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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Shen Build Guide by Lordakin

Shen the.... Tank

Shen the.... Tank

Updated on July 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lordakin Build Guide By Lordakin 5,899 Views 0 Comments
5,899 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lordakin Shen Build Guide By Lordakin Updated on July 20, 2011
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This is a shen guide focused on armor/magic resist.
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Shen stats

Shen Level 1 Stats Without masteries runes and starting items :
    Health : 518
    Health regen per 1 : 1.6
    Energy : 200
    Energy regen per 1 : 10
    Attack Speed : 0.651
    Damage : 57
    Ability Power : 0
    Armor : 22
    Magic Resistance : 30
    Movement Speed : 310

Shen Level 1 Stats With masteries runes and starting items :
    Health : 681(+168)
    Health regen per 1 : 3.2 (+1.6)
    Energy : 200
    Energy regen per 1 : 10
    Attack Speed : 0.677 (0.026)
    Damage : 57
    Ability Power : 0.60 (+0.60)
    Armor : 63.47 (+41,47)
    Magic Resistance : 58.14 (+28.14)
    Movement Speed : 310
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Pros / Cons

Pros :

    Very durable tank
    Can deal high amount of damage to squishy champions
    Global ultimate
    Can 1v1 almost every other tank
    Can get lots of kills
    Easiy to get first kill
    Uses energy

Cons :
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Marks :




I prefer

Seals :


Glyphs :


Quntessences :


Resilience Runes gives me high amount of armor while combined with doran's shield that gives me large survivability in early game.

Warding runes gives me good amount of magic resistance that protects me from high damaged casters.
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I'm taking 9/21/0 this provides me large amount of defence some ability power for my skills and some attack speed for ffarming / harrasing.
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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells :

Ignite = This is the one of the best summoner spells for you. This will helps you to get kills before other team escapes.

Exhaust = This is the best summoner skill for shen when you to save your friend and taunted the enemy champion use this and you have a free kill.

Flash = This is pretty good for chasing and escaping but i find Exhaust/Ignite more usefull.

Optional Summoner Spells :
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Ki Strike : This is the one of the best passive abilities. This passive allows you to farm more efficently and dealing huge amount of damage with this passive can deal extra 250ish damage.

Vorpal Blade : This is an awesome skill. This is your main farming skill. This skill has low cooldown and deals high amount of damage. You can harass farm with this skill and even you can heal with this skill. When entering a combat 1v1 first thing you must use this skill first.

Feint : Another Awesome skill. With this shield you can survive from Vladamir's Ultimate, Ignite and Cassiopia's poisionus skills. With this skill and Vorpal Blade you can easily win a 1v1 fights.

Shadow Dash : This is a good skill. This skill allows you to escape, chase, initiate team fights and protect squishy champions.

Stand Unşted : This is one of the most epic ultimate and the ting makes shen is shen. You should use this skill everytime you can and save people. When there is 1v1 fight go use your ulti and get a free kill. You can save your friends from ignite like skills as well.
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Skill Combos

If you want to harass/kill an enemy champion you should do these:
    1) Wait for your Ki Strike.
    2) Use shadow dash and Taunt your enemy to prevent escape.
    3) Use Feint to absorb incoming damage.
    4) Use Vorpal Blade to deal damage / gain survivibility.
    5) Unleash your Ki Strike.
    6) ???
    7) Profit!!

With this you can deal 300+ damage one dash and this thing even heals you fır a bit.

If you are attacked by a squishy ad chamnpion while your health is low you can get a kill easily.

You have to use your vorpal blade first to deal damage and heal while giving damage to your opponent .Use your feint for more defence. And start to attack your enemy with your Ki Strike This should give 300+ damage. If your enemy has skills that can deal you good damage use your Shadow Dash to gain a few seconds. You can do these in 1-2 seoons. With this combination your feint protects you from coming damage and your vorpal blade heals you whle this happening and you give damage to your opponent. This is a win.

Stand United skill combo
    1) Use Stand United
    2) Then use shadow dash and taunt your enemy.
    3) Use your other skills.

This will gain enough time to our friends escape even you can get a free kill.
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Items [Tank Shen]

First start with with this you will have good amount of health and very high amount of armor with this you can easily tank 2 level 1 champions and get early kill/assists.

You should farm until you got 1200-1500 gold and buy and if you don't have that much gold you should first take then > then . You should have enough magic resist to counter casters and armor to counter ad champions.

When next time you go back tou should have 700+ gold. Now normaly you should get and for because it gives you and teammates both armor and magic resist and even damage. But if enemy team has more ad champions you should get for .

Now when you come back again try to finish your or if you have now try to buy or if you have try to buy .

Now probably you should need more Magic Resist Take starting with .

You are probably very hard to kill right now and if you take you are going to make enemy team rage quit game. So take it.

I don't think game takes this long but if it takes this long sell . If enemy team has ad dps champions you should buy but you can take if you believe game going to be contunue for a 7-10 min.
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Why these items? [Tank Shen]

Items best for shen :

: You have to take it because you are tank it gives you armor. Armor is useless when you don't have hp and this items gives both and hp regen. This is the best starting item for most of the tanks and for shen.

: Movement Speed + Magic Resist + Tenacity. This is the best boot for shen Magic Resist is important for shen. Even this have Tenacity.

: This item gives you and your teammates balanced armor + magic resist + health even + damage.

: This is one of the best tank items in the game. It gives you lot of armor and health and healt regen. If you look at this item's passive 10%CD Reduction this is pretty good for your and other skills. Other passive has %20 chance to slow and reduce attack speed of attacker 35% this is pretty good and it can save your life. And this item even has an active skill that gives you 100+armor and Magic Resist for 0.5 sec slows reduces attack speed %35 of enemy champions for 3 sec this active skill can save your team and even get you kills.

: This item has high amount of Magic Resist and Hp regen that scales with your maximum health. This + combines well.

: This gives you armor + magic resist and revives you champion upon death. If you got this item enemy team should start to flame you and rage quit.

: If you manage to farm this item it will give you a lot of health and health regen. Don't forget when your max health increases heals you more.

Optional Items :

: Snowball items no no no no. This is a risky item if you can't have 10+ stacks this is a waste of money.

: This is totally waste of money and space it gives you passive slow but you can use Active to slow them down. This gives you health cool but i'm sayin again gives this too. An Frozen Mallet gives you so little damage this is useless for you! You are a tank!

: This is kinda usefull you can take it if you want but i don't like this item.

: This can increase your damage if you have but i find other items more usefull.

: This item gives you speed + armor + dodge chance. I'm not building a dodge shen i think it doesnt that good. When you first got you got lots of armor but you doesnt have that much of magic resist if you buy these boots. is much better in my opinion.

Note : You might be consider this item if enemy team doesn't have any ap champions

: This item only gives you speed i don't recommend geting this item because you will need Magic Resist/CC Reduction.And you alerady got for chasing/escaping.
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