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Sion Build Guide by Considereth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Considereth

Sion: From the Forest!

Considereth Last updated on November 1, 2011
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Sion The Undead Champion

Sion is possibly one of the most diverse champion in league of legends, being able to fit into two of the most important roles in the game, namely ap caster and atk damage carry. Their is a great debate among people about how to play Sion. I've played Sion for a long time and he has been one of my favorite champions. As such, I've tried every possible build with him. I've looked through countless builds on mobafire, league of legends forums, leaguecraft, etc. The truth is that against squishy teams AP Sion is the best choice. However, against tanky teams AD Sion truly shines. Sion is consider a great laner but that really only applies to AP Sion. AD Sion is less effective in the lane because of mana issues, enraged being powered up first, and the need to be babysit. So what is the solution to the problem? Jungling! Sion jungles fast, controls buffs well, and is an extremely good ganker with his stun + lizard buff slow. Be warned, you will receive rage for going AD Sion. You will receive even more for jungling but shake off the haters and watch their faces drop as you proceed to carry them. Without further ado, The Jungling Sion.

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How to Jungle with Sion:

This is the safe and most effective jungling path for Sion, I've posted the video below...

Sustained Route:

When using Death's Caress while jungling you need to time it just right. You need to be able to absorb the maximum damage the shield can take along with using the shield's damage output. If you do not, it will result in low life throughout the jungle or possibly death. Note when I use Death's Caress and health potions as you will have to time them correctly in order to stay high health.

Ganking with Sion is quite easy to pull off. He is probably one of the best jungle ganker in the game thanks to his strong range stun. Look for people overextend on their team. If their isn't anyone, ask your teammates to stop pushing. Ping the map and type to your team when you are ready to let them know you are coming for the gank. It is best if possible to let them engage first. Anyways, mark the person you wish to stun, use Death's Caress in order to protect yourself. Ghost if needed and proceed to melt them as best you can. If things go well you will pick up a kill or cause them to waste their summoner spells and give lane control to your teammates.

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As a jungler your job is to use sight ward to give vision of key locations throughout the map. Above I've put white square on where to place wards in order to gain the most benefit. You should always have a ward on dragon. Why? Dragon gives global 190 gold to the killing team, as well as 25 gold and additional experience to the killer and nearby allies. You should also have a ward on Baron Nashor after he appears 15 minutes into the game. Why? By killing Baron he grants a buff that gives massively increased attack damage and ability power as well as a bonus in health and mana regeneration. Not to mention the fact you also get 900 Experience Points and 300 Gold each.

As such, you will need to buy around four or five wards pure game along with the usage of Wriggle's Lantern in order to keep wards in key locations. Yes, wards are worth it. It will win you games. You will be able to set-up ganks better and prevent ganks by the simple act of buying wards.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Armor Penetration Marks because they are the best marks for almost every melee champion. We want 3 armor pen marks order to combine them with armor pen quits in order to do true damage to the jungle minion early on. Attack Speed Marks in order to jungle more quickly and safely.

Armor Seals in order to make you more resistance early game to jungle creeps. Armor Seals allow you to remain high life throughout the jungle in order to keep jungling and be able to gank at anytime. Since the recent nerf to Sion's base health you are force to take Armor Seals in order to jungle safely and remain in good health.

Attack Speed Glyph in order to jungle faster.

Armor Pen Quintessence because has stated above, we want these in order to have a better overall jungle and do more overall damage.

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Summoners Spells:

or are the summoner spell you will want with Sion. These mobile spells help to position you in order to take down or escape the enemy.

because you are of course jungling. Smite allows you to jungler faster and safer. You need to realize that your job is to keep buffs/dragon/baron from being stolen. Smite also allows you to steal buffs from the enemy teams. You will win games as a result if you last hit properly with smite. Not to mention that you will be able to gank sooner. A good jungler always has smite, always!

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Feel No Pain - Sion has a 40% chance to ignore up to 30/40/50 damage each time he is attacked. The damage reduction is calculated before armor benefits are taken into account.

Sion's passive, not to bad. Its a good passive for jungling early on and has some benefits later as well. Helps to mitigate some damage.

Cryptic Gaze - Sion's stare terrifies a single enemy, dealing damage and stunning them.
Blasts a single enemy, dealing 70/125/180/240/300 (+1) magic damage and stunning for 1.5 seconds.

One of the best stuns in the game having excellent range. This is why everyone hates Sion because it is so spammable once leveled up. This skill is how you will close the gap between yourself and the enemy. It is also a great defensive skill to protect yourself and your allies.

Death's Caress - Sion surrounds himself with a damage absorbing shield. If the shield is not destroyed in 10 seconds then it will explode, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Cast again after 4 seconds to manually detonate.
Sion surrounds himself with a shield which absorbs 110/160/210/260/310 (+1) damage. If the shield is not destroyed in 10 seconds, it will explode, dealing 110/160/210/260/310 (+1) magic damage to surrounding enemies.

Death's Caress is a shield that can both absorb damage and do damage. However, because we are going AD we will mostly be using this for defensive purposes. Death's Caress is also a great farming tool and should be used as such when you have enough mana to waste.

Enrage - While active Sion deals extra physical damage at the cost of health. Additonally, he permanently increases his maximum health whenever he kills a unit.
Toggle: Increase Sion's damage by 25/35/45/55/65, and he gains 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 maximum health per kill.

This skill is great on AD Sion. It gives great damage output and also comes with the ability to rise your health endlessly. This is why Sion even without survivability items is extremely beefy when farmed. Focus on last hitting in order to abuse the toggle.

Cannibalism - Sion consumes some of his enemies life force on each attack, leeching health to himself and nearby allies. The smell of flesh also renews Sion's fervor, increasing his attack speed.
Grants Sion 50/75/100% lifesteal and 50% attack speed for 20 seconds, additionally Sion's attacks heal surrounding allies for 25/37.5/50% of damage dealt.

This is Sion's main DPS tool and let me tell you its great. You gain massive lifesteal, attack speed, and even heal your allies. This is what makes Sion a great 1v1 champion and also gives him amazing staying power in team fights. Best to use as soon as the team fight starts in order to gain maximum benefit. You want to always be attacking someone in order to keep yourself alive along with your allies.

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Masteries and Skill Sequences:

For Masteries, you want to take 13/0/17 for Sion. By going this route in masteries it will allow you to get the most out of the jungle. This allows you to pick up key talents in the offensie tree namely armor pen, increased minion damage, attack speed, and armor penetration. This will also allow you to pick up the useful talents in utility as well. The jungle talents are neutral buff increase, experience increase, and the useful movement speed.

As for skill sequences, you will want to get enrage first. Afterward get two points into shield in order to jungle safely. Next, you can pick up Stun in order to gank. Afterward focus on maxing out Enrage for the minion kill per hit point gain and improved damage output. Next, I like to max out Death's Caress in order to give me more survivability/better farming while saving Cryptic Gaze for last.

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How to play Sion:

Always have Enrage on, always. You want to always be last hitting in order to abuse Enrage to gain the extra life gain. When going in for kills its best to mark the target you wish to stun with Cryptic Gaze in order to let the team know who to focus. Use death's caress, your shield. The shield is for defensive purposes only, as you are not building ap. As such, do not pop it yourself unless you are sure you can survive and need a little bit more damage to ensure the kill. Anyways, use your shield and stun the target. Get up close with Youmuu's Ghostblade's active and use your ultimate which is Cannibalism at the same time if possible. Start whacking them down with your axe. Watch for your moves to come back up as Sion has a very quick cooldowns. Your combo should look something like this:


In team fights, you want to always be attacking someone in order to gain the life steal from Cannibalism and heal your team. If you have to hit the tank, hit the tank in order to survive. Pull for your carries with your stun and heal them if possible. If you have people who can pull quite well, go straight for their carry and take them down. You are an anti-carry that can take a beating in order to get the job done. You should be right behind your tank when going into battle. When played correctly, mid-late game Sion is a beast who is extremely hard to take down, CC machine, and deals amazing critical strikes producing tons of damage. Due to the high damage auto attacks you will have ridiculous lifesteal for yourself and nice heals for your team.

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Core For Jungling

sight ward

You want to get and five to jungle most effective. After completing your first trip through the woods and hopefully first gank, you should be able to pick up both and . You want to upgrade to as soon as possible for the lifesteal and wards. Next you will need to decide on which type of boots will be most effective at countering their team. will allow you to hit faster and works the best with his ultimate. counters physical damage while will counter CC that is too much to handle. Sion worst nightmares is crowd control and not being able to auto attack to stay healthy. As such, it is the ideal boots of choice against most teams.

Core For Battle

is a must buy on Sion! It provides you with an amazing active that scales very nicely with Cannibalism. You also need the movement speed from the active because Sion is naturally very slow. Once you complete Ghostblade your damage output does through the roof. When used with Cannibalism your damage output is unbelievably good. Ghostblade also provides some key stats, namely armor penetration, cooldown reduction, and attack damage.

is your next core item for battle. This will allow you to hit for some crazy numbers. Once you complete this item you are fully geared with the tools necessary to bring down any champion and carry your team to victory.

is another core item in order to abuse the hit points gained from enraged. It also provides critical strike and armor for survivability.

Optional/Situational Items

provides you with anti-cc, magic resistance, mana, and hit points in order to handle the trouble makers. will help you stay alive longer and hopefully make them switch from targeting you because of the double life. If you however need more dps their is nothing better than in order to get the job done.

Remember to adjust your build according. Every game is different and you need to make smart choices in order to ensure the win for yourself and the team!