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Singed Build Guide by Facerox

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Facerox

Singed Diferent Guide Offtank AP/HP IT'S OVER FIVE THOUSAND!

Facerox Last updated on December 10, 2012
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Spellvamp Builds.

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First of all, I am a newbie build maker in mobafire, and I do not speak english, so, I apologize for my errors. Be patient, It's my first build, and i'm upgrading it yet. Feel free to criticize,if you want, let a comment, try it and tell me!
Mobafire is wrong again!!I'll test my builds one more time to make sure,but I'm pretty sure that it's wrong. I'll post some photos to show you,just be patient,as always.
My guide is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!Be patient.

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Well Well,Season 3!!

I'm here to speak why I didn't update my guide,as I promised. The thing is,the season three is on Brazil! Yeah! I'm reading about itens, and I'm testing different builds. Things like the new Mastery Trees,new itens,review of old itens etc.. will make this build very different. So,wait a longer,because I need to see all (or almost all) the options. And,you know,I don't play only with Singed. Thank you,and forgive me!

I'm here,again(I don't know if you're reading this) to talk again about season 3. Guys,the more I play,the more I see that the things are very different! I think I'll take more time to finish this build,but I have more time now,so I'll review everything,change all the chapters and everything. It will take a long time,but I'll make it,I think. To let you knowing what I'm doing,I did a chapter with the name "Changes in the Post". Everytime you enter this build,go there and see this chapter. Thank you!

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Here, I'll explain each item of my build. You can change it if you want, and I'll say other possibilites of itens, but it's not the rule! Fell free to change it.

Boots of Swiftness: Why use it? It's simple. To farm, to run out of a gank, to kill( yes, you'll kill too!), anyway, to use your poison better! You can just provoke an enemy,and he'll try to chase you. You run away with your incredible speed( can activate ghost and your ult too), get safe , and the enemys who chase you will lose a lot of his life. There are another boots, but this is the better one. Upgrade Alacrity to have even more MS.

Hextech Revolver: There is a different item for singed. Tank or killer, spell vamp is a key for my singed. But you must know how to use it. I will create other topic just for it. The ability power is ok too. You can upgrade your Hextech Revolver to a Hextech Gunblade or a Will of the Ancient. See below.(You can change the spelvamp for HP/regen, go ahead if you prefer,but my playstyle is better with spelvamp, which cures me a lot,'cause of my agressive playstyle. to start team fights,spell vamp is awesome. I'll say about both of them in the topic: Spelvamp for Singed.Why Should I Use It?

Rod of Ages: The "main item" of your build. It is cheap, good, increase your HP e AP and your mana early/mid game. It's your best core item, AND it's a good item for late game too. Great item for almost AP, and also for Singed, due his passive.

Warmog's Armor: An awesome tanker item. It gives you a huge bonus in your health,1000, and health regeneration depending on your life! It is very good. A item for almost tanks,and for Singed too.

Liandry's Torment: A new item very good of season three. It stacks with poison,and the poison renews it each second. Just with one second in the poison,the enemy will lose almost 7% of his health points.

Runic Bulwark: Another new item. Very good too. Aegis of the Legion already was a good item,and with this upgrade,it became better."But,it's a support item,no?" Yes! But it make your weak points stronger,and make you a universal tanker. I explain, it gives you HP(a universal stat for tank) Armor( a stat to tank the ADs) and MR(the magic resist is very low in my Singed,so it makes you more tanker against APs). With this three bonuses,you will become even more tanker. The aura helps your teammates, and gives you plus MR and HP/regen etc.. A changeable item,if there is a stronger player in other team.(like one AD, Thornmail would be better.)

Will of the Ancients: A very good item. It increases your magic vamp, and increases your ap, and his aura also allows your teammates enjoy your magic vamp and the little of AP bonus. BUT this item can be changed for one Hextech Gunblade. It's more expensive, but it gives another kind of bonus, so, it's your choice.

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Other Items for Singed.

Here it comes, the other recommended items for Singed. Remember one thing: your build will change with the game. I'll give an example. You are using my build. There is an insane Master Yi, with a large damage, and you can't kill him with poison, due of his vampirism and his incredible speed. You just make, instead of two Warmog's Armor, make one Warmog's Armor and one Thornmail. KO, you can kill Master yi, and you gain even more defense. There are other items, not only thornmail, so I will show you a few of itens to use. There are infinite combinations, so, have fun!

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: A good item, but I think sometimes you can change it. The best thing(and it is VERY good) is the slowness. But think about one thing,you are faster than everyone!! You don't need to have the slow on your enemys.Of course,it will help your teammates,but in almost all the games there is Frozen Malet or Trinity Force. Of course,the bonus in your AP and HP are very welcome,but sometimes it will make your enemies let you flee,instead of go behind you(making their life become low,due your Poison Trail). It's a good item,and don't be afraid to use this. BUT I prefer the other itens in the build..

Ninja Tabi: A good boot. Even if movement speed helps a lot Singed, this boot can let you even more tanker! Helps a lot versus ADs, like Master Yi, Sivir, Vayne etc. I recommend it, if your team is very good.

Mercury's Treads: Gives you more Tenacity, and with Tenacious, Relentless and with your ult, Insanity Potion , if you take CC, It will not stay so much. The magic resist is OK too.

Thornmail: As I said, a very good item. I have used this before to change the game, when there was an AD too strong, and it is very cheap, so, don't hesitate when buy it.

Shurelya's Reverie: A very,very,very good item. You will have gold per second because of the Philosopher's Stone in the early game, and late game will have some nice bonuses,and a HUGE movement speed bonus,not only for you,but for your allies too.

Frozen Heart: An OK item. It gives you mana(HP, consequently) armor and nerf the atack speed from the enemies. It's good,but not thaaat thing.

Rabadon's Deathcap:I know what you are thinking right now."If I'm a tanker, why would I use a Rabadon's Deathcap ,if it only gives me ability power?" Simple. Magic vamp. It will raise sooo much your vamp, that you would be even more tanker than with another item. You can use this to make the snowball technique,if you are stronger than the others, and your teammates are too bad. You will have five thousand health points, and a big ability power and, consequently, a big magic vamp. But the price is very big, so, it's your choise,as I always say.

Abyssal Scepter: A good item,due his aura, if there is a good AP in your team, this item, plus your Will of the Ancient's aura, will help him a lot. The AP and magic resist is very good too. Don't be afraid to use this item,it is really,really very good,I don't use this because I like HP,so I prefered other itens. But if you want some AP without lose your utility to your team,and your magic resist,buy this.

Sunfire Cape: An OK item. For early game,you can use this to farm better,but I never use it. Good only for early game.

Gold Per Second Itens: You are in bot lane, with an AD carry, who needs to farm the maximum possible, or you can't farm 'cause you are in a hard lane. You can buy it, it's good, Philosopher's Stone is the better one. But you can buy a Kage's Lucky Pick too. It's your choice... again.

Randuin's Omen: A good item for a tanker. Sometimes I buy this,to kill ADC it's very good. it gives you armor and health points, and its aura is awesome. You can buy it, despite of its high price. I recommend this item very much.

Seraph's Embrace: Good item,since fulled,now it get full with Poison Trail, it turned ina good item. If you are mana hunger,you can use this item. The AP helps too,and the 250 HP. The mana shield can save you too!

Guardian Angel: Good item. Even nerfed,the boost on your MR and armor is good,and it gives you the "second chance". I still prefer the Runic Bulwark, but GA is good too.

Banshee's Veil: Nice item.there is not much to talk about. Against Blitzcrank or Nidalee,etc, or other solo tops,like Jayce(hard one). The boost in HP,mana and MR are good,so,don't be afraid in buy this item.(remembering that,with Singed tank,you will WANT to be pulled by a Blitzcrank.)

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Games With My Singed

Here I'll put videos and screenshots of my games. YES,I play in Brazil.I can change my language to help my prints,if you guys want. You can see that I'm not level 30, so,I'm still a newbie. ^.^

Here is my build complete. As you can see,I am with five thousand of health points. The error is in mobafire.

As you can see,it's not the original build,it's diferent, my Thornmail took place of the Warmog's Armor ,and helped me a lot .It varies by game.
I lost this game. :/

A normal game,they surrender at 20 minutes,my team was medium,I was solo top. It was funny.

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Spelvamp for Singed.Why Should I Use It?

So so,here's the diferent part of the guide! OMG! ok,now seriously,many people asked me why I prefer magic vamp to health regeneration. They used the right reasons,and almost convinced me, but there is one flaw: I don't like it.
I'll start with a supposition. I'll change my 26% (20% Will of the Ancients and 6% by the runes) spelvamp. I'll take the health regen of one Force of Nature.40 hp/regen.(This item was deleted in season three,but I'll use this in the same way,due his great health/regen) I'LL TAKE ONLY THE HEALTH REGEN,IGNORING THE OTHER BONUSES! Let's think about it.
First situation: We are going to an team fight in mid lane. there is no tower,in the middle of river, minion waves, 5v5 etc. My cooldowns are fresh,and I'm full of mana and health points. I'm the unique tanker in my team,and we are hurry,so I start the team fight. I turn on my Poison Trail,walk a little and fling the ADC in middle of team fight. Great,now you can imagine the situation,let's go to the spelvamp.
Let's wonder that there is 5 minion,plus 5 champions. I hit(average) 100 from the champions and 200 from the minions(good nerf in the champions). It's about 1500 damage every two seconds. 750 per second. There is a nerf in the spelvamp due the AoE in Poison Trail ,so it takes only 13% of the damage. I's almost 100 of damage returned to your life! I don't think that there's an item that gives you THIS in health regen. Correct me if I'm wrong in anything. That's ONE situation.(I know,the minions would die quickly,but yet they will help.)
Under construction(other situations)

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I'll answer the most commom questions right here. I know some questions,and others I read at the discusions box. Feel free to ask what you want,I'll answer here,or in the discussion box itself.

"I'm looking your build,and there are just two itens in the main build that give you mana. The singed's passive(Empowered Bulwark) is AWESOME! Why don't you buy itens that give you mana?And singed is simple a mana hunger,don't you think?"

No. If you use your abilities correctly, you won't worry with your mana. Nor the mana regen. Promise that I'll make a video,or just explain,how I use my abilities, like what I call "furtive poison" that I just "flash" my Poison Trail,I lose just 13 of mana,and the effect is almost the same. And if you use it correctly,the enemy will not see the poison,and will receive the poison the same way,but with less mana cost.I'll show you!
About the passive,I really like it,but I still prefere the brute HP. I'll take the item that my friend Efilon said to me. The Archangel's Staff.Why don't use it?I'll show you. It gives you 1000 mana(Fulled). Ok,it's very much mana,and 250 HP. Cool. But only if it's full(in season three,it's much easier). I still prefere the 1000 HP bonus from Warmog's Armor(and the health regen).

"Ok Ok, but your mana regen? With this itens,before level 13,your mana would disapear like water in an sponge!Singed is mana hunger,you know it."

Agree and disagree. Yes! Singed is a mana hunger. No! He doesn't need mana."?????" I'm saying, if you use this abilities correctly, you won't need mana. "but fling costs 100 mana! It's too much!" Agree,but I play this way: one fling,one death. In early game, I just fling if I'm going to kill,or to make my foes use flash/potion/heal. In the most of times,I play solo top or with a friend,that plays perfectly,even better with me .I just useFlig, Mega Adhesive right in front of me and turn the Poison Trail on .There is 250 mana lost. But in this time,my friend do not stop hitting, which results in the death. Better yet if another one comes help. Double kill.You can go back home to heal,or just stay "flashing" your Poison Trail to farm a little. It's the same way solo top, but with the tower. My double kill(or just one kill,in a 1v1 top.).With the Insanity Potion on,you won't get worried with your mana. But you can buy itens for mana regen,if you wish. I'll create a post with my playstyle, which economize mana(I call flash poison).In solo top,to not spend mana,I use this "flash poison",and it is cheap,good and annoying.

"Why don't you use HP/regen instead of spelvamp? The AoE spel vamp is nerf from 20%(Will of the Ancients) to 10%?:"
See the topic "Spelvamp for Singed.Why Should I Use It?".

One Singed without Rylai's Crystal Scepter? It's newbie! It gives you AP,HP and slow your target! It is ,certainly, a must item for Singed.
I know,I have at least one dislike due this Rylai's Crystal Scepter. I agree,the Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the "seventh" item for Singed. I deleted it from the build because of the slow: one double-edged sword. It's great when you are following an enemy,or when you are escaping with low life(sometimes,in fact). But man,the Singed don't chase,he IS chased. You must give your enemy a hope that he will catch you. Of course not,but sometimes they enter in a frenesi,and if they see that they are slowed,they will give up before you can damage then seriously. Play Singed is play with the enemys mind,that is what I say.Give the hope,and than,take it back with all his life.

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Special Thanks.

Thank you,that read everything(or not) and is reading this! It's very special to me. And another thanks to my friends: Rodrigocmg(Rodrigo,my AD carry) Luiz Denardi(Luiz,my old friend.) Mucacas(Gabriel, my new friend,partner in games), Pontabemloko(Lucas,my old friend), Paodibatata (Pedro,new friend and partner in game),Pombo Obeso(Bruno Sasaki ,new friend,partner in game) Minguadão(José Nadal, new friend and partner in game) ,MohnnLight(Nava,old friend),BrunoBar(Brunão, old friend) Adrielfm(Adriel old-new friend). Thank you guys,you provide me good hours in game.

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Changes in the Post

12/08(Brazil) Changed the chapter "Well Well,Season 3!!",changed the chapter "Introduction" and tested the test build three. I realize that mobafire is wrong in some valors again,like 3800~5000 hp,210~340 ap without ult,etc.. I'll post some images as soon as possible. Changed the test build three to have a right order,but it's not fixed yet.
12/10(Brazil) Tested the test build two. Made the correct order. The build three is much better,only the GA is better in the build two.
12/10(Brazil) Deleted test build two. Tested build three again. Build three transformed into a real build,maybe the main in the guide. Archived the old build to new tests in season three. Deleted conventional tank build to review. Testing a build without spelvamp.
12/11(Brazil) Changed the "Itens" chapter,to explain the itens of the new build. Printed stats with the build,but with wrong masteries and runes,so it was bellow five thousand:/. Changed the chapter "Other Items for Singed.". Deleted the chapter "Explaining the Singed's Conventional Build." Still thinking about a build without spelvamp.Made a new question in the FAQ.Changed the FAQ due season three.