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Camille Build Guide by Sentonado

AD Offtank Stay Here. [7.8]

AD Offtank Stay Here. [7.8]

Updated on April 22, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sentonado Build Guide By Sentonado 20,714 Views 0 Comments
20,714 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sentonado Camille Build Guide By Sentonado Updated on April 22, 2017
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Hi everyone, welcome to my Jungle Camille Guide. This is my very first guide. comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Why Go Jungle?
Camille is a very mobile champion that relies on items to deal damage. Her kit may not be the perfect for jungling but it is the best when it comes to ganking, as her Hookshot beats Zac's Slingshot combined with her Tactical Sweep Camille's ganks is one of the most devastating in-game.
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Pros / Cons


+ Mobile Champion
+ Easy Ganks with Hookshot
+ Extremely Powerful Dueling with Adaptive Defenses
+ True Damage Burst with Precision Protocol
+ Forced Ultimate

Despite the nerfs Camille's kit is almost perfect for including almost all effects like the Adaptive Barrier from Adaptive Defenses, True Damage from the Second Cast of Precision Protocol, Slow and Heal from Tactical Sweep, Tiny Knockup and Stun from Hookshot and Untargetability from Hextech Ultimatum

- Weak at pre level 3
- Needs items to be useful
- Missing Hookshot/ Wall Dive and Tactical Sweep can cost your life
- Easy to counter jungle
- Mostly Banned in Ranked Queues

Camille as a jungle will struggle at early stages pre level 3 and can be easily counter jungled by Master Yi, Lee Sin, Shaco, Kha'Zix, and Rengar.
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Camille is an AD Jungler which relies on Auto Attacks, Fury , Fervor of Battle , and Battering Blows would be a great help to strengthen her autos, Fresh Blood will increase your DPS and would be a great help as Camille favors extended-combat. I use Double Edged Sword for that 3% Additional damage and Adaptive Defenses soaks up 1.5% increased damage taken.
Since Camille is an Auto Attack Chamption taking Savagery would improve her damage output vs monsters, Runic Affinity is required as a jungler for have prolonged buffs will help you while jungling, picking Merciless is useful for last hitting champions with Precision Protocol, Dangerous Game will save you a lot
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Ability Explanaiton

  • Adaptive Defenses: This passive keeps Camille win trades vs a champion. It gives a 20% Maximum Health Shield base from the type of damage that would mitigate from the auto attacked champion lasts for 1.5 Seconds
  • Precision Protocol (Q) (Next basic Attack): This is your bread and butter, main source of damage your blade, this is your why you are the camille, Max this after Hextech Ultimatum. This ability reset your auto attack timer so use it really well, Make sure you always activate the 2nd Cast which is the True-damage empowered one.
  • Tactical Sweep (W) (Skillshot): This is your secondary combat initiation ability as you can cast this while moving freely note that you can also cast this while using Hookshot making ganks more devastating. Hitting chamption on the outer half heals you 100% of the bonus damage
  • Hookshot (E) (Skillshot): This is your main initiating ability, use this to ganks efficiently and can be used to in escaping combat. Landing this ability on a champion will stun them and grant you bonus attack speed. The second cast range will be doubled if there is a champion nearby. Take note that this can detect nearby invisible units, and you can Flash mid-air to reposition the location of the ability. You can cancel Lee Sin's Second cast of resonating strike, and vi's Q, Thresh's lantern, and many more.
  • The Hextech Ultimatum (R) (Unit Target): This is your ultimate, It allows you to mow down the target disabling their escape even if you died, the hexagonal arena will not disappear you leave the area. Autos inside the arena deals (5/10/15 + (4%/6%/8% of the targets current health) and the arena lasts for 2.5/3.25.4 seconds.
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Skill Sequence

> > >
We want to max out Hextech Ultimatum because it is our ultimate. Then Precision Protocol as it is your main damaging ability. We level up Tactical Sweep last as the first level heal and slow is enough to kill, and secondly Maxing Hookshot because why not? getting spammable Hookshot allows you to easily engage and kill a champion more frequently
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The 10% Coodown reduction and 60 Attack Damage is perfect for our Camille as her Q Precision Protocol benefits from all of its stats, Skirmisher's Sabre is better than Stalker's Blade as it reduces the damage taken by the smited champion and it burns for 3 seconds of true damage when auto attacked

Camille may not be a ninja but these tabis will suffice her defensive needs for absorbing of tons of autos, the damage reduction for basic attacks is seems overpowered. But if the enemy team is full of Crowd Control feel free to buy Mercury's Treads
over Ninja Tabi

Ahh the Trinity Force the perfect Item for Camille, trinity force boosts Camille's damage output by 200% with this item as the movement speed bonus and cooldown reduction works well with camille. Make sure you buy this item.

the Thornmail this item is the AD Carries worst nightmare, buy this item first if their ad carry is fed, this will help mitigate physical damage.

This will make camille more durable vs mages, making the champion take up more magic damage. Buy this first if their AP Carries are fed or the enemy team has a lot of magic damage delear

Can be used to reset auto attack, dealing tons of damage in a short amount of time.
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Creeping / Jungling

Start with Red Brambleback , Auto Attack + Q + Auto Attack + Auto Attack + Q (Use Smite when the red is 500 hp or below or just last hit it with smite), then proceed with Krugs then recall and buy Hunter's Talisman, then proceed with the wolf, then gromp, blue then gank a lane or get the raptors then repeat. Buy Caulfield's Warhammer first before the Skirmisher's Sabre as the Attack damage will help you more in clearing the jungle

Ganking a Lane
Engage with E + W combo, then proceed to deal damage to the target by Using AA + Q + AA + AA + Q. Please note that ALWAYS wait the Empowered Precision Protocol as it deals true damage

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