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Talon Build Guide by Ciekiller

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ciekiller

Talon's QQ Skill Burst Build 5v5 & Dominion*Updated 10/3

Ciekiller Last updated on October 15, 2011
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5v5 Summoners Rift, Dominion

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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*For 5v5 Summoners Rift*

For the first part of this guide, please refer to Talon's "First Build" to see the correct Items/Skill Sequence/Mastery's.

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Talon is one of the strongest burst assassins currently in the game. Talon is able to get in, dish out massive burst, and get out with great mobility.

One of the key components in using this guide which will help you become successful in your games playing as Talon, is to to be able to think like an assassin and never back out of ANY fights. You must commit to the fights and finish it through. Of course take into consideration that there will be team fights you do have to back out of, but for the most part, go all in.

This guide is meant for players who like to play aggressively and have lane dominance for the laneing phase. This guide is NOT meant for players who aren't accustomed to this play style.

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Game History

If you are able to play aggressively and tactfully with Talon correctly, you should be getting some kind of K/D Ratios like this:
Oh and for the Ryze, that was during an ARAM game I played lol. Just be tend it wasn't there.

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Pro's & Con's

Amazing burst damage
Lane dominance
Great Anti Carry/Support
Assassinates all squishy's
Great mobility and escape
Amazing poke champion
Demolishes Towers

Easily disabled if silenced
Very Squishy
Oracle will make escape almost impossible
Almost always focused fired

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, its honestly your personal preference on what you want to use for Talon. I just found that these specific summoner spells really helps change the tide of battle into your favor.

Good Summoner Spells
- Is pretty good for Talon and pretty much all champions. One way I use this godly summoner spell is if early game they are just that tiny bit away from dieing, can always use your flash to get that finishing blow.

- Another great summoner spell because not only does it slow your opponent and decrease the damage output, it also helps with your passive because it is considered a CC.

- Another great one because in those hectic team fights, because your burst damage is so high, you can easily ignite one person who is about to die and switch DPS onto another champion.

Bad Summoner Spells

- Its a great move that you can use for rushing down your opponent or running away from ganks, but honestly once you hit level 6, it almost makes this summoner spell useless because his has a built in movement speed buff and stealth that you can easily use to either catch up to your fleeing opponent or to run away from ganks. Oh, and there's also something called Sight Ward. Just throwing that out there.

- Your suppose to be the one killing them, not them killing you.

- Mana problems are honestly no problem with Talon unless your just REALLY spamming your skills. Just don't get this

- Close your web browser and just go to sleep........

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Why this skill sequence?

- I max this skill first because it overall does more damage than can ever do, its explained later in next chapter.

- Reason I get this last is overall damage doesn't compare to his QQ skill. Its explained later in next chapter

Cutthroat- I max this skill second because it amplify all his damage output for 3 seconds which will overall increase his damage output in his combo. Once you start playing Talon like a pro, you will be able to pull off his Gank combo (which is explained later in guide) fast enough where it will all be done under 3 seconds.

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How your Q skill will make people go QQ

So this build obviously doesn't follow everyone Else's guide on Mobafire where you max out your first and second. This is why "I" like this build better than the other builds.

- This move is just godly. It's a skill where it will reset your auto attack much like Garen's Q. Why I prefer this skill over is because this move overall does more damage. This move may not hit twice like can, but this move does damage based off your normal auto attack + the skill itself.

So lets say your hitting a champion level 1 with your , you will hit them for 30 damage going out, 30 damage going in. Now lets say your auto attack hits for 70 on a champion, your at level 1 will hit for 30 damage doing a total of 100 damage not including a small bleed. A great thing about this bleed is that if they go in a bush, you can still see them because the skill reveals their location.

Another great thing about this skill is its AMAZING for lane pushing. When you kill off the enemy champions in your lane and you start hitting that turret, you will make full use of his auto attack + combo which is like doing 2 hits in 1 second.

Did I also mention that his will also activate critical's? How can you say no to that?

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Going to go over the item build sequence. Even though in guide it shows 5 total item slots being used, not including when you sell off your which will open up 4 slots, is because I have HONESTLY never got to end game because the enemy team surrenders or I cant finish item build. These items are the core items and the last 2 slots are used for the various scenarios that can happen in your game.

Examples: Fighting pure AP team, Tanky Team, pure AD Team, etc.

Of course for those scenarios, use your knowledge of items needed to counter those types of team setups. This "Item's" chapter is only meant to explain the CORE items that you will need in order to succeed with Talon.

For the *Items may vary* section, you don't have to get that item.

Core Items

- Great starter item for the early game phase. Gets the HP you need and the damage that will help for your kills.

- Need this item ASAP because the damage that it gives will help you in getting those kills.

- Need this to finish up and get pass that 50% crit chance. Builds up that attack speed to help pop your passive when they are under CC.

- Helps a lot when you Cutthroat onto the enemy to proc your built in and also stacks with your .

*Items may vary*
- Helps build up your attack speed that you need when popping your combos.

- Some people get this for the extra CD Reduction, honestly isn't to bad considering his main damage comes from his and you don't lose that much attack speed.

- Again, gets that extra life steal to keep you alive longer, gets you some good armor penetration, and good amount of attack speed.

- Great for getting more attack damage and also getting some life-steal to help you stay alive.

*For the Various Scenarios*

For AP Team
- This item is an overall good counter for all AP teams. The spell bubble really helps Talon from the silences or CC which can really shut him down.

- Another great item for MR, I would rather prefer Banshee's, but this is also another good alternative. Gives that extra movement speed to help him get in and get out.

For AD Team
- Great counter for any AD team overall. Nothing better than making them take in their own damage.

- Another great counter for AD teams. The passive for the debuff on Movement/Attack speed on top of the unique active which also debuff's their Movement/Attack speed even more is a really great item for AD punishment.

For Tanky Team
- For those damn people who go tanky because they are tired of dieing to you.

- Good item when the tanky people get a **** load of health also. Best effects when used in conjunction with . I don't usually get this item because the easily can handle the job on its own.

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Early Game

At beginning of the game, you want to get your first skill in and get a . When out laning, you want to use this skill for minion farming and minor poking. You don't want to be really aggressive until you hit level 3.

Once you hit level 3, all 3 of your skills should have at least 1 point. Now it's time to be aggressive. You want to open up with the following combo:
Cutthroat + Auto Attack + + . If you're still having a hard time pulling off the auto attack in the combo, you can just skip the auto attack and just go with the instead.

As your leveling up to level 3, depending on how good you are doing in your lane, keep up the poking with the combo and just keep up the farming and you will bound to get some kills assuming you have a good partner in your lane, or your in a solo lane which will make it much easier.

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Mid Game + End Game

Once you hit level 6, that's when you get your awesome ultimate . Your ultimate is basically going to be used for all your initiates when you go in for a kill. You will follow with the same poke combo: Cutthroat + Auto Attack + + then followed by your .

Once your full combo is complete, follow up with auto attacks and of course your . At mid/end game assuming they aren't completely fed because some noob was feeding in another lane, you will almost ALWAYS get a kill assuming you aren't attacking a tank or something.

Following the guide's skill sequence and item sequence, carrying with Talon will be a breeze.

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Key Highlights

Here is a quick overall highlights and things you should remember.

    Do not start harassing until level 3.
    Always remember the combo:
Cutthroat + Auto Attack + + + + finish with auto attacks.
When ever pushing towers, remember auto attack first, then reset that animation to attack again with . If done correctly, can do it in almost under a second flat.

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Everything for this Dominion portion of the guide, you should look at the "2nd Build" for Talon.

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I wont go into massive detail because this guide is just an extra addon for Dominion. The Pro's and Con's will roughly be the same as well as the skill sequence, and combo attack. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can check near the top of this guide for a quick review on those subjects.

What I will be talking about in this portion of the guide is the item sequence and some key strategies that you and your teammates/friends should know when playing dominion as a team or just specifically as Talon.

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So as far as items go, you can roughly see that its the same thing as the 5v5 summoners rift build. There is slight difference of course due to high gold income, but that just makes it much better.

Core Items
- Of course you need this ASAP to help out with your damage output.

- Need this to finish up and get pass that 50% crit chance. Builds up that attack speed to help pop your passive when they are under CC.

- I get this item because it helps with magic resistance and reduces 10% of the magic damage done to you. Also can be used for extra burst because of its Active.

- Awesome item because its almost like the equivilant of , but gives you that life steal that you need to help with attacking the base or defending.

- Helps a lot when you Cutthroat onto the enemy to proc your built in and also stacks with your . Highly doubt you will get this item because the game will be over by the time you can even star this item, but it's in the guide JUST in case lol.

*Items may vary*
- Helps build up your attack speed that you need when popping your combos. Same as 5v5 Summoners.

- Some people get this for the extra CD Reduction, honestly isn't to bad considering his main damage comes from his and you don't lose that much attack speed.

Beginning starter items:
- At the start of the match, you will begin with 1350g. As stated in other guides, you want to get as much damage as possible to increase his damage out put for his Q. I bought this item first because it builds into the .

- You have just enough money from buying that to buy this item, definitely need some kind of starter boots.

Item's I don't Get
- One thing I have noticed in Dominion, is that a good majority of people always seem to buy this item. Honestly, it's a great item for Dominion, but I feel that it is only good for the start of the match and exiting out of the base when you resurrect. The majority of the time in Dominion, you will always be attacking a base and having mini fights in the center of the map. You will almost always be in combat and I figure its just best to get the other boots for the added bonus.

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Start-Early Game

At the very beginning, get all 3 of your skills and your and . As a quick recap, you will follow the usual combo of Cutthroat + Auto Attack + + . That alone will do a **** load of damage to any squishy that you aim for.

Now at the very beginning, you want to rush top with your teammates to Windmill and hurry to capture that base. Windmill is key to winning Dominion because it's in the middle of the map and it's obviously the closest of the other 3 bases that will be easier to defend. You should not be the one getting your bottom base and the base on the way to Windmill. You should have the slowest of the 4 who are going top to capture the base on the way.

If all goes well with your fight up top, you should be able to push down towards the next base and can hold an easy 4 cap at the beginning to help give you that boost in points gain.

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Mid-End Game

Durring Mid-End game, you should always be on the move, ready to defend towers and always stay on the offense on enemy towers. Your key goal is to try and ninja bases or gank enemy champions.

Honestly, there isn't really much more info I can give for Talon as to what to do because the game is basically just Attack-Defend. You will always be on the fly and you just have to get used to being able to adapt from the Attacking role to the Defending role.

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Strategies/Tips when Capturing Bases

Here is some Strategies/Tips that I have found useful when Capturing a base.

1. If there is 1 defender on a base, ALWAYS attack with another teammate.

2. When attacking with another teammate, both should take turns tagging the base to disable tower while other goes in to kill the defender, when defender attacks the person tagging, then you just switch to tagging and let other person do the killing. If done correctly, should have a tower disabled for the whole fight.

3.Make use of the minion waves, they increase the capture rate on those bases dramatically.

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Strategies/Tips when Defending Bases

Here is some Strategies/Tips that I have found useful when Defending a base.

1. Always go for anyone who tags the base.

2. When defending, you are there to prevent them from capturing the base, so do your best to make that top priority. Can kill enemy champions if able to, but some situations require you to defend as long as possible until help can arrive. (Assuming more than 2 enemy champions are attacking)

3. Use your for when there is way to many people trying to capture the base. Can also use your as well for interrupting.

4. If you have your you can also use that as an extra AOE for defending a base.

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Q: Why don't you use first in the combo? It helps with your damage because of your passive?

A: Reason I don't use is because assuming we use it first, you will use 2 seconds of the slow beginning combo when Auto attack + combo can almost literally be pulled off in a split second of each other. Not many people who are fighting against a Talon can counter his Cutthroat + Auto Attack + which can all happen in under 1.5 - 2 seconds flat if done correctly. So I use for when they are running away and finish off with auto attacks while waiting on CD's. His 10% bonus damage from his passive only works for his Basic Attacks. That's why I use last to maximize DPS output.

Q: What Runes do you use for Talon?

A: Some people have been missing the Runes that's displayed in the guide so I will write it here. The Ruins I use:
3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation
9 Greater Mark of Desolation
9 Greater Seal of Attack Speed
9 Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

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If you are going to down vote, please leave some sort of constructive criticism. Give a good detailed reason as to why you down voted please.

I'm willing to change and edit this build if I feel that your criticism has a good reasoning behind it and not just on some baseless preference.

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Changes to guide 9/27/11

So I took out the bonus EXP gain from the utility and bonus time from neutral creep buffs and added it to Defense tree for Magic Resistance and Armor Resistance. I felt that the extra resistances would help a lot for his early game on ganks and survivability than have a tiny extra edge on leveling and couple second increase on neutral mob buffs.

Tell me what you think about these Mastery changes if you have any feedback.

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Random Facts

This is my first time making this guide on Mobafire.
Took me a while to figure out how to even get those damn icons on this guide for like 30 minutes lol.
Night time owl gamer.
GN - Ciekiller USA Westcoast

If need any clarification, if you see me online, don't be afraid to ask me any questions.