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Gangplank Build Guide by Citrus Jesus


Should I re-attempt making this guide? comment if so

By Citrus Jesus | Updated on August 16, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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AYEEE MATEY. Welcome to my Gangplank guide FOR SEASON 7!

HEY GUYSS! Citrus Jesus is back for season 7 gangplank awesomeness. I've been super inactive and I never even finished my season 6 guide, but I'm planning on making this guide simpler for beginner GP's and actually finishing it. If this guide gets enough responses, I may even consider making a more advanced GP guide. Just keep in mind, I'm currently redoing the guide, so a lot of stuff is outdated (such as champion machups).

PS: If you see the interchanging use of things like Fury and , just keep in mind that I'm NEW with BBC coding, and I have no idea whats going on. So, if you can comment how to improve this guide visually, please do so.

P.PS: Why did I switch this guide from a top guide to a mid guide? GP top built this way is great, but then you lack some of the tank stats you'll need from a toplaner. Nonetheless, GP Top is still viable, and I will make a build on it. For now, focus on taking this build MID. I will need to edit some things I've said about champion matchups and ability usage, but I believe this is for the better,
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Pros / Cons

Pros Cons
Insane when ahead Has troubles catching up in the early game if he falls behind
Crazy burst damage, even to tanks Lacks damage with a build based around tank stats
Can build very dynamically based on matchups/enemy team Is forced to build aggressively if he wants to do damage
Lots of poke No defined escape
Global presence with his ult Super long ult CD and ult needs to be upgraded to be worth while
Oranges are great for escaping sticky situations and oranges are great for skirmishes No hard CC
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Passive: Trial by Fire

A super strong passive; hits like a truck in trades. A simple strategy for beginners is to basically walk up and smack your opponent when this is off CD. Using to weave procks +1-2 times is really strong in trades.

Q: Parrrley!

The bread and butter of GP's kit. Basically, this is your utensil for everything regarding poke and about 80% of barrel mechanics. A good combo is walking up with hitting them with an auto, and then use while running away. Keep in mind, things you kill with this ability or + earn you silver serpents. This makes farm lanes much easier for GP, as he can, not only farm from afar but get additional gold while doing so.

Oranges.. AHEM I mean W: Remove scury

We ALL know what this one does. Remove cc, get a hefty heal, and you're good to go. No real mechanics with this. The only thing I can think of is being able to match cast time with the second you get hit by the cc. This can completely disregard your cast time and make things look like nothing ever happened.

E: Barrels (or correctly called) E: Powder Keg

THE HEART OF GP'S KIT! These are the little bastards that determine team fights. They have a huge variety of uses including clearing waves, bursting enemy TEAMS, and poking in lane.

R: Cannon Barrage

AHOHOHOHO. This is one of my favorite abilities in the game. First off, its got lots of uses based on what you upgrade first. You can take for more wave clear and damage over the duration. On the other hand, you can take for cross map snipes. Taking is great for an ALL IN comp, as the movement speed is super strong. Choices vary from game to game and, if you're farming a lot, you may even get the chance to get all 3 in one game. I'd recommend taking Death's Daughter.

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Summoner Spells

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Let's get to the point with this one. This is a beginner guide, so I'm not going too in depth.

But let's list some of the obvious:


When I made this guide the first time, is what I recommended. I still do, and now it is my favorite, too.

. This use to be my favorite, but after trying some , I can't go back to . Lemme be short and sweet with this; is good in sustained trades, but gp is all about burst.

3rd . Ehhhh. I use to like this one when I played gp with a semi tank/damage build. I still take it very rarely, but for this guide, don't worry about tank stats; DAMAGE IS SUPREME!

Conclusion: Take 100% of the time

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Champion Matchups Explained

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Final Regards

League of Legends Build Guide Author Citrus Jesus
Citrus Jesus Gangplank Guide
Should I re-attempt making this guide? comment if so