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League of Legends Build Guide Author CounterSnipe

Support Leona Season 3

CounterSnipe Last updated on June 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 1

Honor Guard

Defense: 13


Utility: 16

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Hey guys. I recently released a Leona guide on Mobafire a few months ago and let it go stale. This is the revised guide on how to play Leona for Normals and Solo-Q. I hope you all enjoy :D

As a side note I play in silver elo and have about a 60% win rate with this champion. According to, the average leona player has a 50% win rate. The main reason I'm posting this guide is to help all the people who have less than a 50% win rate get above the 50% threshold.

Another side note: Leona was the first champion I played seriously in ranked games and I was pretty terrible with her. In season II I think I had about a 40% win rate with the champion. So everyone starts off pretty **** when they're trying to learn a champion.

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Generic Tips and Tricks

1) If you notice your lane is getting pushed walk to the wall and place a ward so that the animation faces towards the wall. By doing this, 90% of the animation of the ward becomes hidden and the enemy might not notice it and go into the bush thinking it's not warded. This is important because it can sometimes allow for the enemy jungler to unsuspectingly camp a lane bush without knowing there's a ward in it.

2) Use the retreat ping for time stamps. For example, if the enemy used flash, use a retreat ping to get the time stamp. Add 5 minutes to it and write in chat 15:00 MF Flash, so that the team knows MF won't have flash until 15:00. Sure, some people might have the utility tree masteries that reduce the flash CDR, but this is a really good guess to have and is usually right. Also use this to time wards.

3) Look at the enemy's inventory frequently to see if they place wards. For example, if you notice the enemy support has a pink ward you want to manipulate him to either waste it or you want him to place it down so you can counter it with your own. A good way to do this is to put a ward in his bush and he will use the pink to give himself bush control. This will allow you to then pink the river without worrying about the enemy support using his pink to counter yours.

4) If the enemy ADC is starting Doran's Blade look at his bonus AD. If you see the bonus ad is + 28, then you know he isnt using life steal quints. For example, 15 AD from a flat AD rune page + 10 ad from a Doran's Blade + 3 AD from masteries = ~ 28 AD. This means that the enemy is starting without any form of HP regeneration other than his Doran's, and possibly his support. Being aggressive against champions that start with just a Doran's and no Life Steal Quints is a good idea because they won't be able to effectively recover from constant harass. If a person is running with life steal Quints, his bonus AD with Dorans is likely going to be in the lower 20's.

5) Hot key your wards to item slots. It's really a good idea to get in the habit of doing this because of how useful it is when chasing. I hotkey my wards to my "3" Key so that if I'm ever chasing a low HP opponent with my team, and that opponent runs into a bush, I can immediatly ward the bush and give my team vision of the enemy in order to pick up a kill.

6) Get used to using item's unique actives, such as Locket of the Iron Solari. Having items with unique activations is really great, but only if you actually remember to use them!

7) Notice lane behavior. If you see the enemy laners have been very passive for the first 10 minutes of the game and then get very aggressive all of a sudden then it means you're going to be ganked by either mid or the jungle, or both. Always be attentive to how the enemy team is acting because it's usually a give away of what's to come.

8) Don't fall for baits. If you see an enemy champion is staying in lane with 50 points of HP and is 100% not scared of you in the least, then it means the enemy team is coming to your position. Usually people stick around when they have low HP values in order to bait people into being aggressive only to have their teammates come and rescue them and reverse the gank.

9) Build and pick according to what the enemy team is doing. For example, if you see the enemy team has Rumble top, Orianna mid, Nautilus Jungle, Varus as ADC, and Lulu support, you want to pick something like Soraka as a support because of her passive MR and silence which is a hard counter into AP casters. The same mentality should be used with items. If you see the enemy team is picking up a lot of AP, then buy a Bulwark first. If the enemy team has AD casters, getting a Locket of the Iron Solari is a good idea because of its HP + Armor values, as well as the active shield.

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Leona Video

Just a video I made, more for fun, about general gameplay for Leona.

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Ranked Games and Supports

I've found that support is arguably the easiest position to play to increase elo in the ranked environment. Although you don't have to worry about 1v1 laning like solo lanes, and you don't have as many choices to make as a jungler, you do have to know your bot lane match ups. Once you do you'll be gold with Leona.

You shouldn't look at support as a role you have to do because nobody wants to do it. That's really a bad mind set and it's actually quite wrong. Support is one of the most important positions to play in League because the support is the person who gets the ADC into the late game. Without the support, the ADC cannot carry the team.

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Rune Set 1 - Generic Support


Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Gold
Generic support page that you can use in every game you play.

You get flat armor in Reds and Yellows in order to sustain well against AD harass early game.

The scaling points in Magic Resist from the Blues allow you to sustain damage from AP carries later in the game.

The gold per second runes are nice for getting wards and getting the early gold/second items sooner. These runes give you 180 gold every 10 minutes, so you'll have a fair amount of free cash by the 30 and 40 minute mark.

This page is strong against AD Carries that deal a good amount of physical damage early game. Examples are Graves, Caitlyn, Vayne, and Quinn.

Rune Set 2 - Magic Damage AD Carry

Greater Mark of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Gold
This rune page is strong against AD Carries that deal a lot of magic damage in lane, such as Kog'Maw and Varus. It's also a rune page to consider against a team that has a lot of Magic damage, such as a Rumble, Orianna, Nautilus, and Varus. If you see a lot of magic damage coming your way in champion selection, think about this page. The generic rune page is good against any team comp, but this page is better against magic damage specific compositions.

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Summoner's Wrath = You get this so you have the bonus reduction from Exhaust. It increases killing potential in bot lane.

Unyielding + Block = Very strong defensive masteries for early game. With a Doran's Shield you'll be able to absorb 13 points of damage for every attack.

Artificer = Best mastery on the utility tree. Allows you to proc unique active abilities on items more frequently in the game.

You want to put most of your mastery points into the defensive tree because it will allow you to tolerate more damage. Because of Leona's aggressive nature, you're going to need to put points in this in order to stay alive in the game. Running 0/21/9 is ok, but you're relinquishing the gold/second mastery, which is important on support champions.

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Starting Items

Rejuvenation Bead - Builds into Philo Stone and gives you HP Regeneration.
Health Potion - For regeneration.
sight ward - Protects your lane from ganks.
Vision Ward - Counter wards for you jugnler/ gives you bush control.

Note: Vision Ward is an item you should be putting into the river to deny your opponent vision. I don't like to put this into my side's bush because I like to have Leona be active in both the lane and the bush. Generally, bot lane tends to either push to purple or blue side in low elo, so placing a pink ward in a bush doesn't really help if your ADC pushes and you're not in that bush anyway. With other supports, such as Karma who can harass well from the bush, you want to use that pink to give you bush control. But for Leona, she gives much more pressure when she's actively moving in the lane.

Early Game

Only get this item if you get early assist money. Rushing this item is a bad idea because it denies your early gold items and your Sightstone. Get this item in the mid game if your opponents have multiple auto attack based champions, such as Tryndamere.

Core Item
philosopher's stone
Philo stone is a good gold item and has multiple build paths. I recommend you get this item first as it builds from your rejuv bead.

Core Item
Really cost effective item. You want to consider purchasing this item before philo stone if you have the money. This item gives you free wards and makes you somewhat tanky early game. The extra HP allows you to take more damage when you e>q, and the wards allow you to always have vision before making a play.

Aegis is a cool item to get if you can afford it. Usually it's better for the bruiser on your team to get this item because they can afford and because they're going to be more durable than you in fights. Consider getting this item if nobody on your team is going to get it. Always ask your team who's building this so you don't build it on multiple people.
Mid Game

Mercs are an ok buy on Leona because they give MR. However, because leona is tanky she probably won't be the main focus of AP burst damage. However, if the enemy team has multiple people who do magic damage you want to pick up this item.

Very strong pick into physical damage teams.

Usually you won't ever be able to get these boots because you're going to have to build tanky. However, if you notice the enemy team isn't doing well and they're getting beaten by your lanes you want to get these boots so you can chain your CC more frequently in fights. I don't recommend buying these boots all the time, but if your team is snowballing you want to be able to facilitate that advantage.

Only get this upgrade if your team is being pushed into your base. Don't rush the upgrade because it costs a lot and you don't get a lot of money in games.

This is a really nice on to have because it allows your allies to get to the fight faster once you initiate. Get this after you get your main items as it is expensive.

Just buy it.

Only get this item if the team is going with a lot of magic damage as you only get an increase in the MR aura. If you already have aegis and the enemy team doesn't have lots of magic damage don't upgrade it.

Love this little item. It has multiple upgrade paths, increases CDR, and gives HP. Really awesome item for late game upgrades.

If you can tolerate damage well, then buy this item for even more sustain. Builds into multiple late game items and allows you to initiate well.

If the enemy team has a lot of physical damage in the way of attack speed champions, such as Tryndamere or Master Yi you want this item. It's upgrade is fantastic, and the item itself has a strong amount of armor and attack speed reduction, making it a powerful choice against auto attackers.
Late Game

It's good to get this item if the enemy team has a lot of CC, and if the enemy team has a lot of magic damage. The activation of this item doesn't stop suppression, so don't use it on a Vi ulti, or any ulti that suppresses a target.

Good item to get against heavy AD team comps. Makes you instantly tanky the second you buy it. The activation is best used in conjunction with an initiation so enemies can't disengage as well as they would like. This item is expensive, so don't rush it over your other support stuff.

Buying GA is a bad decision on any tank because it makes the enemy team not even want to damage you. As a tank, your job is to peel and absorb damage for your team. If the enemy sees you running into them with your Eclipse and GA on they're not going to use any abilities on you because they know it won't do any damage, and even if they kill you you'll just come back to life.

Zeke's herald 12
I personally think this item works best on someone who can actually use its stats while still giving the aura to the team. If your team is heavy AD then consider getting this item, but ask a teammate to pick it up. I'd rather a Lee Sin have this on my team than a Leona because the Lee can get more use out of actually having the item.

Shurelya's Reverie 12
Really good engage/disengage item. Only buy this item if your team needs that extra boost to initiate a fight. If not, consider getting cruible with Philo Stone instead of this item.

If there's money all over the ground and you've built everything else.

Really good item to get on Leona because it allows every one of your abilities to do more damage, as well as your passive. You only want to be buying this item if your team has a lot of magic damage, or is running a double AP carry team comp.

Good item against attack speed champions. Jax

Items I Don't Get

I never liked this item because the spell shield can be easily negated by a throw away spell, such as a Sonic Wave or a Disintegrate. If you really want some MR, buy a Quicksilver Sash.

I don't think Leona needs to do damage in order to be successful. Her passive does a lot of damage when near by champions proc it, and her high sustain allows her to deal more auto attacks for the duration of a fight. This is better for a tanky-DPS, not true-tank initiator like Leona

Any AP items. AP isn't strong on Leona.

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This passive allows Leona to run very aggressive lanes. Try to proc this passive on as many opponents as possible in fights by hitting as many people as you can with your abilities.

Leona's Q ability. It resets her auto attack timer, allowing her next auto attack to stun her opponent. Use this to kill wards that are placed next to you by auto attacking> Q reset> Auto attack. Always have Q charged before using Zenith Blade so you guarantee a stun after you gap close into an opponent.

Leona's W ability. It grants her bonus armor and magic resistance and explodes after 3 seconds. If the explosion damages any enemy unit, or neutral monster, the bonuses will persist for another 3 seconds. This is the main ability you're going to be using to get off procs in team fights. You don't want to open with this ability. Instead, wait for enemies to focus you a little bit and then proc it. Also, don't charge this up before using Zenith Blade. Only use it after you land Zenith Blade. If you charge this up without being close to an enemy it's a red flag that you're about to try and initiate a fight.

Leona's E ability. It allows her to gap close to the last enemy champion struck with the skill shot, and immobilize them. She can be stopped while in transition to the target. You can go through walls. Always remember that you're going to teleport to the last enemy you hit with the ability, so it's a great way to get into the squishies in the back line. Also, this will move your champion in fights, so if you're low you can use this to gap close to an opponent and then flash over a wall or something. Very versatile ability.

Leona's R ability. You really want to only use this when you're guaranteed a stun. Read more beblow.

How to use her abilities:
In Bottom Lane 2v2:

When playing in bottom lane you have to realize what kind of carry you are playing with, and what composition the enemy lane has. If you're playing with more of a passive AD carry, such as Ashe you want to hold off and wait for the carry to get some farm. However, if the carry you are working with has high early game damage potential, or can be very aggressive, such as Caitlyn or Ezreal then you may be aggressive in that lane (unless your carry tells you not to be).

Note that you should be careful of harassing opponents who have cc abilities that can keep you locked up, such as Zyra's roots, or Alistar's stuns.

If you notice your AD carry wants to push the lane to the enemy tower, you should consider using your Eclipse to mark all of the enemy minions. Your AD carry can consume the mark with attacks, allowing him to push the wave harder, and last hit more efficiently.

If your lane is not aggressive, always keep on the lookout for ganks and have your E and Q on standby. If an enemy jungler ganks you from behind and is in your lane, use your E>Q to lock him up while getting away from the action. Do your best to save your carry, but do not try and help him if he is going to die.

In Team Battles/ Skirmishes:

When playing Leona you will always have to initiate fights with your Zenith Blade or Solar Flare into Zenith Blade. While moving to your target, hold down the Q ( Shield of Daybreak so that your first auto attack lands a stun.

This is the basic initiation. You can then follow up with your Solar Flare to stun the target for a longer time period, or use it on a different target.

After you gap close into your target, start your Eclipse to absorb damage. Never use your Eclipse before E into a group of opponents because you will be wasting 1~2 seconds of the bonus armor.

Always try to hit as many people as possible with your Eclipse and your Zenith Blade as they will each place your passive's marks on champions hit.

Your main goal in fights is to protect your carries at all times. The only time you're not going to be doing this is when your carries are being out scaled by the enemy carries. It makes no sense to try and protect your 120 CS Caitlyn from the 275 CS Vayne 30 minutes into the game. It makes much more sense to kill the vayne as the vayne can kill your entire team, while your carry can barley do any damage.

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Summoner Spells

Strong Summoner spell early and late game. The bonus armor reduction is great for early kills. It also is powerful against enemies who are snowballing because you make them non threatening for 3 seconds.
I only recommend this if you're running a kill lane and you know your carry is going to be aggressive 100%. Also, you want to take this against champions that have heals, such as Soraka or Taric as this will reduce healing effects. Finally, if the enemy ad has Heal as a summoner spell, you need to proc Ignite on him before he uses heal.

Because this is what all the cool kids take.

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One thing I would like to specify before I begin this chapter is that Leona is considered to be a very aggressive laner. So, junglers will be expecting you to initiate on the enemy. With this said it's very important you have your lane warded.

Threat: B
Olaf is fast and his ganks are strong. He is only a threat early game if you over extend without warding and allow him to come in from behind your lane and chase you to your tower. His ultimate will ignore any and all CC effects, so do not waste summoner spells or abilities on him while he is in bad *** mode.

Threat: C
The main thing to note about this jungler is that he does Magic damage, regardless of running Phoenix or Tiger stance. His ganks are predictable and easy to deal with if you ward properly.

WW is a really good team figher and ganker once he hits level 6. Again, his ganks can be predicted very well with proper ward coverage, but he can blink onto an ally if he gets close enough.

Threat: B
Amumu's only a threat if he can land his ult on multiple targets. Note that his ult was nerfed and is no longer a stun, so you may cast your ult even if you're hit with an amumu ult. If the amumu is building heavy AP then you should peel for your carry because AP amumu hurts quite a bit. If the amumu is tanky then peel off people who are using amumu's stun lock in an attempt to kill your carry.

Threat: A
Noc can gank any lane from any angel. It's important that you establish ward coverage in the areas around your lane such as bot lane tri bush, and the bush leading to purple (red) side's tower. If nocturne is on blue side he's going to want to camp the tri bush and ult from there. If noc is on purple side he's going to want to camp the bush that leads into the lane. Noc can also gank well from the river or a lane bush. Keep wards up. His ult timer is about 2 minutes so always use a time stamp when he ults.

Threat: B
Maokai IS THE JUNGLE. Mao has very good initiation but doesn't do much damage late game. You don't want to fight him while he's in his ulti-circle. Mao has a gap close that is not a skill shot, so proper warding is important against this jungler. His Twisted Advance makes him unable to be targeted, so he can use this to get turret agro and then pass it onto a teammate when diving. He can also use it to dodge abilities. His W follows a target to it's final destination.

Threat: B
Shyvana's strong in low elo because of her DPS. Shyvana players will usually afk farm jungle and take as much lane farm as possible and attempt to split push and carry towards the late game. Shyvana's ganks are not strong by themselves because she has no CC other than her ult. However, shyvana has excellent ganks when ganking a lane with hard CC. For example, if you're laning against an Ashe and Lulu match up, then shyvana will be able to gank your lane very well if lulu and ashe combine cc effects on you or your carry. Wards are necessary, and don't over extend.

Threat: AAA
F*** Lee Sin.

Threat: A
Skarner's ult is OP if he catches anyone out of position. Always ward the lane against him as he lacks a true gap close and will wait for you to EQ into an enemy only to pop down the lane and pull you into your death.

Threat: A
Her ganks are like Malphite's, except they feel a lot stronger. She does a lot of damage (like Shyvana) and cannot be stopped when ulting. Her pre-6 ganks are ok, but not really goo or bad. She has trouble sticking to people. If she ults a teammate wait for her to land and then CC her, or any immediate threats. While in her ult she can knock people aside, similar to how Nautilus ult can knock multiple people up.

Threat: B
Gp is slow and expensive and only really good on AD team compositions. Always remember that his passive slows down who ever he hits, and his ultimate is global.

Threat: C
Mundo is a good ganker against pushed lanes, but he's bad against lanes that are playing safe. He needs room to chase and deal damage, like Skarner and GP. He's not really a threat to bottom lane if you ward. Mundo is 100% countered by healing reduction. If you see a mundo on the enemy team, ask your ADC to go with Miss Fortune or Tristana for the healing debuff.

Threat: A -
Vi - 1. He takes a huge poop on attack speed based champions. . .

Threat: B
Lu Bu's ganks are freaking strong. He can E>Q Flash and then Ult for a triple gap close gank. You must ward well against J4 and see him coming.

Threat: B
Bunny ganks are stronk. Riven is stronk. Even without a lot of items she cans till bring the pain. Trick is to catch her attempting a gank on your lane before she catches you. She has 2 stuns.

Threat: A
Elise is just really easy to gank with and does a **** ton of damage. Wards help... I think.

Threat: B
Nunu's strong in new jungle. He has no gap close, but he can stick to you like glue if you over extend. His ult can be cast while in bush, but won't be seen unless you have vision of him.

Threat: F/color]
Just ward and walk away from him after he uses his stun. If he pops his ult disengage. Or, if you have a healing reduction champion then go all in as his ult won't be as potent.

Threat: C
Ali's really team dependent, more so than other support/tank junglers. His ganks are very strong, but wards counter him pretty hard considering he has to almost walk up to you in order to do anything.

Threat: A
Cho ganks are strong. His clears are fast. Yeah, just a good jungler. Don't clump up when he Qs the ground, clutter is his greatest strength. Also remember his ultimate does true damage, so always CC him if he tries to flash + ult + smite steal an objective

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Stages of The Game

Early Game
Your job in the early game is to keep your AD Carry alive at all costs. This is the period in which he has the highest potential to reverse snowball and become useless. Ward your lane, call mia. Communicate with your ADC. If he doesn't want to (or doesn't know how to) be aggressive then you shouldn't be aggressive. Also, if your ADC has to go to base and you're healthy, consider roaming mid and ganking as this is very unexpected and can get your AP carry snowballing.
Mid Game
Consider mid game to begin at about 17:00 give or take. Be involved in team fights and ward enemy jungle.
Late Game
You should be warding the enemy jungle and the large monsters at this point. You should also always be with your team to protect your carries and initiate fights. Buy an oracles if you can so that you can clear out enemy wards placed around your side of the map, and at buffs. Generally you will want to be buying Vision Wards because they're more cost effective than buying the Oracle's Elixir. Place these wards at the buffs, or buy them directly after you see an enemy place a ward on the map. Remember that these cannot reveal wards in a bush unless they are placed in the same bush as the enemy ward.

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AD Carries

General Over View: Ashe can be passive or aggressive depending on her support. She has 2 methods of slowing opponents, her Frost Shot and her Volley. Her ultimate is a skill shot, and will stun on impact.

Playing with Ashe: You want to see how the player is playing the carry. If you notice he is being passive in farming then protect him as best you can. It's best to wait to level 6 when she has her ultimate so you can combine your abilities for a kill.

Playing against Ashe: Initiating on Ashe is no problem because she has no escape method. However, if you cannot deal a large amount of damage and scare her away, she will auto attack you as you run and follow your all the way back to your creep line.

Her ultimate costs 150 mana.

General Over View: Caitlyn has very powerful range in both auto attacks and abilities. Her Piltover Peacemaker has a range of 1300 units, and her 90 Caliber Net can be used as an escape or initiation method. She can passively farm or be very aggressive.

Playing With Caitlyn: See if she's passive or aggressive and base your play style on that. If she tells you to be aggressive but doesn't back you up when you initiate, then stop initiating for her and just play turtle as she farms. Once you both hit 6 you become a powerful combination. Remember that she has a gap close, so don't go running into a 3 person gank with your Zenith Blade unless you know for a fact she cannot get out. Cait can easily Net>Flash out of most trouble.

Playing Against Her: As stated before, her range is insane, and a good Cait will be attacking you little by little all whenever you are in range. Her net allows her to escape your E>Q during the early stages, so you need some kind of follow up CC from your carry or a jungler to kill her. I recommend letting the lane push a little and then running E>Q>R followed by exhaust. If she Flash 90 Caliber Net out, the exhaust will allow your jungler to follow up on her.

Her ultimate costs 100 mana.

General Over View: Corki has very high damage and can passively farm or run a kill lane. His utimate allows him to nab kills even if they're several hundred units away from him, and his Valkyrie can be used to go into fights or run from them. He can reveal units with his Q. He also deals 10% of his total damage as true damage. So 100 AD = 10 true damage.

Playing With I like to be aggressive if the Corki player wants to. Once you are both Level 3 you can use your full rotations to do extreme damage to about any target and either force a flash or a kill.

Playing Against Corki can be very aggressive and he will attempt to damage if you allow him to do so. I would not recommend trying to kill Corki because he can easily gap close away from you. Instead I would try to focus his support champion, as killing him/her will also hinder Corki's ability to lane.

Cost of Ultimate: 30~40

General Over View: Draven is a high damage champion with a short duration snare CC ability. He is only really dangerous if he has a support who can lock people in place for him. He has no gap close.

Playing With Again, ask how the adc wants you to play and base your decisions on that. He does do a lot of damage once he gets some AD under his belt. It is possible to lock up a kill by first initiating on the enemy laners and forcing a flash, and then doing the same thing a few minutes later while their flash is down.

Playing Against He isn't too much of a threat if you stay out of his range, but if you let him get free hits on you it will hurt. Play passive depending on your carry and only initiate when you have an advantage. He has no gap close, so exploit that if possible.

Cost of Ultimate: 120 Mana

General Over View:Ezreal, imo, has the best early game out of every ADC in the game. Better Ezreal players will be as aggressive as possible in lane to secure kills, or gain an advantage in order to gain superior CS than the enemy ADC. He has amazing burst potential at level 6, and he has a blink gap close through Arcane Shift

Playing With I recommend being aggressive with Ezreal when you can. Get to level 3 and you two can explode on just about any single champion. Try to initiate when the enemy team doesn't have that mant creeps, as this will allow him an easier time to land his Arcane Shift and Mystic Shot damage. Also, his ultimate loses 8% damage per target it passes through, so the less creeps there are in between him and his opponent, the more damage it will do.

Playing Against Ezreal's Q has very long range and does about 100 damage with some AD runes. DO not let him land this on your multiple times as it costs him almost no mana to cast. I don't recommend trying to kill ezreal directly because of his gap close. Instead, try to focus his support champion for a kill.

Cost of Ultimate: 100 Mana

General Over View: Kog'Maw can build just about anything and still do insane amounts of damage. He has no gap close, but he does have a powerful slow (that slime thing he barfs onto the field). If you kill him, his passive allows his body to move around and will explode after a few seconds to do true damage in a small area.

Playing With: I feel you should be as aggressive as you can be. If you lock up an opponent, Kog can then use his slow to allow even more time to deal damage to an opponent. His ultimate's range is also nice, so he can back you up even if he's not close enough to you to land autos.

Playing Against Kog has high damage and good CC, so allowing yourself to get caught will result in you losing about 50% of your HP within a few seconds. He has no gap close, so you can focus him, but be careful; if you kill him, but have expended a lot of HP to do it his passive will just kill you.

Cost of Ultimate: 40 Mana, but increases by 40 every time he uses it in sequential order.

General Over View: Miss Fortune is a powerful ADC despite her lack of play in big name tournaments. Her Q can damage you without her having to get into range, and her passive MS buff makes her very hard to harass. Her ultimate is also one of the best early game AOE abilities in the game. She has no escape method, but she does have a small aoe slow ability.

Playing With MF can be passive or aggressive. If you notice your MF is good at landing her Q on enemy champions, then attempt to E>Q who every she is focusing for a kill. Your E>Q>R will buy her enough time to get off a few shots and will also buy her enough time to land her entire ultimate if it's positioned correctly.

Playing Against MF's Q will bounce to the target directly behind what it's aimed at, so try not to line up with MF. This is really her only true form of harass. If she starts to lt, you can use your E>Q to stop it. You can also attempt to run a kill on this ADC due to her lack of a gap close.

Cost of Ultimate: 100 mana, 2 second duration.

General Over View: Trist has the longest gap close out of all ADC in the game, and has excellent pushing potential. She has an ultimate that will knok back multiple opponents, and has the longest range out of all ADC at level 18.

Playing With Trist can be a powerful laner to be with due to her gap close and ultimate. She can easily gap close right next to you and knock someone into a wall. Her damage is pretty good as well.

Playing Against I never focus trist when laning against her because she always jumps away. Instead, focus her support if you can. Note that when she kills a minion, the minion will explode and deal area damage, so do not stand next to low HP creeps or you will take unnecessary damage.

Cost of Ultimate: 100 mana.

General Over View: Twisted Fate sometimes makes appearances in bottom lane as an ADC. I've never meet a good one, but I can see how he could be a threat given a strong CC support such as Blitzcrank. He has a stun yellow card, and can use his ultimate to teleport within a fairly large radius. You can stop his teleport by stunning him.

Playing With Play passive. He does no damage until he has some AD. Once he has AD you can combine your stun with his and deal nice damage.

Playing Against He has no gap close, so punch his face in. Care for his stun when you are retreating from harass as he can then stun you, and then use his other abilities to return the damage.

Cost of Ultimate: 150~100 mana.

General Over View: Twitch is very volatile depending on the player. He has the potential to unload tons of damage in lane, and his ultimate will destroy his opponents if he is allowed to get off all his auto attacks. He can go full stealth for a few seconds to escape and juke.

Playing With See how the twitch player plays the lane. Generally they will be passive for the first few levels, but once you both hit 6 it's anyone's game. Try to get the enemy laners to focus you as he goes into stealth, then he can pop out of it and insta-kill anyone who is low.

Playing Against Remember that he does have a full stealth, so you might consider getting a Vision Ward to counter this, although he will mainly be using it to sneak in damage and run away.

Cost of Ultimate: 100~150 mana

General Over View: Varus is freaking cool. His range is OP, he has a nice CC in his slow, and his ultimate is just beast. He can easily out damage most of the AD carries in the game if he's uninterrupted.

Playing With You should be aggressive in this lane. The way the harass works is this: Varus slows opponents, allowing you an easier time to land your E, you throw down your gap close and stun the target. He will follow with auto attacks. Then as the enemy is running he will charge his sniper shot and land even more damage. This is a really good lane for you.

Playing Against Varus has insane range, so he will try to harass you if at all possible. Try to never take the full brunt of his sniper skill shot as it has very high early game damage. Also, his ultimate is a skill shot, so you can evade it if you think he's going to use it. If you do get hit with it, and your ADC is low, use your E to gap close into him so it doesn't spread to your ADC. Then run away.

Cost of Ultimate: 120 mana

General Over View: Vayne is a hyper carry who has decent early game damage and superior late game damage. She has a displacement/stun, but no real gap close ability other than Tumble. She will win most 1v1 duels in bot lane due to her true damage and ability to stealth through her ultimate.

Playing With Be aggressive only if vayne wants to be. Vayne can only help you if she can land her stun and knock who ever it is you are focusing into a wall. If you notice her using her knock back randomly, then it's probably not a good vayne and you should just protect her. Once you hit 6 you can kill most enemy champions with your combinations.

Playing Against Vayne is only good if she can stun you and lay in auto attacks. Other wise she's an easy kill if you can get a jungle gank. She has no gap close, and doesn't really do that much early game damage. Her range is also quite small, so she has to get close in order to CS.

Cost of Ultimate: 80 mana