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Shen Build Guide by nataslios

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nataslios

Shen Zeds Dead

nataslios Last updated on December 2, 2012
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That is my first guide on Mobafire so feel free to leave a Comment and some Tipps what i can do better.
Shen is one of the most and best tanks for the Team in the hole League.With lvl6 you can safe Teamates taunt the Enemies with e and safe the Kill for your Team.It is his flexibility what makes him so strong and fun to play.With an good Team you will normally win the Game.

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Pros / Cons

+ Very good in ganking
+ Has very usefull skills to support allies
+ Fully master taunt = Victory
+ Amazing survivability
+ Can pop up everywhere on the map fast and easy


- Low damage output
- The shield doesn't absorb as much damage as the AP Shen
- You will die a lot (you're the tank)
- Try to avoid killstealing

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Summoner Spells

I think only that 4 Spells are good on Shen

You get down with Tekeport or your Ulti taunt and then slow them an sage kill 100%
You also can slow Enemies who atack you and escape so from then.

The best Spell on Shen when he is Top, you can Teleport to an Teamate make a kill and teleport back to Top so you dont lost farm or a Tower.

You can get in range for Shadow Dash
Flash away nothing to explain :)

Since you don't do that much damage as Shen, this can help out a little bit to send the enemy back to their base.You also can safe kills or be more agressiv but not so good on Shen.

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Optional Runes:

Greater Quintessence of RegenerationGreater Quintessence of Regeneration More Hp-reg can help you since you will be jumping from one battle to another to help your team so you will harass or get harassed constantly. Getting health back faster can be handy at times like that.

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In the Jungle you take that Masteries:

I think you take the same runes as normaly
Starts with Cloth Armor and 5 healt potionthen Buy an Madred's Razorsthen buy Boots of Speed and an Wriggle's Lantern. Followed of an Heart of Gold, you Buy Mercury's Threads Warmog's Armor Sunfire Cape Force of Nature Force of Nature


-Wolves, you can opt to kill the big wolf and leave the 2 little adds to kill after Blue buff.
-Blue buff, kill little lizard adds first
-Wraiths, kill big on first
-Red buff
-Gank, keep jungling or counter-jungle

It is your best Summoner Spell in the Jungle you try the Blue Buff without it then you go to Red Buff and take it with and then you only take the Buffs with it or try to steal Baron or Dragon with it

-When you got invadet you have 3 Options
+You stay and fight with your hole Team try to dominate it it is risky because you can die
vs 5 people especialy when they got hard cc or Blitzcrank
+Or you set there an ward harras with spells and make them to smite it when your team do
it you take there Blue with Smite to be sure you get it
+Or you let them do that but they got then 3 Buffs you will be far far away and useless

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Also an Way to make you effectiv
You have to see what Summoner Spells you use to take the right Masteries.
here is it Flash and Exhau

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Ki Strike It gives you and rly nice extra Damage in early games to get the last hit on minions and maybe harassing your enemies.

Vorpal Blade That is your best Skill,it is very useful in the laning phase to help your teammates heal and harass your enemies . The heal is not that great since you will be having quite high health but it's very useful in the laning phase so you can heal up a little to stay longer in your lane. You can harass very good combined with Ki Strike

Feint This ability can be very useful because you're a tank and want to take as much as damage on you as you can. A lot of summoners forget to use the ability but it can be very good to block towers, some abilities of enemies. It isnt so much because we play not Ap Shen but rly nice when you engage with Shadow Dash an then Feintto Block the Damage. When its not broke its reduce the Cooldown of your
Ki Strike

Shadow DashThat Ability is very useful because you can jump over walls and escape in every situation but it has an very high cd so dont spam it wait for the right sitution you also can catch enemies who are running away

Stand United That is what Shen makes so Strong.It is an high Shield who can chnage the Game an situation because it isnt only a shield its an teleport too and then you can catch Enemies and help your team to get some kills You also can escape with it when you got catched up.

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Tipps with Vorpal Blade
-Use Vorpal Blade as a way to mark the target you're attacking. This will result in a faster kill and your allies will gain a little health.
-Using Vorpal Blade in combination with Ki StrikeKi Strike is the best way to harass enemies.

Tipps and Tricks with Shadow Dash
-Shadow Dash is the best to use on the most troublesome enemy since they will probably try to take out your carries first.
-Shadow Dash can be used to break channels such as Nunu's Nunu Absolute Zero[absolute zero
-Shadow Dash can bring enemies such as Evelynn,Teemo, Shaco,and Twitch,and all other Champs with invisibility out of stealth and will also work on wards.
-Shadow Dash is a great skill to use if you need to flee away since it can teleport you over walls, brushes, like Flash Flash

Tipps and Tricks with Stand United
-Son't forget to tell your allies who you're going to use it on so the shielded ally can take advantage of it.
-Can be very usefull for protecting a teammate who's attacking a tower and joining in the fight.
-By using Stand United you won't reveil a stealthed ally so you can teleport easy to him/her for a more succesful gank.
-People often forget about your ulti so by using that info, you can try to push a lane while your team is in another lane. The other team will see a 5 vs 4 and they will try to take advantage of that or try to gank you. That way you can push a lane AND save/jump in the fight at any time and turn the chances.

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Optionaly Items

For more Survivability

- Force of Nature: Gives you a nice health regen, some magic resist.
- Randuin's Omen : Armor, health and health regen. You're still a tank and they need those things and the passive is a nice bonus for tanking. You can build this from your Heart of Gold.
- Locket of the Iron Solari: This is the cheaper version of Randuin's Omen Randuin's Omen. Buy it when you're in a game where you have some problems helping your teammates and you don't have that much gold. Armor, health and health regen, always nice to have as a tank.
- Thornmail: If the enemy team is really heavy on AD, you want to take this item since the armor is always very welcome vs AD teams and the passive will make them kill themselves.
- Guardian Angel: Armor and Magic resist are always welcome for tanks and the passive can be quite useful if you die in team fights. You can resurrect to help out your teammates fast. Guardian Angel is mostly used when you're having some trouble with survivability.
- Banshee's Veil: It gives you much needed health, magic resist and a passive that will block 1 negative spell every 45 seconds. The passive has quite a long cooldown but it's still worth the buy since every minute, a teamfight will start. The mana is quite useless since you're an energy user but the other stats are good enough to buy.

Extra Damage if you get ignored

- rylais crystal scepter: You can use the health very well and the AP is very nice to add some more damage to your Vorpal Blade Vorpal Blade, it also increases your Feint Feint and Stand United Stand United. The passive will help you out quite well when your enemy tries to flee when he's losing.
- Sunfire Cape: Gives you a nice bonus of health and armor. You're a tank so these stats are always welcome! The passive will be nice to help you out a little to kill enemies.
- wits end: Gives you some attack speed and some more magical resist. The real reason you should take this item is for the passive. Together with Ki Strike Ki Strike, this item can be really painfull for you enemies.
- Abyssal Mask: The AP and the passive can help you out to get some more damage to kill enemy champions and increases your Feint Feint and Stand United Stand United to help out your allies. The magic resist is always welcome since you're a tank.
- Atma's Impaler: The extra armor and crit chance can help Shen out quite well but the reason why you should pick this item is the passive. Since you are building quite a lot off health, this item will make your normal attacks quite painful. If you build this item, I recommend getting a Warmog's Armor Warmog's Armor for the health obviously.

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i Copy this Picture from another Guide to show you where to play ethe Wards

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Tipps fir being a Tank

-The most people think a Tank needs high healt high armor and high magic resist
but that is FALSE
When you got high healt high armor and high magic resist the enemy team will focus your team and not you but that is that what you want.The difficulty of being a tank is that you have a lot of that but only a few that they will focus you. Also you have to see that you dont die and do enough damage
-When the still dont focus you use Shadow Dash or buy items with dps like Sunfire Cape or Rylai's Crystal Scepter
-Remember that you have Energy so you can spam your abilitys but see that you still have enough for an Shadow Dash


Top:Only make the lasthit (when you have full life) that mean syou wait until your minions make the other ones low and then kill them with 1 hit. Use your vorpal strike to kill them so you get life back. Harass the other Enemie with Shadow Dash Feint to protect you from Damage. Wait until you get your passive ready to do more Damage and make it more effectiv
Bot:Buy Items like Heart of Gold who gives you Gold per 5 sec.
Dont la**** thats the job of your Carry because an feeded carry win the Game. protect him and die for him if sb want to kill him you are not such important as he. When your carry is back you can take some Lasthits.

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-Sunday 2.12.12 change the Picture of the Items make it more little
+add How to be a Tank Chapter and Jungle Chapter