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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zonn3

Summoner Spells - Everything you need to know!

Zonn3 Last updated on July 1, 2012
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This Guide is a Summoner Spells guide.

Here ill try to make a compilation of nice uses of every Summoner Spell to make sure everyone knows everything.

This will be very usefull to new players and maybe hard experienced players can learn something new.

Summoners are allowed the use of two summoner spells during any fight in the Fields of Justice. They are selected during the Champion Selection before each match and cannot be changed for the duration of the match. These spells have a direct impact on the action in the battle arena. Summoner spells don't drain a champion's mana but are instead usable again only after a lengthy period of cooldown. As a summoner gains experience and increases their power by fighting in multiple battle arenas, new summoner spells will become available for use.

During combat some spells ( Clarity, Heal, Ignite, Surge, Revive, Promote and Smite) gain power with champion level. The other spells have the same power throughout the entire battle. While in combat the spells are bound by the same rules as the champion skills

(Im spanish, im sorry if i have some errors)

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Targets a single champion dealing 50 + (lvl x 20) true damage over 5 seconds. Also reduces the target’s healing and regeneration by 50%.

What do i have to know?

  • 1. It makes you deal a nice amount of more damage on your enemy, helping you kill.
  • 2. It deals TRUE DAMAGE so it cant be avoid by armor or magic resistance.
  • 3. When its on the target (5 seconds) the target HEALS 50% LESS.
  • 4. The heal reduction works with all heals, even Heal, but dont affect "additional health" such as that granted from Nasus - Fury of the Sands or Lulu - Wild Growth
  • 5. It does not stack, if you use Ignite on someone that has Ignite on him, it will just refresh.
  • 1. If you are a Carry, or you need to deal hard damage.
  • 2. If you need a little extra damage in your team.
  • 3. If the enemy team has Swain or Sion you must have some ignites in your team.
  • 1. In a 1v1 fight you have to think "Can this champion heal him self?" "Will i need the extra damage?" those are the two questions.

    SPACE1.1 Can this champion heal him self?:

    YES: Swain or Sion need ignite on them from the start of the 1v1 because when they use their ultimates they heal REALLY fast. But you have ignite, you use on them and the important thing, they will not heal (as much, they will continue healing but 50% less) so that will be more HP lost for them than the real damage from your Ignite.

    NO: If the enemy champion can heal or his heal is not very high you can wait, when he is low use it on him, he will run and die under his own tower.

    SPACE1.2 Will i need the extra damage?: Sometimes you find a champion with so so low hp that you just follow him and kill him, you dont need to use it, and you can wait it to have it later for a harder fight.

  • 2. Teamfights You will prioritize in this order:

    SPACE Champions who heal their self hard and deal damage
    Ex: Swain Sion
    Will make them suffer the damage instead of get out of the battle full hp

    Champions who deal damage and are squishy
    Ex: Lux Morgana
    With ignite they will have damage on them and if the support heals them it will be very little heal.

    Champions who heal their self
    Ex: Taric Soraka
    Will make him more squishy

    Ex: Amumu Shen
    Dont use on them on teamfights. (only if the tank is Sion or someone else)


    Effects: +15% critical strike chance +18% life steal
    Passive: On-hit, you cause 4 damage per second for 8 seconds.
    Active: Inflicts target enemy champion with Grievous Wound, causing 50% reduced healing and regeneration for 8 seconds (20 second cooldown).


    It active is like ignite heal effect, but better because its on the target for 8 seconds and has only 20 seconds of CD.


    Effects: +75 ability power +12 mana regeneration
    Passive: +20% cooldown reduction
    Active: Inflicts target enemy champion with Grievous Wound, causing 50% reduced healing and regeneration for 8 seconds(20 second cooldown). (750 range).


    It active is like ignite heal effect, but better because its on the target for 8 seconds and has only 20 seconds of CD.

    • 1. Its a + DMG skill.
    • 2. Its USEFULL.
    • 3. Every team must have 2-3.
    • 4. Its funny.

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Restores 160 + (lvl x 30) Mana to your champion and 50% of that to nearby allies.

What do i have to know?

  • 1. Gives you and your allies (less to your allies) an huge extra of mana.
  • 2. So so so usefull in early game. Quite useless in late game.
  • 3. Make us stay in lane longer (more exp, more gold)
  • 4. Help you with some kills. Lot of times you are in the perfect moment to combo and no mana, this helps.
  • 1. You should choose it when you have a champion that is mana hungry and is not extremely offensive, like Lux
  • 2. Some people likes choosing it with supports, and its true, it gives you and your companion lot of mana and helps you, but for most supports is more recommended Flash and Clairvoyance.
  • 3. When you are starting with a mana-champion and you waste lot of mana (because you fail spells etc) This could be fine.

  • 1. You are alone:

    SPACE1.1 Very Early game (1-3) you should not need it, if you do need it, try to waste less mana.

    SPACE1.2 Quite Early game (4-5) use it when you run out of mana to stay in lane.

    SPACE1.3 Early-Mid game (6-10) try not to use it when you run out of mana, (you should have blue) I recommend to wait out of mana, and when you see the oportunity use it and combo everything. But its ok to use it like "Quite Early game phase.

    SPACE1.4 Mid game (10-still in lane) use it when you run out of mana.

    SPACE1.5 Late game (not in lane) try not to use it alone unless you need it hard.

    SPACE1.6 Dont use it alone if you have blue unless you need it hard.
  • 2. You have a lane companion:

    SPACE2.1 When both run out of mana, use it, its the best moment. And if you can help jungler also, better.

    SPACE2.2 When you run out of mana, most of the times wait till your companion uses his mana (you can ask him to spam skills and try to harass)

    SPACE2.3 When he runs out of mana, you have to know that you give 50% mana to him, so its usefull for you, halfuse for him, if he runs out and you dont lose mana use it, if you think you will need it soon, wait for it.



    Effects: +80 ability power, +36 magic resistance, +15 mana regeneration
    Passive: 15% cooldown reduction
    Passive: Restores 12% of your max mana on kill or assist.
    Passive: Increases your mana regeneration by 1% per 1% mana you are missing.


    In my opinion the best mana regeneration item, it gives us +15/sec (huge) and per 1% missing increases 1% our mana regeneration, so with 0 mana we regenerate 100% faster.
    That means you will almost allways have at least 20% of your mana ready because you will regenerate very fast. (Must have item with some champions like Swain)

    Effects: +400 mana +25 mana regen per 5 seconds +45 ability power
    Passive: Grants ability power equal to 3% of your maximum mana.
    Passive: Every time you use an ability, your maximum mana increases by 4 (3 second cooldown). Bonus caps at 1000 mana. Does not stack with Tear of the Goddess or Manamune.


    Very nice item, not us much mana regeneration as Athene's Unholy Grail but huge anyway, +25/sec.
    Its a different way or regen, it gives us less regeneration under 55-70% mana but more over that quantity, and this one gives us a very high amount of mana. But dont give MR or CDR.


    Effects: +20 attack damage +350 mana +7 mana regeneration
    Passive: 2% of your maximum mana is converted to attack damage.
    Passive: On hit, you gain +1 maximum mana (maximum +1000 maximum mana). 3 second cooldown.
    Passive: On cast, you gain +4 maximum mana (contributes to same maximum). 3 second cooldown.

    It gives us +7 mana/sec thats big enough for an AD, also gives extra maximum mana, that is in my opinion more interesting for an AD. And damage so its not wasted slot ;)

    Effects: +50 attack damage +15 health regeneration +5 mana regeneration
    Passive: Your basic attacks splash, dealing 50% physical damage around the target (35% for ranged attacks).

    I dont use this item very much, but it does what you need, mana regeneration, also splash damage, i think is the only item that do it.

    (AD champions need less Mana regeneration usually, but if you think you need it you have some examples here.)

    • 1. Its a nice spell, specially at the start of the game.
    • 2. Try not to have more than 1 Clarity in your team
    • 3. Use it with the highest amount of allys near. (if you go to gank and you see you can use it, you will help your team)
    • 4. Dont forget to use it on late game when a friend needs it.

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Teleports your Champion to target nearby location under your mouse cursor.

What do i have to know?

  • 1. It teleports you to a near please immediatily.
  • 2. You can jump over walls, but only if the wall is smaller than the space you can teleport.
  • 3. It makes a smaller difference between you and your enemy than Ghost, but immediatily.
  • 4. Its nice for attacking, but also nice for scaping.
  • 5. Flash and Teleport are the only spells that can not be used while stunned or silenced

  • 1. Its one of the most chosen summoner spells
  • 2. Almost all champs must have Flash or Ghost
  • 3. Maybe you will not need it if the champion has a teleport skill, such as LeBlanc - Distortion or Corki - Valkyrie
  • 4. Recommended on supports, and very nice on AP champions and mid.
  • 5. There are no items that can mimic it use, so you can choose this one and then use items for the rest of the summoner spells.
  • 1. Jump over walls. You can teleport from one side to the other of a wall (its the big advantage against Ghost). The walls cant be too big or you will just Flash to the same position you are.
  • 2. To escape from enemys. You will need to learn if you need it or you can just run. Also, to escape I recommend to jump over walls, it gives you much more advantage, but sometimes (like if you are being ganked at your lane there are no walls to jump.
    Some champions have their own jumping-over-walls skill, like Shen, Corki or LeBlanc normally is recommended to use it instead of flash if you are escaping (less CD) (some special cases like Amumu can jump-over-wall but needs a minion/enemy champion at the other side, but its so hard usefull)
  • 3. Catch'em! you can try to catch someone that is scaping from you with flash, also if he uses flash you can use it also and get to the same distance that you where. If he jump over a wall you can too. (I dont recommend to jump over a wall running after LeBlanc, specially if she has mana, maybe she uses Distortion and then when you flash uses sigil of silence and Mimic and you die in a second, or press again Distortion and jump over the wall back again, so you have wasted flash for nothing.
  • 4. Jump over skills, like Anivia - Crystallize or go away from Nunu - Absolute Zero
  • 5. Get a nice strategy position, with Lux for her finales funkeln, Alistar - Headbutt or Janna - Monsoon I think this is the hardest and the most pro way to use Flash not everyones know how to use it but can give your team many kills.
  • 6. Kill someone undertower, in this case we need to know, the tower will start hitting us in the exact moment we start dealing damage to an enemy champion, knowing that the best way to kill someone undertower is to go RUNNING after them if there are minions(because tower will not hit us till we hit him) kill fast and Flash away, but normally the enemy champion knows you are going after him undertower, so will start running, in that case you can follow him and when he goes out of the range of tower Flash and kill.
  • 7. Surprise! you can have a champion with 30% of his life in your lane, you play normal killing minions, and in the exact moment you flash on him and use full combo, he will not expect that, so you will have 1 second of advantage before he reacts.

  • 1. Its one of the hardest summoner spells to use.
  • 2. But its one of the best ones.
  • 3. Learn what walls you can jump and from where.
  • 4. If you can survive when someone is hitting you its better to run near a wall and flash than flash and then run away. (of course if you can survive, if you are Lux and Olaf and Nocturne are hitting you at the same time, flash away sooner as possible xD.
  • 5. Its funny

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  • 1. Its gives you vision of a location for 4 seconds.
  • 2. It grants also vision of brushes, in its hole ratio, so you can use in the middle of 2 brushes and you will see both.
  • 3. If Clairvoyance only extends over half of a brush patch, an enemy unit can remain unseen in the other half.
  • 4. The "eye" that is placed at the Clairvoyance area can be seen by the enemy, even if it is in the fog of war.
  • 5. Clairvoyance will reset the markers for neutral monster camps on the minimap. So if you place it on enemy Blue buff and its dead, the mark on your minimap will dissapear untill the Blue buff reappears
  • 6. Casting Clairvoyance does not interrupt recall channel.
  • 1. Its a must have summoner spell on supporters like Soraka or Sona.
  • 2. Some people likes to use it when they choose a high range ultimate champion ( Lux Ezreal Ashe) because you can see the champion and use the ultimate in the right direction. I dont recommend it because the enemy can see the "eye" so they can start running before you use ultimate, also you lose a nice slot for different summoner spell. But if you play Lux or Nidalee as supporter its nice.
  • 1. First time you use it must be on the 5th second of the match, on the enemy fountain to see enemies' starting items and lane setup. (enemy items will appear on the summary window (tab))
  • 2. After that you should use Clairvoyance as much as you can on early and mid game to see:

    SPACE2.1 Check the enemy jungler's progress.

    SPACE2.2 Prevent ganks from enemy jungler and other laners that are on "SS"

    SPACE2.3 If the enemy jungler is invading your jungle cast it at their probably location and hopefully you will give a kill to your team ;)
  • 3. In late game, on teamfights use it on near brushes so you team will not lose sight, or when someone tries to scape, so your team can follow him easyer.

sight ward
Effects: Places an invisible ward with 1100 range. Lasts 3 minutes. (Can't see invisible units)
Stacks: 5 per item slot.

Effects: Places an invisible ward with 1000 range Magical Sight (can see invisible units). Lasts 3 minutes.
Stacks: 5 per item slot.


Differences between sight ward Clairvoyance

sight ward
Sight ward

+ Its invisible to enemys
+ It stays for 3 minutes
+ You can use Teleport on it, also some champions can jump on it (Ex: Jax)
+ With Vision Ward you can see invisible champions

- It cant be moved
- It cost gold
- It doesnt give brush sight unless you use it on the brush
- It can be destroyed by the enemy
- You need to be near it to place it.

+ Its free to use.
+ It can be used all along the match, on different places.
+ It gives information of brushes near
+ Cant be destroyed
+ Can be used on all the map, you dont have to be at the place

- Enemy can see the "Eye" while use
- Stays only for 4 seconds
- You cant see invisible people
- It takes a place that you could use for different summoner spell.

With Wriggle's Lantern you can create a free sight ward every 3 minutes, the ward stays 3 minutes so, if none of the enemy destroy it you can have dragon (untill lvl 13) or baron (from lvl 13) warded for free. Recommended for junglers.

Here you have a guide to ward from Nihma

  • 1. A must have on supporters
  • 2. with Smite the lowest CD on summoners spells
  • 3. Usefull, prevent from die, helps to kill

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After 4 seconds, teleports your champion to target friendly minion or turret. 180 seconds cooldown if cancelled, 300 seconds if not.

What do i have to know?

  • 1. It takes 4 seconds to teleport, 6 less than recall but those seconds can make you die, be carefull.
  • 2. Can't be cancelled with damage like recall
  • 3. Can be used on many things, and the spell animation cant be seen when its on fog of war, but if its a seen place by the enemy they will see the animation even on invisible things like sight ward. You cant teleport to a champion.
  • 4. When you use it on a minion it turns intouchable for that 4 seconds. But not towers.
  • 5. It can be cancelled by the own player, turning its CD from 300 to 180 and not teleporting you.

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Your Champion passes through any unit and moves 27% faster for 10 seconds.

What do i have to know?

  • 1. It makes you run faster, but also avoid colision with minions, what some people forget and is so interesting.
  • 2. It makes a big difference between you and your enemy, even more than Flash
  • 3. Ghost will still be in effect even after reviving from pseudo-death ( Guardian Angel or Chronoshift).
  • 1. Its so nice, specially on AD champions.
  • 2. When you dont need Flash like with LeBlanc because she has 2 Flash spells.
  • 3. With a tank i like to use it, it makes you faster you can taunt with Shen or Rammus (with him if you use Powerball and this you can go from one side of the other of the map so fast!) easyly and protect your allies faster.
  • 4. I think almost all champions need Flash or Ghost.

(Very similar as Flash uses)
  • 1. To scape
  • 2. To go for someone that is scaping.
  • 3. To go into tower, kill and get out.
  • 4. To go faster to a different lane to protect/attack it. (this is a nice use of Ghost that Flash doesnt have.)
  • 5. To protect Baron, if you see enemy is killing him, maybe you are too far to get there, use it.
  • 6. To Troll haha, seriusly, dont use it for this.
Some items give you an extra velocity, like Phantom Dancer boots of movility or Boots of Swiftness that are nice, but ill talk about items that give you extra velocity for a short time (like Ghost)

Effects: +30 attack damage +15% critical strike chance
Passive: +15% cooldown reduction +20 armor penetration
Active: Gain +50% attack speed and +20% movement speed for 4 seconds. Attacking enemies with melee basic attacks increases the duration by 2 seconds to a maximum of 8 seconds. 60 second cooldown.


Gives you 4 nice seconds of movement speed and attack speed bonus.
Its nice for AD MELEE because each melee attack increases bonus duration (to a max of 8 seconds)
SPACE Shurelya's Reverie
Effects: +330 health +30 health regeneration +15 mana regeneration
Passive: Unique: +15% cooldown reduction
Active: Unique: Nearby champions gain 40% movement speed for 3 seconds (60 second cooldown). (600 range)


Its a nice item for lot of champions, highly recommended on supporters, but i have seen it also on tanks.
It gives you and your allies a high movemente speed bonus for 3 seconds.
  • 1. You need Flash or Ghost usually
  • 2. It lets you avoid colision
  • 3. Usefull, easy.
  • 4. High duration.

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Exhaust slows movement speed by 40% and reduces autoattack damage by 70% and ability/item damage by 35% for 2.5 seconds.

What do i have to know?

  • 1. It Slows a single unit, but it also makes him basic attack deal 70% less damage and spells 35% what is amazing. Doesnt remove True Damage.
  • 2. The debuff is hard but it only affect one champion and its a bit short.
  • 3. It Slows champions that cant be ralentized with normal spells like Olaf with Ragnarok
  • 4. Its nice to scape but not as nice as Flash or Ghost because it only affect one champion.
  • 1. Nice on AD champions, some of them when you have a nice scaping spell you can avoid Flash/ Ghost and choose Exhaust and Ignite or you can go with no Ignite and choose Exhaust as your attacking summoner spell.
  • 2. Tanks. I like a lot to take it with tanks because you use it on the carry and it doesnt deal you or your team hard damage for a while, and it makes them slow, so its easyer for your teammates to kill them. Also doesnt deal damage, what is nice instead of Ignite because you dont want to get the kill.
  • 3. Dont use to choose it on AP because they use to do all the damage in a short period of time, but with Swain for example could be nice, Although, i dont recommend it.
  • 1. When you are running after someone, this is the usual use, but doesnt have to be the best one.
  • 2. When you are FIGHTING against someone, specially if he is an AD, you use it on him and for almost 3 seconds he will deal 70% less damage, that change the kill, he dies, you earn 300g ;). Dont forget this use, even if the one that is fighting is a ally, not you.
  • 3. When you are trying to scape from someone, use it on him and run. Thats all.
  • 4. On Teamfights use it on enemy carry AD so he turns useless for 3 seconds.


Effects: +20 attack damage +700 health
Passive: Your basic attacks slow your target's Movement Speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds. (30% for ranged attacks)

For AD champions its a nice item that slow with each basic attack.

Effects: +75 armor +350 health +25 health regeneration
Passive: +5% cooldown reduction 20% chance on being hit by an auto attack to slow the attacker's movement and attack speed by 35% for 3 seconds.
Active: Slows movement speed and attack speed of surrounding units by 35% for 1 seconds + 0.5 seconds for every 100 armor and magic resistance. 60 second cooldown. (500 Range)

For tanks, has a chance to slow when they attack you and if you activate it you slow arround you.


EX: Guardian Angel Does both things. This is to reduct the damage they do to you.

Effects: +99 armor +500 mana
Passive: +20% cooldown reduction Nearby enemies suffer −20% attack speed. (1000 range)

It reduces the attack speed of nearby enemys, so every enemy that is near you will have his damage reduced.

  • 1. Very effective attacking spell, quite effective deffensive spell, bit effective scapping spell.
  • 2. Is nice to have 1 in your team to counter the enemy ad carry
  • 3. In 1v1 use it properly, if you are killing with no problems the enemy wait to make him slow, if you dont know who win use it in middle of the fight.
  • 4. Dont forget to use it in teamfights

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Smite, Cleanse and ¿ Garrison?

dont know if ill do the guide for Promote or Revive because i think they are useless.

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Some points have been taken from Summoner spells Wiki and the Introduction.


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