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Rammus Build Guide by re the god2

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author re the god2

TANK/JUNGLE RAMMUS. learn to love him

re the god2 Last updated on February 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide is only tested in normal games and works really fine vs any team composition
i won ca. 200 games with this guide and lost 40-50 so i mean it works really well

Hello.This is a guide to Rammus.
I'd like to tell you some things.

Please do not down-vote, flame or do any other negative action just because the cheat sheet is incorrect in your opinion, or lacks anything. I will suggest you make a comment on this, after your have checked the following things:
Read the entire Items section. You might find the answer to your question there.
Read the FAQ, and see if your question might be in there.
If all above is done, feel free to leave a comment. I beg you not to down-vote or do anything else negatively before you have submitted a comment and I've answered you.
This guide is my way of playing Rammus. I'm in no way telling you exactly the best was of playing Rammus. Several sections of this guide will explain the different uses of items in different situations. This is all personal preference.
If there is something you dislike, please tell me so I can eventually correct it, or give you an answer to your question.
When voting, please tell me WHY you up/down-voted..
If you have a screenshot of a game you played you think is good, feel free to give me a link in the comments if you want me to add it.
English is not my primary language, and I don't know it too well. There might be a few mistakes here and there, but I'd be really happy if you could comment and tell me where I eventually made the mistakes, for so me to correct them.
From Zyv0x
Rammus jungle is very strong see this

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masteries depend really of how you play him, i take these Expanded Mind for a nice mana boost(216 at lv18),I have damage reduction as Hardiness , Juggernaut and Honor Guard
and Vigor , Durability for health and Runic Affinity for lategame.
The masteries of Rammus jungle is 0/21/9 for he gain more damage more armor he has so we set points in Hardiness , but the most important talent is(for every jungler) Runic Affinity for longer duration buffs

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Skill Sequence


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Skill Priority: Tremors=> Defensive Ball Curl=> Puncturing Taunt=> Powerball
I max first my Defensive Ball Curl and after i level Powerball and Puncturing Taunt together .
But it depends of how the game its going:
Bad:go normal build.
Normal(no one win over the other):max Powerball as last.
Good:max Powerball if it's you than is good or Puncturing Taunt if your lanepartner is good.
EVER max Defensive Ball Curl first and after Powerball and so Puncturing Taunt

here is a video about Rammus potential(tank)

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Runes i take Armor only.
For with Defensive Ball Curl+ Cloth Armor+Runes it's 120 armor from start(very big)
9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for more damage from your Defensive Ball Curl
9x Greater Seal of Armor for more attack damage( Spiked Shell) and armor
9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for more Mresist.
1x Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration for even more damage from the shield
2x Greater Quintessence of Health for some start health

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Good start with armor runes+shield+this your start will be VERY tanky

Shoes for damage reduction and speed

More armor!!!!!!

This really depends what you need most. if you need hp for they are AP go Warmog's Armor and buy it first if they are AD just stack armor.

Very nice health increase and Health reg(regeneration) very good for surviving

This is only if needed (if the enemy team have a feeded Ryze or an AP Gragas)
but still good for it's Hreg.

After this i normally won.

But if you still not won go and get a nice
the AOE damage ,armor and health is perfect

If you still not won(or loss) buy a and go win

Start type 1: Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion
Start type 2: Regrowth Pendant 1x Health Potion

After buy Sorcerer's Shoes and go Madred's Razors then you transform it in a Wriggle's Lantern(use the free ward when you can) after buy Sunfire Cape

And finally go a Randuin's Omen and last a Guardian Angel

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Spell Sequence Explain

Now ,i explain how to use your spells together in an effective combo.
in most chases you need to pop Powerball and after hitting the enemy use Puncturing Taunt, Defensive Ball Curl and Tremors for the most damage after , he can run or stay.
If he runs , he can run in lane or in the jungle,
if he run in the lane use Powerball and chase him (pay much attention to the mininons if you hit them but not the enemy it can cost you the kill) when you hit him use again the normal skill sequence.
if he run in the jungle taunt him before he can flash but if you can't flash over the wall and use your Powerball immediately after and when you are in-range use Exhaust and AFTER the effect ends you use your Puncturing Taunt

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    In lategame he is 1 of the most tank in League
    Longest taunt in-game
    easy to play
    He can jungle and do the best gank in-game!!
    He can support really easy

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    borin when mastered
    very hard to master
    high mana request spells
    not so good tsnk when
Defensive Ball Curl is off

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Powerball how to use?

Powerball is perfect for chasing,saving teammates and moving around quickly.
Team fights,use it for begin a teamfight.
1vs1 ,perfect big damage and a short stun + a little knockback
chasing use it when it's off cooldown
dragon/baron it's hard to hit dragon with it but it's worth to use it

care when using it,Powerball use much mana so care.

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Puncturing Taunt how to use?

puncturing taunt
Your taunt as Rammus is the LONGEST!!!!!!!!ingame(if maxed) so use it,BUT WHEN?
Good question.
Team fights, in teamfights you shall taunt the most dangerous player (i cud be a Master Yi with 300ad or a Sona with 700ap and heals so much than she is more important to taunt than the Master Yi)
1vs1, when you are in a 1vs1 you shall use the W and so taut for the most damage output
chasing, if you get in-range USE IT

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Defensive Ball Curl how to use?

Defensive Ball
Your Ball is soo good!!!!!! it gives you:120 Mresist and armor(already here a good spell) AND 55+10% of armor (in this chase 450 armor is 45 damage) back to them EVERY SINGLE HIT and + the thornmail (30% of damage taken gived back) , this means you don't have to do anything other than wait to they die by themselfe.
And if you take the passive in consideration you gain more attack damage so WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE it's perfect
Team fights,in teamfights(it's not the strong point of this ability)you shall use it and taut immediatelly after
1vs1, use the ball when it's off colldown (of course only when you are attaching)
chasing, never use this ability if you are chasing ,only use it after you taunted not before
dragon/baron, use taunt and use this.

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Exhaust explain:When shall i use it?

Many ppl don't know what Exhaust do, they think it only slows but this is very wrong.
Exhaust:Slow by 40%,Reduce basic attack dmg by 70%!!!!!, and ability/item dmg by 35%.
think a Master Yi totally feeded with a 31/3/5 score he has 300 AD and 2.0 attack speed(2 attacks every second) so he(on a guy without armor) will do 600dmg every sec without crits , ofc he won't focus you for you are the tank so he focus Sona with 1500 hp and 20 armor , if he focus her she will die in 2-3 sec BUT here you comes with Powerball and use Puncturing Taunt after the taunt ends he will focus Sona again. So what shall i do for save her USE Exhaust!!it will reduce his attack damage to 90 attack damage!!!! and slowing him so Sona have time to escape.
And if the enemy is AP???
If it was a Veigar use it EVERY TIME he uses the combo!!! he will do 35%- damage, if his Q will do 400 E 700 and R 1000 in total it's 2100 damage in 1-1.5 sec, and when he uses it Exhaust him and his combo will do ONLY 1365dmg, it will save your teammate(they don't thanks you for they don't know what you do for them :(.)

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My jungle route

Start with Blue buff asking for a leash(when a friend pull the monster for you and damage it) if you don't get it do the jungle route on the picture.

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this was my first guide so i think i do many things wrong but please write them to me so i can correct it and remember it

I hope you enjoyed this guide and it was helpfull
she helped me with making this guide