I have chosen consist of some balanced tanking as some offence summoner spells. Exhaust is great for saving a team member if you have no energy for taunt, or for 1v1. On the other hand, ghost is excellent for saving comrades and positioning you taunt for you team of carry's so they can get an easy kill.
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I chose all fortitude runes as it is vital Shen can get his carry (laning partner) some crucial kills, with the health you get a bonus 181health and will keep him sustainable/and be able to take damage as the victim is distracted while the carry is killing him and will allow you to buy a giants belt faster by the sustainability. Here is a quick video of me and a premade friend sharing the kills by me getting the taunt off and running side by side the victim waiting for my carry to get the kill, if the carry cant get the kill, ill just taunt the victim again.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost - Great for chasing, getting to a destination fast and getting to save a team mate.

Exhaust - Great for slowing the opposition for doing a 1v1 or if you are out of energy, just a boost to help you and your team mates escape.

Heal - This is a great item for the team, but I like my slow.

Fortify - Typical Tank item, its great, but for only a few seconds...worth it?

Teleport - Great for getting back to you outpost but, if your that desperate to get back to your tower, ask a comrade to stay there so that you can just ultimate back to them.


Clairvoyance - IMO (in my opinion) This isnt really all that worth it for some map visibility, just get a team mate to get it or just be lucky and have someone already have a move e.g. hawkshot, teemo shrooms and so on.

Clarity - No, Shen doesnt even use mana.

Flash - Seriously, you got a 2-in-1 move, its called shadow dash.

Rally - Hahaha, Just no.


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Vorpal Blade

Cost - 70/65/60/55/50 Energy
Range - 475

Deals 50/95/140/185/230 (+65% of ability power) magic damage to the target unit. That unit becomes life tapped for 5 seconds, healing any champions who attack it for 10/20/30/40/50 (+20% of ability power) health over 3 seconds.

- This is a fantastic move of Shen as it can sustain him and his laning partner for a while an can be used as a damage ability.


Cost - 45 Energy

Shen enters a defensive stance, shielding the next 50/100/150/200/250 (+60% of ability power) damage. Lasts up to 1.5 seconds.

- This is highly recommended against those DOT attacks e.g. (twitch and teemo poison) as explained in the skill sequence, you can just wear the poison off.

Shadow Dash

Cost - 120/115/110/105/100 Energy

Shen rapidly dashes to a target location, taunting enemies he collides with for 0.8/1.1/1.4/1.7/2 seconds. Restores 50 energy if you hit a champion.

- This is one of the best features of Shen as it has a 2-in-1 value, dashing through terrain, pulling agro and initiating.

Stand United

Cost - 50 Energy
Range - Unlimited

Places a shield on a target allied champion, absorbing 200/475/750 (+100% of ability power) damage for 7.5 seconds. After channeling for 2.5 seconds, Shen teleports to the target's location.

- Don't be deceived by the amount of shield it absorbs at rank 1, it is pretty mediocre while the ranks later on get better, this is another great feature of Shen as you can make a remarkably great save on a team member while pulling the agro and maybe getting your carry the kill.

Ki Strike (passive)

Every 8 seconds, Shen's next attack deals 10 + 5 times level + 3.5% of max HP as bonus magic damage. Whenever an enemy champion hits Shen with a basic attack, the cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.

- Ki strike is your basic damage output along with vorpal blade as it offers some bonus magic damage to you auto attack. Ki strike is useful against the opposition squishies in a possible 1v1.
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence that I go is maxing vorpal blade first, while upgrading my feint and shadow dash evenly amongst each other and my ultimate I upgrade at its normal lvl's e.g. 6,11,16, if by chance you are solo laning, I would highly recommend maxing your vorpal , THEN shadow dash so that you can taunt them by the turret, exhaust them and maybe ghost after them and BAM you got your kill or you can just get them low. If you are laning against a DOT enemy (damage over time) e.g. (teemo, twitch and so on) I recommend maxing feint as you can just shield the poison off.
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Item Build (Early - Late game Items)


I choose to start off with Doran's Shield as it gives spectacular health/armour and HP regen for a starting item as Shen.


These items are essential for Shen's early game as they make him very sustainable and endurable throughout early to mid game.


The items that I have chosen for Shen are a standard tanks build although the Warmog's is something I like to rush so that I can get quite a bit of health and be able to be sustainable and it is also abit of a fear factor as it will get you around to over 2k health making the opposition think twice before double crossing you. Next I get a Force of Nature, because it's got an excellent amount of HP regen as well as some bonus movement speed and some standard magic resist. Following into a Thornmail if they have a heavy DPS team e.g. (gangplank, xin zhao, udyr, master yi, caitlyn, ashe and so on) if they dont have such a bad DPS team, you can just get a banshee's veil and block the incoming abilites say some opposition ult's, ashe arrow, lux ult and so forth. Last, but, not the least a Randuin's Omen, this is an almost perfect item for the team as its active ability slows the opposition aiding your team to victory in one of the last team fights. Do NOT get a guardians angel as you want to be focused as the tank, if you get a guardian's angel they will not bother to attack you because you will come back to life.
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This one is not to bad as i have 33assista, i have fed my carrys,
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Finale 2

As you can see, i have achieved 40assists in this game and some kills.
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- Be very aware of your ult's shield and how much damage it can absorb, is it worth trying to save someone you know that he will just die when you arrive there and maybe even you aswell.

- Use vorpal to counter the banshee's veil before you want to pull of your taunt for your team.

- Use your taunt to your advantage at an ally tower.

- Make sure you are always using your peripherals to watch the map as an ally may be battling it out and may need some assistance.

- Use your vorpal to heal you and you allies.

- Use your vorpal as it has a short CD to farm minions at minuscule health.
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