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Singed Build Guide by Alex Cross

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alex Cross

Singed Insanity in a Bottle

Alex Cross Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Intro to Singed

So after a little nudging from a friend who plays with me (more like YES DO ITTTT NOW DOOO ITT)
I have decided to write a guide for one of the most underrated yet best champion IMO. I am by no means a pro to LoL but I have played it since it came out roughly 2 and a half years ago. I have about 700 or 800 games, of those about 450 are wins(at the time of writing this guide)and of those 300 are with singed. I'm not a hardcore player I'm just a regular player who likes to play LoL. I will be updating this build as much as I can and adding more things to it, if you have a suggestion msg me or comment below of what your suggest item/skill/runes/masteries would be instead. Please be kind though, thanks!
So with all the formal gibberish out of the way I would like to present to you Singed the Mad Chemist and his insanity in a bottle.

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So after playing singed a lot I have come to the conclusion that singed early game is utterly horrifying sure he can dominate the flow as any true singed player will tell you and proceed to do, but the point remains hes not a full tank and hes not the best off tank hes something else entirely he is chaos with stick legs, a spiked shield, and two bottles one huge the other not so much. The runes above are meant to even him out without sacrificing anything important to a singed, I recommend these to both full tank singed and off tank singed. The will grant you all the penetration for your hot sticky....sorry I got carried away but really the reds will give you more oomph for your trail and toss and shred through whatever the other people decided to start with.

The yellows are the reasoning for these is that early game your more likely to die from auto attacks as few champs have the nuking power to two shot you with AP based abilities, those that do usually cannot kill you with there regular combo and have to resort to auto attacks hence the bonus armor. This will allow you to escape by a hair's breath while the other teams pulls there hair out and screams about how op you are or how you have no skill and are pure luck, please proceed to show them the error of there ways by returning to the lane and promptly feeding them their teeth.

are geared more towards late game I know I said his early game sucks but you can't neglect how op some AP champs will become no matter what so MR per lvl is the only logical choice and serves its purpose later on in the game when that Annie is running around with 4 billion AP and her nukes are hitting worse then a mac truck, these runes will help you. Lastly are the these are my personal favorite for every champ but more so on singed for the extra hp
helps for everything and you can't really go wrong with these. If for whatever reason you hate extra HP then I would recommend or instead either will work and I have had success with them each. Still I vastly prefer the HP quints but to each there own.

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As the above runes are geared towards your early game so to are your masteries. I choose to pour them all into defense because you can't really go wrong with any of it early mid or late game.
Going defense for tank singed and off tank singed is equally important to do because singed does not have the best stats early on. These masteries help him not die to BS early and still farm/dominate the lane with fling and trail.

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So I grab first then max out followed by grabbing when available and maxing last but getting a point in it a level 4. I do this because is your main source of farm and damage and will serve you better then the early game nuking power of your toss. For your early game your just using as a little extra damage and mostly for the fact you can displace them. generally you grab toss first as it gives you the potential to flip someone into your teammate or tower if your lucky enough. It is also more viable in 1v1 or 2v2 level one fight as it will do more damage then your level one trail would. I get at level four mostly to escape ganks or to set someone up for a flip and pick up the kill with my teammates.

Your should be abused for everything from initateing to diving to escaping. It will grant you extra move speed, AP, mana/hp regen, and 10%-30% reduction to CC! Your going to use this also for Tower pushing, reason is that if they try to push you off of it your ulti will allow you to laugh off there damage as nothing more then them throwing pebbles at you.

To sum it all up the skill sequence is as follows after you get first:

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So the first build is a Tanky singed and what you will most likely end up using 80% of your games as him, the second is an AP/offtank singed to be used when you have a tank but still need beefy guys running around throwing goo at people and still causing alot of damage.
I feel I need to explain this as singed theres only two core items you will always get no matter what, if you going tank or off tank you have to get your hands on a and these two items are, with out a doubt godlike for singed. RoA gives singed everything he needs mid game and continues to add up as the game drags on ideally you want this before the 20-21 minute mark for it to give you the most out of it. Start with a and work your way up to a catalyst the protector if you can't get catalyst and boots at the same time get a and instead then finish up RoA BEFORE you finish boots. After you get those two items it really depends on the other team and your team, a lot of building any champion comes from improvising on the spot to what can help you and your team the most. If your not sure then the above items for tank and off tank singed are a general item build you can't really go wrong with.

Before we get to each of the items and my thoughts on them I need to say that singed is very situational when it comes to items and is generally easy to build. You basically build whatever it is he needs, other team have a nasty AD carry? more armor for singed then. They have a nasty AP carry? more MR for singed. Not going fast enough? FoN will fix that right up and add a few things. Not tanky enough? get more HP or Mana as your passive will add hp based on your total mana. ect ect ect, its all common sense as with any champ but with singed its very important. Aside from the core two items everything else is up to you I can only reccommend what might work best at any given time, team comp, who's fed, who's not fed ect ect ect. The easiest way of knowing what you need is when you eventually die to look at the death panel and it will tell you what killed you I.E if you took more magic damage or more physical damage or had more status effect(Aka CC effects).

With all of that being said there are a number of items worth noteing for singed and I'll list them below but please know that it is FUNDAMENTALY IMPORTANT you get and first I cannot stress enough how important these two items are for singed.

Tanky Items/Survival Items

- This item is really good for almost any game but it really shines when the enemy team is full of fat *** AP carries that are doing way to much dmg. On top of the epic MR this item also give a pretty fat chunk of HP regen and a sweet passive that restores .35% of your hp every second this may not seem like alot but combined with the static regen and MR this item is a must have. As if all that was not enough it also gives you a boost in your move speed makeing you even faster! Whats worse then a singed who wont die and regenerates health faster then an alien? A ****ing fast singed who is way to fast to be allowed in the game.

- This is one of those "every tank need this right now" items, it's great for tanks granting health hp regen and a very unique slow active. This item shines however when AD carries are running around causeing havoc and you need to show them your still the fastest most unkillable person here. The active scales off of total armor and magic resist increaseing for every 100 you have in each by a .5 second. This adds up when you start getting beefy. This combined with a will shut down even the worst yi or twitch and let your team nom nom nom them. This item is to AD carries what is to AP carries.

- GA's is a wonderful item to have when the other team is very balanced and you find your self in need of a one up yes it revives you on spot giving you a second wind to cause more mayhem or make a hasty retreat and laugh as they follow your purple gas of death and other things we will not mention XD.

- Banshees is a great all round caster denier, it has a bubble that recharges every 45 seconds and blocks out one harmful spell I.E a Karth's ulti or an Annie's Tibbers, on top of granting you more HP, Mana(and through that more hp thanks to our passive), and more MR. If your fighting alot of AP based people who also have alot of nuke this combined with will make them nigh on useless against you.

- Thornmail is a meh item on Singed and something more suited
for a Rammus. With that being said however, it does have its place especially if you fighting something like a trnd, yi, and a caitlyn that are all hitting very hard. This item is a hard counter in the extreme but I really don't recommend it unless the situation really calls for it, this is a VERY situational item. On top of that the dmg it returns can be further countered with Attack speed and Life steal on the side of the AD carry, they will simply heal right through the dmg it returns. Choose very wisely if you intend on buying this item as that
2k could go for something more useful.

Offensive Items/AP Heavy

- This is an interesting item for singed, it can be used in both his tank and off tank builds but works better in his off tank build. Aside from the nice AP and HP boom it will give you this item will grant your trail a slow along with your fling (note however that because your trail is considered an AoE spell the slow that Rylai's grants is lessened but still grants the full slow to your toss). This allows you to be constantly slowing would be attackers and allow an injured team mate to escape or even to secure a kill and insure you team can catch up to them if your fling is on CD. Your fling will also gain a nice slow meaning once you fling the person into the waiting arms of your team mates they really will be royally ****ed.

- Pretty self explanatory you get this when you want more raw power to utterly rip into enemy health bars, preferably that of the enemy carry. I would however only recommend this item to when your not tanking and are looking for more dmg instead as this item is very costly and you will lose out on the bonus AP it grants if you are not stacking other AP items. With that said a great item to have if your fed or the game is dragging on into late/very late game.

- Another dmg based item you should only get if the very late game draws in and you need to shred through the other team. The 40% magic penetration is no joke even tanks will refuse to chase you when you combine this with your trail, rabs, and rylais. If your going AP/offtank and the other team is very beefy and starts stacking MR out of fear of you and your AP carries then you should instead get this after either RoA or Rabs depending on how many of them are stacking MR and how much. a general rule of thumb is if the other team has 3 or more people stacking MR and it reaches 100 or more, then you should get this item as soon as you can to maximize its effectiveness.

- This item is pretty amazing for singed I wont lie to you, granting immense amounts of mana that also scales off our passive to make us even more tanky and because we already have a massive mana pool the ap we are going to get off of this will be pretty godlike. An amazing item for singed tank or AP/offtank but does better in the latter's build where rabs can scale off of. With all of that being said, it is really hard to get the bouns mana from its passive as I'm not entirely sure that trail procs it, do note however that your toss, goo, and ulti do proc the passive so as you use your skills more it will increase slowly and steadily.

While all of these items help singed a lot its up to you to learn whats best for when and what team comp ect ect. I can only give you ideas and help you along the way the rest is up to you and common sense. I will say singed is very flexible and won't punish you too bad if you make an error as long as you don't fail horribly by buying AD, attack speed, crit, or Life steal. On that note don't ever buy any of those items it will not work and you will fail with singed miserably and probably cost your team the game.

Final Thoughts/Tips

Before I end this section there are a few things I need to address the primary being the topic of tenacity(for those who do not know tenacity reduces how long CC effects last on you).
There are currently four items that grant tenacity one of those is . This item is great and works on pretty much every champion but not on singed, the reason is that singed needs speed and with his ulti and masteries set to defensive he gains a natural 20%-40% CC reduction that does stack with tenacity(with your ulti on of course other wise you have 10%). So why wouldn't you get boots then? I'm obviously full of **** and don't know what I'm talking about, look singed needs speed its probably one of his most important traits, its not the 3 million stuns that kills a singed, that doesn't even worry a good singed player at all. What worries a singed player is being constantly slowed and losing your speed because then they can whittle your hp away until you die. So case in point how do we solve this problem well more speed with FoN and more tenacity, all the more reason to have it when you need it so the two items that work mircales on singed when needed are, and . If your going AP/offtank you get the spellblade and if your going tank you get Eleisa's.
The fourth item does not work don't get it I'm not going to list it.

It has been brought to my attention by a friend of the topic of a very strange item for singed. The item in question is . Lich bane is I feel a very iffy item on singed and something you should only do for giggles or if your fed so badly that it doesn't really matter what you decide to get. in theory it is amazing on singed on paper it makes even more sense but then you get in game and it just doesn't really work. The speed the mana the ap and everything it gives is great but it is expensive and requires you to use auto attacks to get the most benefit out of it. I would not recommend this item for singed unless your really fed or are screwing around and even then I would only get it on offtanking/ap singed as his massive ap will benefit you more then on tank singed.

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Early Game

Your early game is the hardest part with singed, in general if you become good with his early game then you will dominate for the rest of the game. Ideally you want solo top but singed is good with a lane partner. The goal with his early game is radically different from his mid-late game. In his early game its all about farm last hitting where you can without getting harassed too hard by level 3 you should have rank 2 and this will help your farm massively as well as dominate the flow of creeps. at level 5 you should have no problem with your farm anymore and should be racking in at least 3-4 minions every wave unless your paired with a AD carry in which case your farm should be somewhat lower to allow them to farm better. You should be aggressive but not suicidal like you are in late game, you just don't have the hp, dmg, or oom to be all over the other people. With that said you should always look for an opportunity to get a into your tower or pick up a kill by goo, toss, and trail. Hopefully you have a competent teammate who knows what your doing and will proceed to clean up the kill. It doesn't matter who gets the kill as long as they fear you and your in control of the lane and the farm. It all really comes to experience and eventually you will learn what to do, who to toss and when.

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Mid Game

Your mid game can go one of two ways by this time your at lvl 7-12 and people are roaming or still afk farming. So you have your ulti and RoA or are almost done with your RoA and looking for blood, often times mid will provide you with that blood especially if the enemy solo is overextending him/herself. If there is no opportunity, if mid doesn't need to recall and nothing major is happening then by all means continue to farm and push the tower putting pressure on it.
If you see 3-4 enemies show up in one of the lanes then unless you have 1-2 people in your lane also pushing your tower, you should take that as your cue to get your *** over there and help your bewildered allies out. At this point team fights and small skirmishes will brake out and its your time to shine, if your tank then jump in first eat the CC and nukes and go for the carry and his *** often times just the flip alone is enough to make the carry scatter hopefully your team will jump on him before he can react. If they don't though its fine you did your part and are still doing it by applying to the whole enemy team. If your offtanking then your dmg should be greater posing a greater threat to the other side's carry,
you can initiate still, but it would sometimes be wiser to let your tank do the initateing and wait before you run in and flip the highest threat often the carry.

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Late Game

By this time the game should start to swing in one direction or the other if its still going on.
You should be everywhere at once causing utter mayhem behind the enemies lines, people will start to hate and fear you eventually your late games will become so good you will run into a 1v4 or 1v5 and they will actually back away from you for fear of being flipped. Sometimes I do it just to psychologically mess with he other team, the half suicidal singed who has tower dived two of our team mates is a real terror. You should of course wait for your team to ensure the kill, but never stop the pressure and know when to back out generally you will be operating under 60% hp and that's fine more reason for them to attack you and not your teams , allowing her to shred through enemy tanks and carries like its no big deal. If your at 20% or lower and nothing to major is happening like your entire team is at there doorstep looking to win it or vise versa you should recall to base. While your very hard to kill and an utter terror your not unkillable and focus fire can hurt even the nastiest and op of us.

Always look for a way to turn the 5v5 into a 5v4 with your team having the advantage, enemy overstepped and is in front of her tank? Ulti and flip her to your team and proceed to initiate the fight with ashe dead along with a significant portion of there dmg. Finally I know this section has really dragged on but late game is where singed is most useful and terrifying, never go for the tank always go for the highest threat on the other team the tank is useless without a team to back him up damage wise. Always make sure baron and dragon are warded and if your team doesn't get that or your lacking in supports then do it your self the 150 gold spent on the two wards will probably tip the scales in your favor.

In fact regardless of what champion you play if you go back and are under 250 gold you should buy a ward or two as it will help your team out massively. If you have 250 and not buying anything important then buy an elixir these things are epic and for a measly 250 gold can really give you an edge for the next 4 minutes. For singed I recommend blue then red elixir buffs.

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I hope this guide helps you become a better singed player and I'm always open to constructive critism and will respond when I can, if you like it then let me know and vote me up if not then I would also like to know what you think I'm doing wrong and how you would have done it but please don't flame me because I'll just outright ignore you. Also please don't downvote me for no reason at least tell me what you think the guide needs or is wrong. Anyways I hope I helped you in someway with this guide and in general with singed! Thanks.