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Teemo Build Guide by Squirtle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squirtle

Simply Teemo

Squirtle Last updated on June 21, 2013
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Hey guys!

Squirtle here. Thank you for taking your time and reading through this guide. Hopefully you pick up something worthwhile! This is my first legitimate guide on Mobafire with pictures and chapters and I honestly don't think I ever spent so much time doing one thing in my life. (besides playing League of Legends haha) Teemo is my all time favorite champion since I started this game and I'm glad to share my experience with him with the rest of the world! Aiight serious mode.

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This guide will focus on mid lane AP Teemo on Summoner's Rift. You can still find tips and tricks that can apply to Teemo in general though, so read along!

Why choose mid AP Teemo?
- Everyone underestimates your damage.
- Mobility gives you ability to roam and react faster to situations.
- Free wards from a mid laner means way better map control.
- Annoys the other team to the point where they bring about their own defeat.

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Best and Worst

+ Ranged
+ Mobile Move Quick
+ Disable Blinding Dart
+ Map awareness Noxious Trap
+ Invisibility camouflage
+ Kiting
- Squishy
- Stealth detection
- Weak early game
- Hard to master
- Short range
- Everyone hates you

Teemo in competitive play

Penta kill ranked 1800's.

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camouflage Camouflage lets you turn invisible after standing still for 2 seconds.
Tips and Tricks
Blinding Dart shoots a dart for magic damage and also blinds the enemy. Saved for AD carries but also useful as a nuke. You should always save it for the AD carry later on because of the sheer DPS they have if you don't blind them. Of course you can't forget about their fed AD top or jungle if they have one. Auto attack Q for easy harass.
Tips and Tricks

Move Quick passively increases movement speed and can also be activated to further increase it for a short amount of time. Useful for chasing, running away or simply to move around faster. The high cooldown of this ability sometimes makes you question whether you should save it or not but it all comes down to experience. The active isn't needed for every scenario.
Tips and Tricks

Toxic Shot adds additional magic damage to your auto attack as well as a DoT. Your favorite farming skill. Period. It's also your best harass skill with the DoT constantly ticking away at your opponent annoying the living hell out of them. Useful for pushing lanes by attacking every minion once. Don't underestimate the initial on-hit damage.
Tips and Tricks

Noxious Trap places a shroom that acts as a 10 minute ward as well as doing DoT and slowing anyone that steps over it. Your wards, lane control and a key part of your combo. I prefer focusing on shrooming the lane while covering important parts of the jungle. Shrooming the lane nets in better lane control and could also translate into easier kills.
tips and tricks

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The benefits of speed outweighs the benefits of damage as Teemo.

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Summoner Spells

Punishes all those champions who think they can kill you off with one combo. Yeah Annie. Summon: Tibbers don't kill me no more. Probably the second most useful spell out there since it does wonders to make up for Teemo's squishiness.

Adds onto Teemo's already threatening DoT setup to secure kills that would otherwise escape. A very standard spell that serves its purpose of the AP carry role of bursting another carry down.

Sometimes the only way to get away is by creating a gap. Especially as a mid Teemo player, champions like Diana will be able to catch you if you don't have Flash because she can just pull you in and slow you. The ability to jump over walls as an escape tool is also very valuable and that's what makes Flash so handy.

Questionable Spells

The ability to jump to another lane in the matter of seconds seems like it can be very valuable but the truth is, you are already very mobile and it is better off having a spell that can secure you the kill because Teemo isn't a super bursty champion.

This spell would be useful to stop the burst of AP carries but Exhaust does a much better job with more utility. Not to mention the fact that it impairs your allies abilities to heal you or themselves when you pop this.

Because Teemo is a very squishy target, you don't have the luxury of just running away like a Vladimir or Garen does. However, Ghost does allow you to cover an incredible amount of distance and will be useful if you play top lane and focus on pushing the lane out.

Situational spell that works great if their team is heavy CC. If picked, remember that you don't need to Cleanse out of every situation, like in 1v1 situations where they do a desperate stun on you when they are about to die and you know you are safe.

Exhaust has always been a useful skill in terms of utility. For Teemo, this translate into great 1v1 capabilities and the easiest way to avoid getting bursted down by hard hitting champions like LeBlanc or Katarina who also have to get close to you first.

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The best Marks are the ones that increase damage. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration contributes to a better late game once you gather your items, Greater Mark of Attack Damage gives better harass in lane since mid champions usually don't carry armor, and Greater Mark of Armor is for the occasions you are forced to play against Talon or any hard AD that basically knocks you around with their strong AD burst damage and good gap closures.
Questionable Marks
For Seals I always found Greater Seal of Armor to be the most effective but since we are mid lane I run with Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power for a better late game since Teemo doesn't scale that good early game anyways which makes Greater Seal of Ability Power pointless with its measly 9 AP boost. Greater Seal of Attack Speed can prove useful since Teemo is stronger with the boost in attack speed.
questionable Seals

Glyphs are basically a better version of Seals for AP Teemo. Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power gives a significantly higher amount of AP, and will prove useful for that. However, to counter bursting, I recommend grabbing Greater Glyph of Magic Resist which gives a good amount of MR to avoid losing all your trades during the laning phase.
questionable glyphs
Quintessence. Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage makes your early game harass a real pain and could be used to zone out champions like Katarina who would otherwise nuke you down at later levels. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power over the per level one because the 15 AP can also help your early game. Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed can also be used here to add to your presence throughout the game.
Questionable quintessence

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Pretty standard AP set with a slight variation with the choice of Fury instead of Sorcery. This is because 4% of attack speed benefits Teemo more than the 4% cdr. Have some points on Deadliness which is the best choice for the tier considering you can't advance above that tier without it.
Offers a good mix of health and defense. The main point of putting points in this tree is because Teemo is really awful during the early levels, making this tree sometimes necessary against the more dangerous champions like Pantheon or something who hurts really early.
The defense tree allows Teemo to trade during the really early levels, but if you play safe then the Utility tree supplements Teemo's abilities really well with the bonuses in mana regen or movement speed and the cdr on summoner spells and items.

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This little guy is made to keep lane control with his speed as well as map awareness because he can be anywhere at any time and his shrooms can also do that too. Please pick up one of the Doran's according to your playstyle:

Doran's Blade- if you like harassing with your super duper awesome range
Doran's Shield- If you solo lane.
Doran's Ring- THE NUKING AT THE BEGINNING IS OP MANZ I NEED THIS! Mana regen is nice too.

About the Boots
Boots of Mobility- gives ..mobility.. duh.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity- with the items and masteries i got, CDR boots are worthless.
Berserker's Greaves- no need for the extra attack speed ...
Mercury's Treads- Probably the best choice, lets you survive a LOT more, trust me.
Sorcerer's Shoes- Ok if you think you need more nuking potential
Boots of Swiftness- Uhm, not gonna be a life saver in any situation imo
Ninja Tabi - Great if their team has so much melee dpsers that it scares you.

Rushing Nashor's Tooth for its average AP and super CDR and decent atk speed jumpstarts Teemo's career in mushroom planting. Your early game kills are mostly based on making an enemy step on one of your MANY mushrooms.. not gonna be too many if you dont get this item.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the mid game hp and for making your dart basically an exhaust coupled with decent AP makes this item worth getting imo.

Malady and Nashor's completes your auto attacking set, although you may decide to add a Rageblade later to make this set legendary.

Rabadon's Deathcap before the game ends will ensure the game ends, or allow your team a chance to come back when you fall back and all the enemies step into your 900 damage shrooms.

If the game really lasts till Lich Bane, Lich Bane will end it. Use this blade wisely cuz it hurts at this point of the game.

Other noticeable Teemo builds

Hybrid Teemo

Boots of Swiftness
Nashor's Tooth
Madred's Bloodrazor
Banshee's Veil
Guinsoo's Rageblade

AD Teemo
Berserker's Greaves
The Black Cleaver
Zeke's Harbinger
The Bloodthirster
Banshee's Veil
The Bloodthirster

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The Change Log

Big update, added pictures, changed skill orders.. yeah. Included new stuff in the items section. Changed my runes too.

~~~Currently in process~~~