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Shyvana Build Guide by Zer0Hammer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zer0Hammer

Shyvana: The Path of Fire (Jungle Edition)

Zer0Hammer Last updated on November 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my Shyvana jungle build guide. It is my first guide. I am highly motivated by such an exciting champion, and therefore this guide is subject to change. I am going to get a rough draft up as fast as possible since there aren't any other guides yet and refine this guide over the next few days to meet the standards we all expect in a good Moba guide.

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11/02/2011 11:00 -

Added an "Updates" section
Added a new jungle video to the Jungle Guide section
Added spell and ability titles under tooltips (general cleanup)

11/02/2011 12:00 -

Added a "Credits" section
Added stat calculation and scaling into the "Abilities Breakdown" section

11/02/2011 13:27 -

Changed mastery points from "Brutal Strikes" to "Hardiness", moved extra point from "Lethality" to "Offensive Mastery"
Replaced "Greater Mark of Desolation" set with "Greater Mark of Strength" set

11/02/2011 23:34 -

Changed the item build to focus more on slowing than enemy due to diminishing returns on building mobility with the effect, note that your applies on-hit effects making on-hit items especially effective

11/03/2011 18:38 -

Made some serious changes to the build, removing in favor of and adding
Split the previous "Items" section into "Offensive Items" and "Defensive Items", elaborating on both
Moved a mastery point from to

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Shyvana is an impressively powerful champion, able to play extremely aggressively and get away with it. She is able to jungle at a rate on par with Nocturne, scaling up in power as the fight goes on (akin to Jax). Late game, you will be able to go toe-to-toe with a fed Master Yi and win if played correctly.

A couple things should be noted:
Your early game is weak, you should try to stay in the jungle until at least level 6. Your early ganking may not be the most effective, so make sure to capitalize on your time. If you follow the jungle guide you should be able to hit level 6 around 6:20. This doesn't mean that you should ignore your team when they need help or leave a tower open to take damage, only that you should utilize your time as efficiently as possible.

You are not a tank. Do not play like a tank or you will pay for it.

Other than that, you are going to melt faces.

Please refer to the Legend for any terms you don't understand.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spell selection is fairly straightforward.


I use this on most champions, it is an amazing spell when used properly and can be used both offensively and defensively. While you do have a couple abilities to close the gap between you and a gank target, nothing is going to compare to the positioning this spell will allow you.


This spell is pretty much non-negotiable. You will need this to clear the jungle early on, and it remains very helpful until late-game. Once you are able to clear the jungle without the use of smite (level 6+), I recommend spamming it pretty much every chance to capitalize on the +5g and easy last hits.

You can swap out for another summoner spell, the next best I would recommend is * or .
You are effective when in close range. Therefore, mobility is your #1 priority.

* I am pretty sure that will have diminishing returns with Burnout, though I have not verified this.

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Ability Breakdown

Fury of the Dragonborn

This is your passive, you should take the time to really dig through the tooltip and make sure you understand how this works. It is the primary reason this build is focused on attack speed over attack damage.

Twin Bite

Second Strike Attack Damage: (0.8/0.85/0.9/0.95/1.0) * Bonus Attack Damage

This is your bread and butter, it's going to deal considerable damage and should be used on every CD in a fight. It can and should be used to take towers down faster. I max this skill out first. Perhaps the biggest feature of this ability (besides damage output) is that it applies on-hit effects.


AoE Magic Damage: (25/40/55/70/85) + (0.2 * Bonus Attack Damage)

While Twin Bite is going to let you burst people down, Burnout is going to be your primary minion/creep farming utility. I also like to spam this ability to get around the map faster and to keep up with enemies. Just be careful early on not to waste it getting to creeps, then having to wait on a CD.

Flame Breath

Magic Damage: (80/125/170/215/260) + (0.6 * Bonus Ability Power)

This ability isn't the most powerful in terms of straight damage, but its anti-armor effect is a godsend. I was really surprised when I actually took down a Rammus. He was too. Use this against tanks, for poking, and picking up distance last-hits if you're getting zoned out.

Dragon's Descent

Magic Damage: (200/300/400) + (0.7 * Bonus Ability Power)

I find that this ability is best held until just the right moment. While it is a great gap-closer to secure a kill, it is better used to control enemy movement or escape over a wall. You should treat this ability as your wildcard, I strongly suggest rarely initiating with this but to instead use it after the fight has already starting. By destroying the enemy team's positioning and preventing yourself from be the initial focus, you can deal out massive AoE damage and armor reduction. It is also a great escape ability, as your Burnout trail acts like when in dragon form. Singed is displeased.

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Offensive Items

Primary Offensive Items


Wriggle's Lantern

I have received a lot of comments concerning the usage of this item and why not instead. It is my belief that this item should be built on nearly all melee AD junglers. It is highly cost-effective for the stats you get, and the ability to keep a ward up throughout the game will contribute a lot to the team. I do recommend that this item ultimately be sold in favor of a for the superior AD and lifestealing.

Frozen Mallet

This item is a great pick, since you are almost useless unless you're on top of your enemy. It will work with your dragon-form , enabling you to slow anyone you can hit. With good positioning, this alone is enough to turn a team fight. As if that wasn't enough, it gives you a solid amount of health. The only other item that this could reasonably be swapped for would be the , but after considerable testing I prefer the more reliable passive slow effect.

Phantom Dancer

The movement speed will help you to close the gap to your enemy and the attack speed will help you charge your faster. It meshes really well with both of the other core offensive items, but is probably the best candidate to change if you want to change your build.

The Black Cleaver

The armor debuff works really well, and stacks quickly since it will also proc on your . You should have a full stack on your second hit, an immediate -45 armor to your target. This item is your primary source of attack damage, and (as with the ) will help you recharge your faster.


...Coming soon!

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Defensive Items

Primary Defensive Items

, , , , +

Reasoning and Usage Conditions

You may notice that I did not list a defensive item (apart from ), that is because you should always build defensive items based on the enemy team's composition.

You are very vulnerable to CC, so I would strongly recommend replacing with and buying a if you are getting locked down. The reasoning behind building a over a is that you will not receive the full benefit from it as you have no mana. With a you actually get more magic resist at a lower gold cost, and are able to remove MULTIPLE debuffs. Yes, that means if you get exhausted, ignited, stunned, and rooted, you can remove them all at once. will simply pop on the first cast. This requires a bit micromanagement to use appropriately, but I feel it is the better choice.

The other two defensive item choices are fairly simple.
Little CC + AP burst =
AD wrecking the playground =

Balanced AP/AD damage output (low) =
Balanced AP/AD damage output (high) = OR +

is a superior pick to the when possible due to the movement speed increase. The health regeneration is also very nice, but your lifesteal should be sufficient to keep you alive by the time you can build this.

It is also worth mentioning that you have some passive armor and magic resistance on your ult, and a will help you capitalize on that.

If you find that you do not need a defensive item, I would strongly recommend an . Your damage output will skyrocket, and your other items will allow you to utilize the passive crit bonus nicely.

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The is a fairly standard jungle set, with some modifications to compensate for the use of a rage system instead of mana system. You may also notice 3 points put into , this is primarily to help your early jungling experience and prevent you from being too squishy early on.

If you decide to take different summoner spells than the ones listed in this guide, make sure to update your mastery set to reflect that change.

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I went with armor penetration to allow you to do true damage to most jungle creeps and some early game champions.


I previously listed armor penetration runes, but due to a change in the mastery tree I now use flat AD marks to allow faster jungling and health returns.


Armor seals provide enough defense for you to heal through damage from jungle creeps.


Attack speed glyphs for faster healing/killing.

There's not too much depth to the decision making here, but it is a delicate combination that took a lot of research and testing.

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Jungle Guide

Hello, and welcome to the amazing Shyvana Jungle Guide!

Your route is fairly simple, just follow this video and you will succeed.

Jungle Route:

Wolves - Wraiths - Double Golems - Base - Blue Buff - Wolves - Wraiths - Double Golems - Base - Red Buff - Wolves - Wraiths - Double Golems

Route Breakdown:

On your first run, you want to save your smite until Wraiths. When fighting Wraiths, I actually like to the blue wraith and drop aggro. The reason is by killing the blue wraith you should hit level 2. At level 2, you want to pick as soon as possible nad use it immediately to clear the lesser wraiths more quickly. The first run through is going to be rough, you will probably get to pretty low hp on the double golems, so you want to be as efficient as possible as you go through the wraiths. That is the easiest spot to mess up.

On your first trip back to the base, you may want to pick up a health potion or two. Early-game Shyvana has low sustainability and you may find that you need the extra health, especially if you have an aggressive counter-jungler.

Tips to Optimize Health:

You may find that you're having trouble jungling with Shyvana. She is fairly difficult on the first run through the jungle, and requires you to play smart.

When fighting the wolves start at the far edge. This makes the other wolves actually run to you, which saves you a hit or two. Focus on the blue wolves first. Since they drop faster, you will take less overall damage and your Burnout should nearly kill the Giant Wolf.

When fighting the wraiths, the blue wraith first, then run away! Try not to take any hits from the lesser wraiths. This allows you to get better positioning and put your skill point into before continuing the fight. When you continue the fight, start with a wraith at a far edge. Just like the wolves, the other wraiths will actually have to run to you. You should be able to kill the first wraith by the time the other two arrive, saving you massive amounts of HP.

This is a very controlled and very predictable jungle route, if you have the runes and masteries I listed and fight each camp as instructed, you should be able to complete this route 100% of the time.

On Warding:

Jungling is an extremely important role in map management. Your #1 responsibility is to the team, keeping them alive and the enemy either dead or running back to base. This means warding, and is the reason you rush a so early on. If the cooldown on is ever up and you're not immediately placing a ward in an appropriate location, you're probably doing it wrong.

For tips on warding, I defer you to this fantastic guide.

This does not mean to gimp yourself, though. Your team also needs to chip in. If you spend all your gold on wards, you will have little to none to buy items and will gimp yourself. My rule of thumb is to buy at least 1 ward every time I go to base (the exception of course being extremely early game). You should have visibility of Dragon any time is is up, and baron as soon as you feel the enemy team can take him.

Usually, you can only afford a and maybe 1 or 2 wards early on. I suggest watching which lanes are either a) being ganked the most, or b) pushing the furthest and making them priorities. It stands to reason that if you want to gank lanes that are pushed too far, the enemy will as well. I also find that low-mid elo gankers fixate on a lane where they have success.

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Jungle Creep Stats

At one point I had all of the jungle creep stats posted here, but I feel that was a bit Wall O' Text-y. You can reference all of the jungle creep stats here.

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...for the Legends link and some initial guide snippets.

...for the inspiration to add stat calculation to the Abilities Breakdown section.

...for tips on an alternate jungle route.

...for pointing out a weak spot in my mastery tree.

...for recommending the point change from to
...for providing statistical and game mechanics information.