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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Singed Build Guide by NTetz

Tanky Singed. 4 k HP. 200 + AP. CRAZY SINGED BUILD!

Tanky Singed. 4 k HP. 200 + AP. CRAZY SINGED BUILD!

Updated on December 7, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NTetz Build Guide By NTetz 3 6 11,398 Views 9 Comments
3 6 11,398 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NTetz Singed Build Guide By NTetz Updated on December 7, 2011
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Welcome to my first build. This Singed build is the main I always use and it gives me ALOT of movementspeed through the whole game and is a very tanky build with decent damage in early and really good damage in late game.


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Skill Sequence

I ALWAYS start with . It is very good for first blood or helping teammates.
After that I take either or depending on the situation. If I go solo lane lane against two enemychamps I always take Mega Adhesive second to be sure they can't kill me and because my only way to kill someone of them is to fling them into my turret and then place Mega Adhesive in front of them.

But if I go duo lane or solo lane against one enemy then I may take Poison trail. If I got an advantage in the solo lane I take Poison Trail. But if the enemy pushes and harasses very godd then I take the slow.

In duo lane I take poisontrail if my teammate got some kind of slow, stun or other CC and we are the one dominating our lane. But if I go with for example Master Yi in my lane. Then I will take Mega Adhesive at lvl 2 so he can get as many autoattacks as possible on the enemy.

I always max first to get some damage. And always second for extreme slow.
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Pros / Cons

    Good on escaping.
    Good on chasing enemies.
    Makes a lot of damage.
    Very tanky.

    Get out of mana very fast in early game
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Summoner Spells

In 5v5 I always go with and
Teleport is great for singed! It gives really good map control and a lot of ganking opportunities. And if you go solo lane you will have to go back to base when you can afford to stack it up as soon as possible. But if you go solo and you recall and don't got teleport. Then the enemy team will be able to push your lane. They maybe even destroy you turret before you get back to you lane.

Do I even have to explain why singed should have Ghost? Singed + ghost + PWNS the map! You can escape anything, anytime and anywhere. And you will be able to chase and catch whoever you want to.
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Greater Mark Of Insight. I take these marks for more damage through the whole game. With these runes Singed becomes much more dangerous

Greater Seal Of Vitality

Greater Seal Of Vitality. I prefer these runes because they give me good survivability through the whole game. You don't need any flat runes here in my opinion because you will have plenty of survivability in the start anyway. If you prefer you can go with Greater Seal of Resillience but I wouldn't recommend it.

Greater Glyph of Shielding. I use these for move survivability in lategame.

Greater Glyph Of Warding I pick these for early survivability against casters.

Geater Quintessence Of Swiftness I absolutley LOVE these runes! They are really needed. I don't see any other option for runes than these. With these runes and the masteries I use you got a whole


movementspeed in the start of the game WITHOUT boots!

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In masteries I want to get the most movementspeed and to be as tanky as possible. So I put 8 points in the Utility tree for to get maxed.

And in the defensive tree I offcourse max This way you will have ALOT of movementspeed in through the whole game.

With these masteries I got improved Ghost and Teleport and alot of movementspeed and I got very much hp, armor and magic resistance.

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[*] My core build is , , or and Of course if you play a game where the enemyteam only got AD then of course maybe ain't the best choice.

[*] I start of with for extra mana and 50 extra hp from . Some people prefer to buy boots in the start but you won't need boots. You already got 350 movementspeed in the beginning.

[*] As soon as I get 595 gold I recall and buy . Sometimes people ask me why the hell I would get Tear Of The Goddess to singed? Well the answer is quite simple.

The answer is Empowered Bulwark Size 40. When you have tear of the godess fully stacked it will give you 337 extra hp. And it gets better.

As alot of Singed Players know Singed uses ALOT of mana and gets out of mana very easy especially in earlygame. With tear of the goddess you will have almost no mana problem after lvl 10.

Lets say it is a game where you got , , and . These items gives you an extra 2950 mana


. This gives you an extra 737 hp.

And then in the very late game when you got allt hese items and the 2950 extra mana you upgrade your and you got 3000 extra mana from items. 3% of that mana adds to your abilitypower. That meens 90 extra abilitypower.

But there's a catch with Tear Of The Goddess. The problem is that you poisontrail doesn't activate this meens that once you get the tear and you got plenty of mana you will have to start to minions and place on random places just to stack mana on tear of the goddess. You will have to waste some mana

I usually waste mana when I got over 600 mana. Never go under 600 by wasting.

One last comment on . NEVER get this item to Singed on the 3v3 map or Dominion. You will never be able to stack it up enough for it to be worth it. If you play 3v3 or Dominion just skip Tear of The goddess and start building Catalyst the Protector Right away and then Rod Of Ages.

[*] Do I have to explain this item? Absolutley amazing on singed. Mana, HP and AP. This item was made for singed.

[*] What about the boots? I almost always see Singed take They think they want to get SUPERFAST with singed. There is only one problem with these boots. CC! Even if you get a little more movementspeed from these boots than the others it usually ain't the correct choice. Left say that the enemyteam got for example DR.Mundo, Leona, Teemo and Fiddlesticks and they all try to kill you.
You will have alot of hp so it will take them some time to kill you when they catch you. But you will die. Lets say you are trying to escape them. You got and run inte mushroom after mushroom and get slowed. Then there comes Leona stunning you. Fiddle fear you and then you keep on running having less than half hp left.
DR.Mundo activates his Ulti and runs after you. Throws an axe at you and you are slowed. Now you are screwed. You wi never escape even if you activate your ulti.

But If you got then you will be really slippery. you will have 35 tenacity from boots and when you activate your ulti you will be really difficult to catch.

Of course there is some points when is a better choice. If it is a team that doesn't got that much CC:s then they are just perfect. If the enemyteam only got 3 stuns and a slow for example they are perfect. You decide. Pick whatever you feel like would be the best choice for each game.

[*] A comment on I only get this item if I feel like I can easily tank the enemyteam. If you got problems tanking then DON'T take this item!

[*] I usually prefer instead of because you will be running around alot in teamfights and can't force the enemyteam to attack you. They usually just won't run after you. But of course if they got for example Tryndamere, Gangplank, Master Yi or more than two autoattackers then could work just fine.

[*] Another nice item for singed is . This item is just wonderful for Singed. It gives mana wich meens more HP, armor and cooldownreduction for more often slows and flings. This item is also nice against autoattackers because of the reduction of enemies attackspeed.

Against heave AD champs that ain't autoattackers that uses mostly cooldowns. Like Talon, Wukong, Riven ect, I would recommend sunfirecape and Randiun's Omen.

You DON'T want against cooldown based AD champs. Thornmail's passive only affects autoattacks!

If you really want alot armor against those champs is an really good option. It gives you 1 less armor than thornmail. and some other good stats. Sure the passive on it ain't the best against cooldownbased champs but it is till alot better than thornmail.

[*] Against a heavy AP team I recommend , and . Only get Abyssal scepter if the enemyteam got alot of AP champs. Banshee's and Force of Nature are much better tank options.
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Team Work

YOU are the tank! You are always supposted to engage the teamfights whenever there is going to be one. If you are the first one to run into the enemyteam and maby you see one of the enemies that is a little closer to you than the rest. Then just run in there and fling him. He will land right in the middle of your team and will be dead in 2 second. Now the enemyteam only got 4 players alive and your team got everyone. The enemyteam will probably start to run away from you team since they are one man short. And now you will probably get atleast two more kills in you team.

Just active you ultimate and ghost if necessery and place mega adhesive infront of the enemyteam so your team can catch up.

As soon as an enemy exists you Mega Adhesive then fling them into it again.

As Singed you never should stay and focus one enemy champ. You job is to try to deliver the enemies to your teammates. Fling one to your teammates. Run after the next enemy. Fling him back, put slow on him. Keep running after the next one. fling him. Slow him and your team should kill them one by one.

Always when you are chasing an enemy, (doesn't matter if you chase him alone or with a teamate) You should ALWAYS first put right infront of him. But don't fling him yet! Just run around him with posiontrail on until he exits you Mega Adhesive then Fling him right back into the and he will be slowed again.

You should always do this when chasing an enemy!
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My first guide!

Please be nice on comments. This is my first guide.

I will be working more on it whenever I got time to do so.

I have published it now because what I have said so far in this guide is the most important.

But I will be working on it more :)

If you notice something wierd or wrong spelled please let me know in comment :)

Thank you for your time! :)

Now go Crazy with singed and make the other team cry!

Good Luck Summoners!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NTetz
NTetz Singed Guide
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Tanky Singed. 4 k HP. 200 + AP. CRAZY SINGED BUILD!

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