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Shyvana Build Guide by MoGShoT

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MoGShoT

Shyvana the Offtank Slayer

MoGShoT Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my guide. This guide aims at people who like to learn more about the half dragon syvana on a solo lane or in the jungle. My guide can be used for both as a beginner and as an advanced player. For a better understanding i recommend that you know her skills and mechanics.
Since this is my first self written guide i would appreciate it for leaving me some feedback in the comments. I need to mention that this guide is still in progress. Within the next days the content will be expanded with: more specific game situations, extended guide to jungling including the paths.

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Some People might say that movementspeed or cooldown reduction are usefull on this hero, in my opinion Shyvana needs Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation , couse Burnout increases ur movespeed dramaticaly. Due low skill cooldowns u dont need cd runes

I have choosen Greater Seal of Evasion in addition to my skilltree u gain 9% Dodge on LvL 1 and nearly dodge every 10th attack of minions or your enemy. u reduce the recived physical dmg by 9%. If u compare that with other runes for example armor runes,which gives u +12,7 Armor, dodge is more effective.

While choosing your glyphrunes, u should think about the enemy u play against on your lane. If u play against AP Heroes like Swain or Akali u should choose Greater Glyph of Magic Resist if u play against AD Heroes like Gangplank or Irelia you should choose Greater Glyph of Armor.Junglers have to choose Greater Glyph of Armor as well.

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Coreitems for solo lane build:


Junglers start with

This are just the Coreitems, the rest of the build depends on your Enemy.


With Shyvana the Boots depends on your enemy, playing solo lane against burst dmg AP Heroes u should buy . This boots are my first choice, even if u dont play against AP Hereos u get 25 Tenacity, the result is, that its harder to gang u.

Other possible boots are and . If the enemys team got many AD heroes u can think about which perfectly fits with choosen runes and mastery.

Some Examples:

Playing vs Ashe Janna Irelia Lee Sin Brand u should think about couse u get 20% Dodge and +15 Armor.
Pros: U will dominate Irelia Top and u are a bad Target for Warwick and Ashe in teamfights.
Cons: Its easy to gang u, Stuns got long duratation.

Playing vs Akali Morgana Caitlyn Sona Gangplank u should build
Pros: U grant Tenacity and additional magiresi. Akali wont burst u top.
Cons: Caitlyn will kill u easily till u have Atmas

Additional Items

If u are well farmed u can Build u get addtional DMG and lifedrain. In fights u easily kill enemys carrys with Twin Bite u deal about 600 dmg with a single Twin Bite burst. Surviving in fight is much easier with lifedrain.

If u haven`t farmed well or if u have to tank. U should build some Tanky Items i.e. and . U deal average dmg but u are nearly unkillable.

U can also build a combination of or and . u deal addtional AP DMG with Dragon's Descent and Flame Breath. This can be good vs enemy with tons of armor.

Other possible items are: , , and

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Summoner Spells

Twin Bite

This spell is the most important spell for Shyvanas solo laneing. U should use it directly after u hit an Enemy, couse u instaly hit him two additional times. Lategame u deal more than 1000dmg in less than a second. You should also use Twin Bite to lasthit.


This spell boosts ur movementspeed up to 50%. With Burnout its easy for you to survive gangs or hunt enemys. In team fights u should always activate this spell, it deals additional dmg to all heroes arround you, so its the perfect combination with your ultimate.

Flame Breath

This spell is kicking *** in teamfights. It lowers the enemys armor by 15%, in combination with ur ulti u can lower the armor of the complete enemy team with a single shot for 4 seconds.

Dragon's Descent

This Spell is the most powerful Shyvanaskill. Its nearly good for everything i.e. escaping, damaging, pulling enemys close to each other and its also perfect for ganging. This Spell doesnt have Cooldown u just need to restore ur fury by dealing dmg. This skill even improves all other skills and armor shyvana has.

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How to Play

Some major Rules for playing Shyvana.

1. Dont use Burnout to farm! u hit to much Minions and u loose a lot of gold due missed lasthits
2. Use Twin Bite to lasthit, and Flame Breath if u have to play passiv
3. Dont push your lane until ur LVL 6, otherwize u wont be able to escape.
4. Always initiate teamfights with Dragon's Descent in the direction of ur team, if u pull ur Enemys to far away from ur team, the enemy will nuke u.

Here is an example for Rule 4:
Yellow: Correct!
Red: Wrong!

5. Always ward the river, if u dont see the ganging Enemy u wont be able to escape. Always remember if the enemy is already close to you, Dragon's Descent will carry your enemy with u, the result is, the enemy is still behind u!
6. Dont waste Dragon's Descent for big minionwaves, remember u gain fury through dmg, if all minions are dead it takes a lot time to gain 100 fury.

Dragon's Descent got a great range comparing it with flash. Here are some escape/hunting possibilities other Heroes dont have.

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Team Work

Best Partners for Shyvana:

Great ulticombo, Amumu goes in Shyvana follow, teamfight won.

Shyvana pulls Enemyteam together, Sona stuns.

& Pulling whole Team together, followed by Fiddle/Morgana Ulti

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Pros / Cons


- Is very fast in combination with her Ulti its nearly impossible to gang her.
- Can deal a lot of dmg
- much HP and Armor
- Great Teamhero
- very multifaceted
- flexible hero, which can react on any enemy itembuild


- Doesn`t have Slow or Stun
- Weak vs Ranged Heroes on Toplane
- Useless in Teamfight without Ulti
- Without farm shes nothing
- CanĀ“t Carry a Game