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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Talon Build Guide by Vellinson



Updated on October 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vellinson Build Guide By Vellinson 9 6 10,578 Views 7 Comments
9 6 10,578 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vellinson Talon Build Guide By Vellinson Updated on October 9, 2012
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Well, hello to all of my readers, and those who are not, this is my 1 GUIDE, and im going to present you with one of my favourite champions of League of Legends: TALON - THE BLADE'S SHADOW, or as I like to call it "THE 1 MAN-ARMY DEATHMACHINE". In this guide we are going to focus on the burst damage AD Assassin that Talon is and that some players can get, and with this i will try to get you to that level cause let's face it, i've seen so many players that bought Talon and just waste his potencial and it makes me sad cause as i said before he is one of my favourite characters and one of the MOST OP even with all the Nerfs that Riot does to him. I will also give you some hints and tips for Ranked Gameplay, but my guide wont be like a magical book that you read and get the almighty POWER, 10% is the Guide and 85% is in you, but WAIT, where are the remaining 5%? Well, those 5% are up to your team, so it might be a good strategy to give along with your team and if everyone does their part, you will be victorious, so enjoy and take some notes if you need to, but keep in mind something: NOTHING IS TRUE, EVERYTHING IS PERMITED
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The Way of the Assassin's

In here we will not only be talking about Talon, but about the Assassin type in general. As an Assassin you need to be swift and leave your mark but without leaving a trail on you, as the only thing that enemies should be allowed to do is asking WTF just happened??? and Where the **** ded he come from???
Always use the brush as much as you can, cause let's face it,its just plain stupid to use the front door, as you should always avoid it. Remember this: "Your worst and scariest enemy is the one that you can't see" and that's the truth. NOW, as I told you, be swift and graceful when slaying your enemies, and show them some respect, unless they are flaming and getting on your nerves...Just kidding, always show respect, even if the enemy doesnt share that kindness, dont go down to their level of stupidity cause because they are stupid pro they will win you in a stupidity contest
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Pros / Cons

-Nice early game damage output
-Awesome Farmer
-Very good solo laner and harasser
-Really nice Skins
-Easy Combos to hit
-Great Ultimate that makes both offense/defensive skill

-Late game damage depends on how the game has gone so far
-Can be countered with a lot of Armor
-Has to be careful with late game AP caster
-Will be likely focused just for being the badass that he is
-Has undergone some serious bad changes since they nerfed him (but even still, RIOT can't prevent you to use your full potencial)
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So, let me explain to you why i use this type of runes:

I use Greater Mark of Desolation cause they are good early/mid/late game because they literally melt your targets armor, and you will see it on the damege you will do to your enemys. You can also try to use ATTACK DAMAGE MARKS but its not really THAT much difference as Talon relies on his armor penetration to crush even the hardest tanks

I use Greater Seal of Attack Speed because Talon doesnt have a lot of attack speed so i need to support that failure, but you can also try to use ARMOR OR ARMOR PER LEVEL SEALS, but i think that if you really want to play Talon as an assassin your only armor should be your blade and your brains

I use Greater Glyph of Magic Resist cause everyone knows that AD's and AP's are sworn enemys and i use those glyphs as my "shield" against AP casters of all sort, and allows me to be more durable in team-fights and 1 on 1 combat which by the way you should not do against TALON

I use Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage because it makes a huge difference mainly in early game, and will give you a head start against your possible lane enemys and might get you a clean first blood, making another advantage for you my little Assassin
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OK now some players may disagree with the Masteries that i use on Talon, but when i play him i just pown everyone in the game with my standard 30-0-0, like you will with this build, i get all the offense points that i can get, and one of the Main Concern's os Armor Penetration and Life Steal, if you dont feel that confortable with using this Masterie Tree you can also try a 21-9-0 if you want to have a defensive backup that can still have a great attack to compensate or even a 21-0-9 if you want to privelige Flash spell or more gold which is viable on Talon cause you really need gold to keep rollin'
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Skill Explanation

Mercy- Talon deals 10% more damage with his basic attacks to any target that is slowed, stunned, immobilized, or suppressed. Which means that this is not the best passive in the entire freakin' game, but still it climbs to the top 30 passives of LoL, it sinergizes very well with Exhaust spell and with Rake as you will see the Health drop like a chocolate disappear's in a hot Summer day

- Talon's next basic attack deals an additional physical damage. If the target is a champion, they will bleed, taking additional physical damage over a period of time and revealing their location for the duration. So let me explain in a way that you understaand: AWESOME, i mean, this is just like your passive cause you will deal adicional damage, and even add a bleeding effect woth a bonus, it reveals a champion por a certain time

- Talon sends out a volley of daggers that then return back to him, dealing physical damage every time it passes through an enemy. Additionally the enemy is slowed for a short duration. This means that besides the damge and the slow you will trigger your passive allowing you to damage even further your opponent

Cutthroat- Talon instantly appears behind his target, silencing them and amplifying his damage against that target. What? So besides the silence and the damage being amplified because of the silence you will get extra damage becuase of your passive, SWEET, more kills for me then

-Talon disperses a ring of blades and enters stealth while gaining additional Movement Speed. When Talon emerges from stealth, the blades converge on his location. Every time a blade passes through an enemy, they receive physical damage. So basicly this is one of the top 10 ultis of the entire LoL game cause it can be usesed in a offensive/defensive way and will simply crush your enemies
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Skill Sequence

Well, as some guys want to go Rake- Noxian Diplomacy- Cutthroat- Rake- Rake- Shadow Assault i like to go Rake- Cutthroat- Rake- Noxian Diplomacy- Rake- Shadow Assault

WHY??? It's simple, note that the most viable option at the beggining is Rake, because it was good damage and can affect multiple targets, BUT it isnt worth to spend all your mana on Rake at level 1 cause it wont damage a lot, so keep your mana. Then you got for Cutthroat because of his silence and it can get you close to your target and posicione your Rake, then you sould go for Rake again so that you REALLY start doing some damage,and after that you go for Noxian Diplomacy to utilize your single damage spell to get a kill with the bleeding effect. After that, you should prioratize Rake because its a multi-target spell and does good damage, then Noxian Diplomacy as this is your bread and butter spell doing a lot of burst damage on your opponent plus adding a bleeding effect on him that damages over time and still is very good to use against towers, kinda like Nasus Siphoning Strike, and then Cutthroat which by the way both silences and amplifies the damgage you will do on your target,and dont forget always getting your ulti when you can, and there is a tactic to hit with all the blades, position yourself in front of your oponent then hit your ulti so that the blades slash through him, then hit cutthroat and just watch as the blades slash again through your opponent smashing him real good
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OK so now its time to explain you why i use those items:

Standard Items:

- You need hit as it will give you AD, HP and Life Steal

- So that you have some speed to run in and off your lane and ganking on your team's respective lanes

- Some damage output and raly good armor penetration and cooldown reduction

- To support you spells with a great Cooldown Reduction

- Even more damege, Armor Pen, CD, and a FINE active

- More Life Steal means more survivability

- Combine a B.F Sword and a Vampiric Scepter and you have a HUGE ITEM

- One of the best items on the entire game and combines well with Talon

- More HP and more survivability

- AD and HP and NICE passive

- Good item on Talon, cause the enemies will focus all the CC's abilities on you just to kill that OP BADASS TALON, and then pluff...You're alive...Again...And ready to bring destruction on a fragile enemy...for the 2 time

- More Hp and AD (nobody will mess with you) seems fine to me and I think that Talon would agree with me

- So we have AP which is not really necessary on Talon and Cooldown Reduction which is SUPER AWESOME on Talon cause you really need your skills

- Where has this baby been all of my life? Attack Speed and Critical Chance, that's like Christmas in July

- Use this if the enemy has a Teemo or a Shaco or even to destroy their wards

Sitioacional Items:
x2 - You already own a Doran's Blade but if the game isn't going too well, you could try to buy 2 more blades to give you more attack, Hp and life steal wich is always a good thing

- Besides Critical Strike, has even more Tenacity

- If you want a bit more attack speed but you will sacrifice the huge movement speed from Boots of Mobility, you know, theres always a price to pay

- Works just fine on Talon and sinergyzes well with Magic Resist Glyphs, but like in Berserker's Greaves you loose the huge movement speed from Boots of Mobility

- Good on Talon as it gives you that awesome movement speed, but you should only use it if you are a roamer

- If the enemy team has a badass Tryndamere and you want to counter it and also good to figh an all-AD team which happens too often unfortunatly

- OOOOOHHHHHH TENACITY.....**** YOU AMUMU, VICKTOR, VEIGAR and everything that has a STUN

- If you are having some troubles with armor stacker's like Garen, Rammus or Galio, then dont worry, cause after you have this baby, you will kick the living **** of their seats

- This item the 2 good on Talon cause it protectes you from one spell, and for more un-experienced players, it gives you more mana and Hp that sometimes you need

- I dont really agrre with this item cause Talon isnt a Tank, and relies on its life steal to regen his Hp faster, but some players might use and need this one to give more survivability or to tank up a little bit more for their team

- Dont really need and explanation cause this IS THE ITEM that decides entire games and the best and expensive item in the entire League of Legends game

- You can try this one, for attack speed and critical chance, but i just think you have better items that replace this one
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Summoner Spells

As for Summoner Spells, there is a current debate of who is the best duo of summoner spells to use? Well i think that every single one of them works fine depending on the ocasions. As for my summoner spells, i use Ignite and Flash on Twisted Treeline and Exaust and Flash on Summoner's Rift and for Dominion i use Ghost and Flash to get to the towers quickly.

- Nice spell on Talon plus works just so good with you passive

- Not really, even for Dominion i dont use it, but you can

- Great spell for either chasing or escaping...RUN FOREST RUUUNNNNNNNNNNN

- Very good spell, but you dont want the enemy team to call you "noob healer"

- Depends on the ocasion

- Nice one noob, Talon jungle????????? EPIC FAIL


- You can use it if you are Solo Top or even for Map Control

- Good spell for cleaning all the CC abilities on you (believe me you WILL get focused)

- For unexperinced summoner's who are having mana issues since the nerf on Talon

- Great speel for getting kills that otherwise i couldn't get

- Not really good on Talon, sure you can use it

- For what? Support Talon? Pls go shoot yourself in the head

- Awesome speel for either chasing down your target or escaping dangerous situations
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Map Awareness

So lets take a look at this picture and then i'll explain to you:
So, you should always ward the map so that you can control you enemy moves and prepare ganks, for that you should buys two vision wards, one for Dragon and other for Baron Gnasher, the reason you should buy two visions, if becau8se that way you might be able to see he the enemy has a sight wards on them, them the remaining points, you should use sight wards as it will give you and your team a huge boost late game, now, ALWAYS remember, although you are a 1 MAN ARMY DEATHMACHINE, you are not a 1 MAN ARMY BANK so your team should also help you to buy wardds so that you dont end up loosing a huge amount of cash

Wards are also useful to steal the enemies buffs, and so here are the times of buff spwans:

Baron Nashor

Initial Spawn: (15:00) Respawn Time: (7:00)

Baron is the most important buff in the game, although he takes awhile to kill, it is entirely worth it to take down, providing the extra gold (global 300g), experience, and stats. Your team will have a major advantage against the other team.

Initial Spawn: (2:30) Respawn Time: (6:00)

Dragon/Drake is the next important thing you should keep track of, giving an amount of global 190 gold(combined with Baron Nahor it's almost 500 gold). You may think that 190 gold is not much, but in competitive matches any gold you have over your enemy is worth it.
Red Buff

Initial Spawn: (1:55) Respawn Time: (5:00)

Red Buff is important for your jungler, it enable him to gank more efficiently in early levels due to the slow, deals true damage and creates a type of mini-ignite towards the selected opponent. This helps tremendously in game-play overall, with a slow from just auto-attacking, a mini-ignite, and true damage, your team will be at a slight advantage if you control both red buffs.
Blue Buff

Initial Spawn: (1:55) Respawn Time: (5:00)

Blue buff is another buff for a caster and sustaining jungle. Blue buff reduces your cooldown timer, and increases mana regeneration. Usually given to a caster after the jungler can sustain in the jungle with ease, with this buff on the caster, it becomes much more of a hassle in lane and overall.
Wolves, Wraiths, & Small Golems

Initial Spawn: (1:40) Respawn Time: (1:00)

Nothing to really worry about, just might as well place it in. These give no buffs or major advantage in the game, but simply denying a jungler of this early game can cripple them hard, so make sure to protect these camps at level 1, in case of counter-jungling.
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OK, really simple Talon excels at solo top laning, although we is also excellent on bot lane:

Farming - Always try to last hit minions with basic attacks, and dont start using Rake like if the world is about to end, spare your mana as you will need it to "BRING THE RAIN" on you enemies and so you should only use it to harass your minions and get your enemies of your chest and send them on a painful long road to HELL

Harassing - As far as your combo, you should go: Noxian Diplomacy- Cutthroat- Rake- Shadow Assault, and this should if not kill, then it will tottaly devastate your opponent so that all the blades from your ulti converge on your enemy sending their soul to dance on the Devil's Playground

Ganking - So here we go with the "i dont gank cause i think that is nooblike strategy" dont even bother saying me that cause it's ********, ganks are needed so that the game advances, and Talon is a gank machine, that's why I have Mobility Boots, so that at level 6 I can wonder around the map looking for my preys, as a ganker you should always use the bushes as much as you can, and then you put your Noxian Diplomacy then iniciate with Cutthroat and then Rake their ***es and if that doesnt give you a kill, then you can pop your Ultimate and say Sayonara Sucker'

Escaping - As Talon you will be likely focused, and een if you dont, you will probably be liked by the enemies jungle as Public Enemy NÂș1, so to avoid detention, when you see they are coming, just go into the bush, and wait them to come for you, as they are about to enter the bush, you Rake them to get them slowed, then Cutthroat to a nearby minion, or if there isnt anyone, just use your Ultimate and Run like the Wind in the opposite direction cause they aren't expecting you to do that, but we have a problem, and if there isnt any bushes to cover your escape? Easy, just run until you find one, or do the same thing but without a bush to cover your monkey ***
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Choosing your Targets

As Talon you have to be selective when choosing your targets, lets see a few examples:

Twitch = Squishy = Getting SMASHED by Talon in 4,4 seconds
Ashe = Squishy = Getting SMASHED by Talon in 6 seconds
Sona = Squishy = Getting SMASHED by Talon in 3,1 seconds
Miss Fortune = Squishy = Getting SMASHED by Talon in 5,3 seconds

Shen = Tank = Durable as Hell even against Talon
Galio = Tank = Durable as Hell even against Talon
Garen = Tank = Durable as Hell even against Talon
Amumu = Tank = Durable as Hell even against Talon
Singed = Tank = Durable as Hell even against Talon

What did you learn? That you have to be selective, only focus targets that you know you can kill, and try to focus the squishy ones first like Twitch, Ashe, Veigar and not guys like Galio, Shen, Rammus; but PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, you can fight those tanks, but you may also die on the trade; also yoou can win fights against Tryndamere, just be smart, when he puts his ulti, and only when he uses it, you hit him with Noxian Diplomacy or Ignite and then you GET THE **** OUT, cause he will either die with the bleeding effect from Noxian Diplomacy or from the damage from Ignite. Now that you have learn to fight against Tryndamere, you can pretty much kill anyone, just use you brains...
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Ranked Gameplay - Time to go Pro

Ranked Gameplay is a vital part to see if you can REALLY play Talon, in Ranked games, please dont be one of those noobs fast lockers and try to choose as a team, so that you dont end up having only AD or AP Carrys, a good team should have 1 Tank, 1 Support, 1 Carry, 1 AP Caster and 1 Jungler or another Carry, but as I was saying, as Talon you have to always pay attention to the map, REMENBER: WARDS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS FOR MAP CONTROL
Dont never let go off your keyboard, even when you are recalling back to base, try to be there for every team-fight and you should NEVER iniciate unless you know you can get those kills, otherwise let you Tank or Jungler or even your AP iniciate, then you will goo with the flow and ASSASSINATE everyone that stands in your path to victory, I always go Mid Lane, cause i really think that is where Talon excels at SMAHING all the enemies, especially the AP ones, and the AD ones too, Mid Lane Talon = OP Talon, cause its simply a one on one situation, and Talon can pretty much beat anyone on single situations, besides that, you can always try to go Solo Top which is also viable on Talon, but you wont have that same security to attack your foes and get an early first blood
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Change Log

30/12/11 - Posted this guide for all of you guys

01/01/12 - Changed some items

04/03/12 - Added some videos and deleted some explanations of bugged items

08/10/12 - Reviewed the guide and added some minor changes
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So that's it, Talon is an amazing champion, an Assassin by nature and so your main tactic will be Ganking Ganking Ganking Ganking Ganking, Farming Harassing and more Ganking.
Well guys, i hope that you have enjoyed my build and since this is my 1 guide i really need you to rate and comment so that i see if its worth doing more guys and sharing my knowledge with you all, and pls if you have any suggestions on doubts, pls dont be shy and contact me as soon as possible, so ENJOY TALON AND Gl & Hf
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