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Sivir Build Guide by Rabbuff

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rabbuff

Sivir - Line them up and knock them down!

Rabbuff Last updated on April 3, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hello, Rabbuff here. In this guide I will be talking about the highly underestimated, and my favorite Ad carry Sivir!
I will talk about the abilities, the runes, the mastieries, some general stuff about this AD carry.

I released this guide a while ago, but I realised that it was very poorly made and I put it in the archives. I refined it a bit and now I think it's ready to be viewable again.
If I missed something, please let me add it before you decide to downvote!

Enjoy! :) / Rabbuff

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Pros / Cons


+ Powerful early game
+ Spell block
+ One of the best ADC pushers
+ Double-way damage ability(much like Ahri's)


- Easy to dodge-skillshot
- Mana hungry
- No CC at all
- No escape-ability

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In-depth look at the abilities

Fleet of foot(PASSIVE): This is good for kiting/getting away from enemies chasing you. When you run from someone with low health(or just running from someone), just pull off a quick Boomerang Blade behind you and you'll get 50 extra movement speed for 2s which can just safe your life.

Boomerang blade: This is your ultimate harrassing tool. It's not only dangerous. It's self-explanatory, it's a boomerang which when cast it will come back to you, hurting any enemies which is in the way. That means you can harrass AND farm at the same time with this. Should not be used for only farming though.

Ricochet: This is pretty good to use if there are many low-health minions in a cluster. Should not be overused even though it's low-mana cost. Later in the game Ricochet will be very useful when taking down Baron, Dragon or a turret. Just press ricochet really fast after doing a basic attack.

Spell shield: This ability can be a life saver. It blocks any ability. For example you can dodge Lux's Final Spark, Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole or Ashe's Frost arrow without taking damage. Basically any ability, even those annoying grabs from Blitzcrank. You will also regain 150 mana if an ability is blocked with the spellshield.

On the hunt: Well, what can I say about this ultimate? It's the ultimate of ultimate when you're hunting down an enemy champion! Increases your Movement speed, attack speed and grants an aura that gives nearby allies 150% of their attack speed and movement speed with 200%.

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Summoner spells

What to take

Possibilities are all around you if you decide to choose this summoner spell. It grants you a short-distance teleport that can save you if you are in deep danger. You can teleport over walls, engage, disengage, make sandwiches with it. I really recommend this to experienced players, but beginners.. well, if you never ever used this spell before, you should try it out in custom game first, otherwise you should consider choosing Ghost. Personally I ALWAYS take this spell.

If your damage is not enough and your enemy is about to get away alive, Ignite can be the killing blow.

Barrier can be the matter of life or death. It's simply a shield that blocks a total of 90+(20 per level) damage. A total of 450 damage at lvl 18. It lasts for 2 seconds.

A teleport to any allied minion or ward on the map. Rarely used by AD carries, but if you feel like you can do well without Ignite, this can be a very viable choice. You never know when you need to be somewhere fast.

What NOT to take

You do have mana problems, but you shouldn't take this really. It's better to take something for defensive or offensive parts. Like Barrier or Ignite. If you run out of mana and you feel like you need a refill, just ask your jungler or your support to cover the lane as you head back to the base.

This is not a dominion guide.

Can be useful under some circumstances, or to beginners. It's a good summoner spell both lane and teamfights. But if you really need to have this in lane you should ask your support to take it instead.

Nope... no words.

Are you the jungler? No.

Well, it's always nice with a de-buff cleaner. But in blind pick you can't tell if you need this or not. Use this in ranked if needed.

This is what your support should have.

Again, this is a support spell. Most supports prefer Exhaust though.

These are bad choices because... well, they don't even exist anymore!

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Masteries and Runes

Sivir is a typical AD-carry. That means that most of her damage is coming from her basic/auto-attacks. To do any damage at all with those attacks, we need to get as much Attack Damage(AD) and Critical Chance we can get. So I decided to master it like this for Sivir.


Fury 4/4 points - 4% attack speed
Deadliness 4/4 points - 0.664 attack damage per level (12 AD at lvl 18)
Havoc 3/3 points - Increases damage dealt by 2%
Weapon Expertise 1/1 points - Grants 8% Armor penetration
Lethality 2/2 points - 5% Critical strike damage
Brute Force 2/2 points - 3 attack damage
Frenzy 1/1 points - After landing a critical hit you get 10% more attack speed for 2 secs
Sunder 3/3 points - +6 armor penetration
Executioner 1/1 points - Deals 5% more damage to targets below 50% health


Durability 4/4 points - +6 health per level (+108 at level 18)
Hardiness 3/3 points - +5 armor
Resistance 1/3 points - +2 Magic resist
Veteran's Scars 1/1 points - +30 health


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

greater mark of armor penetration These are a must if you want to deal alot of damage early game. They give a total of 12 Armor penetration.

Since you'll be laning against another AD carry, you don't want to be killed so quickly. It's not much but it's almost as much as a Cloth Armor. Small advantage. They give a total of 13 Armor.

This is equal to armor but counters only AP champion attacks. They give a total of 1,35 magic resist at lvl 1, but 24 magic resist at lvl 18.

Well, this is probably most effective in early game. Because you'll get 6.75 AD from these quintessences. I would not recommend scaling AD runes because you'll need that extra power in the beginning.

Total benefits from Masteries and Runes


Armor penetration: +17,52
Armor: +17,69
Magic resist: +3,35
Attack damage: +10,414
Health: +36
Attack speed +2%

LVL 18

Armor penetration: +17,52
Armor: +17,69
Magic resist: +27,64
Attack damage: +21,75
Health: +138
Attack speed +2%

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Item Sequence

The Bloodthirster

Phantom Dancer

Last Whisper

Phantom Dancer

The Bloodthirster
Standard for adc's. Everyone is buying it. I'm buying it. You should be buying it.

Standard for adc's. Everyone is buying it. I'm buying it. You should be buying it. 20% attack speed, really great early, and continues to be great late.

This would be your first real item. Why are you buying this? Well. It's because of the amazing stacks of AD and life steal it gives when you kill minions. When fully stacked, it gives a bonus of 30 attack damage and 6% life steal, which makes this item total up to 100 attack damage and 18% life steal. Unfortuntely, you'll lose half of the stacks upon death, so position yourself!

This item will drastically increase your attack speed and critical strike chance. We're talking 50% attack speed, 30% critical strike chance and 5% movement speed. There's more! You know when you're about to chase someone, or get out from a turret, and there's a minion blocking the way? Forget about that! The unique passive lets you move through all units without problems.

Just look at it. 70 attack damage, 25% crit chance. And a passive that makes your critical damage hurt more!

Buying Last Whisper is best to buy mid to late game. Tanks have become tanky, midlaner has bought a . If needed, buy this earlier. If they have started to stack lots of health+armor, this synergies well with .

Situational items

If you can, you should replace one phantom dancer with this. It's passive deals 5% of the targets MAX health in psychical damage. The active is best used as a unexpected finish-off. It deals 15% of the target's MAX health and heals you for the same amount. You will ALSO steal 30% of the target's movement speed, so this is also a CC which can help you get away.

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Is that it?

No, there's more to come! Gameplays, FaQ with answers, Player scores, tactics. I will keep this guide updated as soon as I get feedback and stuff! Now... I'd like to thank you for your patience, I hope you upvote this guide and found it useful! Feel free to PM me if you have a question! :)

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I would like to thank Jhoijhoi for the guide to make a guide!


Meridianprime, because his build of Sivir was the first Sivir build I ever used.

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Change log

*Added boots
*Updated Masteries
*Updated Abilities
*Merged Runes and masteries
*Added Final build #2
*Added tactics page

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Starter Kit A:
Boots of Speed with 4 Health Potions. Mix and match potions as if you were a witch.

Starter Kit B:
For those who really need to lane for the longest time possible, with high sustainability but less utility early game besides a longer lane phase. Has it's pros and cons.

Starter kit C:
A risky option, not recommended by pros, for those who are somewhat confident in their abilities and need to get that health back from having your Enrage on.

Starter Kit D
For really defensive Sions who prioritize their health and emphasize their passive early.