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Gangplank Build Guide by haAnswiNkor

Testing KR gp

By haAnswiNkor | Updated on May 6, 2017
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Welcome to my Gangplank Guide!

Currently: desperately need to play some GP games

Please Watch Live-Streams + Videos if you want to truly learn the Champion.

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Gangplank: The Last Hit Master

Season 4 Diamond:

This Guide will be updated very frequently, so please check back.


1. Amazing Peeling + Get Away Kit: OP
2. Gloabl AoE Slowing + DMGing Ultimate:
3. Amazing Low CD Pokes (w/ 40% CDR): s
4. Insane DMG + Split Push/Wave Clear with s


1. Once Behind, Always Behind
2. No Hard CC
3. Overall, still a Bad Champion
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Standard Runes

- Last Hitting + Early Game Damage Output

- vs AD
- vs AP

- if vs. AP lane
- if vs AD Heavy

- Early Game DMG Output.

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Ferocity Tree:

Double Edged Sword or Battle Trance - I personally like double edged sword because it seems like the more reliable damage boost, but more testing on thhe way

Cunning Tree:

Bandit - this really helps with gp making bank once again, since he is melee he will rack up gold like crazy with attacks and parrrley
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Summoner Spells


- It's just too OP not to take as a Top laner
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Ideal Final Item Build

- must get utility item!

youmuu's ghost blade - Early Game power spike

- vs heavy AP lane

- HP + AD great vs heavy Burst

- Stack these if you want (no i'm serious get 3 IEs if you want)

- Amazing item vs Armored Enemies


- OP vs AD
- OP vs heavy CC AP
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Build Order

The build order is completely different for every Match-Up.

The Ideal Build Order

1. for more s + Harrass + Focusing on Safe Farming
2. for Chase + Tankiness vs

Your main job is to able to Lane safely vs all the Counters + Focus on Farming.

Crit Plank Route:

1. OR into


3. infinity's edge
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Situational Items

Offensive Items

- vs Burst APs

Defensive Items

- heavy AD and all up in your face?

- more like never-dead man's plate

- CD + Heals for days!

- Anti AA Heavy Champs Aura

- vs Reset Champs
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Skill Order

is always taken at Level 1. NO EXCEPTIONS

Level 2 Skill:

Almost Always - The New Domino game, brought to you by Rito Rework

- Last if you are not losing lane too hard

After All Three Basic Abilities are Leveled Up:

- Max this 1st/2nd always, no excuses just shut up and do it

has 3 Upgrades now but then I'm greedy so Fire at Will
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Gangplank's Passive: Trial By Fire

This is actually a nerf to his early 1v1 AA Duels since it has CD.

True DMG + MS Boost + DOT (Based on AD + Levels)

Refresh this by last hitting a
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Gangplank's Q: Parrrley

Targeted Ability: Main Damage Output + Poking Tool + Safe Farming from a Distance

Make sure you rack up some gold with this to upgrade your !

Applies On-Hit Effects + Life Steal + can Critically Strike (Acts like an Auto-Attack)

a 1 hit and you break a leg.

If you are gonna use this on a minion, make sure it's a LAST HIT (Extra Gold + Half of Mana Cost is Refunded)
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Gangplank's W: Remove Scurvy

Free + Insta-Heal + CC Removement



2. Damage Reduction from

3. Airborne CC (pulls, knock-backs, knock-ups)

4. 's Malefic Visions


1. 's Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser (If channel completes both champs will still be moved)

2. 's Nether Grasp (must move out of range or will take damage)

3. 's Impale

4. 's Infinite Duress (must move out of range or will take damage)

Knowing when to use this Skill is absolutely CRUCIAL (High Cool Down + ONLY Escape Ability)

1. INSTANTLY after the First CC.
2. Save for the Last CC from the Enemies.

Improve your Reaction Speed: Practice Insta-Casting after CC.
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Gangplank's E: Powder Keg

This is a HUGE boost to your Early Game Damage Output + can Kill Unexpected Enemies at Level 2.

You can do a Chain Reaction of Powder Kegs = Tons of AoE Damage

You can also use this as an escaping tool by refreshing

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Gangplank's R (Ultimate): Cannon Barrage

(Currently Experimenting)

Now it has 3 upgrades, but I see Fire At Will and Death's Daughter being the only useful ones.

Global AoE of Cannon Balls + Gives Vision of the Area

Used for Teamfights + Low HP Enemies + Picking Up Assists.

Low HP Enemies:

Always put it right on the top of the enemy's head. DO NOT PREDICT.

During Teamfights:

Peel OR Engage Tool (Not a Strong Engage since it's just a Slow)

General Idea: Place to hit as many enemies as possible.

Assists Across the Map:

Free Assists by other Lanes.

SHOULD have the Most Assists by the end of the game.
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Champion Match-Ups

Every Match-Up is very difficult and requires a lot of experience.

Make sure to check back for Youtube Videos + more information.

- DO NOT trade with him until you are Level 2
- Be aware of his Passive Blood Well
- You can still AA and use Skills while Airborne from his Dark Flight
- Randuin's Omen

- Zone her before Level 6
- Never fight in her Twilight Shroud
- Watch Out for Level 6 All-Ins
- Hexdrinker + Vision Ward

- Trade + Harrass Level 1~3
- Maw of Malmortius
- Focus on Farming after Level 6

- Remove Scurvy his Crippling Strike
- Focus on Farming as he out-damages you at any Level

- Everytime he tries to Melee CS, Parrrley + AA Combos
- Focus on Farming when he gets Sadism
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Early Game

No more Grog Soaked Blade passive on every hit = nerf to early game 1v1 AA Dueling

It is better to safe farm and try to lane (you can't all-in early anymore)

1. Correct Rune Page

2. Correct Summoner Spells

3. Correct Starting Items + Item Choices

4. Enemy Jungler Starting Location

5. Know your Match-Up (When to be Passive OR Aggressive)

6. CSing + Last Hitting Every Minion when using

7. If Enemy is going to hit Level 2 Earlier, BACK OFF IMMEDIATELY
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Mid Game

At this point: you SHOULD HAVE built AT LEAST 2 Damage Items.

during Small Skirmishes + Dragon Control

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE 's Early Game Damage Output

Map Awareness with cannon or (if you took it) is CRUCIAL.

ALWAYS BE READY to help your Allies Kill or Survive with .

player is judged by his Number of Assists NOT Kills.

Map Awareness Tips:

1. Pay Attention to the Allies Portraits on the Left Side of your screen

2. Use your F2 F3 F4 F5 Keys to cycle through your Teammates

3. Always use Space-Bar to get your screen back to your Own Champion.
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Late Game

At this point: you SHOULD HAVE finished your 2 Core Damage Items + 2 Tank Items

2 Options: Split Push OR Group

ONLY Split Push if you can 1v1 the Enemy Top Laner OR you have .


Grouping up with the Team is always the Safest and Smart Choice.

is great at Sieging due to his Low CD Pokes.

WARNING: 's Short Range makes vulnerable to Enemy Skill Shots.

Situational: to clear Huge Minion Waves OR Defend Towers.
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is always about teamfight and PEELING while CRITTING squishies

Why would you not join a teamfight when you have 2 Aura items that are gonna be vital for your team? If you see a GP splitting ALL THE TIME, please let me know I will spank them personally.

The placement of Cannon Barrage is very important and this only comes with experience.

Press Q on Squishes and slow down Enemy Tanks. Keep it simple!

HOWEVER, I would recommend it to split the enemy team apart or to peel.
(you will almost never be able to engage with your least hopefully not)
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Final Comments

Thank you for Reading My Gangplank Guide!

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Here is a brief review or TL/DR:

1. Map Awareness is KEY
2. Correct Placements
3. Know your Match-Ups
4. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE your Early Game Damage Output