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Sion Build Guide by the chaos bringer 00

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League of Legends Build Guide Author the chaos bringer 00

Short Guide to AP Sion

the chaos bringer 00 Last updated on June 21, 2014
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Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Hey guys. Crysis here with a short guide to AP Sion. I generally don't like making short guides (:P) but this one will be short, because I am in a rush to release it. I am in a rush because I know that AP Sion will probably be just another memory (R.I.P. AP Master Yi) so I just want to share this little knowledge I have with him before it is too late.

AP Sion got me out of bronze, hope you can cooperate with him and achieve this too.

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Typical 21-0-9 masteries. I prefer 9 in utility over defense because it allows me to get to summnoer spell CDR which is extremely important on Sion.

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Marks: I prefer hybrid pen instead of magic pen, because you are still a melee champion and the armor pen combines well with your Enrage.

Seals: Armor because you are still melee and can take harass.

Glyphs: Scaling magic resist, improves defense as game goes on.

Quints: Flat AP for early skill damage.

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Summoner Spells

Use only and . ONLY THEM!

Flash is essential for the AP Sion playstyle. You have no mobility so it is really important and it helps escape, chase, stun, kill, make teh plays blah blah blah...

Ignite gives more kill potential in lane (which is something that AP Sion lacks). Also reduces healing which is a counter to AP Sion and it generally adds to your burst.

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Passive: This is a sign that Sion is here since Season 1. Totally inconsistent and unreliable, helps only occasionally vs harassment. I mean wait a ****ing minute, Aatrox passive is essentially 2600 gold, RITO this is the only thing that you really have to replace.

Q: A huge burst stun, for killing, catching off guard, engaging, disengaging, peeling. Don't use this to harass in lane. Save it for when you are almost sure you can score a kill, or for when you get a gank (either ally or enemy).

W: This ability's name should be "AP SION". This is your main skill! Much burst, wave-clearing potential and it is still a shield to save your ***. Combine with other super huge shields to ensure you will burst someone (ex. Janna, Lulu, Shen)

E: Not completely useless on AP Sion, you are still melee meaning that some dps comes from your autos. Your auto damage combined with ArPen runes is quite strong early game. Also the fact that you can kill waves fast as a maniac, gives you a ton of free HP.

R: Possibly the worst ability on Sion and not only because you are AP. It can help to get another Lich Bane proc and complete objectives (baron, dragon, towers) or simply sustain... Other than that nothing impressive.

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Skill order

Yep W by 9
Q by 10

This gives as much burst as possible, plus defense and farm potential

E by 15. At this point you can wave clear instantly which means a ****load of bonus HP from it.

R last, because it is only needed for certain objectives.

If the enemy mid laner is melee you can take a point in E at level 4 for extra trade power.

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Open with: Doran's Ring + 2x Health Potion + Warding Totem

Typical start that gives hp, dps and mana regen.

Early on: 2x Doran's Ring + Boots of Mobility:

More hp and survivability, plus dps and mobility for better roaming.

First item: Rabadon's Deathcap more dps and defense (from shield)

"Situational": If doing extremely well and not gonna die, buy Mejai's Soulstealer. After this you are going to snowball, like an iceball

Second item: Lich Bane or Deathfire Grasp:

If you can get in melee range, then go for Lich Bane, it is essentially a 3rd spell and helps kill towers. Also gives more mobility.
If they can run away fast or can kite you (generally hard to get in melee range) go for DFG.

3rd Item: Void Staff

At this point you are going to be one shooting squishies, so they are going to get MR for protection. Then you take this and your damage goes through the roof.

4th Item: Lich Bane or Deathfire Grasp

Just build the one that you didn't build second.

5th Item: If you are leaking gold like crazy then go for Zhonya's Hourglass. I would recommend building it vs heavy ad teams, which would be easy since you will have bought Seeker's Armguard early on. Zhonya's gives as much AP as possible which means more dps and defense. Also the active can save your life.

If you don't build zhonya's build one of the listed in the cheat sheet, depending on the situation you are facing.

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Early game you wanna just max out shield and stun. Use shield to harass, block harass and push. The fact that it can kill a lot of minions instantly, combined with Doran's Ring makes the mana cost almost inexistent. Don't use your Q for poke. Use it only if you are sure you will score a kill. Save it for times of need aka friendly/enemy gank.

At around 8 minutes where you will probably have 2x Doran's Ring+ Boots of Mobility, take blue buff and shove your lane extremely hard. Then go roam and help your bot/top win. If you succeed to kill both heroes of enemy bot, go for dragon.

As you see AP Sion is perfect to teach you the basics of mid laning.

Build your Hat and then depending on the enemy line-up build next item which is either Lich Bane or Deathfire Grasp.

Congrats you are in mid game.

Mid game Sion, (with a good preparation from early game) is a beast. Grab a point on Enrage at level 11 and toggle it up. Clear massive waves with your W and get a **** load of bonus HP. Shove lanes really hard (that means guide your ally minions to enemy tower) and then get the hell out of there and go do this on another laner. I just explained you how to split push with Sion. If you are really fed, people will come for you. You are not Jax you can't go 1v5 so be sure there are wards to see them coming. Remember to follow your team on objectives such as dragons or barons. The skirmishes and fights that happen there, will give you 1-5 kills.

After acing remember to push as hard as you can and destroy buildings with Enrage and Lich Bane procs. This way you will close out the game, meaning you will shorten it. It is important to end a game asap with Sion since he doesn't do much late game.

Late Game is hard for ya. Yes you can search for roaming squishies and exterminate them but this will usually result in your death too, which means no APC for your team... You can Sionprize people by opening shield, DFG them, stun, Lich Bane, pop shield. This will usually do bajillions of dmg. Even if you can't land full combo, the stun on an off-guard target will usually end up as an easy kill for your team. It is like the infamous LCS Elise stun plays. However don't be a front line person. Even if your shield is huge, it can be bursted ( Jayce, Le Blanc) which will make you uselss or dead.

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When to play Sion

Sion is an assassinesque ap mid, so we like squishy stuff. Also we like to face heroes (in lane) like Katarina, Zed and Akali.

Don't play Sion if the enemy team has kiters. Sion hates that. Situation even worse now that DFG doesn't slow. Of course don't play Sion if enemy team is 5 tanks and a Graves.

If your team has Shen, Lulu, Janna, Orianna or any other huge shield champion, you should consider picking AP Sion. Shields stacks and merge and are considered as one.

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AP sion, a roamer, assassin, pub-stomper, early/mid game beast. Really good in low division Yolo Q. Play him before he is taken away like AP Master Yi.