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Shyvana Build Guide by Bomaw

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bomaw

Shyvana - feel the power of the dragon - 2 BUILDS2

Bomaw Last updated on November 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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As the Shyvana is still quite new champion, many people trying to find an ideal build. In this people, I'd like to introduce you very useable (works perfectly for me) build for the hot draggy. In every game I've played I had the most frags and assists in my team. I will update this guide later on.

- Great dmg dealer early and mid/late game
- very good farmer
- fast movement skill makes her easy to escape
- funny to play with ;)

- Actualy I can't think of any cons, cause she's really good champ for now

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Greater Mark of Desolation

Armor penetration is very good choice for Shyvana.

Attack speed is also a good choice for her. Specially at the beggining, when u don't have Trinity Force and Wit's End yet.

Armor quite good too.

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I chosed masteries for rather offensive than tanky build. Shyvana works better as an off champion for me, than as a tanky.

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As you can see i listed rather off items, no tanky. Why? As I mentioned before it works better for me. I will list here some optional items which you may use on Shyvana also.


A very good item. Give you lot of attack and life steal. It's also good to buy it instead of Wriggle's Lantern.

High damage and critics are also great for Shyvana.

High attack speed + critics. You can buy it instead of Wit's End but you will lose magic resist.

Attack damage + health. Quite good if u go off tank.

Atk dmg and atk speed + good passive.

If you like attack speed at the beggining, go and get them.


magic resists.

Why trinity force? Gives you some health, attack damage, attack speed, crit chance and other. Very good item for Shyvana.

Attack damage and health.

Quite many armor, crit chance and passive which gives you bonus attack damage from your health.

High magic resist, movement speed and health regen. Very good item if you're playing against good APs.

Armor, health and good passive.

Lot of armor, health, health regen, cooldown regen and slow on.

Great item if you are playing against many AD champs.

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(Active): Shyvana next autoattack will strike twice in one swift movement. The second attack will deal physical damage equal to a percentage of her total attack damage. Both attacks will trigger on-hit effects and Fury of the Dragonborn effects.

Dragon Form: Twin Bite will damage all units in front of Shyvana when she uses her next autottack instead of just her target. Each unit hit will be dealt on-hit effects and grant Fury twice.

This is really good and important skill for Shyvana, however I make it at level 2, but I don't max it later.

(Active): During the next 3 seconds, Shyvana will deal magic damage each second to nearby enemies and her movement speed will be greatly increased. Shyvana's movement speed bonus itself will be reduced multiplicatively by 15% for every second that passes.

Dragon Form: Shyvana now scorches the earth where she walks, leaving a trail of fire for 5 seconds that will continually deal magic damage to enemies that pass over it.
Cooldown: 12 seconds

This is my favourite Shyvana spell. I make it at level 1 and max it as first. Great movement speed and damage done to enemies. Also great for farming.

(Active): Shyvana unleashes a fireball forward in a line that will hit the first enemy it hits, dealing magic damage to it and debuffing them by reducing their armor by 15% for 4 seconds.

Dragon Form:Flame Breath engulfs all units in a cone in front of Shyvana.

I don't really like that skill as active. But it's really nice in draggy form. I max it as last.

(Passive): Shyvana reinforces her scales, increasing her armor and magic resistance. These defensive bonuses are doubled while in Dragon Form.

(Active):Shyvana transforms into a dragon and dashes to a target location. Enemies along her path take magic damage and are pushed toward her target location.
This ability has no cooldown but to use it, Shyvana needs 100 Fury. Shyvana generates 1 Fury every 1.5 seconds while on normal form. While in Dragon Form, she will lose 6 fury every second and once the Fury bar is empty she will return to her normal state.

This ulti is AWESOME. Great for team fights and 1vs1. You can really hurt your enemies if you know how to use it properly.

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Summoner Spells

Works perfect on Shyvana. But I will list here other possible spells:

Works great with your 2nd skill. No way they will get you :P

If you are junggling.