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Singed Build Guide by Yasmaste

Top singed guide Season 12

Top singed guide Season 12

Updated on January 22, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasmaste Build Guide By Yasmaste 5 1 11,272 Views 0 Comments
5 1 11,272 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasmaste Singed Build Guide By Yasmaste Updated on January 22, 2022
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Unsealed Spellbook
Perfect Timing
Future's Market
Time Warp Tonic

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

singed guide Season 12

By Yasmaste
Your main role is not to kill your opposite in top lane, but to put him under constant pressure by killing as many of his minions as possible before he has killed yours. And therefore to force him if possible to fight under his tower (and to lose CS).

2 options are available to you and will depend on the position of the opposing jungler and yours and whatever the case, you will have to take vision with your beacons as far as possible in the opposing jungle.

If you lack vision on the opposing jungler: just push the lane in the classic way. You run with your poison active in creeps and try to keep it from doing too much damage to your minions. Regularly use your Insanity Potion(R)) as soon as you feel the need to more easily sustain the damage received.

If you have vision and the opposing jungler is far away: start by pushing the lane as before, then, as soon as you are at the level of the opposing tower, go into its jungle, ward as far as possible and place yourself between the 1st and the 2nd tower to intercept new minions with your poison. If your opponent comes, run, waste time, then come back and start over. His tower will slowly get scratched by your minions who are not under pressure.

At the end of the game, you will have to put in place a strong pressure on a lane opposite the objectives like Baron Nashor or the Ancestral Dragon . This will force an enemy to come without them being able to kill you since you will run fast. You can then either join your team with Teleportation in order to be in excess, or force the enemy to stay by continuing your push.

→ Can Proxy
→ A Brusier and potential AP Carry
→ Excellent at peeling
→ Fast as your R34 Nissan Skyline
→ Can fling champion in or out of fights
→ Can fill as AP if team has too much AD

→ Not too many easy match up
→ Scaling is capped at Mid-Game
→ Kiteable if no flash
→ Control crowd prone if no tenacity
→ Prone to ganks
→ Prone to true damage
Get used to using a Sky Auto Attack every time you fling. Sky Auto is performed by rapidly clicking your opponent while they are mid air or rapidly pressing A.

Fling Mega Adhesive combo is key in teamfight especially if you're up against a Kassadin who has multiple ways to escape via Flash and Riftwalk. Pro tip: If Malphite uses his Unstoppable Force and you Fling the target and it is corresponding over the Mega Adhesive it will ground the target even in mid Fling.

Refer to my Champion Threats as it will show what abilities are effected by Mega Adhesive.
tehnical things
Something you can do with Singed's Poison Trail is double tapping it, by this I mean pressing your Q Poison Trail and then instantly pressing your Q Poison Trail again. By doing this you let out exactly one unit of poison (13 mana) which still does the exact same damage in the area it is, it's just that it's a smaller area. It's extremely useful in pushing your lane and proxying whilst being mana efficient. When proxying, double tapping in between auto attacks allows you to maximise the gas cloud damage to mana usage ratio. For example, if you were to leave your Poison Trail turned on whilst proxying a wave you would use up a substantial amount of mana and you wouldn't necessary be doing extra damage (Although it would be resetting the 2 second poison application your Poison Trail gives off). The way Singed's Poison Trail works is that when an enemy stands in the area they take damage from your Poison Trail, with each puff of poison lasting 3.25 seconds, dealing damage every 0.25 seconds. There is also another part of Poison Trail which applies a poison for 2 seconds, if the enemy is standing in your Poison Trail then this 2 seconds of poison is constantly refreshed, so that the moment they leave your Poison Trail they take 2 seconds of poison damage. By leaving your Poison Trail on you're negating that extra duration of damaging because they are constantly in the gas cloud as opposed to being in the gas cloud for a split second, taking the poison damage, then walking back into another puff of the gas cloud and taking another lot of the poison damage. Double tapping your Poison Trail can also be used to quickly get a minion which is on very low health when you're farming in lane as they will die to the instant tick of damage, this is easy to do but you need to be comfortable with the timing of when you press Poison Trail and then the damage goes through to efficiently last hit with it. The dreaded 9.14 patch which added a cooldown (0 to 0.5) on Singed's Poison Trail removed this mechanic, and that is a large part of why there was such an uproar which eventually pushed Riot to revert the change.

What is Proxying? [WIP]

Proxying is an incredibly interesting mechanism in League of Legends, in a game overpopulated by the exact same gameplay, proxying has stood defiantly as the most consistent and unique playstyle in the game. For those who aren't aware of what proxying is, it is the act of (As Singed) starting level 1 inbetween the enemies towers so that it is only you and the enemy minion wave. You kite the minion waves whilst inbetween the first and second (Or second and third) enemy top towers. This process allows you to get perfect farm, as well as avoiding the enemy top laner on top of forcing them to either face-tank your minion wave (Which will chunk them in most cases) or letting the minion waves crash into their tower without any push back from their minion wave (As those minions are occupied with being killed by you). A lot of players try to proxy the first 3 waves, then they execute to a tower, then they buy items and run back to lane so at level 3 they have an item advantage without losing out on anything so they can have an advantage in lane. There are a LOT of different things that can impact this however, and that's what makes this section so difficult to do justice to.

What's Good About Proxying?

Proxying can be a game winning tactic, but more often than not it's seen as troll and can fail pretty miserably. So what's good about it? The main benefit of proxying is the amount of pressure you bring to the map, when you're in-between the top towers you're effectively saying "Hey, you have to stop farming and come stop me or I'll get super fed on minions", this pressure that comes from the way you choose to farm means the enemy top laner has to either 1. Stop you and lose farm or 2. Leave you to free farm, and tank minions under tower which chunks them and the tower. As you can see, there's no winning for the enemy top laner. In addition to causing a headache for the enemy top laner, the enemy jungler will likely want to try and pick up some free kills on you (As you'll be low health away from your allies/towers) and so will dedicate a lot of time to preventing your proxy, which is actually a really good thing. Getting camped by the jungler is normally awful, but when you're playing proxy you're looking to attract the attention of the top laner, mid laner, and jungler so that your mid laner and jungler are free to gank bot lane and secure dragons and first towers etc. in turn getting your carries fed. If the enemy jungler is constantly top then your mid laner and ADC have the jungler priority so that they can (hopefully) use that advantage to push a lead and snowball the game into carrying you. If you find the enemy jungler is hard-camping you and they're not committing much, try to waste as much of their time as possible, get them to chase you around and bait with your low health when ganked ( Ghost comes in handy here), your main goal is to create a lot of pressure and to divert pressure from your other laners so that they can take control of the map.

What's Bad About Proxying?

This beautiful image of a world where Singed can pretty much solo carry through proxying has faded a LOT in recent seasons. With the advent of bounties and changes to respawn timers as well as it being easier for a lot of popular champions to snowball AS WELL as Rift Herald being added to bring some objectives attention to the top side of the map, proxy Singed is nowhere near what it used to be. You'll find a lot of gank heavy junglers which don't need to commit much to kill you (Such as Kha'Zix, Nidalee, Xin Zhao, etc.)will snowball off your attempts at proxying, and often if a jungler starts top side for their buff they'll come and pick you off before finishing their clear. If you don't get the first three waves then the level 1 proxy wasn't necessarily worth it because you won't have enough money for Corrupting Potion and Boots (Unless you have Future's Market). The higher elo you get the harder to proxy it is because it's so popular a notion now due to Singed420 that everyone semi-expects Singed players to try the level 1 proxy, so very often their entry into the enemy jungle is blocked off by the top laner. Changes in runes means it's difficult to find a keystone that works well (Other than simply going Aftershock for the beefiness). Most people opt to play Singed as a laner and only proxy a couple of waves when they can get away with it. There are so many risks that come with proxying that it's generally considered to NOT be a viable method of climbing.

Blue side start

Red Side Start

Double Proxying

First of all, a disclaimer. Double proxying will likely get you reported and is extremely high risk high reward and so I wouldn't recommend it in ranked.

The general idea of this strategy is to go into the enemy base and use the close proximity of the top and mid lane waves spawning (Both from the enemy nexus) to draw aggro from both waves and proxy them both, this allows your mid laner to push for tower in the mid lane and allows you to get double to gold from farming you normally would. I discuss this further in my Playing Proxy series, but you generally want to see the enemy bot laners in their lane, enemy mid in their lane, and enemy top in their lane, before you go into the enemy base (Otherwise your double proxy might be stopped by people coming from base).
WEELL, this is the end! If you enjoyed this guide leave a +1 and drop a comment!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasmaste
Yasmaste Singed Guide
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singed guide Season 12

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