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Singed Build Guide by Enoughfafwa

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enoughfafwa

Singed - I Ain't Scard

Enoughfafwa Last updated on August 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my gift to the world. I felt it my duty to create a guide on how to play Singed properly. I took a hiatus from playing my favorite Champion, and during that time I saw many people desecrating his name and giving people false hope about being able to win against a Singed. I hope to never let that happen again.

If you are looking for a fancy guide, this is probably not the one. But if you want to win, you have come to the right place.

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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed are a must! If you don't take them, you cant catch people, which means no Fling which means no win.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration give you some ability to damage early, and then melt people slowly more quickly later.

Greater Seal of Armor make you tanky

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist ^

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Don't judge. You are reading this guide because you want to win with Singed, and I'm telling how! NOW SHUT UP AND WIN WITH THESE MASTERIES!!!

The Support Tree has everything Singed needs. You are probably thinking, "Singed is a tank, why not build him down the defense tree?" I answer with my previous statement.

Strength of Spirit is win on Singed. You build mana for health, and now for hp regen too.

Swiftness is also needed to win.

Intelligence gives more than CDR blues, and Sorcery gives even more. For those of you who do not know what CDR means, it stands for "more flinging".

The rest is filler. If you feel like you MUST change them, go ahead, but don't blame me for losing.

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This is with out a doubt the most important part of mastering Singed. The Skin you choose directly corresponds to the game's outcome. They all have their pros and cons, so take some serious consideration when choosing which skin to buy and/or use.

Classic -

  • Pros: Its Free.
  • Cons: There are no direct benefits to using this skin, plus he looks like a kid who couldn't decide on being a mummy or a mad scientist for Halloween.

Hextech -
  • Pros: He has a saw blade that works well with AD singed, but people argue against playing Singed as the ADC.
  • Cons: His shield is made of wood (making it less durable) and the gas mask makes it difficult for him to see, which can cause unstable flings.

Surfer -
  • Pros: Where to start... This is the only skin in which Singed has *good* hair (for the ladies), and he kills people with a surfboard. His sandals are very comfortable, helping him run to catch people, and his short shorts allow room to breath, to avoid him from chaffing and also to catch people faster.
  • Con : The one problem with this skin (which is ALMOST enough to never buy it) is that it has a Glitter B**** on the back. (or a Taric for you noobs)

Mad Scientist -
  • Pros: He has triple the amount of poisons, which leads to deadlier stink. His rubber boots are also a direct counter to Champs like Kennen and Xerath
  • Cons: He is kind of wearing a dress, which can cause others to make fun of him and make him lose self-esteem. He is also a Ginger, which leads to more harassment and self-esteem issues.

Augmented -
  • Pros: His muscles are gigantic, making chucking champions like Gragas and Cho'Gath much easier. Plus he is totally Gotham's Reckoning.
  • Cons His biceps are so big it forces him to run hunched over and can cause him to lose balance. Also his mask makes him look like an illegal Lucha Libre wrestler.

Riot Squad -
  • Pros: His shield is a legitimate shield, which helps his tankyness. Plus his poison is leftover Agent Orange from Vietnam.
  • Con: This skin is now unavailible, making it hard to get.

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I either start with Boots of Speed or a Sapphire Crystal depending on who I'm laning against. Take the boots if you want to have some movement for harass early, or take the mana crystal if you need more survivability and lane presence. Then take either Health Potion for sustain or a sight ward for a heads up on early ganks.

Build a catalyst the protector AQAP. Once you have this you are pretty tanky for mid game, and you should now be able to chase down your lane opponent and choke them to death or near-death at least.

Rod of Ages is the absolute best item for Singed.

  • Mana = HP
  • HP = HP
  • AP = Murder Stink Clouds

Boots of Swiftness allow you to run fast all the time to catch the squishy champs in the back, or to tactfully retreat from the enemies. They also have wings on them.

After you have Rod of Ages and Boots of Mobility the other team has more than likely surrendered. If for some reason the game has continued past this point, or if people refuse to stop giving you kills, then I would recommend building a Force of Nature. This item gives a piss ton of Magic Resist, HP Regen, and a touch of move speed to make it all the more OP. With this and Insanity Potion, your HP has a hard time reaching zero.

Sunfire Cape give some HP and armor, but most imprortantly its a cape (one thing that Singed is missing) and also does MORE AoE damage to those casing you. Also Singed is constantly on fire, making him both more intimidating and sexy.

Other good items to build include -

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Skill Sequence

Take Fling at level 1, in case you are invading or being invaded, and also because its fun to chuck your lane opponent into your minions and watch their HP melt away.

Max Poison Trail first for maximum stink and killing potential.

Max Mega Adhesive second for maximum slow and team disruption.

Max Fling last because the bonus damage is not as important as the slow from Mega Adhesive, plus it has a static cooldown.

Take Insanity Potion whenever possible. Duh

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Summoner Spells

Teleport is great for getting back in lane, or split pushing mid-late game, or ganking bot lane. Its also very helpful to have someone on a team with this spell.

Ghost make Singed run like a Kenyan, especially combined wit Insanity Potion. This combo sets up Fling beautifully, or allows you to make a tactful retreat when necessary.

Other not terrible spells include:

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Early Game

Rule #1 - DON'T DIE
In order to follow this rule, keep the river warded and try your very best to not push the lane. Early game is about the only time you can die, and your enemies know that. So be aware of ganks.

Rule #2 - DON'T PUSH
It will be very tempting to hit Q and run in circles around the minions, but try to only use that when you are pushed to your own tower.

Rule #3 - DON'T BE COCKY
If you get forced out of lane, just go back and buy plenty of Health Potion, Mana Potion and sight ward. Only Teleport to lane if you need to, or if you are having to go back to base a LOT. If you are winning lane, or your lane is pushed to their tower, BE CAREFUL. The enemy will know that you are too awesome and then come to kill you.

Also, be sure to coordinate with your jungler. If you have not pushed the lane, then it should be very easy to pull off a successful gank if you work together.

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Mid Game

Rule #1 - DON'T DIE (Part 2)
Although you have a catalyst the protector and have some tankyness, the enemy will still try to gank top all the time, so just be careful! On the rare occasion you are not getting camped, make sure you abuse your lane opponent!

Rule #2 - PUSH!
Now that you you are a bit tanky and very mobile, use it to your advantage! Keep river warded, and keep an eye out for ganks, but now is the time to push the lane to their tower and shut down their ability to farm.

Rule #3 - BE COCKY
Singed relies on your opponents hating you. So this is the most important step. start by changing the "laugh" key binding to something easily accessible, like the T button. Then just start flipping your lane opponent on cooldown. No one likes being chucked around, so this begins the annoyance step. Once your opponent starts to try and slap you, just tactfully retreat towards your own tower, and right before you think they will stop chasing you, Fling them back even further. This doubles the frustration and makes them stop caring about farming and forces them to only plot how they are going to (try to) kill you.

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Late Game

Rule #1 - DON'T DIE
This is more of a technicality than a rule. You will now have to try to die, unless the entire is after your blood (which is good! You listened well!) Be careful when split pushing a lane. You need to know just how fast you can run and how much vision you have on the enemy team, so that you know when to make a tactical retreat.

Be sure to stay near your carries to consistently feed them kills. When you find a stranded enemy, yell "Hey, you want this [insert champion name]?", and then proceed to Fling them at your ally. This works great with an Akali

When a team fight breaks out, don't get too involved with disrupting the enemy team tha you leave your own team for dead. Make sure you try to flip a squishy ADC or APC toward your team, and flip nasty tanky deeps out of your own team. DO NOT CHASE SOMEONE TO KILL THEM IF THERE IS STILL A FIGHT GOING ON.

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To win, just run fast, chuck as many people as possible, and be as annoying as possible. When you have mastered the art of giving zero sh*ts, then you are close to mastering this champion. Now go, and be golden my friends