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Shen Build Guide by NukerGuy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NukerGuy

Shen: The Healthy Ninja

NukerGuy Last updated on February 19, 2012
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To much Shen's

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello people,

My name is NukerGuy and this is my guide of how to play shen, a healthy ninja. When i first played shen, i found him very good but almost no damage. Now after this buffs (Nautilus) he is my favorite champ. I have now around 300 wins in normal and 35 ranked so i am not a uber pro but i think i got a vision of how to play shen. This guide includes a jungle and a lane (Solotop or duolane).

This is my first guid and plz forgive me for my bad englisch. It is not my native language.

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Pros/Cons of Shens


  • Super tanky!
  • After patch Nautilus now also good damage.
  • Can save your teammates.
  • He is a Ninja!
  • Very fun to play.

  • His damage is good but not that awesome as that from Udyr or Xin.
  • I excep maybe a nerf but i dont hope so! :D

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I take mostly tanky runes but also some damage runes because of thats now how to play shen. A tanky dps.

  • I take As for Red because that will let me proc my passive faster so more damage :D). This could be swapped by Ad or Armorpen but the best are offensive runes. Mu favorite still is As.

  • For Yellow i take standard Armor. If i get much health, what i will get. This armor runes will make me so defensive, almost impossible to kill. DOnt swap these with others, the armor is needed.

  • For blue i take Magic Resist. I take them for the same reason as for Armor. Dont swap thes too!

  • For the Purple ones (always forget there names) i take Movement speed. These just help me to land a good Shadow Dash. This are really your own choices but i recommend movementspeed.

      I take the same Runes for Jungling as for laning.

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Who else loves the new masteries form season 2. I love them for sure! I use mostly defensive masteries and a bit utility.

Jungling: 0/21/9

Laning: 1/21/8

I will explain why i pick these masteries. Only the most important. Because some are just so obvious! Like armor.

First laning:

D = Defensive
O = Offensive
U = Utilty

Summoner's Wrath (O): Take this because you will have 2 offensive spels, so why not improve them. The only offensive smastery good for shen.

Initiator (D): Extra movement speed for that perfect Dash. The masteries name says it: U ARE A INITIATOR! Always go first in teamfights. Be sure ur team follows u and help u :D!

Enlightenment (D): Cd is good for shen because he has no mana so he can spam his skills. More Q is more damage = Win! You won't wanna waste ur items for cd. U need that tanky damage build.

Juggernaut (D): Just makes you a better tank. This is recommended for every tank. Sometimes a tank goes into utility tree but i am not talking about that tank. (Singed)

Expanded Mind (U): U wont believe it but this masteries can make the difference in a teamfight. A Shadow Dash or no Shadow Dash. Love it for extra burst at just the best for shen in utilty tree.

Swiftness (U): Gonna love movementspeed for better dashes!


In the defensive tree pretty the same reasons as in laning. Take Runic Affinity for that extra buff duration which will help you much with ur red buff ganks. Also in the utilty tree the same reasons. Almost no difference from laning masteries.

My masteries are almost the same as that from others because i got inspired by them. Mostly the "Dont mess with the Shen" guide. Great guide, u must look at it if u wanna be a pro shen.

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Finally, the best part of this guide: ITEMS!


I will explain why i took those items.

Doran's Shield: The standard tank item. I see most shens starting with a health crystal but i think thats not better then dorans, because dorans gives u also health regen and armor. Great for fighting against those op ad solotoppers. Little tip: DOnt harras champs with lots of health regen or lifesteal and spellvamp. U wasting ur skill that you could u for farming.

Boots of Speed: Just some handy extra movement between your items.

Heart of Gold: Money Money Money (and health), is always funny in a rich shens world. U must no the real song right? The gp5 and health is amazing and is a real need for shen. It makes ur passive gonna hit hard.

Wriggle's Lantern: Standard jungle item, that lifesteal gives ur even better surviveabillity and the armor is always good for tanks. The Ad will make u hit harder and who can ever ever hate a free ward at dragon? Me not!

Phage: Extra health and damage. This item will make u at midgame a strong dps which is tanky. This item will u build in a Frozen Mallet. In my opinion the best item for the new shen.

Frozen Mallet: Health, you just can't get enough of it, Attack damage, its not much but will help u deal tons of damage to their squishied, Slow, with this slow and your Shadow Dash, nonone can escape you! All together makes this item a super item for shen.

Mercury's Treads: The tenacity on this item will make stuns almost useless on u. It will also provide u the standard MR with the Wit's End u need in a game with a normal team composition. If needed u always can take a Force of Nature if the enemy has more then 2 Ap heroes or one extreamly fed ap hero.

Wit's End: When u read this u think WTF Wit's End on shen! It was a bad item for him until the change of that your ki strike cd will be lowered when u hit with a autoattack. This item will provide you all the MR you need an the Attack Speed for millions of ki strikes. The passive just helps u doing a little extra damage.

Sunfire Cape: Just like almost all the items above, it will give u a nice little damage boost. The main part of the item is of course the health and the armor. After this item u will be a full tank. Also it gives a hugh improve on farming.

Warmog's Armor: Oh Yeah, more health! This health will bring you almost to 4000 health so u will get ki strikes form 500 damage (Awesome!). U will get much assist and kills if you have a good game so your warmog will be fed in less then 5 minutes.

Atma's Impaler: Which so much Health you cant miss this item, it will give you about 90 attack damage and a very nice amount of armor, which will bring you over the 200 armor! With the attackspeed from Wit's End and this item u will do so op damage for a tank, the enemy team all gonna yell: Nerf Shen! He too OP!


I almost never use other items then these, there are only two exceptions:

Force of Nature: If the enemy has more then 2 ap or super fed ap. Switch this item with the Sunfire Cape.

Thornmail: Against a Tryndamere or a Vayne etc. (Fed) is this a must have. Switch this item also for the Sunfire Cape.

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Skill Sequence

Nothing special here. Just follow the Skills i take at the top of this guide.


  • Take ur ulti whenever u can!
  • May your Q first for max damage and sustain
  • Then max your W for defense in midgame and fast ki strikes.
  • Take 1 level in Shadow Dash at starts for gank or if someone from your team ganks your lane. Also great escape tool.

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Summoner Spells

Higly Recommended:

Ghost: I prefer this above flash because you already have a little flash. Also this spell will help you for many ganks, like u use ur ulti one the fastest member of ur team if u farming toplane. Then u ghost and catch the last, slow heimerdinger or other champ and secure kill. This is almost a guaranteeded kill!

Clarity: U need mana bro for your spells! :D

Exhaust: Very usefull in duolane, helps your friend the AD carry getting kills and of course makes you stronger in 1v1 fights. Pick Ignite if u have almost no ignite on team and take teleport if going top.

Teleport: Take this spell if u go ranked solotop, this is needed!

Ignite: Replace for exhaust, whill give you a kill from those nasty escapers and whill make a easy kill from a mundo. Very usefull if ur team has almost no ignite.

The others, some can you take like cleanse and heal but i highly recommend to stick to this spells.

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Laning (Ad/tank)

In this chapter i will explain you how i play shen as a solotop or duolane laner.

Early game:

Farm, farm, farm, unless you play a bit support shen. Use your ki strike and Q spell for easy last hitting and try to dont lose any creep. It is possible to harras like a boss but farming will give you a better mid and late game. Secure kills with ganks from your jungler and taunt them with Shadow Dash. If they push hard this is 80% chance on first blood. Just remember the word "farm"and u are fine.

Mid game:

It's time for kills. You probably got some kills from your lane but of course you want more. Look for 3v3 or 4v4 enz. fights and when it starts tele in and kill them all. After the fight push the tower and return to your own lane and go again farming. If you keep on repeating this and saving your allies you will make your team happy and you will win endgame.

End game:

Taunt the whole team and kill the squishy. Stay with your team and defend your carry's. Just do this and you win the games. Try to secure baron with your team and make a final push. DOnt farm toplane or botlane now unless you are there with your whole team!

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Laning (Ap/carry)

In this chapter i will also explain a different type of laning: AP Mid/Top.

I bet you almost never have seen a Shen going for full ap, but u should try it! All his spells work with ap and his ultimate works with 150% of your Ap!!! However he wont be that tanky but his damage will be awesome.

Early game:

Just like with Ad/Tank, farm, farm, farm, but no focus farming with your Q as it will do a hugh amount of damage. If you keep on being concetrate you can get 100 farm in 10 minutes. Harras with your e and q combo (dash in, q, ki strike and walk away. This combo is going to do tons of damage as you reach lvl 9. In my opinion it is east to win your lane with him, hoewever it can be hard to lane against ranged mage or ranged ad.

Mid game:

Your ulti is going to be important. In the best case someone is towerdived. U ulti him, he gets a super strong shield and don't die. Then you taunt and throw q = profit. If you are fed now and got a advantage in items you will be able to kill most people with one combo and you will got good survivability (Rylai's and Hextech Revolver).

End game:

Killing the carry is now your job. Try to dash to him and taunt him. Look out that you don't taunt everyone because it will be possible that they kill you in a split of a second. Throw q, ignite, shield lichbane proc and down with the squishies. Then clean up the rest of the team and push to the nexus.

However i am more a fan of tank/ad shen, this is really recommended to try out!

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I am not a real fan of jungle shen but i can tell you: It is as easy as stealing candy from a baby. Your survivability is awesome and you can make a strong lvl 3 gank whitch will definitely secure your team a kill. The big problem is that he is a super slow jungler.

Jungle route:

  • Start at wolves, kill first the big wolf and then the other wolves. No health pot needed here, don't use smite for sure.
  • Go to wraiths and kill them, first slay the big one and then the rest. Spam your q and w every time you can! Dont use smite, use a health pot.
  • Go to red and focus the lizard. Just spam all your skills and use a health pot. Finish with smite.
  • Then do golems. Spamming skills again and first slay the big one. U maybe want to use a healthpot. No smite.
  • Now do again wolves, it will not be hard just slay them while spamming. Dont use smite. U may want to use a health pot if u are at low life.
  • Take blue and give to ur ap mid or too yourself if the ap mid has no mana. Spam skills, health pit, smite. And now gank all those lanes :D

    Tip: U can let your ad carry take the golems for extra xp, they will be respawned ehen you are going to take them.

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Final Words

Thank you for reading my guide of shen.

I hope that i have give you a vision of how i play shen and why he is so good. I learned a lot from the other guides you should check them out! (Don't mess with the shen is the best of them)

I am not a uber pro so maybe i've give you a noob vision of shen. (Don't hope so)

Plz comment and rate this guide and if you really find this guide super awesome and u wanna thank me plz send this link to your friend or yourself and help me get refferals :D. Wanna have BloodMoon shen skin.

type and than after that u copy and paste


Thank you for reading my guide!

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Prove that this guide works


This image is from one of my last games with shen. I went botlane with gp because singed wanted to go top. I really pwned as you can see.


This is a image of my last shen games, all tanky ad builded. (And one Gp :D). I think shen is a champ where you can almost 80% of the time a positive score.

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Future Plans

  • Inserting more viable items in the item list (Not done)
  • Making the guide better looking with icons (Working on this)
  • Make a list how to counter specific champions at solotop (Not done, first got to play a lot more games)
  • Making a ap shen build and explanation!