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Shyvana Build Guide by MournLower

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MournLower

Shyvana - Do Not Feed the Dragon

MournLower Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and welcome to my first build for league of legends, in this guide I'll be covering how to play Shyvana as a tanky DPS champion, capable of soloing top and acquiring Pentakills. The reason I play Shyvana as a tanky DPS is because she gets a lot more use out of Burnout, allowing her to stay in lane longer and farm with it, you can also use it to chase down enemies if you're building attack speed, but it doesn't last as long so it isn't really worth investing in. You should play Shyvana if you enjoy champions with no mana costs and champions with a good DPS output.

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Pros / Cons

- Good DPS
- Her dragon form gives you 3 AoE abilities, which is great in teamfights
- REALLY good farmer
- Tanky from early to lategame
- No mana
- She turns into a freaking dragon
- Capable of scoring Pentakills

- Focused in teamfights
- Her classic skin doesn't have the best artwork ever

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The runes are pretty straightforward:
Works well with all of her abilities, along her to gain fury a lot faster, decrease the cooldown of her and farm for longer with

Shyvana starts off with relatively low armor, but gains more from the passive of so she doesn't really need scaling armor runes.

Fortunately, her lack of armor is made up for by her really high magic resistance, these runes mean that she stays relatively tanky against mages for the entire game.

I don't think these really need explaining, they give her a nice chunk of health, help her stay in lane longer and are almost necessary for a tanky DPS.

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The reason I go for and not is because most of her damage comes from which deals magic damage, especially when you're in Dragon Form and your enemies are standing on your Scorching ground, it also works well with the passives of and allowing for slightly more damage. I also put 4 points into because we already have a lot of attack speed from our runes, and the increased cooldown reduction allow her to use and more often too.

The defensive masteries are mostly just standard, increasing her tankiness and survivabillity.

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I get this first to make her more tanky and let her stay in lane for a lot longer with the extra health and regen whilst you farm with

should be next on your buy list because of the Tenacity and magic resistance which, when coupled with the speed boost from allows her to avoid deadly situations without using or

Zeal is next because of the bonus movement and attack speed, allowing you to use more often and come in for ganks faster.

Is the next item because of the increased health and passive that works really well with allowing you to run in with the speed boost from and slow them with

This items works really well with almost all champions, and Shyvana is no exception, although you don't get the 250 mana, you benefit greatly from nearly everything else, the passives have great synergy with allowing you to destroy turrets a lot faster, slow your enemies and increase your damage output whilst also making you more tanky.

This grants Shyvana a very useful aura, granting much needed Lifesteal, attack speed and health regen, and also reduces the armor of enemy champs, which works well with

Increases her attack speed even more so she gains even more fury in a shorter time, and also grants more magic resistance to help her stay tanky through to lategame.

You can either choose to buy the Sunfire Cape or Warmog's Armor the cape basically has a passive increases the damage of your but deals damage every second and adds much needed health and armor, the damage you get from the passive allows you farm faster, whereas with Warmog's you just get more health untill you can use it with

You can decide to buy this over if you wish, it grants a large chunk of health and regen which increases everytime you kill a minion or champion, by using you should have no problems getting the full health boost, which will allow her to gain an even higher attack damage boost with the armor you lose from not buying is also made up for by buying your Impaler.

During lategame, you should sell your Doran's Shield because the bonuses it gives are pretty much outshined by everything else now. Atma's Impaler is a great item, granting Shyvana 60 bonus attack damage (With Sunfire Cape) and 85-90 bonus attack damage (With a maxed out Warmog's) this item also gives her 18% crit chance which works extremely well with her 1.8 attack speed and allowing her to do a sizeable chunk of damage to any enemy champion, the armor is also nice, and takes her to just over 200 armor with Which is higher than some full tank builds!

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Skill Sequence

This is Shyvana's most useful skill as a tank, it's basically a more spammable version of Dr. Mundo's and is insanely good for farming creeps and keeping enemy champions away, this should always be maxed as soon as possible, in dragon form it deals additional damage per second to any enemies standing on the burning ground, by using this skill with you can do crazy amounts of damage in teamfights, allowing you to score triple kills or even higher. It is also useful when you need to escape in dragon form, as the burning grounds functions like Singed's poison, which means that enemy champions may think twice about chasing you. The bonus movement speed is also VERY useful, it allows you to get back in lane faster, come in for ganks, and also escape from a fight.

Another very useful skill, but better used on an attack damage build, it's a very strong poke and allows you to do more damage to turrets, the 2 hits also apply on hit effects, which allow you to make more use of and the slowing passive of in dragon form the attack becomes an AoE attack, which is useful for killing minions or in a teamfight where your high damage from is further increased.

A less useful skill, the armor reduction does work well with the passive of and it is a decent poke at early levels, the additional damage from the passive also helps in 1v1 situations when your abilities are on cooldown, but it's main use is in dragon form where it deals damage in a cone, becoming considerably more useful for teamfights and scaring your opponents, the increased damage can also be applied to multiple targets so it becomes slightly more useful.

Many people have said they dislike the look of the dragon, but one thing you can't argue is how awesome this ultimate is, the passive alone is very useful granting additional armor and magic resist, without it Shyvana wouldn't be able to tank nearly as effectively, in dragon form this bonus is doubled, making her even more tanky. Her ultimate allows her to charge to a location doing high damage any enemy she hits and knocking them forward, this is also a great escape mechanism, as well as a chase mechanism, allowing you to fly over walls that are too thick to bypass with flash. It's also a great initiator since you can charge into an enemy with extra defence, and go for the kill with her boosted abilities. This ability can also be very spammable, you can get it ready in under 30 seconds with the attack speed and passive fury gain, meaning you should never be afraid to use it. Note however that if you charge into a teamfight, you WILL get focused, and even though she's a dragon, she's not invicible and she IS pretty big.

Another thing you may not know is that while in dragon form she gains some new animations, so don't be afraid to /dance if you've got some spare time.

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Summoner Spells

Useful Spells

Flash is a very useful spell for any champion, it allows you to escape a fight, chase after an enemy, follow your enemies over walls, there are so many uses for this spell, and I'm sure you know of them, so you'll know why this spell is so useful

Another incredibly useful spell, the true damage means that you can hit through tanks and get the kill, it's also very useful for revenge kills, and you can also score first bloods with it, a very useful skill indeed.

A good spell since this champion doesn't have any CC reduction, but most of the time flash, the tenacity from and the speed boost from will be enough to escape most situations, unless it a 3 v 1 fight where you really need it. Don't forgot you can also fly over walls with , but cleanse is useufl if you need to get away in the open, you could possibly use this over ignite.

Another useful skill, but not really needed since you already have a movement speed boost in the form of

Fortify is a skill I'm personally fond of, you can save turrets that would otherwise mean an extra 150 gold for your opponent, and the passive means you can farm more effectively, however ignite is a better skill since you will be in lane most of the time with this build anyways.

Another useful skill, you gain more map control and it allows you to get to areas for ganks or teamfights quickly, you can also return to buy an item and then get back to your lane very quickly without losing too much xp, possibly worth using over Flash since you basically have a flash in the form of

Not So Useful Spells

Basically anything that isn't listed above, simply because the above spells are better

Since you're a tank you shouldn't really need this as it isn't much use lategame, and early game you have the health regen from to keep you in lane.

Although Shyvana is very capable of jungling, this isn't a jungle build, so I recommend looking for one if you want to use this spell.

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Thank you for reading my first ever guide, any suggestions or tips on how to improve it would be greatly appreciated, and I hope you enjoy playing Shyvana as much as I do, there really isn't much to add here yet, so thanks for reading!