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LeBlanc Build Guide by scythecow

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author scythecow


scythecow Last updated on September 4, 2011
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8/27/11 New Update + Pictures (proof that tankblanc is LEGIT)

This is the best and most relevant build none of you have ever tried.

As I understand it there are some DOUBTERS out there to this build. I didn't actually read any comments yet but I'm sure they exist and someone probably says "lol noob get AP items and banshee's veil LB dominates early game then u win gg" or some such. Well I actually PLAYED a tank LeBlanc build! Four times in a row, unranked solo que. Here are my results:

(You may need to right-click view these so they aren't scaled down)

After I uploaded these I went on to my third straight win:

Then I went to a fourth straight win:

I've played many TankBlanc games now and nothing else has given me such a spike in wins. I win about 90% of my unranked solo ques with her. I was about 1:1 wins and losses before TankBlanc.
No downvoter has actually tried TankBlanc. If they had, they would've won a million times and upvoted my genius. These closed-minded pantywaists just don't have the balls to TankBlanc a *****.

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What the hell?

I know what you're thinking. I read minds.

It doesn't matter how you build LeBlanc. The other team is hard wired to focus you no matter what. I don't care if your team is four Teemos and yourself. This build is automatically more useful for teamfights than anything that focuses on AP and damage just because the other team will waste time killing you for no actual reason. You will push, farm and initiate team fights. You'll have the position and survivability to pick off runners in team fights. You'll actually get to CC every time you have your cooldowns. And you'll still do damage early and late game because LB's base damage and the champion in general is a broken mess. Hopefully your team can do something useful in the time it takes for you to die horribly as the opposing team completely ignore your carries.

If only they realized you were the tank! Enjoy all the free wins.

Don't believe me?

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Warmog's Armor

"Surely," you say, "Just stacking Warmog's is a joke. That would never actually work!"

Near the very end I got super careless and managed to die. Well, all game I was being careless. At the end I just happened to Distortion wrong due to Anivia wall shenanigans when I COULD have escaped easily. Flash was even up, so tragic.

What's interesting is the other team couldn't stop focusing me all game. They wanted to kill me so badly. Just like I insisted before even trying tank LB, the other team does not care how little damage you do or how many tank items you have. They can't help themselves.

I almost always get first blood from people trying to kill me who don't seem to understand I'm not that easy to kill. That screenshot was from a fairly passive game, actually. The first half of it I was most of the kills, then my whole team took off on our domination. I also destroyed Anivia solo mid.

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Ranked Play

I always play Tank LeBlanc in ranked play, and I'm surprised it hasn't caught on yet. Try it for yourself and you should be 2000 elo within a game or two.

Yes, Jarvan laned with Maokai and they fed Jax. I solo'd mid vs. Annie who had absolutely no luck killing me. We had no jungler. Nobody realizes a fed Jax's hard counter is TankBlanc.

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Main TankBlanc

No other tanks on your team? No problem.

Here's a neat thing: Malzahar can suppress Akali/Xin and get silenced by you, or he can suppress you. He'll suppress you. Congratulations, your very existence nullifies the biggest threat because you're stacking health.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: All real LB professionals use this build.
Cons: Convicts cannot play League of Legends.

There are no cons. Your early game is virtually identical, your late game is strong and people surrender at 20 minutes even more often. Of course nobody plays this because you can't all be geniuses like myself.

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You would think getting six Warmog's's would dissuade the enemy from attacking you, but their hatred for LeBlanc runs deep. As you frolic about indestructibly, your team is sure to win the game and hail you as an invincible god-hero. The deeper you get into their team and the more you harass their squishies, the harder your own team can commit and the more you will be focused.

Maybe some games will not call for six Warmog's Armor. In that case, what do I get? Well, if you already know how to adapt then you wouldn't be looking at guides. Almost nobody knows how LoL actually works, guaranteeing TankBlanc won't become popular! Which is actually quite fine. I can't teach you.

Possible items that could become critical in any game:
More likely:
Randuin's Omen
Frozen Heart
Thornmail This is kind of terrible compared to the above two, but it has its place
Sunfire Cape
Aegis of the Legion It's good if someone else can get this...
Guardian Angel
Banshee's Veil
Force of Nature
Abyssal Mask You'll have to weigh things like this against the 1400 health from Warmog's
Rylai's Crystal Scepter ^

Less likely:
Shurelya's Reverie Kind of specialized, better on a support
Frozen Mallet This is at least good at annoying Tryndamere. I'd normally get Rylai's if a slow was needed
Quicksilver Sash
Soul Shroud
Zhonya's Hourglass
Atma's Impaler
Will of the Ancients + Spirit Visage

Mejai's Soulstealer The difficulty to kill you makes this an added incentive for the other team to focus you when they really shouldn't. Your collection of stacks will annoy them, and it will actually benefit you pretty largely for how cheap it is - but if you're faltering, this item will backfire on you. The investment probably won't lose the whole game or anything but it'll be rough.

You ALWAYS want at least one Warmog's and you ALWAYS want Mercury's Treads. Support items can work sometimes. If you experiment, you might actually learn how to play. Of course your team won't ever learn how, and ironically they will ridicule you if you somehow lose with TankBlanc. Actually they'll ridicule you if you win. Even the other team will sometimes ridicule you if you beat them and have the best score. They will blame each other for the loss!

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You don't have to solo mid with this build. Unlike every other LB build which demands glass cannon or something like it and which focuses completely on the early game domination, with my strategy you can go wherever you want. You scale into the end game as a tank. You don't need to rush to level 6, you don't need to gank. These are optional. I like to solo mid just fine, but you'll still own the early game if you lane with a stunner or something awesome.

Either way it WILL NOT CRIPPLE YOU to play a passive or defensive game. You do need to know how to last hit though, that's kind of important with every champion...

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Team Composition

AP champions are completely optional. If you do okay they're going to build some MR just because you're LeBlanc. LB does well early game before actually getting AP items and they will often get MR pretty early. The thing is you aren't getting AP items.

Your best bet for champions is you, one ranged AD carry, a melee AD carry and two tanks/tanky DPS. You really want two heavy hitters and the rest doesn't matter, basically. LeBlanc isn't exactly designed to be a main tank but you may find yourself serving this function as you should always initiate and they will throw a lot of damage at you. But it's USUALLY a good idea for the rest of your team to NOT be four glass cannons. Still, anything can work.

It's usually pretty easy to chase away/kill the enemy squishies while using your CC to keep your own alive. Also you can pursue runners easily.

Most of my team fights look like me charging straight at their squishiest champion, forcing their team to either react to me or let me kill/chase it all the way to their spawn. Then my team jumps in on whatever's convenient and it all works out.

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Just some LeBlancing completely following my own builds

Here and there my team decided to give me kills just for being awesome and because we were dominating so hard. I guess I'm kind of a prodigy. Don't mind the defeat, somehow my team accidentally surrendered at 20 minutes even though we were all rolling in kills. I had the WORST score on my team with that 7-2!

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LeBlanc following OTHER guides

Here you see what happens when you play LeBlanc like an assassin. You get amazing scores and then lose! Then you can safely blame your team for the loss, even though if you were any other carry you would've won. This is why you must not play like a carry. LeBlanc is an anti-carry... for your own team. The harder you own, the harder you lose! Notice I won with Jarvan. That's what we're aiming for. We want to turn LeBlanc into Jarvan.

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But then I discovered TANK LEBLANC

I know what you're thinking. "Those look an awful lot like a carry's scores!" Well that's where you're wrong. The REAL carries on my team had over a HUNDRED kills. Tank LeBlanc is just that good. Sometimes we killed a champion so hard it gave our entire team a kill for being so awesome. And since this was all around summoner level 20 where I was often fighting people at 30, tank leblanc only gets better. If you don't believe me, you are stupid and clearly have not built Warmog's on LeBlanc yet.

Let's face it. There is a right way and a wrong way to play LeBlanc, and I am the only one who does it the right way. Now I am graciously sharing it with the world so that there can be more than one good LeBlanc player.

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Summoner Spells

Revive and teleport is kind of an obvious, standard choice here. On the rare occasion your opponents slay you, you immediately revive and teleport back to the action (consider bringing a ward to drop as you die for you to teleport to). The enemies, dumb as they are, will immediately target you again even if they have your Cait and Noc below 20% health.

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Skill Sequence

I'll be completely honest with you. The skill sequence is a core part of the build. Follow it exactly.

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You are going to want as much money as possible because Warmog's costs a ridiculously high amount, and every time you get one you need to feed it an absurd amount of minion kills. Be sure to frequently roam from lane to lane and kill all the minions, pushing each lane to the enemy turret. E will take off about 40% of a minion's health to help you get gold faster, don't be afraid to spam it!

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Creeping / Jungling

If you have a jungler, try to be aware of when he is killing the red/blue buffs so that you can drop in to get them for yourself. You need them far more as you have almost no damage or mana regen with your items.

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Obviously we're going all flat +hp runes to further synergize with Atma's. At 5,000 health you get 100 bonus attack damage. At 7500 health you get 150! This further ensures you will be focused first while allowing you to help do some damage on top of just that pithy silence and snare you have. I think the total health bonus from your runes will add about 5 damage from Atma's. Have fun!

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No, but seriously

You probably realize by now that every champion in the game outscales LeBlanc. Even with deathfire grasp her burst becomes a close-range joke that you will never even pull off in teamfights unless they're so bad your team would win without you, 4v5. Your very existence as a deadly assassin will actually work AGAINST your team by providing your enemies with great incentive to play smart and stick together. They will build synergy and then your only fights will be 5v5s or fights where there are 5 of them and less of you. They will win because LeBlanc's assassination is only good when there are only one or two enemy champions around.

So basically, merely playing LeBlanc sabotages your team. The only workaround for this is to tank. Your enemies will look on helplessly, tears in their eyes as they focus you when they know they shouldn't. They just can't stop themselves. When you Distortion into the middle of them, they blow their cooldowns on you and go to town while your team sweeps in unharmed and kills all of them for you. It destroys their focus for you to initiate.

Whereas with assassin LeBlanc, you attempt to Distort into them but fly straight into Veigar's stun or something similar (since Distortion isn't like Flash and gets interrupted all the time) and then die instantly as your team runs away and attempts to defend when you're the only fed thing on the team. Alternatively, you try to defend but your teammates die to attacks outside of your own attack range.

I mean, theoretically, assassin LeBlanc could work if your enemies had no crowd control whatsoever. No snares, silences, stuns, knock-ups or suppresses. Even then it's tenuous if they don't surrender by 20 minutes. The meta-game is strongly in favor of people surrendering stupidly at 20 minutes when they're behind, but not always. Seriously, you will almost never win with LeBlanc by destroying the nexus. If there's no surrender it will probably be your nexus that dies.

The solution? 7000+ health.

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Final Words, Build 3

It's worth noting that this is a completely legitimate way to play LeBlanc, even in ranked. Actually, playing LB any other way in ranked will probably give you about a 50% win rate. So far I've got 100%.
Normally the only LeBlanc ranked wins come from LeBlancs getting carried because if they try to do anything useful in a team fight they just die or have to escape. Usually I see them snare maybe one person, maybe steal a kill with Q and then flee.

The thing about building tanky is that you can ACTUALLY CC and they will ACTUALLY FOCUS YOU DESPITE YOUR ITEMS. You can also chase away or kill their squishies which is the entire point of an anti-carry to begin with. They can't kill you, so they have to run from you. It's the same with any tank chasing a glass cannon around.

I've seen other mainstream builds that suggest ways to play LeBlanc with "survivability," but it's truly limited survivability and you still don't do much damage. It is far better to commit to heavy survivability and forget your burst. What I am suggesting here is basically Lee Sin with pure tank items, except on a ranged AP champion.

LeBlanc doesn't really scale into the endgame so building AP only makes sense if you're building for a 20 minute victory. And that's only going to happen if the other team flat out gives up and surrenders. Which they do against TankBlanc already, hilariously enough. LeBlanc doesn't need you to build AP in the early game to begin with because she's ALREADY good in the early game. The problem is the early game does not matter. This is the only way to give LeBlanc an endgame.

Again, NO ONE WHO HAS DOWNVOTED HAS ACTUALLY TRIED TANK LEBLANC. I don't know anyone other than myself who has even attempted it, and I have won 100% of the time with it.

I encourage everyone to try TankBlanc and link some results posted on tinypic or whatever.

For the few people who read the ending - if you really need someone to hold your hand on skill orders, summoner spells, runes and masteries then weird or advanced builds/champions might be too much for you. Whatever spells, skills and runes suit YOUR playing style. Runes might only change your earliest items a tiny bit. I do recommend at least 21 in defense masteries.

If you really need it, the third build is the most serious baseline. You can exchange around the Warmog's, Atma's, Frozen Heart and Banshee's Veil with other tank items relevant to the champions you're fighting. There is no one "perfect" item set for all situations.

The point is that it is actually not worth bothering with AP as LeBlanc. Maybe, MAYBE Rylai's. I haven't tried it. Every threat deals magic? Already have BV? Fine, get Abyssal. Hourglass is kind of meh. I'd rather get thornmail, and thornmail is really weird.

LB's early/mid game is strong regardless of items. She HAS no late game without tank items. Derp.

The second build is a rough idea of a compromise that I do not recommend. The only item with AP on it you might bother with is a Doran's Ring instead of the shield. But since I use MP5 runes I find that I benefit from the HP5 and armor while laning. Getting Doran's anything is optional however. Also GP5 items are optional but usually the Philosopher's Stone is useful.