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League of Legends Build Guide Author Racune329

So, We Heard You Like Objectives..

Racune329 Last updated on October 17, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Counters: Listing them here..

I'm choosing to list the counters here instead of on the timeline-like bar because as a team, some champions may cancel out others counters. I'm using"champion name", so if anyone wants to go check the counters, I'll post the links to each champion below! As of now, Darius is the only champion who shows up twice in all 5 pages who no one here directly counters.

In good news.. You'll see a bunch of good counters. nothing stellar, but:
- Nunu & Cho'Gath both counter Teemo, as well as Yorick.
= Nasus & Nunu both do well vs Jax.
- Mord is weak to Brand & Malzahar, but luckily, Galio is actually strong against them, so that should help Mordekaiser out.
- Mordekaiser cancels out Galio's weakness to Yasuo
- Cho'Gath is strong against Malphite who Galio is also weak against.
- Cho also helps Nunu out against Riven who Nunu is weak to.
- Nunu helps Cho'Gath out against Renekton.
- Galio helps Nunu out vs Casseopia

These are just a few key things to look out for. Make sure if you're playing a champion who is strong against something you ally is weak to after laning phase, feel free to stick by them more than not!

Here are the pages for the counters:






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Explaining Item Choices: Nasus

Nasus' Build:

1. Trinity Force (Staple Item on Nasus)

2. Boots of Lucidity w/ Distortion enchantment. (Lucidity due to the need of CD with Distortion because it lowers both the CD of Ghost as well as Teleport which are both of his summoner spells. *

3. Randuin's Omen / Frozen Heart **

4. Sterak's Gage / Dead Man's Plate ***

5. Spirit Visage (Needs MR as well as helps his passive Life Steal)

6. Warmogs Armor / Frozen Mallet ****

* Although it's not the same, "Dead Man's Plate" isn't a terrible alterative when you use it to Teleport in without Homeguard ready. You could either TP in a bit behind and gain stacks as running, or run back and forth in base until you get 100 stacks (maybe 5 full seconds while under where you spawn) and then TP to your destination.)

** I prefer Randuin's Omen, but if you're having mana problems and want more CDR, Frozen Heart is the alternative. I'd say it depends on the amount of critical hit items being built on the other team. If they have a Yasuo Mid, and maybe soneone like a Riven top along with an ADC who buys Infinity Edge anyway.. Randuin's Omen seems like more of a acceptable purchase. And in that case, forget AP damage, your Spirit Visage should hold you off against their most likely AP Jungler and or Support who doesn't have enough damage to kill you.. In this case, feel free to replace the 4th slot with a Thornmail.

*** I'm the type of person who'd prefer defense, especially when it gives offense as a secondary option. So I'd actually prefer Dead Man's Plate to Sterak's Gage, but I'd see why people like it. Here's my final ruling. If ahead, buy Sterak's Gage, if behind, buy Dead Man's Plate. If even, make a judgement call! If the rest of your team is behind, maybe the defensive item is better due to the chances of other lanes being more fed than yours due to this, and although the opposing top laner is even with you, the mid or even bottom laner might be able too, and in this case, it's better to be safe than sorry when the majority is scarier than the singled out opposition in top lane.

**** I would go Warmog's 110%. Unless you want the slow when your W is on cooldown, go with Warmogs for the health regen. Other than that, I couldn't think of any other sufficient reason to get Frozen Mallet due to it's miniscule attack damage. If you choose to purchase Frozen Mallet, make it last, and make sure you're far enough ahead from most of the opposing team.. but not too far ahead that they've surrendered already.

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Explaining Item Choices: Nunu

1. Poacher's Knife: Cinderhulk (I chose Poacher's Knife due to Nunu's great counter Jungling antics, and how utilizing him in such a way should disrupt the opponents jungler; rendering them irrelevant.

2. Boots of Mobility: Captain (These are standard jungling boots that allow Nunu to move with more speed throughout the map. I chose the Captain enchantment because it helps when ganking a lane to run down the opposing laner when you slow them with your E. Also you will see later on when I go into detail why Nunu as well as Galio both work in the same way, both built with moves catering to their movement speed as well as the speed of others.

3. Frozen Heart (Armor, Mana, CDR. Pretty straight forward.)

4. Righteous Glory * / Zeke's Harbinger **

5. Spirit Visage (MR, CDR, and most importantly, it helps your healing with your Q.)

6. Ohmwrecker / ZZ'Rot Portal ***

* Righteous Glory is the item mentioned above that will be discussed later on.

** Zeke's Harbinger isn't a bad replacement for Righteous Glory if you're ganking a lot. It allows you to bind to the person in lane in which you're ganking, and build up stacks to do more damage the more you attack to build said stacks! I'd look to maybe bind to Nasus up top because both you as well as his slows make up for the fact that you may not have Righteous Glory to catch up to them. Why bother chasing them for more than you need to, right?

*** Both of your 6th items are made for the same thing, but it depends on if you want to be there when it happens or not. Ohmwrecker is made to stop turret shots for a small amount of time while you destroy the turret. It also grants movement speed away from turrets whether erected or fallen, allowing Nunu & company to get in, destroy the turret, and get out before the enemy team can catch up. ZZ'Rot Portal is made to have voidlings spawn and attack an area, therefore if your play style is more for wanting to set a portal up in a bush either top or bot lane to try to capture a turret while you're elsewhere on the map, than this is a better item for you, although I prefer Ohmwrecker because it seems more fail-safe seeing you are harder to take down than a void gate.. if they can catch you that is..

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Explaining Item Choices: Cho'Gath

1. Rod of Ages (This is Cho's main item. Always build first!)

2. Mercury's Treads (These are to counter most mages who will oppose you in mid lane. I choose Alacrity as the enchantment to make up for Cho'Gaths lower movement speed.)

3. Frozen Heart (This item not only makes you more durable, but you shouldn't need to worry about mana much after this item is completed. You can try spamming your abilities to be out of mana in a fight, but by then in the late game, you'll be doing enough damage along with your team to ace the opposition unless they're ridiculously fed before you run out of mana.) *

4. Warmog's Armor (This items main purpose is to make you as tanky as possible. With it's passive, you shouldn't really have to go back much. You can just hide in a bush or under turret and heal for about 1/2 your HP or fight a jungle camp or two and heal due to your own passive mixed with the next item.)

5. Spirit Visage (Like mentioned before.. CDR, MR, Healing increased.)

6. Rylai's Crystal Scepter (This item now gives Cho'Gath the opportunity to slow his enemies when silencing them or autoing with his E enabled. Plus it gives 400 health and 100 AP damage!) **

* Randuin's Omen is only needed when you're facing the likes of a Yasuo midlane, or if you swapped lanes with Galio and are now Support Bot lane w/ Mordekaiser. I chose this over Frozen Heart because its ability to reduce critical strikes by 10%, which is what Most ADCs go for.

** When supporting, I would buy Relic Shield to start off, and then rush Rod of Ages. The only difference is that you're going to want to finish Face of the Mountain rather earlier than last, maybe before you begin Warmog's, making it your 4th or so finished item after a Rod. Go Rod of Ages, Mercury's Treads, Randuin's Omen then finish Face of the Mountain, then get Warmog's and Spirit Visage. (The order depends on what you need more as well as how much AP is on the other team.)

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Explaining Item Choices: Galio

1. Face of the Mountain (This item now gives you two shields to give, as well as Mord having his own being his W.)

2. Ninja Tabi: Captain Enchantment (Armored boots to help against the ADC as well as pokes.)

3. Ruby Sightstone (Crucial to any support to go ward. Pro tip, can use your E to get around and ward quicker to get back to lane as soon as possible. Just don't run out of mana.)

4. Zeke's Haringer (This gives you armor, mana, CDR, and it's passive helps Mord and you out a lot!)

5. Spirit Visage

6. Banner of Command / Righteous Glory * (This is for the MR, Health, AP, and siege power after a Baron, especially against teams that favor AP damage.)

* Righteous Glory could be chosen instead of Banner against AD heavy teams, and stacks well w/ Galio's E, his Captain enchantment, along with Nunu's own movement speed ability, and even Nunu's Righteous Glory! Both Nunu & Galio have 1 ability thay can slow and deals damage, as well as another ability that gains speed, therefore if both have Righteous Glory, they should be very hard to get away from without someone burning a flash or dash threw a wall! Each champion's Captain enchantments may not stack, but you could be giving your Mord a movement speed buff while the Nunu is elsewhere providing a much needed movement speed increase to either Nasus or Cho'Gath!

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Explaining Item Choices: Mordekaiser

1. Trinity Force (Gives AD & AP as well as mana, critical chance, and a bunch of other useful stuff!)

2. Berserker's Grieves: Furor (Furor applies a 2 second slow to a champion you hit with an ability. This is key seeing you aren't running AP Morde, so Rylai's isn't an option at the moment.)

3. Hextech Gunblade / Blade of the Ruined King (I'd say go Hextech Gunblade due to some of his abilities still scaling off of AP as well as being able to take advantage of getting both spell vamp and life steal, but if you'd rather have a full AD Mord, than Blade of the Ruined King is a better option.)

4. Titanic Hydra / Youmuu's Ghostblade (Titanic Hydra can make you more tanky, yes.. But an ADC w/o some sort of Armor Pen is really unheard of. Therefore Youmuu's seems more of a well rounded choice. Especially when you use it's passive of movement speed stacked with your own W and attack speed.)

5. Sterak's Gage (This item is basically made just for Mord now. After his juggernaught rework, he is made to have the highest base AD in the game at level 18. So if you make it to level 18, this item should hurt more when he uses it than anyone. Due to this, I can see it being a 6th item instead due to its cheapness as well the fact the earlier you get it, the less you feel its effects.)

6. Spirit Visage *

* You could actually push Sterak's Gage back to 6th and build either Blade of the Ruined King, Youmuu's Ghostblade, and or Titanic Hydra 5th depending on which ones you build earlier. I'd probably go: Trinity Force, Berserker's Grieves, Hextech Gunblade/Blade of the Ruined King, Titanic Hydra, Youmuu's Ghostblade, and then Sterak's Gage.

Side Note: Also, the recommended page says you should buy a Relic Shield. If you do happen to start out with this item, and plan on keeping it do you can have yet another shield other than both of Galio's as well as your own W.. it isn't a bad option.

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The basics of why this should work!

Here are some notable highlights on why I think this team can work.

- Overall a very tanky team.
- Cho'Gath & Nunu give great objective control when it comes to Dragon & Baron. If warded, you should be able to get every one in record time. Not to mention the Dragon Mord will be able to get. Have Cho'Gath, Mordekaiser, & Nunu all do dragon, and have Cho' stand facing where enemies would/could flash so he could silence anyone who tries coming in to steal it!
- If the match up mid is a heavy AP mage who counters Cho'Gath, Cho'Gath can swap to support Mordekaiser while Galio takes his place in Mid lane. The items sets would change up, but that comes with the territory.
- Nasus, come late game, is terrifyingly hard to kill, and so is a Mordekaiser once fed when you hit mid-game, never mind late game. You mix both of the two just mentioned with the amount of natural CC this team has and you get a lot of opportunities to kill the opposition.

Natural CC as follows:

- Nasus: "Wither" is a Slow, and if you chose to go with Randuin's Omen, you now have another slow.

- Nunu: "Blood Boil" is an attack and movement speed buff for an opponent as well as himself. "Ice Blast" being yet another slow he can cast, along with his ult "Absolute Zero" which is partly a slow.

- Cho'Gath: "Rupture" knocks opponents up, "Feral Scream" silences opponents for up to 2.5 seconds.

- Galio: "Resolute Smite" is a slow as well as a decent amount damage when used as a poke. "Bulwark" is a shield that is used to gain health back and can be cast on anyone including himself. "Righteous Gust" is a movement speed buff, and his ult "Idol of Durand" is an AOE taunt that deals damage.

- Mordekaiser: Lastly, his W not only deals damage to enemies around when cast on an ally or himself, but now has a movement speed buff when moving closer to an ally!

All together:
- 3 Slows
- 1 Knock Up
- 1 Silence
- 1 Taunt

This team is also set up to use their items as CC as well. Nunu & Galio not only have 2 movement speed abilities being "Blood Boil" & "Righteous Gust", but also may have Righteous Glory as well as Nunu's slow. Once caught in the middle of a team, a Galio ult as well as a Nunu ult simultaneously should be able to either get the kills you need, or allow Nasus, Mordekaiser & or Cho'Gath to come in and clean up easily.

This isn't exactly CC, but it's worth noting that these builds give 3-5 Speed Boosts to catch an enemy between Nunu, Galio, & Mord, as well as and 2-3 Shields depending on items built between Galio & Mordekaiser. (example: "Blood Boil" while on or following a "Righteous Gust" can catch an enemy; if it happens that it doesn't, you could either both use Righteous Glory either simultaneously or a well timed back to back. If Mord is present, his W also gives a movement speed bonus as well! This is also why Galio's boots have Captain enchantments which give him a 10% movement speed when with Allied champions! The only one that get left out of this is Cho'Gath. Nasus, has the Ghost summoner spell as a last resort, as well as Teleport to just TP in back of them if need be!

Speaking of item based CC:

- Everyone but perhaps Galio on this team is eligible to get Randuin's Omen for the slow.
- Galio's Face of the Mountain shield along with his W being another shield
- Galio will also have Zeke's Harmbinger which will be linked to Mord.
- Nunu can choose to have Zeke's as well, and bind himself to the laner whose lane he's ganking to help the damage done.

Lastly, the ability to conquer and siege!

- Nasus is able to Q turrets. Come late game, if he's able to farm well enough, he can 2 or 3 shot turrets with ease.
- Nunu is also a prime factor in this because he'll be able to do the same with another champion in a different lane. With Ohmwrecker, Nunu as well as an ally can run into turret range and stop the turret shots for a short amount of time in order to take the turrets down. A plausible alternative would be to also buy a ZZ'Rot portal and have its active push turrets while you assist another lane.

- Both Nunu and or Galio can have Banner of Command, which could definitely help when pushing. Not to mention if you get Baron buff first on a team that is leaning AP, and then give your Banner of Command activation onto an already bulky minion who has Baron buff.

Once you put it all together, you now have tanky team with decent CC who has great objective control whether it be towers or monsters who should be unkillable come late game. The main factor here is chemistry here between champions. No matter who you match with in game, they all have rather good synergy with each other! All of which have the ability to work well with the next no matter whom you are with. The object here is to never be aggressive before the 25 minute mark unless you choose to contest dragon. Your team does not have a lot of damage, and depends on Nasus as well as Mordekaiser in order to deal those heavy hits, so as Nunu you want to make sure top lane and mid lane don't fall too far behind, while Galio and Mord handle farming bottom lane.


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