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Volibear Build Guide by Stormiac

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stormiac

The Blitzkrieg Bear

Stormiac Last updated on December 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all, this is my first guide for MOBAfire so please send feedback and let me know how it is. I haven't seen any extremely helpful guids with the bear except for basic items and strategies. This is a fully detailed guide to get you through the game. First of all, The Blitzkrieg Bear guide revolves around rapidly taking control of the game before the other team can counter you . Using this guide in a good game, I am able to 1v3 during late game and come out on top. Volibear has massive tankin and gankin potential with the right items to beef him up. So without digressing anymore...

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For this build or things important to this build, but not Volibear in general
-Steadily strong throughout the game
-Can fight against multiple enemies
-Good early game harass/finish combo
-High adaptibility throughout game

-Stalls without early game kills
-Become a huge gank target mid-game onward, stay with your team if opponents are mia
-[Ignite] can negate your passive early game
-CDs are long until late game

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed- Helps you charge up Frenzy faster and gives a nice early game advantage.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Greater Seal of Armor- Magic Resist and Armor to help you ward off early harassment while you farm and harass.
Greater Quintessence of Vitality- nice hp bonus that helps early game and stacks to a nice 145 hp bonus at lvl 18.
Greater Seal of Vitality- Not worried about being harassed by physical damage? Grab this for even more HP late game.
Greater Mark of Desolation- Worried about lots of armor stopping your Frenzy? Grab this for some help

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Not a lot to say here. Grab 9 in Offense to give ArP for Frenzy and the rest in Defense to help you soak up damage as you tear your enemies apart.

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Why not max Majestic Roar first for increase slow and damage?
Why max Rolling Thunder last when it reduces CD with levels?
The simple answer:
Frenzy lets you deal damaage that scales by increments of 50. Early game, that is an awesome poke. especially with Warmog's Armor.
Majestic Roar increases mana required for cast, which means you run out of mana fast in fights until you have Shurelya's Reverie.
Rolling Thunder isn't needed more than once with the damage from Frenzy until late

Brief Overfview of skills
Your passive, don't be afraid to tower dive and tank to trigger this early gamee, also great for team fights where you can phase out off tank roll to regen then charge back into battle. Keep an eye on the CD timer for it though.
This gives your your Blitzkreig combo. Whether using it to catch up with fleeing enmies to fling them back into range or using it to catch up to bite them with frenzy, this ability is key to ganking early to get the gold you need. Combine this with flash to leap into the enemies to deliver a deadly surprise
Main early game skill that transitions to late game by scaling with your health. Use this early to poke and ravage your enemies as well as finish off those fleeing you.
Majestic? HELL NO, TERRIFYING. This power slows and damages, using this after rolling thunder if your target seems about to escape to slow them enough for a grab. This is also great early game to get those pesky minions off your back long enough to score a kill and escape, or to let your passive trigger.
This is how you win against multiple enemies. With a full tank/health build this double your damage and lets you hit multiple targets with magic damage. Also useful for hitting enemies hiding behind minions healing as the chain lightning has decent range.

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Core Items
Warmog's Armor Though expensive, I get Warmog's early because of the massive HP boost for survivability and help with Frenzy. Its also good to start scaling the bonuses as soon as possible.
Mercury's Treads Gives tenacity which is vital when chasing or initiating against CC champions. You don't need MS that early in the game because of Rolling Thunder, which is why shurelya's comes first
Shurelya's Reverie Fairly cheap items needed to combine into this make it a good item to start building towards early and to finish after first boots are bought. Shurelya's gives: 1) mana regen which you need for mid-games team fights to keep cranking out Majestic Roar 2) Its active is good for chasing down enemies and nabbing them with Rolling Thunder 3) Gives CD reduction making both q and e spells open to initaite with and chase with after the fight.
Frozen Mallet Later game item I get for the added HP and slow while chasing down enemies

Now every game isn't going to go the same way, so after Frozen Mallet there are two main paths I take.
Damage- Use this for more damage IF you have one other heavy tank or 2 offtanks to support you for damage and armor for AP bonus to ulti and slow bonus to frenzy with more HP to support atma's
Tanking VS Physical- Tanking against heavy physical dps? will armor you up as well as give additional CD reduction and a slow aura or armors and gives more HP as well as slow aura active. I usually choose between the two then grab for its damage return. Thornmail is especially effective vs [Master Yi] if he seems to be out of control.
Tanking VS AP- If those pesky AP mages are trying to bring you down with combos. gives plenty of MR and also bonus speed to help chase down mages. will stop annoying CC initiation spells as well as add to your HP and MR. CC problems? will get those off your back combined with Banshee's Veil.
VS % HP DAMAGE- So your oppenents have gotten smart and decide to buy Madred's Bloodrazor to counter your massive hp? No problem with it takes 30% of DAMAGE TAKEN(not their attack damage) and returns it. The 100 armor also helps.

If neither category really applies, then go for Frozen Heart or Randuin's Omen for the slow.

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Summoner Spells

- i use this with Rolling Thunder to quickly pick people out from turrents. Also a good escape if ganked
- Get those early kills to grab warmog's armor with this. Late game us it to reduce regen on healers as you shred them to bits

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Early Game

It is important to quickly establish dominance over your lane and occasionally gank the mid for more gold. You are the Blitzkrieg Bear, feeding and destroying your enemies before they can react and counter
-Solo top-> your first priority, grab your Regrowth Pendant and head for the top lane. Hug your tower until minions come and last hit minions. Use your Frenzy to harass anyone that gets too close. Don't be afraid to tank a bit to trigger your passive if harassment drops you below %40 hp. Keep poking until about lvl 3-4 depending on your jungler. When he is ready to gank use Majestic Roar to initiate and charge with your teamate. Pick one enemy to focus on and if you have Rolling Thunder use it right as your target turns to run so you don't lose Frenzy build up. Use Majestic Roar to slow and Frenzy to land the kill. Ignite only if you can catch up and your target will die from it or your target is healing in some way(lifesteal/potion/teammate). If you killed both grab Giant's Belt and continue to build yourself up. Repeating this process at every chance.
-Duo top/bot-> okay so no junggler or whiny teammate who wants top sooooo bad? No problem, grab your pendant and your teammate( ranged AP or CC is preferred) and aggro lane. Bite your picked target with Frenzy at every chance and once he is below %50 hp rush with your ally, using, yes you guessed it, Majestic Roar to slow and charge up Frenzy for the killing blow. Once its 2v1 harass until at the tower then tower dive with Rolling Thunder and finish off with your frenzy and roar.

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Mid Game

So by now you have hopefully gotten Mercury Treads and Shurelya's Reverie along with Warmog's Armor and broken your first tower. If you are soloing then watch for ganks and when both your enemies are mia slip into other lanes to gank and push to destroy the first row of towers. At this point you can usually win any 1v2 battle with your ulti. Lure weaker enemies to you and kill them. When you have to recall start working towards Frozen Mallet starting with a Giant's Belt. Gank with your team and make the other team scared to venture out alone or in pairs. This will severely hamper their ability to push your towers and allow you to close in on their base.

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Late Game

By this time either the other team has tried to counter you or given up. Check what your enemies are building towards and counter accordingly. Alternate between luring the enemy team out of their base to gank and tower diving the more cautious enemies with Rolling Thunder. While they back away from their inhibitor towers to avoid your toss, attack the tower with your team.

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Summary, the Blitzkrieg

The whole point of this build is powering up before your enemies realize you are too powerful. With this build, shorter games are better because the other team has less time to counter you, but a long game isn't the end of the world if you counter properly.

Thank you all for reading, now go out there and unleash the Blitzkrieg on your enemies. Please criticize and share your Volibear experiences with comments. Good Luck

if anyone reading this knows how to get the item build where the arrows cross, showing alternate builds. Please let me know how to do that, it would be very appreciated

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I will add a list of good lanemates as well as bad people to lane against later when it is fully compiled