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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Crazyavenger20

Jungle Sybr' RANK #1 Challenger Kha'Zix Guide Season 14 ✔️

Jungle Sybr' RANK #1 Challenger Kha'Zix Guide Season 14 ✔️

Updated on March 23, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazyavenger20 Build Guide By Crazyavenger20 534 46 1,142,794 Views 18 Comments
534 46 1,142,794 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazyavenger20 Kha'Zix Build Guide By Crazyavenger20 Updated on March 23, 2024
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Runes: One shot rune [Eclipse]

1 2 3 4
First Strike
Magical Footwear
Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

Sudden Impact
Treasure Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Standard smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Mosstomper Smite

Mosstomper Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Sybr' RANK #1 Challenger Kha'Zix Guide Season 14 ✔️

By Crazyavenger20

Hello everyone! I’m Sybr! I am a Kha'Zix main for multiple seasons. I have reached Challenger multiple seasons on NA, currently, I am 858 LP Challenger.

91% winrate Kha’zix only unranked to diamond Challenger (Solo only).
70% Kha’zix winrate to Challenger Season 11.
88% winrate with Kha’zix to grandmaster during Season 10.

If you want any personalized coaching, you can book a coaching session with me here:

I am live streaming on Twitch: , I upload Kha'Zix related content often on YouTube , if you have any questions regarding Kha'zix or League of Legends, feel free to join the stream and ask! Don’t forget to drop by to say hi as well!


Please drop an UPVOTE, love you guys!
Kha’zix Pros and Cons:

+ High burst damage
+ Powerful duelist
+ High carry potential
+ Easy to learn
+ Fun to play
+ Very strong once you have core items

- Can’t deal with cc comps well
- Can’t deal with tanks comp well
- Can’t deal with peel comp well
- Punished by mistake heavily
- Vurnable without isolation
- Hates cat
Domination Runes

Dark Harvest is a high risk high reward keystone that I personally like to run myself. The early game damage with Dark Harvest is slightly lower than Electrocute and it doesn’t scale that well into late game compared to Electrocute UNLESS you get a good amount of stacks with it. However, Dark Harvest does provide you with higher damage output if you can proc it multiple times in a teamfight, since it resets on takedowns. I would recommend taking Dark Harvest ONLY, if you feel like you can get more than 10 kills early/mid game in order for it to be efficient.
Sudden Impact is the most standard way to go, there is not really much options to run here. Some might say Cheap Shot, it is good early game but later into the game Sudden Impact is a lot better.
Eyeball Collection gives you the most attack damage the quickest, since it provides you ad on kills, which Kha'Zix does well at. You could also go zombie wards if you want more vision control.
Ravenous Hunter is the best choice to go here, since Taste Their Fear cooldown is really low, and you are able to proc this many times and clear healthly. Relentless Hunter is also nice choice here if you want to sacrifice some hp for extra movement speed and map control.
This is the most common way and pretty much the only way to do the rune, just do it.
Conqueror Runes

Conqueror is the goto keystone if you are playing against 2 or 2+ tanks/bruisers. With Conqueror, since this keystone is good in long fights. it allows you to actually duel against some match up where normally you will have trouble with Electrocute/ Dark Harvest, Ex: Lee Sin, Elise, Rek’Sai or any tanks/bruisers. I recommend taking Conqueror if you will be having long-term fights during the game or playing R-Evo with black cleaver. Conqueror sync really well with black cleaver since cleaver allows you to duel longer with the extra HP and 20% CDR to stack conq faster!
Triumph is a go to for this rune unless you want to kite and w spam mid/late game, you could opt for Presence of Mind. It is also a decent choice if you are mana hungry.
Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Tenacity is to go to here, never take Legend: Bloodline. Take Legend: Alacrity if enemy team don't have a lot of cc. Take Legend: Tenacity if enemy team have a lot of cc.
Coup de Grace is always the best choice here, since you are playing an assassin, enemy target will get instant popped by you. This benefit Kha'Zix the most.
This is the most common way and pretty much the only way to do the rune, just do it.
Mythic items
Profane Hydra -> New favourite item, our favourite item that speeds up Kha'Zix clear speed as well as teamfighting potential with the item active. :goat:

Duskblade of Draktharr -> (RIP in Season 14, will be missed) Old favourite item, I am starting to like the ability haste on this item and invisible passive on takedown allows you to get away from certain situations well. :goat:

Prowler's Claw -> Highest damage out of the three mythic, active gap closer is useful, you can R->active, this item doesn’t break stealth, and will grant you the highest lethality due to legendary stats. Build it against full squishy comp!

Eclipse -> Build it vs bruiser and tanks, due to legendary passive of armor pen and item passive. Is an extra phase rush with old PD passive. Great for sustainability and kiting.

Goredrinker -> Build it vs bruiser and tanks, better sustain and longer teamfighting compared to Eclipse, stacks conq faster as well due to active.
Evolve Order
Evolved Reaper Claws Kha'Zix utilizes Taste Their Fear very well since it gives a reliable source of damage. Evolving Taste Their Fear gives Kha'zix the highest DPS you can ever get on this champion. This evolution is a go to unless you need Void Assault. Overall: Strong objective control, and dueling potential.
Evolved Void Spike Kha'Zix utilizes Void Spike very well since it gives a reliable source of cc either to catch target that is running away or efficiently peeling for your teammates. This is really useful to evolve at level 11 or level 16 into the game. Overall: Strong peeling ability, the slow is giga broken.
Evolved Leap Kha'Zix utilizes Leap very well since it gives a reliable source of escape ability or gap closing a enemy target. Evolve Leap if you want to snowball your lead even more. Overall: Snowball harder, no one can escape.
Evolved Void Assault Kha'Zix utilizes Void Assault very well since it gives a reliable source of sneaking ability, it allows you go get into the backline very easily. Evolve this if you need to get to unexpected places. Overall: Stealthy bug, 2 second invisibility, allowing you to get into position enemy doesn’t expect.

taste their fear

Void Assault
Taste Their Fear 1 shot assassin (Chad): Q > E > W Void Assault Bruiser/assassin (Rat): R > W > E/Q

★More detailed Evolution guide video can be found here:
More In-Depth guide can be find here
If you want to learn Kha’zix, the best way will be following my Twitch stream and my YouTube channel for Kha’zix videos!


If you want to support me, subscribing to my YouTube or Twitch TV would be super appreciated!
Long Blocks of Kha'Zix Q&A

Your answer to "So Why have you been able to get to such a high level with Kha’zix and sustain it for so long?"

There are many different factors to that. One of the main reasons why I can play Kha'Zix at a high level is my knowledge on the champion and what the champion is capable of and it’s limits. On top of that, my map awareness and my ability to track enemy junglers perfects me to play Kha’zix. Why is that? Well because Kha’zix play style requires the player to be extremely aware of his surroundings due to his isolation mechanics. While I'm playing, my eyes are always on the minimap, my brain is always trying to come up with the best plans/strategy to play the game. Addition to that, you should be checking how your laner’s laning status is, this way you can come up with plans to invade the enemy junglers. I love to invade Kha'zix, he is a really great jungler for invading and pressuring the map. Lastly, you have to make decisions and commit to it, there is no time to waste while playing the bug, a split second wasted means you're a second closer to death.

Your answer to "There are so few kha zix mains i see in high elo but when i do yall do some insane stuff. What tips can you give on Kha’zix that most players just don't know"

Let’s start with Kha’zix Unseen Threat, Kha’zix gets bonus damage on his next basic attack against an enemy champion, in addition to that, the next basic attack slows the target by 25% for 2 seconds. This is really great for catching people and makes the enemy have a hard time escaping due to the slow. A great tip for Kha’zix passive, you can reset this passive by going into the fog of war, or an unwarded brush for a surprise extra damage for the enemy. You can also reset this passive by using your ultimate.
Another thing players need to know is, you have to play for isolation on Kha’zix, this is where you are the strongest, so make sure to adjust your playstyles and plans according to this. Why? Because Kha’zix Taste Their Fear ability damage is increased by 100% against isolated targets, this means you're a health bar shredding machine if played correctly, this is really important.
Now, here comes the fun part, have ever seen a flying bug before? Well, I can teach you how to become one. Kha’zix Leap ability once evolved, you can reset the cooldown if you kill someone or get an assist on a target. This means you can jump twice, three times, four times, even five times if you want! In addition to that, a really cool mechanic you can do on Kha’zix is you can jump again midair, meaning you can jump to kill someone and while you killed him midair, you can reset jump again for some flashy style points or for an extra gap closer.

Your Answer to "I love some flashy plays that ive seen you make but from what i know and you will prob agree with me is there is so much more toleague of legends than that so are there any General Tips or advice that you can give someone who is really trying to improve and get to a high level?"

There are many general tips I can give you to improve but, at the end of the day, it will be down to you to practice them and make use of them. I will give you the ones I find to be the most valuable.

Build a good foundation

How to clear camps properly, how to path properly, and how to gank properly. Once you have these three down, then you can start learning about different champions.

Know your limits

Learn your champion to the fullest and know what the champion is capable of. Don’t experiment while you play, know what you're able to do and what you CAN do. Once you have this down, you only take the fights that you know you will come up on top.

Be aware of your surrounding

Know what is going on around you, are you on a ward? Are you being tracked? Are you in danger because you overextended? Be aware of everything, track enemy jungler and laners so you know where they are.

Addition to that, play to win, yes but also play to learn. Don’t stress and tilt just because you lost a few games, take a break and come back to learn about your mistake, embrace them and learn from them. Don’t let them get in the way of your climbing adventure!

- Evolutions

Hey guys, my name is Sybr! Welcome back to my Akha'demy series Ep.3 where I will be going through all Kha’zix’s evolution and try my best to explain all the evolution orders for you guys to use during your own gameplay! I will try to keep it simple and short so it is not too complicated for you guys to understand!

Q Evolve: Longer Range
Faster Q cooldowns
Better clear speed and objective control due to lower cooldowns on the ability.

W Evolve: Bigger hitbox
60% slow on non-isolated targets
90% slow on isolated targets

E Evolve: Longer jump range
Reset on takedowns
And it gives you the ability to reset the cooldown on it by killing or getting an assets on the enemy

R Evolve: increased stealth duration from 1.25s to 2 second
3 charge of invisibility

Now that we are finished with the introduction of what each evolution does, let's jump into how we should combine these evolutions together in your gameplay.

1 Shot assassin style: Q + E + W or R (Most standard)
This order gives you the ability to carry the game by yourself the hardest. Evolving Q early gives you the strongest duelling power and objectively control on early skirmers and dragon fights. At level 11, evolving E gives you the ability to kill the entire enemy team 1 by 1 since it gives you reset on takedowns, this will allow you to snowball the game harder. At level 16, you can choose whether to go W or R, W provides you with more crowd control in teamfight and R allows you to navigate through teamfight better. This is the most standard OG way of playing kha'zix.

R + W + E (Current Meta)
This order is the current meta of playing Kha’Zix, due to Kha’zix weakness of crowed control and tanks, this allows you to still be the scary assassin you are during all phases of the game. Evolving R early gives you better ganking power and better outplaying potential due to the long stealth duration, your able to sneak to places where the enemy do not expect you to be. At lvl 11 evolving W provides you with the power you need to teamfight and make the enemy unable to escape from you due to the high percentage of the slow. Evolving E at lvl 16 allows you to reposition and chase low hp targets down easily. I recommend this playstyle since it fits the current meta the best!

Bruiser style: R + W + E (Most standard to combine with conq, agurin is known for this)
Q + W + R (Tank shredder path)
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