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Quinn Build Guide by SilverDeath32

Assassin SilverDeaths Quinn Top Guide - Fly your way to heaven

Assassin SilverDeaths Quinn Top Guide - Fly your way to heaven

Updated on April 14, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilverDeath32 Build Guide By SilverDeath32 7 1 185,719 Views 7 Comments
7 1 185,719 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SilverDeath32 Quinn Build Guide By SilverDeath32 Updated on April 14, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Who am I?

Welcome to this Guide!

Im SilverDeath, Platin 2 and maining Quinn on Toplane.

I mainly play LoL for fun and only occasionally play rankeds (only about ~120 rankeds in s4 - ~60 of them with Quinn).
I like to play 'weird' picks on toplane, or anything which breaks current metas, Quinn is one of those.
I'll probably create a Malzahar Toplane Guide as well, if you're interested in fun to play but still surprisingly well working champions on Toplane i recommend you: Malzahar, LeBlanc, Heimerdinger and AD- Janna :)

Things you should note about my writing style before you read this guide:
  1. I like those kinds of list youre reading here, so prepare to get information in list form.
  2. I'll try to make use of capital letters, however forgive me if i fail at this.
  3. My mother tongue is german, sorry for failing @ the english language.
  4. Orange text marks the begin of an elaboration of the text in orange.
  5. Blue text is the quintessence of the sentence/paragraph, though you should read everything, this is the most important.
  6. Purple text marks Questions you could probably ask while reading this guide and i'll answer there.
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This Guide

This is neither a beginner Guide for Quinn, nor for Toplane, nor for this Game:
I expect you to know Quinns spells, having played atleast a few games with her, knowing how to play on Toplane and that things like lasthitting are important.

Also you should note, that i recommend you not to play around with the summoner spells , Itembuild and Runes&Masteries.
Those combos are from my experience over multiple hundred games with Quinn.
However sometimes I'll mention alternatives or picks i did in the past, which are also valid but i discarded for reasons I'll explain then.

Maybe you noticed in the "Threats to quinn" box, that there are relatively many champions in the rather bad side.
This doesn't mean you can't win against them, it's more a difficulty chart how hard it will be to lane against them, if you play well, you'll only lose to the last 5 champions if they play as even good as you.

I recommend you reading this first, after that:

Have fun with my guide!

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So, first let's talk about what Quinn is and what Quinn is not, because there are a lot of misconceptions about that out there.

First off, if you take a look at the LoL-Description page for Quinn, you'll notice, that she has the Primary Role ' Marksman ' and secondary Attribute ' Fighter ':

Well, lets take a look at the LoL wiki Page about Marksmen:
"A marksman is a ranged attacker that sacrifices defensive power and utility to focus on dealing strong, continuous damage to individual targets. Typically focused on using their basic attacks more than their abilities, marksmen have the capability to scale and deal out devastating levels of damage in the late phase of any game."
  1. Ranged: Yes, Quinn is ranged - however, that range is rather low in comparision to other marksmen (525 - even less than Vayne with 550 and only more than Kog'Maw, Lucian and Sivir - who all got spells to make up for that, unlike Quinn)
  2. No Defensive power: True
  3. No Utility: A blind , a disrupt , a big reveal spell , high mobility with ultTag Team - hmm, this reminds me of something, but not marksman...
  4. Continuous Damage: No, her damage output peaks with her passive , her Q and her ult ! She has a real great burst combined with high mobility!
  5. Focus on Late Game: Though she reaches devastating damage levels in lategame her real advantage is in the early and snowballing from there through mid into lategame.
Well, thats only a 0.5 + 1 + 0.5 = 2 of 5 Points match :(

But what did i mention at No. 3 and 4? High mobility combined with peaking burst damage - that reminds me of something, let's take a look at another category of champions:
"An Assassin is an agile champion that specializes in killing or disabling high value targets. Focused on infiltration, deception, and mobility, assassins are opportunistic hunters who find favorable moments within a fight before jumping into the fray. Regardless of the size of the enemy team, assassins specialize in positioning and artful killing. They strike when the time is right – no sooner, no later."
  1. Agile: Check. Low cooldown gapcloser/gapcreater and one of the highest mobility with UltimateTag Team.
  2. Killing/Disabling high value targets: Check.
  3. Focused on infiltration, deception and mobility: Check.
  4. "find favorable moments within a fight before jumping into the fray": Exactly!
Well, that looks like a 100% match!
I dont really get, why Riot and so many other people believe Quinn would be a marksman on Toplane (On a sidenote - I've no idea why Riot put ' Fighter ' attribute to Quinn - according to the LoL wiki a fighter is a melee and something between a tank and an Assassin ...).

So, we've determined, that Quinn is an assassin and not a marksman on Toplane, this will influence our Itemchoices and especially our positioning in teamfights, overall playstyle and countertactics.
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Up- and Downsides

Let's take a look at the up- and downsides of Quinn:

+ Ranged
+ High Mobility
+ Blind
+ High overall damage
+ Reveal spell
+ Very low cooldown disrupt/gapcloser/escape spell
- Squishy
- Passive seems to be rather "random" (it's not)
- Your Ultimate forces/tempts you to do stupid things
- Only one escape spell
- Low flexibility/options to catch up
- Even more squishy than squishy

Let me elaborate those:

A very significant advantage, as most toplaners are melee -> you can easily harass and deny their farm.
Also allows you to 'play' with your melee 'friend', as they cant catch up to you and have to close a gap which you dont need to.

High Mobility:
Another great advantage, as it allows you to do surprising mid ganks, catching separated enemies, overthrowing common enemy positionings in teamfights, etc.

Very great, as most enemy toplaners deal autoattack damage and one of your main objectives later will be to take out the enemy marksman without tanking damage.

High overall damage:
Thanks to your passive and your E you can deal significant damage from lvl1 onwards.

Reveal spell:
Allows you to bridge the time where your ward is not ready, also great to spot separated enemies in the enemy jungle.

Very low cooldown disrupt/gapcloser/escape spell:
The reason why Quinn is a valid top pick!
Without this spell you had no chance, as most toplaners got a relatively low cooldown gapcloser, which you can perfectly counter with this.

The biggest downside of Quinn. If an enemy catches you, youre as good as dead.
Even small positioning mistakes will pay their price with your almost sure death.

Passive seems to be rather "random"
There are still some bugs with it and some weird behaviour, however it's not random, refer to the Skills section.

Your Ultimate forces/tempts you to do stupid things
Even me, after i dunno how many hundreds of Quinn games, am tempted regularily to do stupid things and give in to stupid decisions.
"No, towerdiving a Zed with 400hp is not a great idea"
"but i will surely onehit him, before he reacts and casts his ult"
"no, you won't"
"come on, lets try this, we got already a 2/0 and he sucks"
"here we goooo!"
*a zed ult, ignite, zed using ghost switch+flash to escape and a Q later*
"damn. i shouldnt have done this"

"Hey, look at that Ezreal with 300 hp over there, lets kill him"
"no, there are 4 enemies with him, including a blitzcrank, we will get cced before we can hit him"
"naaah, we are fast and we still got flash"
"but we will surely die over there thats not worth the kill"
"but, we got flaaash!"
"flash wont save us from blitzcrank"
"but we got an E as well!"
*an ez flashing away, a blitz punch + grab and 3 towerhits later*
"... i shouldnt have done this"

Only one escape spell
Everything with more than 1 gapcloser will kill you. And theres nothing you can do about this, but dying. Luckily, there aren't many enemies with more than 1 gapcloser.

Low flexibility/options to catch up
If you fail your early because the enemy counters you or you ****ed up - theres no comeback, theres no "build tanky and comeback lategame", you just lost the game, only hope is that your team carries you, but once you go feed with quinn, theres no comeback strategy (you may try some things, however in most cases the enemy toplaner will punish this, refer to What to do if you fail?).
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Summoner Spells

Lets discuss my Summoner Spells choices:

Flash: Well. Flash is just obligatory for almost all champions, especially if you are squishy.

Barrier: This is a must have for Quinn, theres no "lets take Ignite/ Teleport instead", this just wont work, so please don't try it.

Why do we need Barrier?
  • To compensate for Quinns biggest disadvantage - her low health.
  • As youre squishy as ****, enemies will often try to towerdive you, but as well you'll be towerdiving.
  • Barrier allows you to tank the enemy below your tower to let the tower do its job, or tank the one or two enemy tower shots you need to kill the enemy.
  • Also we will be going for firstblood and nobody expects a Barrier on toplane.

May I take Heal instead?
However I personally found Barrier to be better, as its not debuffed by Ignite (which many toplaners use) and it gets you a little more hitpoints in the early levels (which is needed for firstblood we will do with lvl 1 or at the latest with lvl 3).

May I take Exhaust instead?
You are a peak burster and will often towerdive, exhaust wont help by either of this.
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3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage:
Well, youre dealing AD, so you should take AD runes.

9x Greater Mark of Armor Penetration:
Most toplaners against Quinn pick up Armor runes and a cloth vest, this allows you to counter this.
(If you want to do the math, you can find the math how armor influences damage online and there are some online calculators, i tried multiple scenarios - this is the best combination for Quinn on top, just believe me here)

9x Greater Seal of Armor:
Most toplaners deal Physical Damage - so pick up some Armor.

9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction:
"WTF" - yes, but believe me, you'll need the cdr, otherwise some enemies like Renekton and Jax will be able to jump you too fast than you can jump away, also cdr is underrated overall, just try it.

May i pick Magic Resistance instead?
Yes, but i recommend Ionian Boots of Lucidity then if the enemy got a low cd gapcloser.
This was my prior setup, but due to the lack of ap champions on toplane and the fact, that youre dead anyway when you get focussed by a mage , i discarded this for my default build.
However i still go for flat magic resistance if i see in ranked, that my enemy is a mage and mid is a mage as well.
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Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves 1100
Infinity Edge 3400
Bloodthirster 3400
Phantom Dancer 2800
Last Whisper 1450
As you may have noticed, my itembuild greatly differentiates from the "usual" top Quinn build.
I used Blade of the Ruined King for a long time, however as i realized, that Quinn is in fact an Assassin and not a marksman i changed my itembuild fundamentally and build now on full damage.
In my opinion this is the far superior itembuild, as your main damage comes from short damage bursts and not continuous damage, however i admit, that the Blade of the Ruined King itembuild is quite effective against tanky enemies.
However I always build my fulldamage itembuild even if i get a tank, as the main targets are still the marksman and the midlaner in mid/lategame.
Also all your spells scale with bonus ad (not your base damage)!
I highly recommend the crit/damage build under any circumstances.

You should always stack atleast 2 Health Potions, even in mid-lategame until you got your Bloodthirster done!
Youre very squishy, the Health Potions help you to get back to a life level where you can safely go back to lane to leech full with Vampiric Scepter.
  1. First you start with a Long Sword and 3 Health Potions - why this?
    Easy, you'll start with a very aggressive early and youre going for firstblood, so you need the damage from the Long Sword, but still need some Health Potions in case you fail and tank too many minionhits.
    Why not Doran's Blade and one Health Potion?
    I tried this one earlier, but the one Health Potion isnt enough to equate the constant damage you get from minions because of your harassing playstyle.
    Also you cant extend Doran's Blade into an useful item.
  2. Second item is really dependent on your money, i usually go for Boots if i get back with 360-400 gold, Vampiric Scepter if < 900, Pickaxe if < 1600, B. F. Sword otherwise.
  3. Third item is usually the same buy priority as second item (dont buy the item you already bought twice, smart***), but take in a Zeal if you got >1100 and <1600 gold.
  4. If you haven't already now you should finish Vampiric Scepter and get Boots.
  5. After that (if you haven't already) get Pickaxe and B. F. Sword.
  6. Next time you got > 1200 and < 1375 get the Zeal (if you havent already), if you've more than 1375 finish Infinity Edge first.
  7. Then finish your Phantom Dancer or finish your Berserker's Greaves - depending on Money - the B. F. Sword for your Bloodthirster might be a valid choice as well - depending on your enemy (tanky: go for Bloodthirster - squishy or roaming: go for Phantom Dancer).
  8. Finish your Berserker's Greaves if you haven't already.
  9. Then build your Bloodthirster.
  10. Go for Last Whisper.
  11. Youre now pretty free with your last item, i usually grab a second Phantom Dancer, or a Trinity Force if i got enough cash, however Guardian Angel, Randuin's Omen/ Warmog's Armor, another Bloodthirster, Maw of Malmortius and Zephyr are also valid choices.
  12. Also grab an early Hexdrinker if you get a mage enemy, do i seriously have to tell you this!?
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Spells and when to use them

Skill Order:

Tag Team > > >

Why maxing Vault?
Because you need the cooldown reduction you get per skilllevel, as most enemy toplaners got dangerous gap closers you need to dodge with it, also you get more marks, which deal horrendous damage.

The Spells:

Passive: Harrier
Marks nearby enemies applying bonus damage if you autoattack them.
This is your main damage source - "but Quinns Blinding Assault..." No. just no.
  • Your autoattack with the passive buff can be dodged/parried/blocked and may miss -> removing the mark anyway!
  • Spell shields like Black Shield or Shroud of Darkness won't block it.
  • Yasuos Wind Wall may remove the autoattack midair -> the mark will NOT be visually removed, but the special marked autoattack will NOT cast again!
  • The targetting is not random: Target priority is the following (resets after moving out of range/after time):
    1. 1. Last enemy hit/Last enemy clicked on (autoattack animation needs to start, but you can cancel it, good for lasthitting cannon minion and making sure enemy gets the mark without gaining minion aggro)
    2. 2. Lowest enemy champion
    3. 3. Lowest enemy minion
  • If you dont attack/click on anything the mark will go on the same minion your tower will attack.
  • You may "stall" Harrier for a few seconds by autoattacking the enemy champion (so the mark would go on him next) right before the Harrier gets ready and then moving in and out of max attack range - this is usually not wanted and quite annoying, so watch your Harrier timer and your distance to the enemy.
  • It reveals enemies going into bushes, so if he has the mark on him and moves into a bush, you'll still see him (he might disappear for a fraction of a second, but will reappear).
  • As its physical damage, it will apply lifesteal, giving you enough lifesteal for laning with just a Vampiric Scepter.
  • Its buggy, especially at non moving targets like baron nashor and dragon , though youre autoattacking the target and Harrier got the same range as your autoattacks (525) it sometimes wont trigger. I recommend to move a little closer to static targets when youre attacking them, to make sure Harrier gets triggered.
  • Its still buggy. Though Riot claimed in some earlier Patchnotes, that they fixed the bug where your Vault wouldn't trigger Harrier, it still happens. More rare, but still happens, especially if enemy is in max attack range and goes invisible in the moment you start Vault, as well if the automatic mark just goes on another enemy/minion in the same moment, however also at other occasions (sometimes you will rage about that, as it destroys a secure kill).

Q: Blinding Assault
Deals quite some Damage and blinds enemies for 1.5 seconds on all levels.
  • Deals good damage, if you max and harass with it, but you'll need it as a bridge for a second Vault, when you used your first one and enemy engages, so spare them.
  • Watch out when using in Valor form -> immediately casting it after casting your Vault on an enemy will cause it to go off midair, not blinding your target if youre far away!

W: Heightened Senses
Reveals a large area around you (not invis enemies), gives you attack speed and movement speed if you hit your mark, gives valor bonus attack speed.
  • Use it to reveal splitted enemies in your area.
  • Use it to reveal enemies behind walls and then jumping on them.
  • Use it to bridge time between your trinket wards from ganks.

E: Vault
Your main active spell, creating a mark on the enemy you jumped on, knocking it away, slowing, damaging it and jumping back into max attack range.
  • If the enemy jumps/flashes/dashes/whatsoever while youre jumping, you will follow him! This allows countering Flash/other escape spells if you can predict when an enemy will use them (this is not as hard as it sounds)!
  • You can use it to jump over even great walls - if youre losing a fight against a melee - simply move to the next wall, as soon as he gets close enough jump on him and backup over the wall!
  • This allows you to quickly escape from enemies - and it even got a low cooldown, also it allows you to double trigger your passive in a very short duration, to deal massive harass damage, more about this @ Combos.
  • As it does a little knockback, you can stop channeling abilities like Stand United, Crowstorm, etc.
  • This interacts funny on enemy jumps/dashes in some cases, the enemies just will get blocked midair, sometimes you will jump back into a quite random direction, however its very useful to block some jumps (jax, rengar, etc.), just try it.
  • After you used your Vault you're practically defenseless for about 6-10 seconds! Though you still got a Q-blind - this will bridge only 1.5 seconds and has the possibility to miss! Also many toplaners deal damage with spells, so use it wisely!

R: Tag Team/ Skystrike
Goes into Valor mode with high movement speed and ability to move through units, or deals physical damage to all nearby enemies - the lower they are, the more damage!
This spell makes you an assassin! Massive movement speed, a high burst, especially in early/midgame.
  • Most of your extra movement speed will vanish if you get damage or deal damage - this is why this is NOT an escape spell (in most cases).
  • Use it to engage on splitted enemies
  • Note that your damage with it got quite some range, you dont need to directly jump to your enemy if hes low enough:

When to use which spells?

  • Always when possible, the cooldown decreases if you hit your mark.

Blinding Assault:
  • To punish an away running enemy with even more damage
  • To blind an you attacking enemy.

Heightened Senses:
  • To make sure that you dont get ganked
  • To spot separated enemies which you can oneshot.
  • To spot enemies over walls and jump on them.

  • To escape from an enemy
  • To get closer to an enemy
  • To cancel a channeling spell of an enemy
  • To disrupt an enemy
  • To follow an away Flashing/dashing/whatsoever enemy.

Tag Team:
  • To engage on an enemy
  • To escape fr- no! ... as you lose almost all speed when you get hit, this is in almost all cases useless for escaping, so dont do it, also you get a high cooldown on your main assassin spell, exception:
  • To escape from an enemy AFTER you used your Vault and/or Flash to get into a range where you cant get hit anymore, but are still in imminent danger:

  • To lasthit an enemy
  • To get back into ranged mode if an enemy moves out of melee range
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Now, combos are very important on Quinn. It's important to understand how your Harrier works, in which order you should cast your spells and when to use which one.
Lets start with a basic combo:

Combo1: Harrier, autoattack

Though this seems trivial, but this is a main combo you will use in early laning and the combo where most of your combos base on.
First you wait for Harrier to get ready (check the spell symbol - it shows the time until its ready) and move into autoattack range of your enemy, then when your mark is on him, autoattack him and retreat, best into a bush, as you will get minion aggro which you'll lose when you go invisible, or continue with one of the following combos:

Combo2: Harrier, autoattack, Vault, Harrier, autoattack[, Blinding Assault, autoattack]

This is the main combo you'll be using in laning phase, the last Blinding Assault+autoattack are optional, depending if there are minions between you and your enemy or not (you'll often cast this from behind your minions to be secure of maybe following punishments) or if theres the possibility of your enemy chasing you.
Note that you can cast your Vault already when the mark-buffed-autoattack went out of your crossbow - you dont need to wait for it to hit.
This combo will deal about 50% of his hp in early, even if he got pots, doing this a second time will prepare your target for one of your next combos.

Combo3: Vault, Harrier, autoattack, Blinding Assault, autoattacks

NOTE: This combo uses your Vault (your only escape spell) as first spell.
Though most enemies are surprised by your sudden attack ("weeew, look, a bird!", or "why the **** is that bird attacking me, i just want to farm?!?"), there are a few people in lol who got more than 2 braincells (though this is hard to believe if you regularily read the lol-chat) and know that your Harrier is now on cooldown for about 7 seconds and your Vault for about 6-10 seconds and they will give a nice hug in your face (they'll kill you, seriously dont do this if youre not sure that he wont attack you).

Sometimes you need to engage with your Vault as the enemy is too far away ( Vault-Range: 700 - Autoattacks and so your destination range: 525), or you need to get away from your enemy, as he just used his gapcloser to get to you, both shown in this scene:
Also this is the most "sudden" attack, especially in laning phase, to break a deadlock situation where the enemy is too defensive.
Another use for this tactic is to punish enemies which moved to close to you in Pre-Teamfight situations, as you'll instantly jump back into your team, youre quite secure, but still deal a lot of damage:

Combo4: [autoattack, ] Harrier, Blinding Assault, autoattacks until you need to retreat, Vault, Harrier, autoattack

This is the main combo you'll be using in close combat 1v1 situations.

Combo5: tag team, Vault, Blinding Assault[, autoattack, ... until hes low enough for ...], Skystrike

This is your finisher Combo - 'Finisher' as you'll finish your already harassed enemy.
You can towerdive with this as shown in the scenes, Barrier is also helpful because often you'll be low as well.

Combo6: tag team, Vault, Blinding Assault, autoattack, ... until hes low enough for ..., Skystrike[, autoattack, Harrier, autoattack]

This is your burst Combo, as in mid/lategame it will instaburst the enemy marksman/midlaner and some toplaners/junglers as well.
Note the optional autoattacks in your ranged mode, as it may happen, that the enemy is too tanky to get bursted, go back into normal mode where you deal more damage then.
Your Harrier will be ready after the first autoattack and you deal more damage with your Harrier, also you're in the more secure ranged position.
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Overall Playstyle and Game Phases

So now you've a basic understanding of Quinns spells and possibilities, lets take a look at her overall Playstyle, laning phase, midgame and lategame.

Overall Playstyle:
So, Quinn is an Assassin , this means, she's rather squishy, but got high bursts of damage, another big advantage is, that unlike most assassins shes ranged, which allows her to pull out a very aggressive harassing early laning phase.
As youre ranged and got a quick escape spell in 1v1 you can trade against almost any champion on top lane very well, allowing you to deny farm and playing very aggressive.
Your main targets in mid/lategame are the enemy midlaner, enemy marksman and objectives as you got a high pushing power.
The marksman will be very easy to kill later on, the midlaner might be harder if he got a Zhonya's Hourglass, otherwise its another oneshot, you go for objectives if both are unreachable for you.
Lategame will be easy for you (if your jungler or your support went tanky), as youre turning into a marksman (with assassin abilities) which results in 2 marksman in your team which in most cases are both well fed (atleast you will be).
  • Make sure to engage any possible 1v1 as soon as you're ahead - you will win it!
  • People do stupid things around you. They underestimate your Burstdamage and your agility, punish them:
  • Push. You got a high Pushing (and backdoor) power, as you'll win 1v1s, use it!:
  • You're an assassin, position yourself like one!:

Laning Phase:
Your laning phase will consist of lasthitting, harassing the enemy, killing the enemy and ganking mid.
Lasthitting with Quinn is very easy, harassing is easy as well (refer to Combos), so is killing the enemy in most cases (in ~50% of games you will get the firstblood), ganking mid with your ult will be your optional target if you cant kill your toplane or mid is failing.
Note: It will often happen due your low health, that it seems like you're losing a 1v1 fight - this is not true. Just fight, over time you'll get a feeling how op quinn is at turning 1v1s around:
What to do if you get ganked?
Most times you can't fight 1v2 in early, however if you did a good job at harassing your toplaner you can seperate them and take them each by one:
Or retreat and then come back to secure atleast one kill:

Midgame is still the same as earlygame for you, keep on pushing, as your toplaner cant contest you on the lane, however, feel free to gank mid once or twice.
You simply ignore most teamfights and move on on your toplane to achieve a high farm, and eat the toplaner/jungler which will try to stop you (you're still a 1v1 monster at this point).
  • Don't be to afraid of towerdiving, Skystrike and Barrier are very helpful here:

Youre now gaining marksman damage, this is also your role in most teamfights (refer to Positioning in teamfights), however you still got a devastating movement with your tag team to eat soloing enemies (at this point you can contest almost any enemy in 1v1, or even 1v2 - in most cases you will snack their adc who is trying to farm somewhere).
  • Your Autoattack Damage gets hillarious, punish each enemy who thinks he can move into your autoattack distance:
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Teamwork/positioning is very important on Quinn.
First off before game begins:
As you're a squishy toplane, you should try to communicate this fact in the champion selection screen, ask the jungler and/or support to go tanky.
If your teammates won't listen and the enemy already picked 2 tanks, simply dont play Quinn.

A big advantage of Quinn is, that you got very great mobility with your tag team, this allows you to do surprising mid ganks - if you got firstblood you may get lvl 6 before the midlane does!

However, i recommend ganking mid only in 5 circumstances:
  • The midlaner fails - also try to let the midlane get the kill here.
  • Your lane is in a deadlock - most times this only happens if the enemy goes fulltank, but occasionally happens also with very defensive enemies.
  • Your enemy goes fulltank - you probably won't do much damage anymore.
  • You fail your lane (shame on you).
  • You killed your toplane/destroyed his tower and still got tag team.
However check the following when you go gank:
  • Your lane should be pushed - otherwise the enemy toplaner will punish you by destroying your tower.
  • Start your tag team, when you're out of vision of your enemy toplaner, Quinn is so fast, that most toplaners ping the miss when Quinn is already in top bush of midlane.
  • Communicate the fact that youre ganking with pings! Most midlanes are burst as well, doing this attack together will save the kill! Do 1 "on my way ping" and a red ping to mid when you start your Ultimate, and 2-3 red pings when youre about to engage.
  • If youre premade with mid, or mid reacted nice on your last gank you can even towerdive! With your ult you got enough burst to take about 2/3 life of the enemy midlane in one sweep, your teammate can easily finish this (barrier will help tanking the tower).

After laning phase Quinn doesn't need any special teamwork, as in most cases you'll be solo hunting the enemy marksman or midlaner.
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"Why an extra section for this? Firstblood is more or less rando..." no, its not.
If you play a proper Quinn and Firstblood hasn't been executed already in an invade, you'll get firstblood with level 1 or 2 in 50% of the matches, if the enemy isnt tanky as ****.
Why? Because people underestimate Quinns early damage with a doublemark and always forget that you got Barrier (because who's playing Barrier on top? Well, you do, atleast from now on with Quinn!).
Don't believe me? Check this:
So, how to achieve firstblood?
  1. First run as fast as possible out of your base and place yourself in the river bush, if he comes from river, its an easy firstblood, or atleast he has to waste flash.
    If he comes on lane with minions, make sure to hit him atleast once with Harrier, watch out for minionaggro though.
  2. Second harass him very aggressively - note that you'll get minionaggro for autoattacks on your enemy (not from spells) and they deal quite a lot damage in early - note that this isn't that bad, as most times your health will equate with your enemies, however you got barrier, he doesnt.
  3. This will bait them to engage on you, be ready for this and instant E away from him, if necessary use barrier, Q if youre already lvl 2, then it should be quite easy to finish him.
    If he doesnt engage, simply wait for a wave to be halved (all melee minions dead), then just run forward, flank him and kill him (note, you wont get minion aggro if the enemy youre attacking is not near his minions - you can be in range though).
    Heres a full example with harassing as well:
Don't be too afraid of towerdiving with a low level:
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Fight Positioning

In Teamfights there are 2 possible positionings:
  1. If you haven't got your ultimate: You stay in ranged form and basically do what your marksman does - in most cases you will get focussed, as you got a shorter range and no support, however your marksman will deal significant damage and should be covered by his support. It often happens in teamfights, that youre the only one dying in your team and your marksman pulls out a triple or quadra kill.
  2. You stay way out of combat so you're sure you wont get hit, but if you see the chance, do some autoattacks, now you wait for a special event in a teamfight which happens in 90% of teamfights - where the enemy marksman splits from the team (support may be nearby, doesn't matter, just make sure, theres noone around who can burst/cc you away before you reach their marksman). At this exact moment, you activate your ultimate, fly an arc around the enemies (use flash if necessary) and burst him away! - in most cases youre that fast, that even their support cant cover him. after that you're in most cases right behind your enemies in your ranged mode. Now you can eat up the rest of the enemies from behind.
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Tactics for different Enemy Types

There are multiple types of enemies which you can encounter on toplane, so what to do against them?
  1. The Melee Offtank (Example: Garen):
    This is the best which could happen to you, just harass him, contest him, try to kill him in early and hope he doesnt go fulltank, otherwise, refer to Tank.
  2. The Tank (Example: Shen):
    Those guys build full armor/hp build and are veeeryyy booooring. You cant kill them, as they'll just tank and play def, however you can deny their farm.
    Wait for level 6, then gank mid each time it gets ready.
  3. The Mobile-burst-mage (Example: Ahri, Karma):
    This almost never happens, but is a very bad pick for you, be careful here, play def if necessary, however in first ~5 levels you got a great damage advantage, so try to kill him 2-3 times and snowball from there, a Hexdrinker helps.
    Otherwise theres always the possibility to gank mid with ult.
  4. The Tanky-harass-mage (Example: Malphite, Nunu & Willump):
    This also rarely happens, but is even worse for you (see Deathbringers, as you got low life and they got a high harass power with immunity to your harasses, Hexdrinker and Mercury's Treads are obligatory, however in most cases even this won't help and you'll just lose the lane.
    You may try to drain their mana, however in most cases your life drops faster than their mana, go gank mid asap and tell your jungler you'll need help.
  5. The Marksman (Example: Vayne, Ezreal):
    Easy, with your Blinding Assaults blind and superior mobility/burst, theyre free kills for you.
  6. The Assassin (Example: Rengar):
    Also a very easy enemy, as long as you dont get caught, you can easily outrange them, as they dont have much health, theyre easy kills with your harass/finisher combos, just dont get caught, as you have even less health.
  7. The Deathbringers (Those guys: Akali, Jarvan IV, Pantheon, Malphite, Nunu & Willump):
    Going afk is a valid option.
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What to do if you fail?

Failing is bad with Quinn and by bad i mean really, really bad.
Its really hard to start a comeback with Quinn, as youre really squishy and once fed enemies easily snowball on you.
Theres not much you can do against this, as building tanky is not really an option with Quinn.
So, what to do?
  • Tell your jungler you need help, sometimes they'll listen.
  • Let your first tower fall, then camp at the second, this will render you quite useless, as you cant farm, which is important for Quinn, but atleast you probably won't feed anymore.
  • Gank mid, youre one of the fastest moving units on the field, so use it for surprise ganks.
  • Don't, i repeat, DO NOT try to contest an already fed enemy, once you go feed, theres no comeback with Quinn, you'll just feed him to a point where he cant be stopped.
  • Hope your team carries you.
  • Do not fail at first.

As you see, theres not much you can do if you fail early, however you may start a comeback in really, really lategame (min. 40+), however, even that is hard.
You still got some burst as soon as you get infinity edge, so try to be as useful as possible and take out their marksman when he splits from his team.
That's it about that :(
This is also a reason, why Quinn can be quite frustrating at first, because you'll probably play not as good as possible with her the first few games, but its crucial to win the early with Quinn, as many toplaners gain a high advantage in midgame.
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Useful Tricks, Tips, Tactics, Things which are noteworthy

  • You can use your Vault to jump over walls, if youre losing a 1v1 fight against a melee enemy and havent got flash ready, simple move with your back to a wall, as soon as he moves on you, you can use him as a trampoline to jump over the wall.
  • Almost everyone underestimates your early damage, use this for striking a firstblood.
  • Quinn is op at turning seemingly lost 1v1s or 1v2s around, dont be too scared:
  • You're squishy as ****, you can cloak that by playing overly aggressive in early, as your passive is op there, once the enemy notices your superior early damage, many players tend to play overly passive - also many players dont change this behaviour even when they grow stronger than you - so try to harass him into an inferior role and he'll probably stay with this and won't try to fight you, even when he gets much stronger than you in 1v1s.
  • Try to be the one attacking, if you are the one getting harassed/engaged, you're doing something wrong.
  • Your Blinding Assault has a surprisingly long blind duration, if the enemy only uses autoattacks, you can stay in melee range while he's blind and jump in the last moment away with your E, this will bait many enemies to try to fight something which they can't win.
  • You can towerdive, dont be too passive, once youre 2 kills ahead you can be quite aggressive without risking much, just your pure damage will keep him passive.
  • Dodge Xeraths Rite of the Arcane by running back and forth:
    However not possible if the enemy is scripting:
    Has nothing much to do with quinn, just funny to watch ;)
  • Using your Vault to follow dashing/ Flashing/whatsoever enemies is easier than it sounds, just try it!
  • Your Combo2 does a surprisingly high amount of damage, do not run away, if an enemy jumps on you and takes ~1/2 of your life before you can do anything, your combo deals atleast the same damage, probably more!
  • If youre fed and you get into lategame, dont hide your superior 1v1 capabilities, rub them under the peoples noses!
  • My Critbuild is a little luckbased sometimes, as you build high damage, but low critchance - especially in midgame, sometimes you'll just give one after another hit and dont do any damage, however sometimes you just 3hit people.
  • Infinity Edge? - Check, Zeal? - Check, B. F. Sword/ Bloodthirster? - Check, Onehit burst enemy marksman with tag team? - Check. Just do it.
  • Your tag team has about the Range from your Inhib Tower to the first enemy tower (the real range is a little longer, but you'll need some time to Vault, positioning, etc.)
  • If you Vault in the moment your ult runs out of time, or you press the button, you'll do a jumpback as if you were already in ranged mode, this confuses some enemies and can be a little irritating for yourself as well.
  • Quinn is the only champion with a 'Q' in the champions name, so searching for 'Q' in champion selection will only show quinn ;)
  • In ranked - if you're one of the earliest in pickorder and marksman hasn't got picked yet, switch between multiple marksmen and change back to Quinn in the last few seconds! Many enemies then believe that youre going marksman and will try to counterpick you! Also toplane won't counterpick you! ( Don't forget to tell your team that you're going top ;) )
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Closing Word

So i hope you had fun with this Guide, if you want to try Quinn now on toplane i recommend to play atleast 10 games with her, as the first few games are the hardest and most frustrating ones, always remember, you're an annoying ranged bird with a high burst - play like that and dont get passive.

Now have fun on the fields of justice with Quinn!

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  • Adjusted itembuild for recent infinity edge/phantom dancer critchance change

  • Initial Release

  • Cutting and uploading videos
  • Minor adjustments to text matching videos.

  • Port to mobafire

  • first rough text draft
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