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Sivir Build Guide by Kelorin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kelorin

Sivir Rebuilt - Hyaah!

Kelorin Last updated on December 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Sivir used to vie for the spot of worst champion ever. Sure there was some ridiculous things you could do with late game Ricochet but getting there required luck, amazing skill, or leaning heavily on your team. With the rebuild she is now a strong AD Carry with a high skill cap.

My goal with this guide is to focus on her ability to harass and burst. There is little luck involved with this build, instead relying heavily on skill. Being able to force your opponent to allow you to use your E is important early game. Being able to land a skill shot without pushing the lane is also pretty important.

I admit this is my first guide, I am not even summoner level 30, and 90% of this is theorycraft combined with what little playtest I can get from mid level normals. I am only doing this because I have been sorely disappointed by the lack of information on builds for Sivir's remake and am deeply saddened by many many people being overall terrible with her. Hopefully someone will see this, scoff, and show us all how its done. If I can at least get people using Manamune on a regular basis though I'll consider this a success.

**Updated 12/1/11-Split up Rune/Mastery/Summoner Spell sections. Cleaned up text a bit, added more to summary section.
**Updated 12/2/11-Combined Rune/Mastery sections. Switched to Ghost as default summoner spell. Added teamwork section. Added Role section. Adjusted build slightly based on playtest and responses.
**Updated 12/5/11-Added a third build focused on the more traditional Auto Attack AD Carry. This is for those who simply can't handle the idea of spell casting focusing on an AD Carry but still want to play Sivir.

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Pros / Cons


  • High damage AE and Single target
  • Great at harassing early
  • Can counter pick certain heroes like Annie at Mid
  • Low end sustainability issues
  • Requires ability to pull of a skill shot
  • Can be very squishy

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Runes and Masteries


Greater Quintessence of Desolation/ Greater Mark of Desolation
Armor Pen affects Boomerang Blade now making it hands down the best damage output rune choice.

Greater Seal of Armor/ Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Armor is great at helping you stay in lane early game. Late game Magic resist is nice as you cannot bubble it all.


Most of my choices are standard AD Carry choices so I won't go into too much detail. Focusing on the offense tree helps solidify your ability as damage dealer.

Flexibility in the build does exist. Vampirism for example is trash if you lane with a healing support. Demolitionist doesn't help that much unless you are trying to push Turrets early, something you don't always want to do if they have good jungle coverage.

If you are going to adjust anything, put more points into defense to help give you a much safer early game.

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There are three builds I have here for Sivir. One going Warmog/Atma, one grabbing a Last Whisper/Bloodthirster and one forsaking Manamune. Warmog/Atma I consider to be an alternate build but a useful enough one that it warrants its own build order. Forsaking Manamune I consider to be something best done if laning with a mana regen partner. It might fit the playstyle of some people and is more traditionally considered appropriate for an AD Carry.

As we see Sivir more and more with the rebuild in higher Elo I will revisit all three builds.

Standard Build

Manamune: It is the only mana item you will ever need and it gives you 40-60+ AD.

Mercury's Treads: They are a great way to go for any AD Carry. If you really don't need the MR/Tenacity consider Ionian Boots of Lucidity. While Zerk Greaves might edge out on raw DPS, cooldown reduction will greatly help your capability as a skirmisher. If you are going to focus on your basic attacks though, grabbing the Berserker's Greaves will give you some important early attack speed at the sacrifice of defense.

Trinity Force: Sheens effect shines on Sivir now that Ricochet procs it. The rest of Trinity Force already was great for Sivir as it is for just about every AD champ.

The Bloodthirster: Sivir can farm like a champ late game, picking up Jungle kills through walls as well as being able to take out entire creep waves in a single cast. Even if you die, you will refill your thirster in no time. It also is an amazing AD item and Sivir just so happens to benefit heavily from AD!

Last Whisper: Boomerang Blade is now physical meaning it is affected by Armor Pen, if they have armor you want this. If they don't have much for armor you can swap it for another Bloodthirster.

Infinity Edge: Crit is not a classic for Sivir, it does nothing for Boomerang Blade and little for Ricochet. Late game though you can afford the best, and nothing beats IE for raw DPS added to an AD character even if it is expensive.


Warmog's Armor/ Atma's Impaler: This is a classic combo and it works great for Sivir. Some games you will find you are getting overly harassed or focused mid game and without some defenses you are in trouble. In this case Warmog/Atma's offers the best defensive choice for Sivir as she will cap Warmog's quickly and be unmovable from lane once it is built. Atma's just makes sense once you have a built Warmog's.

Thornmail: If the other side is heavy AD it is always worth considering building Thornmail.

Banshee's Veil: If the other side is spell heavy it is always worth considering building a Banshee's Veil. With Sivir it is important to remember to let the Banshee's Veil get eaten first though, and use Spell Shield second. Spell Shield will be popped along with the Veil if you get hit while both are up at the same time.

Frozen Mallet A great option if you are worried about being too squishy but don't want to invest all the way in a full defensive item. It also is very handy if you have little or no CC on your team. Building this means you are skipping Trinity Force.

Phantom Dancer This is a pretty good out for your Zeal if you decide you want to build a Frozen Mallet. The Sheen effect isn't too big of a loss if you are going the low mana route of no Manamune.

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Skills and Skill Sequence


Q-E then R>Q>W>E is the order

There is little reason to deviate from the pattern. Boomerang Blade is your harass and your push and maxing it first is key for being a strong Sivir no matter what your build. Getting E early is important for mana regen but it isn't important to level it.

Skill Details:

Fleet of Foot
     Sivir's old innate gave her a dodge increase while moving. The new innate gives you a speed boost for 2 seconds after hitting an enemy champ with a basic attack. This new innate is fantastic for chasing and also useful for escaping a fight after getting a couple hits in.

Boomerang Blade
     It hits like a truck and it hits twice. Moving after casting can allow you to angle the boomerang to hit additional foes. This means that rather than just being a straight line of damage you can manage to get hits in a cone shape. This is your core ability.

     W is a massive waste of mana early game. It adds little damage and pushes your lane which is something you don't want to be doing at level 2. Upsides of Ricochet are its bonus damage which is magnified in team fights. This means that while Ricochet is lackluster low end, it will be a nice ability mid to late game, and with a Sheen it becomes worth spamming.

Spell Shield
     This ability is hard to use, but can be downright amazing. The issue is that early game you really benefit from the mana gained, but can't afford it to be wasted. Try to learn how to force your opponent to trigger your shield to help with mana regen. Leveling it isn't worth it early on as it only decreases cooldown.

On the Hunt
     Use it solo to destroy towers, run away, or catch a foe. Alternatively you can and will turn team fights with this ulti and it is incredibly easy to use. With its new incarnation it will affect allies as they come into range; Because of this change you can pop it to get to a team fight quicker and bring the pain as you come in range. It lasts long enough the fight will be over before it falls anyways.

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Summoner Spells



     Early game the snare can make landing Boomerang Blade easy and help get a kill in. Late game the damage reduction can help prevent your death. A fantastic choice overall for Sivir.

     Sivir is incredibly item dependent, she is also great at pushing lanes; these two things make Teleport a handy tool. Early game you can recall and Teleport back to keep up farm while still staying geared enough to hold out. Towards the end of early game you can help push other lanes while still being able to get back in position quickly.

     Ghost can help with ganks and escapes. Sivir is a high mobility champ and gets a lot of benefit out of Ghost. If you can't go without an escape, I recommend Ghost over Flash for Sivir.

Good Alternatives:

     Early sustain is weak on Sivir and having Heal can help against heavy harassment.

     Sivir can bubble most stuns/snares but being able to get out of two CC's back to back can mean a lot for a squishy champion.

     While not amazing on Sivir, it is not a bad choice. If you feel that you are fine without Exhaust, Ignite is a good second choice for offensive power. If you really want to get an early kill in lane, getting both can make that happen.

     Some people are amazing with Flash and use it on every champion even post nerf. It doesn't specifically fit with Sivir but if you are really skilled with it you probably will be wanting to take it anyways.

     Promote can allow for an early push or help cover your lane in an emergency. Sivir is a strong pusher it can be handy to have a pocket turret tank.

Not Recommended:

     Sivir gets little from Attack Speed compared to other AD Carry champs and nothing from AP.

     Let your support handle this, you have better things to take.

     If your going to die, your going to die a lot. Sivir is so squishy that a Revive and run back will normally result in you just feeding them again. You need to do what you can to not die in the first place.

     Manamune is better in every way, and with it you don't need mana regen.

     These are not jungle builds. I'd love to see a jungle Sivir but I'm not going to take that leap yet.

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Knowing your Role

Sivir has three main jobs to perform for her team. Two of these are less important but still a niche you fill, Harasser and Pusher. If you want to help your team the most though, being a good AD Carry should be your primary goal. You will want to perform all three of these, but recognize that sometimes you have to sacrifice being good at one for being good at another.

Job as an AD Carry:
  • Nom lots of minions early game
  • Nom more minions mid and late game
  • Buy crazy expensive items that make you hit like a truck
  • Get lots of champ kills
  • Blow up Turrets
AD Carry is the job of killing enemies. It is best done with a lot of items backing you up.

Job as a Harasser:
  • Use Boomerang Blade to scare people away from last hits
  • Soften enemy champs prior to team fights
  • Help other lanes early game with ganks.
  • Don't get caught or hurt while doing any of the above
Harassing is the art of hurting the opposing team without risking yourself. Boomerang Blade is amazing for this especially over walls and trees.

Job as a Pusher:
  • Be aware of where your enemies are on the map
  • Be aware of where minion waves are on the map
  • Be aware of what minion waves have Turret busters
  • Get Turrets down either with minions or by yourself
  • Don't leave your allies without you in a team fight
  • Don't get caught alone
Pushing is entirely about knowing when it is safe for you to run off alone to the far corners of the map and drop a turret. Saftey and awareness are key in being a good pusher rather than a feeder.

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Team Work

(Note: This only covers those whom I have played Sivir with or know well enough to guess at how you can work together)


  • Can drastically affect your item choices
  • Very helpful to lane with to get good early farm
  • Often able to setup kills for you
  • Either will help your sustainability or offer CC
Sustainability focused support will allow you to pickup 100% Damage focused items like Infinity Edge over Bloodthirster, or allow you to start with a Doran's instead of a Melki if they offer mana like Soraka.

CC focused support allow you to focus harder on early pure AD items. Every stun is golden opportunity for a Boomerang Blade and buffing its damage fast can help get early kills meaning your overall buildup happens faster.

Another AD Carry:

  • Try not to share a lane
  • Beware of enemies grabbing Thornmail
  • Utilize your Ultimate with your fellow AD Carry for massive damage
  • Pay attention to them focusing an enemy and focus that enemy with them
Two or more AD Carries in a team happens often if one is famous for being able to solo a lane or jungle. A second AD Carry also can often appear if you are covering mid as a counter AP pick.


  • Harass heavily to help setup an ideal situation for your Assassins
  • Utilize your ultimate to help them get in and out of combat
  • Be conscious of taking kill from your Assassin
While kills heavily benefit you as an AD Carry, they might benefit your Assassin more. Having Akali rolling a Magi's is far far more important than getting to that Trinity Force faster. Also your Assassins depend on kills for money while you have no issues farming it from minions.


  • Stay behind them, and let them initiate.
  • Be careful to not let your harassment turn into initiation through over extension.
If you are laning with a tank you have to decide if you are going to feed them or feed yourself. Some tanks are worth feeding like Garen and Volibear simply because they turn into a late game wrecking ball. Other tanks are not worth feeding like Rammus who often is ignored late game.

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Sivir is an AD Carry that can bring a massive amount of AE damage with her skill shot. Her mid game can be rough but being well fed and playing safe can allow her to become unstoppable late game.

While Sivir always has had this late game power, it was always overshadowed by the difficulty of getting her there. Build items with safety in mind, but never lose sight of the fact that you are an AD focused character and ignoring that will make you a non threat. Use Boomerang Blade to get shots in before a team fight breaks out and R when it gets going to help ensure your team always comes out with the win.

"Thanks to JhoiJhoi for the great guide to guides, this looked way worse before reading what you took the time to put together."