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Morgana Build Guide by lalala14690

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lalala14690

The AP carry off-support Morgana.

lalala14690 Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Why play Morgana?

Simply because shes an amazing caster, has amazing sustain and is able to CC and quickly finish off entire teams when played right. She has the ability to both support herself and her team mates with her anti-cc spell shield. As I'm writing this Karthus is on his free week. Morgana is the almost perfect counter to him as she can shield herself/her team mates from his ultimate, aoe and just about anything.

I have included an extra build for a more supportish Morgana. This focuses more on keeping the team alive but still getting some stuns and utility around. I prefer to use the AP off support build but I'm including this one for those who prefer playing a more support Morgana. I will include a short chapter to sum this build up.

I have played Morgana since I was around level 5, I loved the fact she could support herself while picking up kills and stunning entire teams. Shes a challenging champion to master but I would recommend her for anyone who has the patience to learn her.

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Build Pictures

Starting items:


Morgana's passive spell vamp allows her to take extra mana potions instead of health potions.

Core items:

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
- Honestly there isn't much here that works better on Morgana, she has a useless auto attack and should never be used as an AD carry so therefore not much is better on her.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration
- Again, you don't lack tankyness with this build, there's no need for armour. Morgana is truly a late game champion so complementing this with these runes keep her casting for longer.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
- I used to go with AP runes, but these in my opinion work better, they allow for spamming, more shields stuns etc.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
- After getting these, you have around 50 magic pen. This allows you to take down squishy targets really easily and get some nice damage on their tanks. Along with your Tormented Soil most targets will be close to defenseless against you/any other AP casters in your team.

Greater Quintessence of Health
- Purely for early game. Morgana is quite tanky for a caster but these just make early game easier. If you wish you can swap them for more magic pen though.

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Fairly self explanatory. Movement speed because Morgana lacks that, improved flash so you can escape ganks with ease. Typical caster page.

Support Morgana has more mana based masteries as she can spam her shields, snares and soil more easily.

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Depending who I'm against I chose either Boots of Speed, Mana Potionx2, and a Health Potion or Doran's Ring.

If I'm against someone who is a real pest or has skill shots, go with the boots.
If you have a reasonably passive opponent who cant get any real damage on you (Annie, most AP casters apart from Cassiopeia and Karthus get the ring.

The next core item is a Negatron Cloak or a chain mail If you are up against an AP caster in mid, go for the cloak. Ad champion? chain mail. Get a pair of boots/a dorans ring now depending on which one you didn't get at the start. You should be going back about level 6.

After getting your lovely Negatron Cloak or chain mail, you need to build it into something better, Aka a Abyssal Mask if you got the Negatron Cloak or a Zhoyna's hourglass if you bought the chain mail. Upgrade your boots around now to sorerers shoes unless they have a stupid amount of CC Mercury's Treads. Once you have either your hourglass or scepter, start building the other. You will be focused. You need the tankyness to survive. Unless you do something stupid like run into a 1v5 you should come out alive (or your team mates are incompetent idiots).
- Morgana needs to be in the fight, not on the outskirts shooting spells in like Lux this way Abyssal Mask is used to its full potential.

After this i build a Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the extra hp and the slow tormented soil provides. This just makes team fights turn in your teams favor, stops those pesky escapees from your ult and makes the most of Morgana's Utility.

As with most casters, a rabadons deathcap is a must. Don't even think I need to explain this.

You probably noticed I didn't put a 6th item in. That's because its completely situational.
If their AD carry is focusing you get a Thornmail because of Morgana's passive spell vamp you get some of that magic damage back as health.
If you keep dying get a Guardian Angel your ult still goes while you are reviving so you should be able to finish them off/flee while they're stunned.
If they have huge amounts of magic resist get a Void Staff
For more speed get a Lich Bane.
Having mana issues? Get a Frozen Heart or a Archangel's Staff
Honestly the last items completely up to you.

NOTE: If you are against an especially difficult AP caster Brand, or anything you struggle with, rush a Chalice of Harmony. The magic resist along with the mana boost keeps your Black Shield available to use as well as providing some essential protection.

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Skill Sequence

I get a point in Tormented Soil in a solo lane for the farm. If you are forced to duo get the snare as your opponents will play more aggressively.
As Carry Morgana I get three points in tormented soil for farming but then max it last.
As support Morgana unless im laning with an ap i get the snare and shield maxed first.

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Summoner Spells

- Better ult positioning, good for just about anything.
- Using tormented soil and this on a low heath enemy results in a kill easily.

Other spells that work.
- Gets you back into lane faster. Make sure someone on your team has it if not take it yourself.
- Again, helps against AD carries, good for first blood but someone else is better to take this. Make sure someone has it though.
- Works against tons of CC I prefer Banshee's and her spell shield. It can make her virtually ungankable though.
- Again better as a support Morgana. I don't use it but who says you cant use it.
- Good for a support Morgana
- Good for chasing with your ultimate. I prefer flash though as Morgana isn't a great chaser, better left to Master Yi or Nidalee

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How to aim the snare.

Aim it to where your opponent is running to. Prioritize. Is snaring that Master Yi or Garen more important then snareing a Soraka/ranged? If you answered yes, you have some kind of common sense. You need to target those who are dangerous up close before their supports and squishies. Its far better to snare the tank out of the way so your team can kill their damage dealers uninterrupted then to snare an AD ranged carry who can still auto attack them to bits anyway.

Shield your MVP.
If your AD carry is critting for 700, its not much use if hes dead. He does no damage then. Shield him/yourself/someone. Make sure that the person can use your shield. Shield the most vulnerable to CC champion. Make sure your team gets through the fight alive. Its no good shielding just yourself, there's no you in team. LoL is a team game, and fighting as one will yield better results.

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Support Morgana

Support Morgana needs mana, and lots of it. I get a Faerie Charm first, then build it into a later on. Morgana should take the duo lane as a support. Strength of Spirit mastery will keep your health up, while you have enough mana to support properly. Your gold per 10 runes, mastery Greed and items allow you to get a aura support build done fairly easily.

Remember to chuck a Vision Ward key points of the map dragon and baron and a sight ward at both blues, and red if possible.

Support Morgana takes Mercurys treads for boots. The items I get for support Morgana include an Archangels staff, Frozen Heart, your Mercury's Treads (of course), Abyssal Mask for the aura and magic resist, Soul Shroud for that amazing aura and the health, and a zhoynas hourglass for the active.

Other items to consider on support Morgana are a Banshee's Veil (no need to shield yourself then)
Other aura items aegis of legion tanks usually take these though.
Guardian Angel
Chalice of Harmony

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Well thats it, my favorite "undying Morgana" build. Thanks goes to zinblast for helping me come up with this build.
Any questions? PM me or post them here.
Any comments? Post below.
Any constructive crits? Post below :)