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Trundle Build Guide by CaptianMike

Jungle Subjugate your enemies | Trundle Jungle

By CaptianMike | Updated on February 24, 2021
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Runes: Raid boss

Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Jungle Role
Ranked #22 in
Jungle Role
Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

Subjugate your enemies | Trundle Jungle

By CaptianMike
Looking to dominate and win games with ease? Are you stuck in an elo that you can't seem to get out of? Well you've come to the right place. Here I will teach you how to play Trundle in the jungle to have a high impact on the game.
Pros & Cons Back to Top
  • AMAZING duelist.
  • High damage and tankiness.
  • Healthy jungle clear.
  • Useful even after you die
  • Snowballs hard
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Small teamfight presence (no AoE dmg abilities)
  • Reliant on hitting pillar for a successful gank
  • Gets harder to pull off in high plat/diamond+
Summoner spells Back to Top

You might be wondering why I take ghost instead of flash. In short, ghost is way stronger than flash in lower elo. It has a lower cooldown so you can get kills more often, and it helps your mobility much more than flash, especially in teamfights! Don't be afraid to use ghost if it'll get you a kill. The only downside is that it doesn't work as well as flash defensively, but if you play correctly you will always be on the offense!
Items Back to Top
Why the attack speed item instead of the damage jungle item? The faster attack speed you have, the quicker you can stack Conqueror which increases your power dramatically when fully stacked.
This item is an all around amazing item for carrying games. It adds plenty of damage, but it doesn't add nearly as much health. I would reccomend building this EVERY GAME, unless you are extremely behind. Note- You're probably not ready for 5v5 team fights without more items than just this!
This is slowly becoming one of my favorite items due to the extreme effectiveness against AD teams. This item is especially effective against champions like Yasuo, Tryndamere, and crit ADC's. This item also tracks exactly how much damage has been reduced, and that's satisfying :)
Buy this item if you need magic resistance! You have natural healing from your passive King's Tribute, and Conqueror heals you too which is all amplified from this item. I would recommend this item most of the time, unless your opponents are completely AD based.
I usually buy this item in the mid-late game as an extra defense if your opponents have 2 or more auto-attack based threats. When building this item, I go for Warden's Mail before Bramble Vest because the former is more gold efficient.
Situational item, you should buy this item if you are against either Ryze, Cassiopeia, or Mordekaiser. It reduces morde's passive damage which is the most damage to you.
This item is situational. Tiamat make your jungle clear faster, but the final item is 'meh' compared to other truly offensive items. It gives health but no resistances, so make sure you have ample armour and magic resist before you buy this item.
Jungling Back to Top
I generally try to steal the opponents buff to start off the game. If you are blue side (bottom side), I start their red brambleback (red buff) on the top side. If you are red side (top side), make a short detour to your opponent's blue sentinel (blue buff). No leash is required, try to steal it alone so your enemies have no idea. Leave a Stealth Ward before you go!

When jungling, make sure to use your Q Chomp as an auto attack reset for a faster clear. Basically, use your Q immediately after you auto attack and your chomp will hit right after, so it's like 2 auto attacks in one.

Also, your w Frozen Domain increases the healing you get from ALL SOURCES. So make sure you smite jungle monsters while you are in your Frozen Domain to gain extra healing. You should use your health pots while on the frozen area as well.
Ganking Back to Top
Ganking is an important part of jungling. You will know when to gank if you see an enemy pushed up too far or an enemy with very low health in lane. It is generally hard to gank mid because it is a short lane, and the easiest lane to gank is top lane.

If you are going all-in, use Ghost preemptively since it takes 2 seconds to wind up. Remember to use Chomp as an auto attack reset, and I generally save Pillar of Ice until after your opponent tries to escape (e.g. Flash).
Closing the game and credits Back to Top
Your main goal in the mid-late game is to secure objectives and kill the enemy carry in fights. You can solo dragon from very early on in the game and those help your team out a lot so be sure to get those when you can. When a teamfight is going to break out, use Ghost and you will be virtually unkitable! If you manage to win teamfights and secure baron, there is nothing stopping you from victory.

Let me know if this guide worked for you! Thank you for reading.
League of Legends Build Guide Author CaptianMike
CaptianMike Trundle Guide
Subjugate your enemies | Trundle Jungle

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