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Akali Build Guide by Bliztron

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bliztron

Stay in the Shadows; Jungling with Akali

Bliztron Last updated on June 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, I'm Bliztron and this is my second guide! I will be recording all of my match scores below. I don't have proof so you can choose not to take my word on it, but go ahead and try it yourself!

Current Win/Loss Ratio: 4/1
#1- 4/9/7 Defeat
#2- 14/5/9 Win
#3- 8/2/8 Win
#4- 2/2/1 Win
#5- 13/5/8 Win

Also keep in mind that this whole guide will receive updates at an average rate, so feedback is welcome!

NOTE = My format will be very similar if not near identical to my other guides for easier navigation through all my guides.

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Hello, and welcome to the fun and obscure role of Jungle Akali. Many people know Akali, and how annoying she can be with 3+ dashes in a single fight. She is iconic for her sustain and her ability to burst people down. If all these are true, and she is so strong, why in the world don't we see Akali more? The reason for this is because she is shut down so heavily by cc and she has almost no pressure in lane before 6. To make this worse, getting last hits on minions or even just surviving in lane can be difficult do to the fact she has poor wave clear, and essentially no range.

How does Jungle Akali collide with this? Well, first off, Jungle Akali has decent sustain and great single taregt burst with her Mark of the Assassin. She also can kill many minions at once with her Crescent Slash. She still is reliant on 6, but she is not countered so hard by not having it. In the jungle, she doesn't need her jump at all to be effective. She only needs it for ganking.

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Pros / Cons


+ Decent clear speed due to high damage
+ After getting some items, great sustain in between ganks.
+ Almost inescapable due to Shadow Dance
+ Able to quickly go through the jungle due to Twilight Shroud and Shadow Dance
+ Scales extremely well into late game with high burst and constant assassination damage.
+ Red buff gives you the slow you need to secure kills.
+ Is a ninja. Autowin.


- Ganks purely reliant on overextending enemies OR your level 6.
- Extraordinarily squishy in your first couple clears.
- Is vulnerable to invades do to low mobility and no range.
- Is extremely reliant on cc and sustain from items.
- Requires good CC on the team in order to scale into late game.

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Ability Explanations

Twin Disciplines

This helps Akali so much in both killing monsters/enemies and staying alive in the jungle. Being relatively squishy, this is the only thing keeping her alive early on. Once you get your Hextech Gunblade, this will get a major boost in power. You will survive everything do to the intense amount of Spell Vamp you will have and the bonus AP it gives makes your auto attacks hit harder.

Mark of the Assassin (Q)

This ability is the most important ability for jungling, as it grants great damage, energy return, and has a decently low CD. Grab this ability at level 1 to help you slice through the red buff. Place whenever you can on the big jungle enemy. Also, this applies spell vamp very well and is your main damage tool for assassination.

Twilight Shroud (W)

This ability has an enormous amount of possibilities to it. It also assists in jungling if used properly. THIS SEPARATES A GOOD Akali JUNGLE FROM A BAD ONE. This ability gives you bonus armor and gives your brief periods of stealth in the jungle. You can cancel enemy monster attacks, and also gain bonus defense. Be very careful though, for this can also reset the jungle creeps and they will start to regenerate health. Out of jungle, this ability serves as your escape and also helps you wait while your abilities come off CD.

NOTE = Keep in mind that this reveals close to the center, so throwing it over the wall and comboing it with Shadow Dance can both help you escape and hasten your clear speed.

Crescent Slash (E)

This is your only form of AoE, and it helps you clear out the small jungle creeps easily while taking down the big ones with Mark of the Assassin. Keep in mind that once you get Hextech Gunblade, this will heal you for a good 20% of your health in the jungle. Use this as often as you can in the jungle, with use priority behind only Mark of the Assassin.

NOTE = Keep in mind this also procs the effect from Mark of the Assassin, so use it in a combo to secure burst damage. Also, in the jungle, use it immediately after your Mark hits to get a burst of damage and healing with your spell vamp.

Shadow Dance (R)

This ability is iconic. Without this ability, Akali would be completely useless. This ability is very versatile, and should be treated as such. In jungle, only use this to transverse long ways when you have max stacks, such as over the wall to blue buff/red buff. Keep in mind that this plus Twilight Shroud can help you escape over walls. Shadow Dance gets most effect during ganking, and is, in fact, the only reason Akali Jungle can exist. This also scales so well into late game, and allows you to bounce between squishies with ease.

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My Main Spells

Flash is just a good spell to have. It helps you escape over walls, it helps you catch up so you can Shadow Dance, and it even helps you juke lethal skilshots. This spell is just so versatile and fits in so well with Akali's naturally versatile kit that is a must include on her.

This spell is a must have for essentially all junglers, and is completely needed on Akali. This should be used to secure or steal Dragon/Baron Nashor, but will mostly be used to take down Blue/Red buff. Keep in mind that this spell applies spell vamp.

Viable Options

I have seen some junglers grab ignite instead of Flash, and to great effect. Personally, I prefer Flash because it is simply more versatile. This spell has its uses though, as it helps you finish off particularly hard enemies, and shuts down heal bots like Dr. Mundo, Swain, and Volibear.

If your team lacks consistent CC, this can be considered. It gives great ganking power, trading power, and also sticking power. This is an excellent substitute for Gunblade early on, and comboes nicely with it as well.

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Spirit of the Spectral Wraith- As you need as much AP as you can get, and CDR is very helpful in all aspects, this item is a great addition to your inventory. You can consider getting it after your Gunblade, as stacking it is easy, but you may lose early power for more sustain and a slow.

Sweeping Lens- Very easy to understand. It reveals wards, letting you gank later on and getting you more money.

Hextech Gunblade- This item is core on Akali. Without this item, she cannot go in the Jungle effectively, not to mention deal damage effectively or gank well. This item gives phenomenal sustain, and the slow component of it amplifies your ganking powers exponentially.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter- With even more CC, you can stick to enemies in both assassination and ganks much easier. It also gives a hefty amount of health and also a good deal of AP.[/b]

Sorcerer's Boots (+enhancement)- You need the magic penetration, as it gives you more damage. Furor also gives you even more sticking power, and it also helps after you perform an assassination, as you can turn tail easier.

Zhonya's Hourglass- WIth more armor and an awesome active, this helps you in the jungle and in surviving tough situations. This also allows you to get in, assassinate, and survive while your team enagages and, with help from Twilight Shroud allows you to survive.

Rabadon's Deathcap vs Void Staff- Both of these items gives you what you need: more damage. They both gives it in a different way though. Rabadon's Deathcap is usually the best option, but many times you may need to equip yourself with more Magic Penetration. Get Void Staff if your enemies build a bunch of Magic Resistance.

Alternate Offensive

Deathfire Grasp- This item gives you a huge amount of bonus burst which helps with single target removal. This item is amazing when you need to take down a single target very quickly. It can also help you take down tankier people in a clinch. It also gives you CDR which means more jumps.

Abyssal Mask- This is to be got against an AP heavy team. It gives you and your allies the ability to get through magic resistance easier and also gives you a good amount of Magic Resistance.

Alternate Defensive

Banshee's Veil- This item is a great item against enemies who have one spell wonders such as Blitzcrank, Warwick, Ashe, and Thresh. This also gives you nice Health and Magic Resistance.

Guardian Angel- If the enemies are just focusing you down way to much, set them on nerve with this item. Combined with Twilight Shroud and Zhonya's Hourglass, you will be hard to kill.

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  • Mark of Attack Damage

    Flat attack damage helps you here more than any other mark. The flat attack damage does a number of things to boost your early game jungle. It both gives you faster clears and also more spell vamp to sustain better in the jungle clears.
  • Seal of Armor

    You are going to take damage in the jungle by jungle monsters, and armor is the best way to counter it. This gives a decent amount of armor and helps you stay alive and well. Also scales into late game.
  • Glyph of Ability Power

    Bonus Ability Power is really just a granted at this point. IT also helps early game with your clear as it gives a good burst of bonus damage early on.
  • Quint of Movement Speed

    Helps you avoid skillshots, catch up to enemies, and escape enemies. This also helps you move between jungle camps faster. Constantly good late game.

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NOTE= Ones in orange are core. Ones in pink are changeable.

Sorcery- CDR is nice on Akali. More jumps and more bursts.

Expose Weakness - Good for clearing the jungles faster and also helps once again against Magic Resistance.

Mental Force - You need as much AP as you can possible get, and this helps you with that.

Arcane Mastery- Serves the same purpose as Mental Force , but with the added effect of more early game damage.

Executioner - As an Assassin, this helps you a good deal with your damage. You can deal more damage to enemies you burst and also be able to clean up easier.

Archmage - More AP = more damage.

Dangerous Game - You might as well get this since you built up to it through Executioner. It helps you stay alive.

Devastating Strikes - More magic and armor penetration. Useful for taking down jungle creeps and also get through Magic Resistance.

Arcane Blade Although I consider it very important and a core mastery, in reality it is not 100% required. It does couple with your passive very well though.

Havoc - This mastery is what you've built up to. Of courseyou are going to get bonus damage.

Tough Skin - Survive easier against monsters. Easy choice.

Enchanted Armor - This is a solid defense boost that every melee should have. It also gives you more defense against early jungle camps.

Veteran Scars - 36 bonus health really helps early game in all respects.

Bladed Armor - This helps you slay enemy monsters faster and put them in range of smite quicker.

Juggernaut - +3% maximum health is self-explanatory. It makes you more tanky. GG.

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Well, that is all folks. Please comment on this guide if you liked it and try it out! It is very fun and can be very strong. Good luck all!