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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snark0311

Snarky ADC Concept

Snark0311 Last updated on September 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My Thoughts On the ADC Concept

Somthing I've always HATED about this game is the Metabuild. Not just because of the lanes but because people expect you to build a champ a specific way according to thier standard roles in the meta. For instance I like to play leona mid as a bruiser, I jungle Sona, Aatrox solo bot, and I play my mages top lane. But what bothers me most is the fact all adcs must be crit chance all the way. I'm a firm beleiver that Rangers are given wonderful kits just like any other champ that they deserve to be capitalized on as much as their basic attacks are.

The following are 3 of my favorite Rangers, and a build principle thats has worked well to augment these champions playstyle for me.

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Ashe is a Ranger with a simple yet effective kit based on CC. Obviously you max he W/Volleyfirst because its her only source of poke, but also because it can cast every 4 seconds at lvl 5. By starting her build with a manamune and a sheen you gain the ability to constantly poke and cc your opposition, as well as deal extra damage after every Volley. This is usefull not just in lane but when you are in the situation of the under-fed it allows you to better support team fights later on. Remember also that late game the active toggle of the Miramana will give more damage plus the passive from Sheen/Trinity Force will be added BEFORE you crit strike meaning a bonus 400+ damage(depending crit dmg modifiers). Note: using her W/ FrostShot charges the Manamune in a timely fashion.
Pros: 1.) Still uses crits and attack speed to deal massive steady stream of damage
2.) Can better skirmish the enemy
3.) Can Spam abilities to hearts content
Cons: 1.) Basic attacking slightly less effective
2.) lower AD early on, sisnce you have to buy a Tear

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Sivir is a very underated Ranger, and my favorite. Most games I play with this Champion I usually dont even build Lifesteal, Simply because I so confident in her ability to kite the enemy and deal bursts of damgage that decimate other squishy adc and apc that dont understand her mechanics.
Sivirs passive is key to her gameplay. buying a Manamune you gain the ability to spam your Q and proc the move speed you need to keep positive control on your positioning.
Firstly max her Q/Boomerang Blade. this is a easily spammed ability that can be used to soften minion waves, and deal great damage against a single target(Damage reduces after each target is passes through.) Keep in mind that it deals damage on the way there and back as well, so to ensure you get both passes at max damage, try to hit your target at the edge of your Qs range.
The second point goes into her E/Spell Shield. This ability is what makes her more adept at dealing with APCs and, annoying supports like Blitzcrank and Tresh. Max this last since the only thing you gain from leveling it is cdr.
Your W/Ricochet is your main source of damage mid-late game. AND IT PACKS A PUNCH. At level 5 you can activate this every 3 seconds(80 dmg), and proc your Trinity Force(~200 dmg) on top of your basic attack. And again these apply to the underside of your Damage so on a crit it will add 560+ dmg(depending on crit damage modifiers) to a basic attack. Q+W will esentially chunk down any AD or AP carry to the point that they cant duel you, and with your E you can absorb any stuns or nuke abilities they have, opening you up to finnish them with a couple basic attacks.
Lastly your Ulti will let you outrun/chase down anything in the game, and give you the attack speed you need to slug it out with standard ADC builds.
I wont even make a pros/cons for this build, because Sivir has soo much harass damage and mobility late game that it out wieghs any amount of sustain damage you could get out of strait Ad/Attack Speed build could offer. Just remember to fight with your mechanics and, and not try a slug slugging match with everything you square up with.

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Vayne is pretty simple but is included in this guide because she is strongest with the standard ADC builds, and thats ok. But somthing not alot of people realize is (big shock I'm using it again :P) Trinity Force. Yep, rocket science. At lvl 5 her Q cools down every 2 seconds; you proc TriForce and, gain 50% ad bonus(this one does not apply to the underside of crits but still increases damage potential.) You can still build more damage as opposed to attack speed to maximize your Q damage but ultimately your W is gonna deal true damage making it effective agaist ALL targets. Also she doesnt use a lot of mana for her Q so she wont need a Manamune to Spam it.

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So yeah this guide seems to be a "Trinity Force OP" sermon, but really TriForce just rewards frequent ability use; TriForce does not work as well on every Ranger. The kits each Champion has is what makes them unique and fun. Other methods such as Eleisa's Miracle, or mana regen runes could also open up more options for frequent casting. From Hybrid MF, to Move Speed Teemo... I simply suggest you explore more ways to play your ranged Champions, and not just auto attack everything you see. Thanks for reading, and happy ganking!


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