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Shyvana Build Guide by Taymiya

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Taymiya

Shyvana, Tanky AD build (Solo Top)

Taymiya Last updated on May 14, 2012
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Hello people, I'm Taymiya and this is my build for Shyvana... So i bought this hero the first day she came out, i was really excited (as we always are when new heroes are introduced) however after playing her a few times i thought she was bad and i just gave up, (Just like what happeend with Sejuani, however i still don't play her). So after a few weeks of not playing Shyvana, i thought id give it a try again, and realised how awesome she really is, so i decdided to share my build with you guys and give you guys my opinion on how she really should be played.

This is my first build i share on mobafire,(I will provide all the information i posses) however it will not look as good as others for now, but i will edit it when i find out how to add symbols, items etc.

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Coding + Clarifying the use of both Frozen Mallet and Trinity Force

Colour coding -

Red - important READ IT!!
Yellow - Recommended to read
Green - Beneficial

Okay guys, so many people have been asking me why i use both Frozen Mallet and Trinity Force in my build.

1. The main reason to why Trinity Force is an important aspect to this build is because of the Sheen effect + the extra attack/movement speed and damage.
2. Trinity Force's slow does not occur 100% of the time, therefore the Frozen Mallet's slow is much more helpful, I also buy the Frozen Mallet for the 700 health increase, this would add a fair bit of damage when you buy Atma's Impaler.
3. The combo of both Trinity Force and Frozen Mallet has been working great with my games, therefore i recommend you to try my build before critiquing it, Thank you :)!

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How to play Shyvana

Okay guys, so the main thing you want to do with shyvana when solo laning top in early game is poke your opponent down until you get the chance to burn him, He will eventually get sick of it and will follow up on you with a few hits after a few pokes, THIS is when you shine, Use your Burnout and chase him down, don't allow him to get away, try to run infront of him and then use your Dragon's Descent to push him back, this is how i always try getting my solo laning kills during early game, it works great!

As for mid game, i always attempt to gank for my kills, as other would have already built some damage, you'd want to be a sudden shock to your opponent, such as ganking other lanes from jumping over the contours and pushing them towards your team (your tower), when in your Dragon's Descent form, all of your moves come in handy, even Flame Breath, so make sure to use all the moves possible and try leading the way when you use Burnout whilst in [[dragon's descent] so they get more burn damage.

During late game, your team are always going to wait for you to initiate the fights, Shyvana is an awesome fight initiator due to her Dragon's Descent, this allows her to split her enemies apart and focus one or two down while keeping the other away, and also gives her team an advantage as you will suddenly strike your enemy which will cripple there team work! Also during late game, don't be afraid to tower dive, with the build i recommend, you will be able to tank them turret shots for a fair amount of time which will give your team the opportunity to burn down there heroes who had ran away on low health

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Why not completely a AD or Tank Shyvana

Okay, so i have seen many different game plays with Shyvana, such as full AD, or complete tank, and realised why they are not as succesfull as a tanky + heavy AD build. Shyvana is a fighter, when you play her you really want to maintain surivability and still manage to put in some damage. So a complete AD shyvana is not recommended unless and i will say it again, unless your team already have a tank who WILL take the threat off you, such as Shen or Rammus. However, even if you do go complete AD with shyvana, you can be targeted down and burned within seconds.

As for the complete tank build on shyvana, i really dislike it, the fun in shyvana is being able to scare your enemies away, push and pull and still be able to throw in a fair bit of damage. Therefore i really don't recommend going complete tank with shyvana, unless the team requires it and it is completely necessary.

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Who is Shyvana and what does she do!

Okay, so from what i've learnt, Shyvana is a fighter, she takes damage and deals a heap herself, from what i saw and found out is that Shyvana can be an unstoppable solo laner, i have pushed towers only after returning to base once, so somewhat only with Boots of Speed and a Phage, she can also provide great threat to enemies and you can poke a heap, especially with Burnout, it provides you with the chance to run in and harass that ranged hero who's been giving you **** in your lane, and trust me if you have a Gangplank in your lane, you'd want to do that. Some people complain about Shyvana only being a good mid/late game hero, however i find her an awesome hero from level 1 to 18, she can easily 1 v 1 nearly every hero and win, she can throw in a heap of damage and tank a heap too, which is why i recommend this build! xD

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Pro's - Con's


Burnout (AoE) move works great, especially when fused with Sunfire cape.
Can be an awesome tank + put in a fair bit of damage at the same time.
Dragon's Descent initiates fight's really well.
Good at farming.


No CC's
Versing a ranged hero at a low level will be really annoying as you wont be able to do much.

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As for my runes, i chose attack speed for both Marks/Quintessences Greater Mark of Attack Speed and Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed, this is because Shyvana does need a boost in her attack speed for both early and late game (her cool-downs are also reduced when attacking, which is another reason to why get attack speed on her!), it will help with pushing in early/mid game.

As for the Glyph's and Seal's i chose straight health and magic resist, Greater Seal of Health the health is because Shyvana needs more health early game, as playing her you get the urge to just jump into your opponent, and for the magic resist, Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist most of the items i have recommended provide just armor, therefore the magic resist will be beneficial.

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My masteries are nearly completely damage based. This is because the extra damage boost provides Shyvana with great solo laning, The extra attack damage, attack speed and armour penetration would allow you to keep up with your opponent, especially if you are versing a Dr. Mundo, Gangplank or Olaf.

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Summoner Spells

As for my summoner spells, i chose Flash and Teleport because they seem to be the most handy for a solo lane shyvana. However Exhaust and Teleport may also come in handy, (i recommend this if you enjoy playing safe, because without flash Shyvana can't create a good escape way). And for Teleport, it'd help you maintain your top lane, which is highly recommended for any hero that is laning solo top.

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Sooo, for the items, i have had alot of people who didn't like the way i built Shyvana however always proved them wrong with the end result. Stacking health, AD, and armour. So, i start off with Boots of Speed, and go straight to the Frozen Mallet, i dont get a Vampiric Scepter(even though it can be handy at early game). I then go for Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads, depending on who i am laning against. I attempt my best to get my Trinity Force asap, because as soon as u have trinity with shyvana, the game will turn around and you will be pushing not only your lane but have time to help other team mates. (Burnout allows you to change lanes real fast). I then go for a Frozen Mallet to gain some health and be durable in team fights, this is also very handy when chasing a hero down, burnout and the slow from your mallet will somewhat guarantee your kill. As for the Madred's Bloodrazor, i ussually get this if i realise my team requires more dp's if not i jump straight to the sunfire cape to take damage for the team and farm as fast as i can, (and then i get the Madred's). Last but not least i get a Atma's Impaler, this item is extremely handy, as youd have 3.6k health with Shyvana, you will gain around 40-45 extra AD, not including the bonus armour and crit!

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Skill Sequence

As for the skills, i try to max out Burnout ASAP, this allows you to farm faster then others, and everyone knows, early game farm is the most important. i then max out my Twin Bite and leave Flame Breath till last (however gain a level on it at level 4, it's pretty handy when your in dragon form), Always upgrade your Dragon's Descent whenever your able to, 6-11-16.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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You're not required to be an awesome player with Shyvana to do good with her, but to understand her play style and have the right build! It is nearly impossible for you to lose top tower if your going solo top against any other hero, Shyvana literally owns top lane in minion kills, and with teleport you will guarantee to keep your tower standing, i've played so many games and they have ended with my tower standing, When you play Shyvana you can gain your ult back in a really short amount of time, aslong as you keep attacking them minions, so don't be afraid to use it for escaping or scaring your enemies away. Try my build, kick some aas and give it a thumbs up if you won your top lane!

So, i hope you guys enjoy my guide, i will re edit it and try to add in more detail, however i made this in about 35 minutes, please leave your feedback in comments and let me know what you thought of it! Enjoy the guide, and as i said, this is my first time making a guide on mobafire, so please be considerate :)!

Don't forget to thumbs up if you liked it, if not then thanks for giving it a try :)!