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Sivir Build Guide by ThoughtFool

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThoughtFool

Sivir's Severely Surprising Build Guide

ThoughtFool Last updated on April 9, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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The Current State of Sivir

The Current State of Sivir

Sivir has fallen out of common use in the recent meta after some nerfs and went unused and unbanned in IPL4. However, she is still a solid champion choice depending on the team composition. While she doesn't have any glaring weaknesses, she also doesn't have anything absurdly abuseable or overpowered. Her former early game dominance is gone and, while not a hopeless case, she falls more in line with other late game oriented AD carries. With that said, look more to farm up during laning phase while taking harassment opportunities as they come rather than creating them yourself.

The mid to late game phase is where Sivir truly shines due to her ultimate. Smart use of this, coupled with a good team comp will carry your team to victory.

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Basic Champion Overview

Sivir is an attack damage carry that is easy to get the basic grasp of, yet has a high skill cap to get her full potential. She can deal out an amazing amount of damage to single targets while also dishing out noticeable damage to groups. Her main strength lies in working with the team to secure favorable outcomes in group fights, but she is also one of the strongest pushers / wave clearers in the game giving her the option of going for a backdoor or split pushing.


+ Attack Speed and Movement Speed Buff to Team
+ High Dmg to Single Targets and Groups
+ EXTREMELY Strong Pusher / Wave Clearer
+ Spell Shield (Blocks Enemy Abilities)
+ Has a STRONG Impact on Team Fights

- EXTREMELY Farm Dependent
- No Natural Escape
- Has Mana Issues, esp. Early Game or if Pushing
- Outranged by Most Other AD Carries
- No Slows or CC

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Sivir's Skills / Abilities


Sivir's passive gives you increased movement speed when you hit a champion with a basic attack. The passive becomes increasingly unnoticeable as the game progresses, however it does have its uses.

Laning phase is the best time to get the most use out of your passive. When exchanging hits with an enemy champion (you will almost never get a free basic attack due to the short range on your attacks) you can use the movement speed boost to help dodge enemy skill shots, speed your retreat, or aid in your pursuit. If you are ever so lucky enough to lane against a melee champion without a gap closer, you will be able to use your passive to kite them indefinitely. As the game progresses you will also see its usefulness when pursuing enemy champions, especially if your ult is on cd.


This spell is your main source of early game damage and your constant source of mana woes. The basic mechanic to this ability is that it does dmg to anything that it hits (and it's hitbox is somewhat large) but the damage it does decreases with each hit. It has a good range and if you can land two clean hits (the throw and return) on an enemy champion without it hitting anything else, then you will see a large chunk of their life disappear.

The ability acts as a basic boomerang, being thrown in the desired direction then returning to you. You should keep in mind that, while it always goes towards the aimed location when thrown, you can manipulate it's return route by moving Sivir around. So, if you throw it in front of you, then move to the side, it will return along a different path (forming a kind of triangle with you as the base) hitting anything in its way. This can be useful if you miss your initial throw, the champion dodges it, or if you just wanted to hit a larger area of space with your boomerang.

Since the ability is so mana intensive it is not something you want to just spam out.

  • When you are GUARANTEED to get two clean hits on an enemy champion
  • When you are pushing / wave clearing
  • On groups of enemy champions lined up (especially useful in the jungle)

  • When you are low on mana
  • Trying to poke an enemy champion behind a wave of his/her creeps

  • The Boomerang Blade makes a slashing sound whenever it hits an enemy champion. So you can throw it into the brush and listen for the sound to check if there are champions there.
  • It can be used as a poke in the team fight phase, but remember to watch your mana pool.
  • When clearing waves, especially mid-late game, a Boomerang Blade coupled with a Ricochet vaporizes minion waves in less than a second.


This spell bounces your auto attack 5 times dealing reduced dmg with hit. This will become your main source of sustained dmg dealing due to fact that it acts as an attack animation reset. What that means is that, with practice, you can attack twice in rapid succession every cooldown. As an added bonus, the first hit also deals on-hit (item) effects AND can crit.

The main thing you want to practice is effective timing so that you don't actually slow down your auto attacking. Remember that as soon as she releases her auto attack you can Ricochet immediately to attack. This can be tricky since if you mistime it, you will see her go through her throw setup, stop without attacking, then release Ricochet without a prior auto attack.

  • The bounce from Ricochet can actually hit targets out of your field of vision given favorable bounces.


This spell creates a magical barrier for up to 3 seconds that blocks 1 enemy ability. If an enemy ability is blocked, it returns 2x the mana cost. This is THE make-or-break ability of a good-or-bad Sivir. This spell is a life saver, lane sustainer, and game changer.

While in lane, this can prevent ganks or CC's while, at the same time, keep your mana pool sustained so that you can effectively keep pushing or harassing as you see fit. Some abilities you need to be able to shield on reaction while others you need to be able to anticipate. In higher lvl play it will become a mindgame against some opponents who will try to bait a spell shield out of you without using an ability thus leaving you vulnerable for the cd while draining your miserable mana pool.
It's Phreak Approved!

  • In laning phase, try to bait out enemy abilities you know you can shield for some easy mana.
  • You can actually shield more than one ability if they hit at the same time.
  • In team fights it becomes extremely important to decide which abilities to save your shield for. Prioritize shielding CC's or anything that moves you around (like a Gargas ult) over anything else.
  • You can only shield the application of spells. If Morg ult's you or Zilean bombs you and you shield afterwards, you WILL NOT block the spell.
  • Some things, such as AoE slows like Trundle's pillar will not be blocked by your shield, your general rule of thumb is that if Banshee's Veil can block it, you can too.
  • If the shield from Banshee's Veil is active, DO NOT use your SPELL SHIELD as any ability that hits you will soak up both shields not one or the other.


Sivir's ultimate buffs herself and surrounding allies with a movement speed and attack speed buff. This is the reason Sivir is so strong in group fights. Sivir's ultimate can be used as a signal to engage an enemy team, after an engage for dmg output, to chase enemies, or to assist running from them. If you are pushing or backdooring, it is also useful to ult to quickly take down an enemy turret. The main thing to master with this ability is a good sense of timing on when to ult.

  • After activation you can still move in range of allies to provide the buff for them.
  • The allies you have buffed will remain so until the buff naturally expires, even if they move out of range or you die.

Ability Skilling Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

To get the most out of your abilities you will want to follow the general guidelines of

R > Q > W > E

However, you want to get Spell Shield at level 2 to give you all the utility that it offers. The reasoning behind the skilling sequence is that you get the most out of your Boomerang Blade in the early game, while the usefulness of Ricochet doesn't truly become apparent until you have some good items to back it up. Of course, you only really need one point in Spell Shield to maintain its usefulness and you should always level your ultimate On The Hunt when available.

The only real alternative skilling sequence is to get Ricochet at lvl 2 and then Spell Shield at 4. This is an EXTREMELY situational choice that I would not recommend unless you are sure that you will not have to defend against ganks or harassment (such as if you are in a 2v1 lane with good ward coverage). The only other situation that may dictate you going for Ricochet early is an extremely aggressive kill lane, of which there should have been better choices for an AD carry.

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Summoner Spells

Suggested Summoner Spells

Since Sivir lacks any sort of natural escape and her early game is not as strong as others, the name of the game is survival. Even with the recent nerf, Heal remains one of the stronger summoner spells for you to choose. Regardless of whether or not you are laning with a healing support, a clutch heal can save you or even your laning partner. Taking Heal also allows you the opportunity to heal bait (given they do not have Ignite) and can give you additional assists during the mid to late game team fights.

There isn't many summoner spells more useful than Flash. This allows you to both chase and escape and its utility is undeniable.

Alternative Summoner Spells

NOTE: You should always take Flash. The only summoner spell you should ever consider replacing is Heal. Mostly, you should only consider replacing Heal if you are laning with a healing support that you are confident can keep you up in most reasonable situations. Another situation you should consider replacing Heal is if you are certain that the opposing lane is running Ignite.


Cleanse is actually a close runner up to Heal. The ability to remove slows, CC's, even an Ignite is unparalleled and can save you a Quicksilver Sash (QSS) purchase. In general, Cleanse is more useful than Heal in team fights and especially against heavy CC teams. You should consider this if you know you are running against heavy CC and / or the opposing lane is running Ignite


If you are looking for something that allows you to be a bit more aggressive while maintaining some defensive utility, then Exhaust may be what you want. One of the weaknesses of Sivir is the lack of a natural ability to slow or CC. Exhaust not only slows an enemy, but also reduces their damage dealt. Smart usage allows you to be offensive or maintain a good defense against a single target as the situation dictates. You should consider this if you want to balance your offensive and defensive ability in lane or if your team needs an Exhaust to counter a champion (like Katarina)


Teleport allows your champion greater mobility on a large scale. Taking this opens the door for you to safely split push while maintaining the ability to port to team fights, away from incoming enemies, or to a pushed tower (yours or theirs) with a large minion wave. However, taking this is HIGHLY SITUATIONAL. The only times you should take Teleport is if you are top lane or if you are running double AD carry and you will be split pushing.


Another HIGHLY SITUATIONAL summoner spell. Only run Ignite if you are running a kill lane AND your laning partner already has Exhaust.

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Suggested Runes


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x3 (+6.75 Attack Damage) Giving you +AD right off the bat is very strong, it helps you last hit as well as giving you a decent boost to your Boomerang Blade. The boost this gives outshines any other offensive Quints (such as ArmorPen) that you may consider.

  • Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage x9 (+1.17 Attack Damage / Lvl ~ +21.87 Attack Damage @18) Again, AD is the name of the game here. However, going with per lvl gives you a slightly higher damage output in the long run. AD / lvl catches up with flat AD at around lvl 7 (+.91 AD) and surpasses them after that. This gives Sivir a stronger boost right as she will start to look for more grouping opportunities, where she really shines. As far as other offensive runes (such as Attack Speed or ArmorPen), while they may be useful, Sivir, esp considering Boomerang Blade scaling, gets the most use out of Attack Damage.
    NOTE: Runes have the greatest effect on your early game as your farming abilities and items choices give greater weight to your champion potential as the game progresses. This choice was made even with this in mind.

  • Greater Seal of Armor x9 (+12.69 Armor) There is really nothing else to consider here. Given that you will most likely be laning against an AD opponent, the greater ability to soak up harassment with higher armor is second to none, especially considering that healing supports are falling out of favor at the moment. Some may be tempted to try out mana regen Seals to help cover up Sivir's mana woes...DON'T. It just isn't worth risking being out-harassed or downright ganked due to lack of protection from a known incoming damage source.

  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9 (+1.35 Magic Resist / Lvl ~ +24.3 Magic Resist @18) While the boost this gives to Sivir in the early game is somewhat negligible, the MR that you get is worthwhile in the late game. Even with your Spell Shield you will soak up a decent amount of magic damage in most team fights making the additional MR a literal life saver.

Alternative Rune Choices

  • NONE - Currently, there is nothing that can compare to flat AD Quints

  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage - These sacrifice a bit of late game AD for pre-lvl 7 damage. They maximize the usefulness of runes. Take these if you have trouble last hitting or if you want a bit more damage laning.
  • Greater Mark of Desolation - These actually give you a slightly higher auto attack on champions early game and help to counter the ever common Greater Seal of Armor. Take these if you want to go for an aggressive kill lane.

  • NONE - Currently, there is nothing that can compare to flat Armor Seals

  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - These give you more MR up to lvl 10. You can either grab x9 of these or mix some in with Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist to give you a better balanced Magic Resist throughout the game. Take these if you know you will be dealing with a lot of magic damage harassment (such as from hybrid carries or aggressive supports) or if you know you will be lane swapping (such as going 2v1 against a magic dmg bruiser top lane early game).
  • Greater Glyph of Replenishment - While I do not encourage this, you can opt to take these flat mana regen Glyphs to help cover Sivir's mana woes, enabling you to harass more often. Take these ONLY if you are confident that you will not be taking a ton of magic damage throughout the game.

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Suggested Masteries (21/9/0)

+ Brute Force (3/3) - You need AD
+ Butcher (1/2) - Depending on your summoner's spells you can actually take Summoner's Wrath (1/1) in order to augment your summoner spell(s). Otherwise, take this.
+ Alacrity (4/4) - Attack Speed is always helpful, but you mainly want to build up to...
+ Weapon Expertise (1/1) - ...this. You deal zero magic dmg naturally, % based ArmorPen is your best bet.
+ Deadliness (4/4) - AD/lvl is helpful but again just putting the necessary points for...
+ Lethality (1/1) - ...this. Since Infinity Edge should be in your build, you will get good mileage out of this mastery.
+ Vampirism (3/3) - With the recent nerfs to item life steal, this mastery has become increasingly important for your sustain.
+ Sunder (3/3) - Again, you deal out physical damage so you want as much ArmorPen as possible.
+ Executioner (1/1) - Especially helpful against the common health stacking builds of the tanks and bruisers.

+ Hardiness (3/3) - You want the +Armor since you will be laning against an AD dmg dealer. It also helps you keep minion aggro dmg down.
+ Resistance (1/3) - Again, depending on you summoner's spells you can opt to take Summoner's Resolve (1/1), however I generally take the flat MR.
+ Durability (4/4) - An increased HP pool can save your life, especially considering that you will generally be in a slightly worse position than most AD carries due to shorter range and no natural escapes.
+ Veteran's Scars (1/1) - For the same reason as above, increased HP is the way to go.

Reasoning: Taking 21 points in Offense should be a no-brainer. You want to maximize your dmg output since that is the main reason you are on the team. I should note that I do not take Havoc since I do not think it gives you as much benefit as other masteries. For (3/3) points in Havoc , on a 1000 pt hit you would gain...+15 damage. No Thank You.
I opt for 9 points in Defense since it can save your life. Sivir has no natural escapes and is usually closer to the fighting than most other AD carries due to her short range. Her lack of slows or CC's just complicate the matter. Thus, in the interest of dealing as much damage as possible (since you deal none when you are DEAD), the small boost in Defense is worthwhile.

Alternative Masteries (21/0/9)

+ Expanded Mind (3/3) - Taking this gives you an increased mana pool helping you to deal out sustained dmg or pokes in engagements without fear of running out mana or having to manage which abilities you use.
+ Summoner's Insight (1/1) - I take this mainly for the decreased CD on Flash, which is your main escape and a life saver. However, you can consider dumping this point into Good Hands , Swiftness , or Improved Recall .
+ Meditation (3/3) - Really helps during the laning phase. Allows greater mana reserves for better harassment.
+ Good Hands (1/3) - We all die, whether from getting ganked, or just plain being caught out of position. A decreased death timer can help you get up faster to defend a team objective.
+ Runic Affinity (1/1) - As the game progresses you should be able to secure different buffs for yourself, this obviously helps with that.

Reasoning: Taking 9 points in Utility instead of in Defense sacrifices a bit of survivability for mana sustainability. While understandable, I would only recommend this if you are sure to have a lot of protection both in lane, and in team fights.

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Item Build

Starting Items


+ x3 - The increased mobility to dodge skill shots in addition to the sustain from pots is just too good to pass up. While Doran's Blade is a common choice, it just doesn't give you the sustain you require to stay in lane long enough to buy decent items on your first back.


- This is a very situational choice. Only get this if you are laning with a healing support that you are confident can keep you up AND you are not facing a kill or hyper aggressive lane. Remember to get life steal from this you will need to auto attack, a lot. This may cause you to push your lane too far and put you and your laning partner way out of position.

+ x5 - Another situational choice, although always a safe bet. Getting an early cloth armor + 5 guarantees you sustain in lane, helps protect against harass or ganks, and can roll nicely into a Wriggle's Lantern or Ninja Tabi.

First Back / Early Game Goals


+ x2 - Considering the expense of the build and the recent nerf to Wriggle's Lantern, I favor just sticking with 2 Doran's Blades. However, if you are doing really well you can go with just one, or you can grab an extra Doran's Blade if you feel a bit behind.


+ SIGHT WARD - You always want to get some consumables in the early game on your trips back. Health Potion allows you to heal up through harass, sustaining you in lane and (possibly) saving your support some mana, depending. Sight Ward SAVES the laning phase case, it is usually yours. Help your laning partner ward up so you are never caught unawares.


+ - You can also throw in some Doran's Blade to be safe. This is still a strong early game choice, but, with the expense of the build I suggest, I do not think it is worth it anymore. However, you can go for this if you are doing really well, your team needs a Wriggle's Lantern, or you don't plan on getting a The Bloodthirster. While this may hinder your core build or late game build a bit, you gain the benefit of a bit of extra armor, lifesteal, and damage for a relatively low cost.


- A great defensive item again heavy AD teams. While I do not necessarily think that they are worth it, I don't think that you should ever count a good set of defensive boots out. Especially consider these if you are behind or against a hyper AD team.

- A great defensive item choice against a team with a lot of control, or possibly a double AP team. The tenacity and MR really make these boots worth considering regardless of how well you are doing. Consider these if you are against a heavy CC team.

Core Items


- When building this item, ALWAYS get the B. F. Sword and Pickaxe BEFORE the Cloak of Agility. The +AD scales with you much better than sometimes critting for negligible dmg (since you have no real +dmg items). Infinity Edge gives you guaranteed damage, with the ability to crit, and crit hard. Remember that your Ricochet can crit, so this item really increases your dmg output by a substantial amt.


+ + - The order that you purchase these items should actually be dictated by how well you are doing in the game or how tanky the other team is. If the other team is tanky OR you are not doing well, grab the Phage ==> Vampiric Scepter first, then grab the Zeal. Otherwise, go Zeal ==> Phage ==> Vampiric Scepter. Remember that this is building up to a later Trinity Force.

So, your inventory should look like this...

+ + + + +


+ - While you lose some of the sustainability of a Trinity Force as well as its superb passives, the Phantom Dancer is always a solid item choice as it synergizes extremely well with Infinity Edge. It is also more than 1k gold cheaper than a Trinity Force. Consider this if you are not comfortable with the Ricochet auto attack reset and / or you are not comfortable with last hitting / farming.

+ - With the recent change to The Bloodthirster, it has becomes an even more attractive item for Sivir. Since you only lose half the stacks upon death, and you can easily refarm stacks, you should quickly be able to max out The Bloodthirster. It is also a bit cheaper than Infinity Edge allowing you to possibly grab Trinity Force a bit earlier so that you can benefit from its passives and extra sustain. Consider this if you are not as comfortable with last hitting or if you want greater sustain (through lifesteal) rather than increased damage output with the crits.





Now that your core build is finished you need to evaluate where you are in the game, what the enemy team is doing, and what your team is doing. So ask yourself the following questions...

1) Are you behind? Are you dying more than you should be? Does your team lack the proper protection / peel for you? If so, then you want to grab a DEFENSIVE ITEM next.

2) Is the enemy team stacking armor? Does your team deal a lot of attack dmg (which means they will soon stack armor)? Are +Armor items common in the opposing team's builds (even if they do not have them already)? If so, then you need an ARMOR PENETRATION ITEM next.

3) If you answered "No" to the above questions then you should be doing well and the enemy team shouldn't have much armor yet...then PROCEED WITH YOUR BUILD.

Defensive Items


- Take this item if the enemy AD carry is fed or the enemy team is heavy on physical damage. The additional armor and HP are a bonus and the active is golden and can really help your team, especially considering you should be ulting at the same time. Oftentimes, giving your team an AS / MS boost while draining the opposing team's AS / MS is just too much.


- This is your item of choice if the enemy AP carry is fed or the enemy team is heavy on magical dmg (such as a double AP team). In some cases you may want to consider this for heavy CC teams for the additional protection from spells.


- Health stacking is really strong at the moment, and if you are ever in a bind over what to grab, Warmog's Armor is always a safe bet.

- I generally do not like getting Frozen Heart since it offers no protection against magical dmg (while Randuin's Omen at least offers additional HP). However, the large +Armor, AS drain, increased mana, and CD reduction all benefit Sivir greatly. Only get this item if magical damage poses NO threat to your survivability.

- For the same reason that I do not generally get Frozen Heart I do not generally get QSS. However, the active is undeniably a lifesaver. Only consider this if AD poses VERY LITTLE threat to you, or the enemy team is ridiculously CC oriented.

- Some people live and die by their GA. I think that the item synergizes extremely well with some champions...just not Sivir. Only consider this if you are ridiculously fed and going for a glass cannon build.

- Only consider this if you are not grabbing Trinity Force AND you do not need +Armor OR MR.

Armor Penetration Items


- This is THE ArmorPen item that you want. With your masteries you will be at 50% ArmorPen, which really gives your attacks more oomph while making the tanks / bruisers have to stack armor and HP like madmen to stand a chance against your onslaught.


NONE - There is nothing that compares to Last Whisper

Finishing Your Build


- Go ahead and complete your Trinity Force now. You will see a huge damage increase due to the passives as well as gaining a better mana pool to harass with.


Decide whether or not you need a DEFENSIVE ITEM. If not grab your ARMOR PENETRATION ITEM.


Decide whether or not you need a DEFENSIVE ITEM. If not...

- Go ahead and finish up your The Bloodthirster. You will again see a big damage increase, especially as you farm it up, and it better allows you to life steal through any chip dmg you may take.


Take your DEFENSIVE ITEM if you haven't already (man your team must have been doing absurdly well...WHY HAVEN'T YOU WON YET?). You always want to grab at least one defensive item since, especially at this point in the game, you will most likely be blown up from just being looked at.


+ + + + + ((DEFENSIVE ITEM))

You can also consider replacing your boots with a Phantom Dancer if you really are that farmed.


+ + + + + ((DEFENSIVE ITEM))

IE + Double PD is always a strong build with an extremely high damage output.

+ + + + + ((DEFENSIVE ITEM))

Double BT gives you a ton of lifesteal. This is a good build if you are facing a tanky team that doesn't deal out a ton of bursty damage.

+ + + + +

There are not many situations where I would recommend this build. But if you are in danger of consistently feeding then perhaps this is for you. A ton of health, some MR, +Armor, and lifesteal.

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Helpful Links

General Help

Last Hitting Guide
= This guide gives you in-depth information about minion stats, aggro AI, as well as some tips on how to last hit and general laning.

Sivir Specific Help

Meridianprime's Sivir Guide
= This guide has the most comprehensive list of abilities to Spell Shield as well as prioritizing them for you
= This video guide gives the most comprehensive and in-depth look at her abilities as well as some good general gameplay tips for and against her

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Some ThoughtFool Words and Log

ThoughtFool's Thoughts

First and foremost, I hope that this guide has helped you in someway, as that was the intent. If it hasn't helped, then I apologize.

This is the first guide that I have published. My intent behind creating it was to make a comprehensive guide on building Sivir rather than playing her. I hope that in the future I can add sections that can better describe the general mentality, positioning, and skillful nuances behind effectively playing her...however, currently, I am not comfortable with asserting my opinions on the matter and hope that greater players than I can continue to share their thoughts with the community.

If you have stumbled across this guide, and have made it down to reading this section I encourage you to share your thoughts, positive or negative, on the guide. This way I can know what people like, and what people dislike about what I have put into this. I would like to add that I have really appreciated all of the positive comments and suggestions from the community so far, thank you all very much!

Finally, if you have any links or information that you think I'm missing / should include please comment or message me!!! I would love to include as much quality information and links as possible!

Thank you to MeridianPrime for his/her permission to link to their guide in mine. MP also gave me some helpful suggestions to help my guide out.

A huge heap of thanks to Ciderhelm for both permission to link to his video guide in this guide as well as his many, many years of dedication to the video game community in general and his community creating work in WoW specifically.

Captain's Log

- StarDate 4/9/2012 v1.01.00 - Added a "Helful Links" chapter as well as a "Thank You" section. Also changed the font colors in an attempt to make some of them more visible and made some minor edits to "The Current State of Sivir" following IPL4.
- StarDate 4/8/2012 v1.00.00a - Added some aesthetics while attempting to clean up some text walls.
- StarDate 4/6/2012 v1.00.00 - Published Guide