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Yorick Build Guide by SirAxelicious

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SirAxelicious

The Big Book Chapter I - Yorick

SirAxelicious Last updated on June 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Yorick is a champion who dosen't really have any specific role at the moment.If you buy him damage items he dies way to easy.If you buy him defensive items he does no damage and is actually useless.He can somewhat offtank but he can't tank.So with all that being said why would you play Yorick?Because he is fun.Fun... do you remember when you actually played games just for ***** and giggles and not only for scoring points and **** like that? No? Me neither.But it's never to late to start having fun and the best bus for that is Yorick.

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Alright so Masteries.I usually go for 9/21/0. Some people go for Utility and I can actually see that working but I still haven't tried it out so I'm gonna talk much about that.
The reason why I go for the Defensive masteries is because of his squishines.
And the reason for spending 9 points in the Offense thingy is for the Magic Pen.
In case you don't know your and scale with AD but actually do magical damage (How ... innovative?).
So in conclusion:
More Magic Pen = More Lifesteal

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Early Game

Sight Ward
What you should do here is play like caster which means use your spells for last hiting and somewhat harassing.Just try to last hit as much as you can since farming is essential for Yorick.

Get your Tear ASAP.And as for the boots just get them whenever you can.Also if you have some spare gold just get a few wards.

Well this is the source of your damage.Grab this ASAP.

Well this is one of the best items for Yorick no doubt about it.I usually get first and aftherwards you have to decide what you need more mobility or damage.
Why I get Phage first?Mainly because of the HP despite that all the other stats are always useful.
By this time you shold be able to 600 damage with your Q.So your damage is really isn't the problem.

Usually I go for this afther the Tforce.Damage + attack speed=win.
On the other hand you can go for something more defensive for example a Catalyst Protector and later on just turn it into a
Later on it's just a question of what you need more.

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Optional Items and Details about them

Youmuu's Ghostblade.This item will help you out a lot mainly because of the buff it gives since most of the time you won't be able to kill your enemies because they are faster then you. Besides it's a GHOSTBLADE.
The only reason why I get this ( in some games) is because of the effect and the Spellvamp.Usually when I get this my spells heal for 100 per hit even more.Besides that the slow it provides you is really usefull.

+ Well these two items just go hand for hand.I don't see why you shouldn't get an Atma's Impaler if you are geting Warmong.
Well CDR, MR and hp + bonus heal from your so I don't see how geting is a bad decision.
Mana, hp and an awesome buff.
Do I relly need to exaplin this?

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Skill Sequence

It's always a choice between and ( for the first level that is ).It usually depends on your lane partner and your lane opponents.In my opinion just get if you pick it up first you won't have to face check bushes and if you actually are in a fight you'll be able to slow your opponents.So go for unless you are in a solo lane.

Otherwise the basic idea of Yoricks skill sequence is the following: Get all of your Omens atleast once.Why?Because of your passive .

Alright so your skill sequence should be something like:
-> -> -> -> ->
Keep in mind that it always depends on what you need if you are getting so harrased that you can't stay in the lane more then 2 minutes just pick up more often.On the other hand if you aren't getting harassed and you are doing just fine get so that it could help you farm easier.
Keep in mind that is your priority.It does terrible, terrible damage at max rank.

How to use your spells properly:
Just use it to ensure last hits also this is your main source of damage so if you don't have enough mana for and chose unless the other guys is gonna get away.You get the idea.
AoE Slow.Use to farm and slow... what else did you think?Well you can always block some incoming skillshots for example Ashes or you can remove Rammuses's
Use it to heal yourself and last hit minions.
This is a game changing ult if used properly.First of all if the guy on which you casted Omen of Death dies while the minion is still alive it'll be brought back to life for a few seconds.Ulting yourself is also a good choice since the minion can tank towers.Also if you get ganked and you ult yourself you will most likely be able to kill someone.

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Summoner Spells

Go for
Just wait for someone to get in your bush pop Exhaust and melt his/her face.
Same as the above.
Well this will help you chase enemies ( which is always is a pain in the neck) and it'll also help you get away from them.A really good Choice indeed.
Same as the above.
A really funky choice.First of all it'll help you gank enemies,farm and defend towers.
Pro tip: You can teleport on wards.

Do not go for:

And Everyhthing else.

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This fight is almost imposible to win.Why?He gets his shield not only from you but from your minions aswell. Avoid this fight unless you are 99% sure you will win it.

Well he can eat your minions.Which means that your passive will be somewhat useless and if he is smart he will try to eat your Omen of Femine.Also you will probably go out of mana before you are able to kill him. Avoid this fight unless you are 99% sure you will win it.

So... much ... damage...and those stuns are always a pain in the neck.Avoid this fight unless you are 99% sure you will win it.

Well he can dot your minions and get out of them he can also burst you down so easily that it's just ... "innovative".Avoid this fight unless you are 99% sure you will win it.
That are some of the fights which are bad for Yorick.I'll probably add some other champions to the list later.

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26 June 2011 - Started the guide. Whooray!
Gonna add uses for Ulti tomorrow
27 June 2011 - Added Ulti stuff.
-Fixed some grammar mistakes.
-Fixed some icon stuff.
-Changed the display items to Yoricks core only.
-Added an early game guide.
-Edited the Items section.
*Working on a new item build.

28 June 2011 - The guide is put on hold due to irl stuff.
29 June 2011- Made the guide shorter so that it could be more accesible.
-Redid the whole Early Mid and Late game is now turned into Items I'll also explain how to play early, mid and late game there.
-Items section is now turned into Optional Items and Details about them
-Redid the item selection.
-Added more info to the Summoner Spells.