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Master Yi Build Guide by Teriall

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Teriall

The After-Rework Jungle Yi! [In-Depth]

Teriall Last updated on July 31, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, welcome to my new guide about Master Yi! As you know, he got reworked. So now you are unable to play him on AP anymore. But that´s not bad. No, it´s good! Never ever be depressed, because an AP Yi has blown you up. But thats not the Point. The New Yi is just awesome. He does tons of Damage and can easily 2Hit and enemy ADC. For example i played him first time today. I got very Fed and in the End a Pentakill. I would show you the Video but LoLReplay is not workling anymore. So later i will show you a screenshot. If you play the first game just like I did. You will win! I will add more Chapters over time, when i know him better.


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Awesome Pro´s / Critical Con´s

  • Squishy like every ADC
  • Needs a lot of Mana
  • When doing good -> Gets focused
  • You have so be in Melee Range to do your full Damage
  • When you get invaded early, its hard to jungle
  • Need Kills or Farm to be usefull in lategame.
  • No CC -> Ganks can be hard
  • Meditate can be declined easily

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Masteries Explanation

As the Masteries i would choose 21/9/0. I´ll explain you why.

First of all, take the typical offensive AD Masteries. Fury , Deadliness , Weapon Expertise , Havoc , Brute Force , Sunder and Executioner . All these will give you some AD and Armor Penetration. It will make you a lot stronger. Lethality and Frenzy will give you an extra advantage in fights. More Critical Damage and 10% Attackspeed after a Crit. This is nice because u will Crit very often in Lategame. And you dont have many Attackspeed Items, so this is good for your Build.

As the defensive Masteries you should take Durability , Hardiness , Veteran's Scars and Resistance . It will give you some HP and Armor and a bit MR. How often do you die so close in cause of Poison or Redbuff. This can save you from death.

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Runes Explanation

I will show you which Runes is take with me.

Essence: I would take the Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage with me. Because it gives you Speed in Jungle and more Damage.

Glyph: I would take the Greater Glyph of Attack Damage because it gives you a little more damage.

Seal: I would take the Greater Seal of Armor because jungle monsters will do less damage to you. Just like the ADC, who fill focus you in lategame.

Mark: I would take the Greater Mark of Armor Penetration, because you will make more damage when they build Armor.

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Summoner Spells

Favourite Choices

Smite is the Main jungle Summoner Spell, use it to Kill The Ancient Golem or The Elder Lizard easily. You can use it in so many ways. You can use it to steal Baron Nashor or the Dragon . You can use it to Counter jungle... There are no limitations for you.

Flash is also a Main Summoner Spell. You can use it to close up, close gaps, get away. You can use it in so many ways. Just try out. But I think you already know that.

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Abilities Explanation

Every 4th Autoattack. Master Yi will hit twice. But the 2nd Strike will do less damage.

This Passive is undererstimated. With this Passive you will do 25% more damage in 4 Hits.

This Ability is your Main Jungle and engage Ability. It will hit 4 Enemys in a range. And do a lot of Damage.

If you select an enemy you will stand direct next to him when the Ability is done. So if you can, focus the ADC, because if you have your [Double Strike]] Ready, you can do so much damage in less then 3 seconds. If you are fed you will kill him instant with that combo. If you kill your Ability will have no cooldown. And then you can focus the next enemy. Its a perfect set to do a Pentakill. Additional you are able to dodge some Ults, like Requiem and Chum the Waters...

This Ability will heal you in a duration of 4 seconds. This heal is increased by 1% for every 1% Health Yi is missing. "Less life, more heal" And you get between 40-60% less damage from enemys when you channel.

You are able to tank some enemys for 4 seconds. The Damage reduction is really awesome.
2 Kills will give this ability no cooldown. So you can do: Kill-Kill-Heal-Kill-Kill-Heal-Kill PENTAKILL!!!

This ability was really strong on the old Master Yi. But now, its really Overpowered. It gives you a percentage of your AD. That means. If you are fed, you are even more fed. It gives you between 7-15% AD PASSIVE. Active, your AA do true damage. Awesome to kill Tankys easy.

When you engage, look that your e is ready, because the passive effect will be disabled if your Ability is on Cooldown. When u go in activate it and watch their HP go down.

This is one of the most annoying and best Ultimates in League of Legends. It makes you fast and gives you Attack Speed. Come on, nothing to say here!

When you Kill someone, then all your Abilities will get 18sec less Cooldown. Ok Well, nice to do Pentakills. But if you kill someone or get an assist when Highlander is active it will increase the duration of Highlander by 4 seconds. So, you get more chance to kill if you Kill!

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Item Explanation

This Item is a Must-Have on Master Yi. It gives you AD for your Autoattacks and Abilities, CDR for your Q to spam. And Critchance for High Damage output.

You can build your Hunter's Machete into this, but i dont like it, so i sell the Machete later.
Another Must-Have on Master Yi. It gives you a huge amount of AD and a higher Critchance. Additional, your Crits will do more damage.

This Item gives you also a huge amount of AD and some Lifesteal. The Lifesteal will let you survive longer and with a high damage output, you can heal you up easy.

It´s a bit like the Bloodthirster but it will make AOE damage. It´s your Choice if you buy The Bloodthirster or Ravenous Hydra. I like the The Bloodthirster more.

I LOVE this Item on [[Master Yi]. Once you hit someone he will never escape thanks to it´s passive. The HP and Attackdamage is also very nice. You will get focused if you do good. So the extra HP is nice.
You fight till you die, and then you fight again. This item gives you also MR and Armor. Its nice against a balanced Team.

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How to Jungle Correct

Now i´ll explain you how you jungle fast and effective. Most of you will know that but i just want to tell them who don't.

First of all you start at the Bluebuff. Tell your Top and Midlane to cover and help. You first skilled your Alpha Strike so just hit them and kill them.
Next, you go to the Wolves. You skilled your Wuju Style now and kill them too. Now you go to the Wraiths and do the same. Never forget to drink your Health Potion. When you did that, it´s your choice to kill the Redbuff first or do the Golems. I do the Redbuff first most of the time. Now you have your Meditate to get HP and kill the Golems. Now you can carry on counterjungeling, ganking, or just killing creeps.

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Your Job in Teamfights is to nuke down the Carry. But in comparison to other Nukes like Annie or Brand you are not dependent on Cooldown. You can do damage whenever you want.

If you see, the enemys are regrouping and about to start a Teamfight, make sure all your Skills are ready and you have as much HP as possible. you Stand in back of your tanky Teammates till the Teamfight starts. Now you instant activate Highlander, Wuju Style and Alpha Strike on the ADC. If you don´t do enough damage just stay in back in teamfights. If you killed the ADC your Alpha Strike should be ready again. Now focus the APC and do the same. When you take much damage just Meditate in this time u will get focused anyway. But your Teammates can do damage in that time.


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Shortcut Explanation

ADC: The AD Carry (Attack Damage Carry). The Champion who does most damage in Lategame normally.
APC: The AP Carry (Ability Power Carry). The Champion who does much damage in a short duration.
AD: Attack Damage
AP: Ability Power
AA: AutoAttacks (RightClick)
AOE: Area of Effect (Damage or Slow or something in an area.
CC: Crowd Control: Slow, Stun...
CD: Cooldown (Time till your Spells are useable)

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7/31/2013: Created Guide
7/31/2013: Changed Masteries and Skill Explanation

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Submit all your Scores. Send it to me I will add them here.