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Tryndamere Build Guide by slydunan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author slydunan

Slydunan's Aggressive Tryndamere Jungle Guide

slydunan Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 26

Honor Guard

Defense: 4

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Tryndamere Jungle Guide

Hi, welcome to my Tryndamere Jungling Guide!
This is my second Tryndamere Guide, and I'm replacing this with the old one, since it got a bit messy with the new changes in the masteries/jungle/remake of Tryndamere.

I'll try to make this as straight to the point as possible, so you don't have to read through a long guide. However, if you want more information, Leave a Comment and I will add it.

About Me: My in-game screen name is slydunan. I play ranked in 1700+ 1900+ and main Tryndamere and Ryze, although now I've been playing a lot of Irelia and Vlad. If you want help with anything in-game, send me a PM and a friend request.

-:Community Message:-

I want to try to make this as much of a community driven guide as I can, especially with the great amount of suggestions that have already been posted (keep them coming!). Also, thanks for the upvotes, it helps considerably in letting more people see this guide (and also helps balance troll-votes).

Ways you can help make this guide better:
>>> Tell me if you liked this guide, and why! (remember to thumbs up as well!)
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>>> Tell me any of your suggestions to improve the content of this guide! (or layout!)
>>> Tell me how awesome you did with this guide! (and I'll put you on the braggin' wall if you do!)
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>>> Tell your friends about this guide! (or your enemies too, if you happen to keep in close contact with them.)
>>> Thumbs up this guide! (you don't even need to have thumbs to do this-no excuses if you don't have thumbs >.<!)
>>> Read this guide! (yes, reading this guide will magically improve this guide!)

As an additional incentive for you to help make this guide better, if you post a comment telling me how you did any of these, I will personally +rep you as well as give you a cookie. Remember to +rep me as well if I helped!

Thanks ahead of time for the thumbs up/comments/and reps!!!

P.S. Did you get the cookie?

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About Tryndamere Jungling



>> Fast and Sustainable
>> Very Easy to Jungle With
>> Virtually Immune to Counter Jungling
>> Strong Counter Jungler
>> High Damage Output in ganks
>> Doesn't need buffs


>> Not ambidextrous
>> Doesn't have a strong CC
>> All physical damage
>> Needs items for full potential (needs successful ganks)
>> Weak lvl 2 ganks.
>> Gets targeted in fights
Tryndamere is a very powerful jungler if played correctly. He is very hard (near impossible) to counter in the jungle, unlike in the lane.

What makes Tryndamere such a strong jungler?

>>SIf a lane overextends, Tryndamere can deathly punish them with a powerful gank.
>>SIf there are no ganks available, Tryndamere can counter-jungle.
>>SIf counter-jungling is not available, Tryndamere can farm his own jungle.
>>SIf the enemy jungler tries to counter-jungle, Tryndamere can crit him to death.

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Summoner Spells


Your primary jungling spell.
  • You can kill your jungle without smite, but you need smite for jungle control.
  • Use to speed up jungle.
  • Steal/Secure Baron/Dragon
  • Steal/Secure Blue/Red Buffs
  • *Tryndamere Special* Use at the start of a gank to kill a minion and gain 10 fury instantly/maintain existing fury.
Secondary Summoner Spell Options

Your primary ganking tool.
  • Tryndamere is a little bit short on CC, so you need this for stronger ganks.
  • Use it for your ganking lane to bait, then go in and save them with an exhaust.
  • Taken over ghost/flash/cleanse for more aggression. He already has enough escaping tools.
  • This also allows your ALLIES to catch up instead of just yourself.

Alternate killing tool.
  • Another good ganking spell to secure those kills.
  • Get this instead of Exhaust if your team has enough CC to gank with.
  • Great if you are someone like Fiddlesticks for example.

If you feel you need an escape.
  • Ghost is better for Trynd than Flash.
  • Can also be a strong ganking tool, but doesn't help debuff the enemy for your team.
  • The lack of debuff is made up with the escape mechanism it gives.
  • Also useful in teamfights to run through those creeps and chase down enemies because Trynd is fat.
Other summoner spells don't give enough offensive power for a jungler or are worse than the above. Remember, you need kills. Unless you know that you can get kills better with other spells, don't take any others.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
(12% Attack Speed) - Build up fury faster with more attack speed for more crits.Greater Mark of Desolation (3.3 Armour Penetration) - Gives you about 9 Armour Pen with Masteries (Giant Wolf has 9) (13 Flat Armour) - More tanky, and helps jungle too. (24 Magic Resistance at LvL 18) - Doesn't help jungle, but you will need the extra MR later. (4.5% Movespeed) - The key to aggressive jungling. Allows you to move between camps, chase, get in, and get out. Gives you 14.4 Movespeed.

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Full Offensive tree for maximum damage. I don't go into Utility because there are so many wasted stats.

  • Why 26-4-0? - I like to use this tree because it makes you do more damage with Havoc , which will scales great with your high damage output.
  • Butcher / Demolitionist - These are just the leftover 2 points. There isn't anything else that's much more useful to put these 2 points in. Durability is only taken if you are getting Veteran's Scars . In short, put these 2 points wherever you want.
  • Why not 21-9-0? - You can also use this mastery and move the 5 points in Butcher / Demolitionist / Havoc into the Defensive Tree and get Veteran's Scars . I prefer more damage than a little extra hp, but this is also fine.
  • Why max offense tree? - You are Tryndamere, you go balls to the wall. Do it big or go home. Max offense.
  • Why no utility? - Too many stats that don't benefit Trynd. Movement speed and jungle buff are okay, but the Tier 1 is just almost useless for Trynd.

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Battle Fury
More fury, more crit chance.
  • Simple enough: The more you attack/crit/kill, the more fury you get. The more fury you have, the more you crit.

Gives you some attack damage and more importantly lets you heal.
  • Remember, this uses up your ENTIRE FURY BAR.
  • For the most part, don't use the heal in the jungle until you need it.
  • If you have 0 fury and less than full hp, then spam as much as you want.
  • Don't depend on the low hp damage.

Mocking Shout
This move has a huge range, but only slows when the enemy champion is facing AWAY from you. Used primarily for chasing.
  • Remember that this has a slight delay after casting, so you can cast it if you predict the enemy will turn around within half a second. Alternatively, the enemy can dodge this move by turning towards you within that half a second.
  • This is also an amazing bush checker and invisible checker. The icon will only be available if there is a hero within the radius (mouse over to check the range). It even detects all heroes, even if you can't see them, so if you see the icon 'light up', you know there is someone near you!
  • This move pops banshees veils even if they are facing toward you! It's a great move to pop ALL banshees veils within the radius. Amazing for helping your team land their more powerful spells.


Spinning Slash
Such an Amazing Skill for EVERYTHING. It can be used for...Chasing, Juking, Escaping, Killing, Farming, Positioning, Spinning through Walls/Avoiding Wards, Dodging Spells, etc.
  • Most importantly, you can use this to spin through almost any wall (even thick ones if you position yourself right).
  • For thick walls, click just a little inside the wall to make sure you are touching it. Make sure you use the MAX RANGE of the skill for walls.
  • Can be used as as nuke to help last hit Enemies/Baron/Dragon/Creeps.
  • Also, the CD is decreased by 2 seconds every time you crit. This means that if the enemy is killing dragon/baron, you can spin through the back, Smite it, attack them (and ulti if you are about to die) until the move comes back up. Spin back out the back and enjoy a dragon/baron steal!
  • Make sure to keep attacking to refresh the CD.
  • Pro Tip: You can rebind your keys in Options to turn on Smart Cast. As you can see in the jungling videos further below, I don't need to click to Spin. Useful for all other champs too once you get used to it! (I set all my spells to SmartCast).
  • WARNING: This move can be canceled with certain cc. Stuns, headbutts, singed's throws, knockups, etc. will stop your spin.


Undying Rage
5 seconds of immortality. Nothing brings your hp below 1.
  • It can be used no matter what cc is on you (including stuns, silences, snares, suppresses, binds, you name it!). However, you will still be affected by these during your ult.
  • DO NOT USE [Q] Heal until the END of 4-5 seconds. Nothing can kill you within your ult, so you will just be wasting a heal and dmg.
  • Don't try to save it until it's too late. It's better to be safe than sorry, and if they pop a surprise nuke on you, you won't have enough time to activate it. Timing this ult makes Trynd very difficult to master.

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Core Item Sequence

Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves

Wriggle's Lantern



Phantom Dancer

Infinity Edge
This is my core item sequence for jungling. In other words, it's usually the same order every game.
This build focuses on dueling and chasing power for maximum jungle control.

Item Explanations and Details

]This is the first and only item you will need for jungling.
The most cost efficient attack speed item.
This is a very cost efficient item that will assist you in the jungle in many ways.
  • Free wards every 3 min = 75 gold/3 min = 25 gold/min = 4.2 gold/10 sec - That's almost a gp5 (and much more useful)!
  • Gives you armor and lifesteal for dueling power for counter-jungling.
  • Speeds up jungling - Allows you do invade and steal buffs, then get out faster.
Cheap item to make and gives you some dps and movement speed. Surprisingly great item for Tryndamere and cost efficient as well.
  • The slow combined with your movement speed makes you a nightmare of a ganker. Chase down those squishy carries and laugh at their feeble attempts to escape. - "I am your [insert carry here]'s worst nightmare!"
  • The hp combined with the slow also helps in tower diving. The extra hp lets you delay your ult for that much longer.
  • Think of how scary Trynd with red buff is. Now think of Trynd with a perma-red buff.
Very cost efficient, and has everything Trynd needs. Your primary damage item. Once you get this, you should be critting every hit to massacre those carries.

Other Items

These items are usually, but not always obtained after the core build. Buy these items according to the situation.
Offensive Items
What you will upgrade your Phage into later on.
  • This will make you much tankier and will hold those slippery squishies in your grasp. Take if you need the tankiness and need to kill the squishies.
  • You are sacrificing damage for more hp and slow, but the slow can potentially give more dmg if you keep the right targets close.
  • Helps your team as well. It keeps targets off your team and keep targets close for your team as well.

If you can hold the stacks, this is a great item against a burst team without much sustained damage. Use your ult to survive the initial burst, then outlast any stragglers.
  • You can replace Wriggle's Lantern later on with this as well.
  • A high damage Tryndamere with lifesteal is possibly the scariest thing in the world.
  • That being said, make sure you have enough damage before you get any more lifesteal.

Get this against a tanky team with 150+ armour. You will need it.
  • With masteries, gives 46% armour penetration.
  • If you see that your attacks aren't cutting through the enemy like hot butter, it's a good sign that you might need this.

Get this for a less tanky team with 150- armour.
Lower Priority Offensive Items
Taken not as much for offense as it is for more defense without sacrificing offense.
Two phantom dancers can be scary as well.
  • Only get a second phantom if you already have enough armor pen/dmg/defense/etc. Or if you are roflfed.
  • Taken if you need even more chase power.
  • - If you replace your Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads with a third phantom dancer, you will be able to move sufficiently fast enough as well as have crazy attack speed and crits on every hit. You would only ever get this in ultra-late game, but still a cool tip to be mentioned.
Very situational item. Useless most games, but can be very effective in others.
  • Get this if their team bunches up very tightly (like touching each other tightly).
  • If you can consistently attack 2+ heroes, it can multiply your dps significantly.
  • Don't get it unless they have a lot of melee heroes. If they do, they will probably bunch up to focus you. This will either let you deal more dps when they do, or stop them from focusing you so much so you can deal more dps.
Cloak and If you don't plan on getting Mercury's Treads
  • Not very efficient, so only get for the tenacity.

Defensive Items
What you will upgrade your Phage into if you need health.
  • This will make you much tankier and gives you more time before burning your ult.
  • (Also offensive)
  • You are sacrificing damage for more hp and slow, but the slow can potentially give more dmg if you keep the right targets close.
  • Helps your team as well. It keeps targets off your team and keep targets close for your team as well.
This should replace your Berserker's Greaves late game.
  • CC is very dangerous, this will reduce that threat.

Get this if the enemy has heroes such as Malzahar Mordekaiser Warwick Skarner. This is often bought sooner if they have more than one of these.
Taken if you are taking a lot of ad damage, but still want some damage.
  • Very cost efficient item if you built a Frozen Mallet.
  • Doesn't give that much defense, but makes up for it by providing good offensive stats too.
  • Only get this if you also get a Frozen Mallet and/or Warmog's Armor.
Lower Priority Defensive Items

Get this against a team with mostly physical, but some magic damage. Useful passive, but annoyingly long CD.
  • Synergizes with Undying Rage.
  • It's a bit of a toss-up whether to use Guardian Angel first or Undying Rage.
  • Guardian Angel first - Makes it easier to time Undying Rage. While you are waiting to revive, you can see who is about to focus you and you have time to calculate how soon you will need to use Undying Rage. You revive at 750 Health, which isn't that much, so your ult will help you survive when the enemy waits to finish you off. However, this CD is much longer than your ult's.
  • Undying Rage first - Makes Guardian Angel more of a backup spell. Its cooldown is much longer, so you have less of a chance of wasting it by using Undying Rage first. Good for ending Undying Rage because you can stay and fight instead of using those last few seconds running away. Sometimes, your lifesteal will let you live anyways, so Guardian Angel might not even be proc'd. However, if you do have to revive with guardian angel, you are vulnerable to getting focused back down.

If they have a heavy auto-attack team or another Trynd, consider this.
A few more items to consider in some situations.
Only get this if you also get Atma's Impaler
  • This would go into the very expensive atmog's build with frozen mallet.
  • Takes a while to stack and many other items take build priority.

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Jungling Route

See video for more advanced routes and commentary.Basic Route (Blue first)
SPACELvl 2 Gank Route (Red first)
Start with boots+3 potions. Trynd is not the best lvl 2 ganker, but with the right team, this can work well.

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Controlling the Jungle

Controlling the Jungle is your main role as the jungler. Your job is to outlevel and outgank the enemy jungler so that he can not gank effectively compared to you.

How to do this? Things you will need to consider:

    [1] Picking
    [2] Warding
    [3] Objective Ocntrol (buffs, dragon, baron)
    [4] Map Awareness
    [5] Timing

1. Picking

Picking is the first step to jungle control. If the enemy picks a weak jungler that has weak dueling power such as Amumu, you have an advantage from the start. However, if the enemy picks a strong jungler such as Skarner or Udyr, you will have a more difficult time controlling the jungle.

2. Warding

Warding is an important part of jungle control, and affect all of the below aspects. The most important part of warding is to remove uncertainty in order to help you make informed and smart decisions with less risk. Good warding can let you know where the enemy team is and isn't for you to go in and take a buff or kill them.

3. Objective Control

If you are not ganking lanes, your next objective is objective control. These objectives will give either you or your team an advantage over the enemy.
In order of importance, the jungle objectives are baron nashor , dragon , blue golem / red lizard(depends on team comp.), and then any other camps.

4. Map Awareness

Map awaresness is a basic skill that you should have. You should have a constant eye on the minimap to see where the enemy team is. This will let you know if you can go in and take an objective or not (such as when the enemy jungler is at the other side of the map).

5. Timing

Timing is an important tool that a good jungler should have. First you need to know the respawn times of the jungle objectives. They are:
  • All small camps: Spawns at 1:40 and respawns every 2 min
  • Ancient Golem / Red Lizard Spswns at 1:55 and respawns every 5 min.
  • Dragon Spawns at 2:30 and respawns every 6 min.
  • Baron Spawns at 15 min and respawns every 7 min.
  • Smite CD is every 70 seconds. - You can use this to estimate respawn times if you forgot to time something.
When ever an objective is taken (buffs/dragon/baron), note the time it will respawn in your head and write it in your allied chat as well. This will let your team know the respawn time as well and also help you remember it.

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sight ward


{Red} - Protects Mid from enemy
jungler and protects Bot from
when enemy Mid roams.
{Blue} - Protects Side Lanes from enemy
jungler and from enemy Mid. Doesn't
always provide full coverage.
{Green} - Wards enemy Buffs for
{Yellow}{Orange} - Wards Dragon/Baron.
Use orange if enemy has a pink ward.

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Bragging Wall

This could be you in here! Leave a comment of your prowess, and you may find yourself on this wall!Tanner: I just used this in Ranked, went 8-2 and we won.Here's my stats.

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Thanks for reading my Tryndamere Jungle Guide and I hoped it helped!
Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions or suggestions.Please thumbs up//comment//+rep if you liked it, because it took a lot of work to make and format :)

Thanks to JhoiJhoi's "Making a Guide, Guide" for formatting ideas!
P.S. To all you troll-voters, you make me sad :(. Haters gonna hate, but if you're gonna hate, at least tell me why you're gonna hate!