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Skarner General Guide by CounterSnipe

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CounterSnipe


CounterSnipe Last updated on February 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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If you already know how to play Skarener, then skip to the part II sections. Pert I is just me explaining the stuff you need to know in order to play skarner, part II gets into what you need to know in order to win your games as skarner :D

About Me:
I've been playing jungle ever since I was able to get my first jungle rune page during the middle of Season 2. I main both jungle and support, and used Alistar to get out of 900 elo in S2 by carrying the bottom lane of my games. I have a lot of experience with almost all the roles, and will do my best to relate these experiences with this guide.

This guide is broken into two parts:
Part I: The general over view of skarner.
Part II: This is my playstyle when I'm playing skarner. It goes over how I look at the map, what I specifically look for, etc.

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Part I: Skarner Overview

Skarner is one of the strongest solo-Q jungle picks due to his high mobility and cc. He has no direct counters in jungle if played correctly, and is one of the easier junglers to pick up.
Low learning curve
Cheap item build
Lots of built in utility
Strong all game
Can control game flow
123456789012345678 Cons:
Somewhat easy to counter jungle
No gap close
Low DPS unless fed

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Part I: Runes

Greater mark of attack speed
These marks are optimal for skarner because they allow him to proc his passive more frequently, which reduces the cool downs of all his other abilities by 0.5 seconds. These are the only markes that influence all of your abilities and are the ones I use.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage -A good alternative if you don't have the attack speed runes and are stuck using 2 rune pages, one of which is probably AD.

Greater seal of armor
These seals are needed so that you can absorb damage while jungling. There are no alternatives.

Greater Glyph of scaling magic resist
These glyphs are what I use to compete with middle game magic damage from champions. These provide more MR around level 11, which is about the time heavy magic damage opponents get the second rank of their ultimates. Because of this, I find these runes to be the best for glyphs.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - A good alternative if you already have them.

Greater quintessence of movement speed
These are important because they allow you to close in on opponents very well, allowing you to use your ultimate.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - If you don't have M.S. quints you probably have these around if you built a generic AD page while leveling to 30. These aren't the best, but they allow your jungle to clear better and scale with your Q.

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Part I: Masteries

The defensive tree partitioned.

Tier 1 Masteries:
Durability - The late game H.P. is invaluable as a tank.
Tough Skin - Makes jungle slightly easier to deal with and builds into Bladed Armor
Tier 2 Masteries:
Hardiness - I get these because it makes jungling easier, but I will sometimes switch the three points into Resistance if I see the enemy team has a lot of magic damage.
Bladed Armor - makes jungling slightly faster. Always make sure this doesn't steal your blue when you're handing it off to your mid laner.
Tier 3 Masteries:
Unyielding - This is a powerful mastery to have. Although the H.P. saved doesn't seem like much, when we consider how many times you will be hit with abilities and attacks in team fights, the -2 damage adds up quickly.
Veteran's Scars - 30 free HP helps you jungle early game. And H.P. is always nice to have.
Tier 4 masteries:
Block - Reducing all basic champion attack damage by 3 points is a big deal for all stages of the game, although early game is when it counts the most. Combine this with Unyielding and you will cut off 5 points of damage from champion auto attacks. That's basically a free Doran's Shield passive.
Juggernaut - More H.P. And H.P. is always good.
Tier 5:
Get these masteries for damage reduction. The Reinforced Armor is the most important of the three because it has the highest damage mitigation.
Tier 6:
Honor Guard - Combines well with everything on the tree.

The utility tree partitioned:

Tier 1:
Summoner's Insight - Most important mastery you take because it reduces your flash time, allowing you to Flash+Ult an enemy.
Wanderer - Good for both moving in jungle, as well as for running into fights. The bonus movement speed is reduced once you enter combat, but it's no big deal.
Teir 2:
Scout - People underestimate this one a little, but it's actually quite useful as you can catch a glimpse of someone with the extra long range that you would not have had you not gotten the mastery. More information is always helpful.
Mastermind - Get this so your Flash will come off of cool down faster.
Tier 3:
Runic Affinity - Because you're jungling.

Questions regarding my masteries:
1) Do you put points into the offensive tree ever?
No because Skarner's DPS is low, so any attempts to augment his damage doesn't make sense. He won't have lane farm, so he won't be able to buy carry items. With this said, it's just smarter to build him as a utility/tank/support jungler as that role is a lot easier for him to achieve based not only on his abilities, but also due to the low item cost.

2) Do you ever run a 4/x/20 page to get a base of 10% CDR at level 1?
No. Skarner doesn't need early game CDR because of his passive. By the time he needs some CDR to use his ult more frequently he can just buy an item with CDR. Running a page that isn't mainly built upon the defensive tree would make jungling him a lot harder.

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Part I: Summoner Spells

Flash is a summoner spell I take on skarner all the time because it allows him to flash onto the person he wants to ult and bring that person into his team. It also provides him with the ability to escape a dangerous situation, and also allows him to gap close over walls to either make plays or exit a fight after making a play. The utility this summoner spell brings to skarner is unparalleled.
Smite is needed as a jungler to secure buffs, steal buffs, and control Dragon and Baron.

It can't be used during his ultimate, and it's too obvious when using it as an initiation tool. You have a built in speed buff from Crystalline Exoskeleton, and I find this is enough of a buff to work with. Also, most of the time we will be building Shurelya's Reverie, which will give us another speed boost. With this said, I think Ghost is obsolete on skarner.
I don't think this summoner spell is needed on skarner because he has a built in slow and displacement. The reason junglers take exhaust is two fold:

1) To allow for easier ganks by slowing down opponents. Although Skarner's slow is a little more tricky to achieve than simplay pressing a button and using Exhaust, it's still pretty much the same effect.

2) To reduce the damage out put of burst champions. Skarner has his Q to peel if anyone decides to jump on his carries, and he has his ultimate in case he really needs to get people off. Note: Whenever I play skarner people almost never dive on my carry because they know I will just ult them and they will die. #skarnermindgames.

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Part I: Burst Damage V.S. Sustain Damage

I want to briefly explain the difference between sustain damage and burst damage because I mentioned Exhaust in the previous section.

Burst Damage

Lots of damage within a few seconds. Usually I find that burst champions can use their abilities to nearly kill opponents within 2 seconds.

Graves - Graves can easily use his dash and Buckshot + Collateral Damage to lay out several hundred points of damage on an enemy champion within 1 second of cast time.

Veigar - If you've ever seen a good veigar, you know he can bring an enemy champion from 100% hp to 0% HP by using one single rotation of his abilities. His combination at level 6 will also allow him to burst down players within roughly 2 seconds of cast time.

Sustain Damage

Damage that is dealt over time, such as an attack damage champion dealing a lot of auto attacks, or a mage champion who can spam abilities over a long period of time.

Ryze - Ryze is probably the best example of a sustain damage champion because of his ability to constantly use his spells repeatedly to harass targets. Although he may not be able to lay out a 2k killing combo like Veigar, he can lay out several hundred points of damage within a few seconds, and then do it again, and again, and again, and again (you get my point).

Tryndamere - Another good example because he's based entirely on auto attacks. Auto attacks are the purest form of sustain damage because they can be cast literally every single second by any champion.

Note: You can technically label any champion who can quickly kill an enemy as a burst champion depending on the game's situation. For example, if the enemy Tryndamere is mega fed, someone in your chat might say, "Back, trynd will burst you down." Burst damage is, of course, relative to the defenses of a champion, which means if a burst damage champion is under farmed he won't be very effective. This also means that a champion who is generally considered as a sustain damage type, can actually turn into a burst damage type if he has a large item lead.

Note: As the game progresses things will even out, so the above effect will only last for a specific time period.

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Part I: Abilities

Energize - Passive

Energize 1 Passive reduces your cool downs when attacking. 1 second for champions, 0.5 for creeps and monsters, doens't work on towers.

- Clear camps slightly slower by only using auto attacks to allow for your ultimate to come off of CD faster.

- When chasing enemy champions walk in front of them and press Q + Auto attack. They will be perma-slowed if you can do this properly. (Q, move, auto, move, auto, Q, repeat until dead)

Crystal Slash - Q

1 An Aoe damage+Slow ability. When you hit units with this ability they become markered, if you damage them with this ability while they are marked it will deal bonus damage, slow them, and awllow you to slow them again.

- When you ult enemies, press Q while bringing them into your team and then Q them again as they run.

- This is an aoe, so it affects units that aren't directly in front of skarner.

Crystalline Exoskeleton - W

1 This is a shield + Movement Speed Buff + Attack Speed buff while the shield is active. It's a good ability to have when clearing a camp because it reduces damage taken and increases clear times. When in team fights you want to use this as often as possible to absorb as much damage as you can.

- When using your ultimate it's sometimes better to save this ability and activate it to pull someone deep into your team. If you need to use this to get close to an opponent, then feel free to do so.

Fracture - E

1 It's an aoe skill shot that marks targets and deals damage. If you hit a target, the target is marked, and all auto attacks you make against that target will heal you for a given amount. However, the heal % decreases with every auto attack. It's better late game, but not worth it early game.

- When in team fights hit as many people as you can with this ability. This is a good way to insure you get assists. Remember that if you can damage someone who is killed, you are granted assist money.

Impale - R

1 This is skarner's signature ability, and it's what makes him viable in the game. It can be dodged by champions who flash/blink out of the way as it does have something like a 0.5 second cast time. However, if the ultimate doesn't go off it will be refreshed instantly.

- When ulting, try to save you movement speed buff to pull an enemy back into your team.

- Always pull the enemy champion towards the person on your team who has the most CC, as they can then further cc the target and increase the chances for a kill.

- When using this ability use Q so you can slow the enemy once the ultimate ends.

- Use this any time it gives your team an advantage. If you see the enemy tank out of position, and you know it will take 10 seconds for the enemy team to help him, then pull his *** into your team and kill him. Even if it's a tank or a support, forcing a 4v5 is a huge advantage late game.

Skill Order Explained

The reason we max Q first is due to the damage and slow effects it brings. This allows us to clear at Skarner's fastest potential.

W is the second ability we level because it provides attack speed, movement speed, and a shield. Note that the shield given by W allows you to absorb more damage per camp than the heal from E will heal you at all levels.

E is bad early game because it's out classed by W and doesn't really do that much damage. Late game it is somewhat useful because you will heal roughly over 100 HP when you E>Q. Do this 4 times in a fight and it's 400 HP. That's not too bad, now is it?

Get ult whenever you can to reduce the cool down so you can win the game faster.

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Part I: Items

I've narrowed down the most common items I buy on Skarner and why I buy them. To be honest, the game never goes on long enough for me to actually finish my build, and I usually only get about 7k worth of gold into the build.

Starting Items

Standard start on almost any jungler. Don't take Cloth Armor because it will make your clear too slow and you will actually end up taking more damage from camps if you don't kill them faster with the [hunter's machete]. If you don't believe me, go try it. He hits level 4 at about 4:15 without a leash.

2nd Back and Mid game Goals

1 I get spirit stone because it provides skarner with regeneraton and extra damage to minions. This is important not only for clearing your camps, but also for resetting a lane when your laner goes back to base. It also builds into strong late game items.

1 combined with your Crystalline Exoskeleton you will be able to close into enemies much more efficiently for ganks. You can sell these late game for defense boots, but usually these will be ok.

1 I get this item to build into Shurelya's Reverie. It gives skarner 10% CDR, which helps a lot with his ult, and it provides him with a bonus 200 HP. I prefer this item to philosopher's stone because we have better regeneration abilities via our Spirit Stone. The gold/10 will take a very long time to pay off, and I like to rush the reverie for ganks and early utility. Securing kills with the active from Reverie far out weighs getting gold from trying to milk the philosopher's stone.

1 I generally get this after my Spirit Stone upgrade, but sometimes before. It depends on the situation. If I don't need to be tanky because the enemy team is derping, I rush this after Spirit Stone. Use it to either pull an enemy back into your team or use it to gap close into an enemy.

1 This will allow you to use flash every 3 minutes when combined with your masteries. Being able to flash ult people that frequently is game changing as people willnot expect your flash to be up so soon.
(I took this strategy from seeing TheOddOne do it on his stream. It's very effective.)

Late Game Goals

1 A pretty standard tank item, only problem is that it's uber expensive. Buying an Aegis of the Legion during the middle game and holding off on finishing this would be smart, but if you have the money then go for it.

1 Has an aoe slow effect. Combined with Shurelya's Reverie you will be able to initiate/disengage very well on your own. Good vs ADs.

Iceborn Gauntlet does more damage than trinity force because it's enhanced auto attack has the potential of damaging multiple people. The slow is also more reliable, and it even gives defensive stats. Trinity force costs more, and effectively does slightly less (on skarner, not in general). With this said, if I ever get to late game and need a damage item, I get the Iceborn Gauntlet as it goes well with your Q and can effectively deal more damage than trinity force.

1 Get this if the enemy team has lots of heavy auto attack champions.

1 Gives a lot of damage because you'll be able to auto attack very quickly. Good VS Magic damage users, and has an extra on hit magic damage bonus. Very good DPS item that also makes you tanky.

1 This is a nice item to get if you need MR. The AP is somewhat useful on skarner, but the most important thing is the active which sends out 2 movement speed debuffs to the closest enemy units. This is great for catching people out of position and bringing them back into your team!

1 Sometimes I get this item during the middle/late game if I have HP. Having an early GA not only provides you with a lot of resistances, but also causes enemies to not want to attack you. Think of it like this: If the tank on the team has G.A. he is not only hard to kill, but he's also just going to revive if we do kill him. With this in mind I almost always find teams awkwardly running from me or trying to move around me in fights to get to my carries. This allows me to peel more efficiently and zone effectively for my DPS champions. I can also go balls deep into an enemy team without a worry with this thing on.

Items I Never Get

1 F.M is not needed on skarner because he has his Q. Although the HP looks enticing you can get just as much from other items you're going to be building anyway.

1 Sure, skarner has one A.D. ratio, but he's not an assassin jungler. This item will just make him die faster in fights.

1 Again, you don't need this because you have your Q to slow people down.

1 Your Q gives you wave clear, and you're not going to be benefiting from the active as your AD won't be high. The life steal is also meh because of your low DPS.

1 Item isn't useful because the life steal is somewhat wasted on you, and the damage is low. This means you're going to be buying the item strictly for the active. If your team needs this, ask a carry to build it.

1 Because Iceborn Gauntlet is superior on Skarner.

1 You just won't make use of the stats on this item other than the increased damage to minions and monsters.

1 You don't need too much CDR because of your passive. And you're going to probably have some CDR from other items anyway. This item is extraneous. Mobility or defense boots are superior.

1 You don't need these because of the speed boost you get from your W.

1 You won't ever need this because once you lock into an enemy champion, your Q will prevent them from getting away. You also have W, and your Ult, and Shurelya's Reverie to help you.

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Part I: Why I Don't Buy Wriggle's Lantern

Why I don't buy Wriggle's Lantern

Wriggle's Lantern is an item you can technically buy on any jungler and it will increase his clear times and make them more durable in jungle, that cannot be debated. However, just because one item is good doesn't mean that it's better than another. Specifically, I consider Spirit Stone to be superior to lantern on skarner because it builds into two late game items:

Spirit of the Elder Lizard - Does insane damage with skarner and allows him to carry fights.
Spirit of the Ancient Golem - Makes skarner super tanky.

You can do very well in jungle with just the Spirit Stone because it increases your DPS by 20%, meaning your clear will be 20% faster. Of course, Madred's Razors will clear faster, but they're stuck building into wriggle's lantern anyway.

Bottom Line: Spirit Stone is cost effective and will have a greater influence on the game in the long run than wirggle's lantern ON SKARNER, not in general.

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Part II: Jungler Rules

1) Farm your jungle and take lane farm if someone backs away.
Farming your jungle and farming a lane when there's nobody there to take the farm allows you to stay relevant to the game, and in some cases, carry it. Only do this if you don't see any ganks/team fights.

2) Don't force ganks.
Only gank lanes when you know you can be successful. Example of success includes: pushing someone out of lane, forcing an enemy to use a summoner spell, relieving pressure. Don't gank a lane you know won't result in one of the above because it will be a waste of time.

3) Never fix losing lanes.
The reason a lane loses isn't because the enemy jungler "ganked 10 times" or because the enemy is "O.P." It's because your laner sucks. Simple. Your. Laner. Is. Bad. He got out played. No amount of ganks or kills will ever make him better, so ignore a losing lane unless you can make a play in it. Most of the time you won't be able to, so just focus on your other lanes.

4) When people say "gank top" ask them if flash is down or not.
I usually almost always ignore requests to gank lanes becaise I know (as a jungler who has played hundreds of games) when I can and cannot gank a lane. However, from time to time I accept requests to gank lanes I normally wouldn't because an enemy laner's flash is down. If someone says to gank his lane because his opponent's flash is down, and you know you can do it, then do it. If they don't know if their flash is up or not then they're not very good (no offense) as laners should always know when summoners are up or not in order to win their lanes...

5) Look for counter ganks.
Think in terms of the enemy jungler and look for possible lanes that he can gank. If you suspect he will gank that area either camp it directly or farm around that area so you can counter gank. Map awareness is key because if you see your top laner is pushing really hard, but you missed the enemy slipping into the bottom lane bush for a lane gank, then you're going to be camping a counter gank that will never occur.

6) Know buff times.
Blue and Red - 5 minutes. Typically second buffs come at 7:10, and then 13:30.
Dragon - 6 minutes.
Baron - 7 minutes.
Consider small camps to be 60 seconds, wraiths are 50, but it's not as important as the larger monsters.
Place wards at the enemy buffs around the 5/6 minute marker to counter jungle (with a teammate).

7) Counter jungle.
If you see the enemy jungler is far away from his jungle, and you know he has a buff up, then try and take it.

8) Ward stuff.
If your top isn't buying wards, throw him a ward. I know, it's annoying when lanes don't ward, but if you can get one then just do it.

9) Be present in team fights.
When you see a team fight breaking out, then go and help out your team. I don't care if you're one auto attack away from finishing your blue buff, just drop what you're doing and help out your team.

10) Someone is always about to kill you
Always be paranoid when jungling. Keep your guard up and save your escapes in case you are counter jungled and need to run. Bring your buffs into the bush to finish them and to see if the enemy jungler is sitting there waiting for a steal.

11) Always consider your wraiths to be warded.
Because they are! Every game enemy mid/jungler wards my wraiths at least two times (that I see). If you see the enemy mid lane suddenly run out of lane towards you when you're doing wraiths, chances are he's about to kill you.

12) Look at lane behavior.
Look at lanes as you approach them. If they suddenly retreat for no reason, it's because you were seen by a ward and they know you're coming.

Look for sudden an unnecessary aggression from an enemy laner. This is a common indication of a gank. If you see the enemy mid is being hyper aggressive for no reason, be ready to counter gank.

Look for low HP opponent baits. Usually people who are low on HP stay in lane because they're trying to bait an enemy into attacking them so the jungler can gank them. Never fall for this.

13) Get and oracles and pink wards to counter jungle
Do this so you don't lose the game because of a stupid mistake.

14) More later if I think of anything. Possible video on this stuff once I finish editing it.

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Part II: Skarner Specific Rules

1) Always build tanky before building damage
You need to build tanky because you're expected to be the team's front line and peeler. You need to be able to absorb damage and protect your team so that your team can win the game.

2) Use your ult on who ever you freaking can
Sometimes my teammates yell at me for this, but it's because they don't know jungle. Here's the thing. If you notice someone is super out of position, and you know that you can ult that person into your team and kill him before his team can help him, then do it. Just do it, even it's it's something like Amumu. The reason I do this in my games is to force 4v5 situations. This makes it easier to push a tower, easier to do an objective, and in some cases it allows me to do baron. I personally like to kill the enemy tank if at all possible because without him there's nothing to defend the enemy carries, and they will just die if they try to contest an objective.

However, in 5v5 engagements you want to use it on a high priority target, or on someone who dives your carry.

3) Never forget to use W and Reverie to pull people back into your team.
I always used to forget to do this, and it let a lot of kills slip away. Always use your speed buffs to displace the enemy as far as you can from his team!

4) Hot key your Laugh emotion to the T key so you can press it all game.
Skarner's Laugh is better than Singed's laugh, so use this ability as best you can to piss off your enemies.

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Part II: Routes

Skarner generally does the generic Blue route:
Wolves> Blue> Wraith> Wolves> Red> Wraiths > Level 4. Base/Gank.

Skarner can also do a Red route:
(Golems)> Red> Gank Mid/Top> Wolves> Blue etc. But you have to tell your laner you're going to level 2 gank his lane so that he can get his CC ability at level 1.

I recommend the red route if you're on purple side because it has the ability to let the jungler Lvl 2 gank both solo lanes, while blue side is stuck ganking middle lane. I never level 2 gank bot lane because It's usually warded and difficult to get anything accomplished unless I'm Maokai. Also, exposing yourself in bottom lane after doing a buff lets the enemy jungler know you're not in range to get to your other buff, so it will probably be taken by him.

People you can level 2 gank with assuming they're solo laning top or mid.

Anivia - Has a stun.
Cassiopeia - Has a slow.
Cho'Gath - Has a knock up that slows.
Darius - Has a pull.
Elise - Has a stun.
Irelia - Has a slow/stun.
Jax - Has a stun.
Karthus - Has a slow wall.
Kayle - Has a slow.
Lee Sin - Has a slow/gap close killing move.
Lulu - Has a slow.
Malphite - Has a slow.
Maokai - Has a slow/root.
Morgana - Has a snare.
Nasus - Has a slow.
Olaf - Has a slow.
Orianna - Has a slow.
Pantheon - Has a stun.
Renekton - Has a stun.
Rengar - Has a slow + a gap close.
Riven - Has a gap close knock back.
Ryze - Has a snare.
Shen - Has a taunt.
Singed - Has a flip.
Sion - Has a stun.
Swain - Has a snare root thing.
Taric - Has a stun.
Trundle - Has a slow.
Tryndamere - Has a slow.
Twisted Fate - Has a stun.
Udyr - Has a stun.
Veigar - Has a stun.
Viktor - Has a slow + stun.
Volibear - Has a flip.
Xin Zhao - Has a knock up.
Yorick - Has a slow.
Ziggs - Has a slow or knock back.
Zilean - Has a slow.
Zyra - Has a root

All of these laners can get you first blood. Usually this will not happen as the enemy laner will end up using an escape summoner spell, but that is still a win for your lane. I may have left out a few people on this list who are viable to gank for at level 2, but you get the idea: Gank a lane with some kind of CC so you and your laner can land more damage on him before he can run away.

If you are counter jungled

Dealing with counter jungling is easy. I'll break it down:

1) You know the enemy team is going to take your starting buff and isn't going to leave.
This is the most common type of invasion, and I hate it because it's pointless. Just as some teammates to go to their side and take one of their buffs. Preferable you want to take from them the buff they are taking from you. If you cant do that then just take the one buff you have and sneak in lane exp by covering lanes. Or periodically counterjungle the enemy jungle to make up for the exp loss.

2) The enemy took a buff before you could get to it.
Pretty much the same as above. Take lane exp and counter jungle, or just don't gank and strictly farm your jungle till you hit level 6.

The thing is that Skarner's game really begins at level 6, so as long as he can reach that number semi quickly he will be fine.

Note: If you think the enemy team will do a delayed invasion and invade you at 1:50, then have your support place his free ward out side of your buff so you can see people coming.

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Part II: Junglers

Alistar - He's become slow in Season 3 and gets pretty beat up in jungle. If you ever see him in jungle don't feel too threatened as he is slow and easily countered by wards.

Amumu - He's semi fast and has good ganks even pre-6 if he can land his bandage. He will not counter jungle unless you sit in a lane and give him the chance to take one of your buffs. He is much stronger during the late game than the early game.

Cho'Gath - A strong jungler for the entire game. He has powerful CC and counter jungling abilities and can easily steal a buff, dragon, or baron, if you allow him to use his ultimate on it. His ultimate has a very low cool down, so always assume it's up.

Diana - She is an assassin jungler who can take advantage of people who are out of position. She's fairly strong in jungle, although very under played in that position. Her ganks become very strong at level 6 because this is when her gap close becomes active.

Dr. Mundo - Fastest jungler in the game, but is forced to burn his HP in order to use his abilities, meaning his early clears will make him very low on HP. He can be countered during the early stages of the game by high single target DPS junglers. His ganks are strongest during the early mid game, but his utility drops later in the game.

Fiddlesticks - A blue buff dependent jungler who has decent pre-6 ganks and strong post 6 ganks. Any jungler that has a silence, displacement, or stun can stop Fid from using his ultimate. His ult is a blink, so he can gap close through walls.

Gangplank - A semi fast jungler with strong pre/post 6 ganks. If you attempt to CC him try to wait until after he uses oranges as the oranges will remove the cc effects you have on him. He has strong single target DPS and can counter jungle if you let him.

Hecarim - Very strong post 6 ganks as he can run through walls. Has good sustain and damage during early and later clears. Don't try to run after him and catch him as you will almost never be able to catch him due to his high movement speed.

Jarvan IV - One of the best lvl 2 gankers in the game. He does lots of damage and has a knock up and a slow. His ultimate creates a wall in around any units trapped in side of it, but you can escape with a blink or dash ability.

Jax - Another assassin jungler. His ganks are somewhat clumsy due to the fact he has to charge his stun before stunning an opponent, making it obvious to the enemy what he's going to do. He has very good dueling potential, even with jungle farm, and will do his best to kill your carries.

Kha'Zix - Another assassin jungler, but he's weaker with jungle farm than he is with lane farm. He can go invisible for 1 seconds and can jump over walls. He has minor cc, but if you let him get fed he can get out of control. Snowballish.

Lee Sin - **** Lee Sin.

Malphite - Malphite is blue dependent and a carry jungler. Meaning he can carry the lanes though his initiation via his ultimate. He almost always gets a kill for his team and can quickly change the tides of a fight with his ultimate. Never group up in fights against this guy, always spread out as much as you can without breaking formaiton.

Maokai - Strong ganker early game, falls off late game. Try not to fight him in his ultimate as it makes trying to kill anything inside of it very difficult. He has decent clear times, and won't counter jungle anyone unless he has a lot of time to do it.

Master Yi - Very good counter jungler who has good clear times and decent ganks. He's all about damage. The main drawback to playing Jungle Yi is he's easily killed if you can lock him down and damage him.

Nautilus - Slower in S3, ganks are a lot like Alistars. Wards will counter him hard.

Nocturne - Good at counter jungling and ganking. He's usually built tanky, yet can still deal a lot of damage due to his AD and AS bonuses. His ultimate has a short range at level 6 and 11, so proper ward placement will counter him to a point. Always look for a counter gank as he can gank any lane at any time if he really wants to. If you see Noc building damage, just kill him when he ults as he's very squishy if not building tanky.

Nunu - Fast clears and counter jungles. Decent ganks. Terrible late game. Just ward and get to late game and nunu will be very useless aside from his BB and Ice Ball. Not a good jungler in lower level games because he is super team dependent due to his lack of damage.

Olaf - Has very high damage, can do true damage. His ultimate stops any CC affecting him, so never use your best CC abilities on him. He will always want to initiate on your team and wreck your carries. Do your best to peel for your team.

Pantheon - Slower jungler who can counter jungle. His level 6 ganks make him viable in jungle because he can gank any lane at any time. He has a gap close stun, so always watch out for him jumping on an ally only to throw a spear into a low HP ally for a kill. His ultimate can be stopped when it's channeling.

Rammus - Slow jungler with strong ganks. Better as the game goes on. He is blue buff dependent for his first clear.

Rengar - He is another assassin type of jungler who excels at taking advantage of enemies who are out of position. His ultimate allows him to become invisible for several seconds, and he can gap close out of bushes onto enemies.

Riven - Another assassin type of jungler. She is very snowballish, but has powerful level 1 ganks. She does a lot of damage early game, but less during the later game. If you can prevent her from getting in ganks during the early game she will reverse snowball very hard considering the only thing she will have is jungle farm.

Sejuani - Dies in jungle.

Shaco - Annoying to deal with if he's good. He will always be ganking a lane or attempting to steal your buffs. Ward your lanes so you can see where he is going. He can gap close over walls while in stealth.

Shen - Shen is slow, but isn't dependent on either buff. His ganks are strong once he gets his taunt. His ultimate can be stopped by stuns and displacements. His single target DPS is somewhat high, so there is a possibility for him to counter jungle.

Shyvana - My favorite jungler. She will counter jungle the heck out of any slow or medium speed jungler and will farm all the lanes till the mid game. She loves to build up damage and wreck fights. It's important to note that Shyvana's damage comes mostly from magic damage, so build MR if you see they're going double AP solo lanes + Shyvana in jungle! Her only physical damage ability is her Q. Her ganks suck btw.

Sion - A fun jungler who has powerful burst damage with his shield, and easy ganks with his ranged stun. Try to kite Sion as much as possible when he is using his ultimate as it not only heals him, but it also heals his team!. He can counter jungle.

Trundle - I compare him to shyvana because his Q is roughly the same. Trundle has a nice CC ability that forms a wall that slows down opponents. He has a speed buff, and he can reduce opponent's AD with his Q. He is a good team fighter with a lot of sticking potential. Do your best to peel him off of your carry.

Tryndamere - Tryndamere is interesting because he doesn't need much to be strong. The only thing he really needs for a good gank is a high rage bar and Zeal. He does a lot of damage through critical strikes, and can counter jungle very well due to his high DPS and his ability to spin through walls. His ultimate makes him invulnerable to damage once he hits 1 HP point, so have an ally drop ignite on him as soon as hit ultimate is half way in.

Udyr - Tiger Udyr is a strong duelist that does magic damage. Yes, his Q does magic damage even though it scales with physical damage. Tiger can often be thought of as a hybrid because of this. His clear times are fast regardless of which stance he mains, and he has a stun that can be used on multiple people. He has very fast clear times and is a good counter jungler and tank.

Volibear - Voli is tanky as hell and can gank well too. I never invade or try to counter a voli unless I know exactly where he is. He has a lot of potential to hold down a target while his enemies come to assist him, and even if you get him low his passive will just prevent him from dying.

Warwick - He's not a jungler, I'm sorry. People play WW not to jungle, but to farm all game, take lane farm, and build carry WW for mid/late game. His pre 6 ganks are bad. He can only gank when he has his ultimate or another form of CC. His clears are slow so he's easy to counter jungle. He's just not good at the jungle part, but once he gets late game items he is unstoppable...

Xin Zhao - Similar to Jax in clear times, but his ganks are better because he has 3 forms of CC. He's a good jungler who shouldn't be underestimated. He has strong ganking potential and good counter jungling potential as well.

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Part II: Ganking Lanes

People who help you out: Any champion that either has good damage or good CC is someone you will have an easy time ganking for.

Singed is a great example because he has decent damage, a slow, and a displacement.

Akali is a bad example pre 6 because she has no CC abilities, but post 6 she is good because of her high DPS.

Vladimir is a bad lane to gank for because he has no CC and usually has no damage until the late game.

Consider this:
Your allies will make ganking easier if they have:
- Hard CC
- High DPS

Easy enemies will make ganking easier if they have:
Little to no escapes (abilities)
Little to no escapes (summoner spells)
Low damage.
Low mobility.
Over extended.

Skarner brings a lot of CC to a gank, and can concevibly gank any lane if it's over extended against any opponent with any ally. He is very strong in this regard. It's just easier to gank lanes that have CC or damage.

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Video tutorial

I'm going to eventually upload a video tutorial as soon as I edit the clips. I'll throw it at the top of the guide once it's done.

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Extra Stuff

Here are some other generic resources you can use to augment your knowledge of the game: - Use this to view your games over again. Really helps you pick up on your mistakes and improve. - This site is decent for showing champion match ups. - Has champion guides and generic guides. - Similar to solomid, not as popular, but still similar. - Has a lot of topics about theorycrafting, ranking champions, all that cool stuff. Really cool. Look up Stonewall008 when you can, guy puts in a lot of effort to educate community and I strongly recommend looking at his posts. - I don't recommend using this to look up people in your selection screen just to ***** at them. It's good for keeping track of your elo, and good for looking at other statistics. They have guides, but don't read them as most of them were posted strictly to gain fame on a brand new website. - Has cool stuff related to league of legends. Try not to use the skins they have as Riot constantly switches around the skin files per patch. This means that roughly every patch you're going to have to somehow fix your league of legends folder, and re download your skins. Also, having these skins prevents you from viewing replays.


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