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Caitlyn Build Guide by Ledeni123

ADC Sniper one shot/one kill

ADC Sniper one shot/one kill

Updated on December 25, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ledeni123 Build Guide By Ledeni123 43 7 106,929 Views 0 Comments
43 7 106,929 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ledeni123 Caitlyn Build Guide By Ledeni123 Updated on December 25, 2020
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Runes: Kill and die with sniper

1 2 3 4
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Classic soloq
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

Sniper one shot/one kill

By Ledeni123
Forgive me
It is not completed but it will be as soon as i learn english, and i ran out of time. You all know we sniper people only shoot, we dont think much
If have any questions feel free to ask or to add some stupid things on this stupid guide :D
Starting at
You could read this but you can also skip all, like you dont know how to play, maybe some of you want to learn from this guide to become master of Sniper but dont hope to win every game that is impossible :D
B. F. Sword
B. F. Sword is still best 1st item buy sense it scales with q
Mythic items
They dont work well on adc as first buy for example with Kraken Slayer as first item you get only 3rd shot extra damage but you wont get 10% . So it is only valuable if you get it as 3rd or 4th item then you get 20-30% attack speed
You should know
I wont bother you with pros and cons that is ****, you dont need to know that.
What you should know that Caitlyn have good AA (Auto Attack) animation and bad spell animations.

Good aa animation: easy to use, sniper what can you do. She does not have animation like tristana too slow to fire more like launching rocket :/
With Caitlyn you can easy AA in early as well in late.

Bad spell animation: like you have cast time (fiddles ulti). You can die when using q at wrong moment (you are firing iron at people... Cait is a girl for gods sake that **** is heavy be nice to a girl with a sniper)
It is not her fault you missed you probably failed that one :(
(i could say you suck here but i didn´t, because im a nice guy.)

Ulti is only possible to use after teamfight, it takes to long to aim 2km shot.

Traps are also slow to activate (it takes two grown man to set it up and it takes time to put there that little cake plus little cakes are hard to make)
It is sometimes better just to AA, keep that in mind while playing :D
How to shoot
I'll tell you here about shooting.
I see a lot of people like to use A key (attack move) if you ask me that is only good to use if you go in base and click for hero to go on lane and farm with out you needing to click again (laziness is a virtue, sometimes only ofc.). But in actual team fight it is not so good because of things like high priority target, example: malphite next to ezrael(malphite-5k hp and 300armor, ezrael 2k hp and 60-80 armor) with attack move you maybe hit ezrael and crit him 1200 dmg and if you hit malphite 300 dmg(you did nothing here) if you play kog'maw you dont care who you hit you'll kill anyone but with caitlyn you gotta hit right targets, not to say with attack move you might hit your teammates and kill them. We all know snipers only shoot generals not foot soldiers (so aim carefully).
For kiting i would say some people hold space while they do it i personally mix with space and without it so that is on you, but know anything you do you need to be fast and practising with only right clicks you will gain more speed and with that better gameplay
To shoot better use traps
To make your enemies go where you want you need to put some traps, but you cant just put trap, you here want to put 1 trap at random place (that's what i do) while saving other 2 to use when you plan to do some hard poke or for ganks. What you want to do is to use them when you are lvl ahead (you just lvled to 5 they are still 4) or when you push wave at their turret and use trap in front of you not at their turret you want here to stop their all ins with traps not to poke usually they wont just go on trap(will avoid them :P ) with this you will be safe while poking.
Other reason for saving traps is when your jungler is ganking(if he have some stun) you can combo with them, and for stoping their jungler just put trap and he will go around it, you can use it to trap him or to scare him (a lot of people dont know that it arms after 1s because of it they will stop but in reality they could just go through it, but it is safer to put it little more in front of him just to be safe)
Netting your prey
Net isnt actually mobility spell as much as for stopping power. You can stop anyone who dont just jump on you like udyr, you wont be able to stop zed (or malphite) you can just push away from him but you wont be able to stop him, this spell isnt like tristanas jump or ezrales shift to actually dodge something fast. It has some cast time so you will need to predict their movements.
You can combo the **** out of them with net 1 eample: use e then aa (they just got rekt)
You can also do something like e q and aa to **** on them
If they are ganking you (if you even see what happend now they all play assasins, you can still **** on them) use e then q then trap after aa and one more aa if they step on trap and gg
Little about early buys
First back-not soo good start - I have come to realise that you should never buy this when lane is slow (in other words boring...) Sometimes you get ganked and are forced to back or die [this **** happends sometimes :( ] and you end up in base with 1000gold here you shouldn't buy Pickaxe that is bad sense you actually dont get much, like first buy impact (your enemy still dont know your damage) it is too weak. It is better to buy only Boots of Speed and wait out for Best Friend Sword and then do some serious ****.
You buy this stuff when you have leona or some other insane mad all in support. Also if you have jungler like rammus or lee son amd even nunu(he is like two in one)
If you have any luck you will kill them and be happy to buy Pickaxe so you can kill again

Snap i just learned i can link champions in this :O #mindblow. I will use it from now on.

When you play (i will do this for some champions) against (still cant belive this works o.O ).
You should force to buy (it even works for items :P )
And insdead of
What no one says
If you play this gorgeous girl called Caitlyn in promotions you will probably get some people for supports who dont want to win, but you dont care about that ****... All you have to do is farm and wait for jungle (sad truth)
You can only see on youtube some random dude playing Caitlyn oneshoting anyone and saying: "thats how you play" , remember here that that guy probably played 50 games to make that one video only my opinion they are full of **** :'(
Just remember that sniper killed Nick Fury and you will be fine gl.

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