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Teemo Build Guide by MillD

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MillD

The Hybrid Hamster ^^

MillD Last updated on January 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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is by far one of most fun champions to play with and i felt the need to try making my own guide.

I Like to play Teemo in bot lane with a support.

Size Doesn't Mean Everything!

and the scout is here to prove it...

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Captain Teemo

A Fantastic Teemo song!
I like to listen music when reading guides and this song is perfect for the guide!


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A Big Change

Since i published this guide i got many messages and suggestions...
I read all of them and tried em' all out.
I must say that i was surprised when i saw the hybrid Teemo wipe the Summoner's Rift floor with enemies.
Due to that, I changed my guide a lot and I hope that the new build will help you more than old one.

I also changed the guide's name 11/1/2012 due to a couple of misunderstandings.

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Pros / Cons


-Great harass early with Toxic Shot
-Good Mobility
-Traps that deal a lot of damage and provide sight
-Blind,the anti-ad carry tool
-Can be built into AD or AP
-He's a midget,i like that :)


-No REAL escape ability
-Gets Focused
-Not a Pure AD nor pure AP Champion
-Kinda Paper Champ

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Runes I play on Teemo:

Greater Mark of Ability Power - More AP = More DAMAGE at the start!
Greater Seal of Armor - I take these for a better sustain against the AD Carry
Greater Glyph of Ability Power - Same thing i said for MARKS counts here
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Once again, more AP = more early DAMAGE

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I Play 23/3/4 on Teemo.

Mental Force - More AP=More Damage!
Butcher - I invest 2 points here because of the AD lack in start;it makes last hitting creeps a bit harder.
Alacrity - AD or AP you are still a ranged carry and AS is something you need.
Sorcery - Makes Noxious Trap come in more often just like other skills.
Arcane Knowledge - Make your Noxious Trap go BOOM!!1!
Havoc - More damage-More kills-More Gold-More Items-More kills-More Wins
Archmage - Good AP Boost!
Executioner - Just too good! We need this one bad! Helps your DoT-s work much better!

Hardiness - Sustain against enemy AD carry;might seem a little, but combined with your Greater Seal of Armor runes and a Doran's Shield you will definitely notice the results.

Summoner's Insight - 15 sec off FLASH.Nuff Said.
Good Hands - Might seem noob but this cuts off a lotta' time when your team could need you alive.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite - Works Great! You can add it up to your Toxic Shot for great results.
Flash - A MUST! You need this because Teemo lacks REAL escape abilities. Also, works better than Ghost because you already have your Move Quick.
Teleport - This is great for gettin' back to lane and also you can use it on your Noxious Trap and provide some sick GANKS!
Exhaust- If your team lacks it, take it but generally i would always take Ignite.
Surge - If your team doesn't lack Ignite and Exhaust be sure to take it. Synergy with Guinsoo's Rageblade is plain awesome and this is a great hybrid spell!
Cleanse - If their team has a ****load of CC i guess you can take it. Still, there is a great item called Quicksilver Sash that works almost the same and i would take it instead of Cleanse.
Ghost - We have our Move Quick, the weaker version of Ghost.
Heal - There are definitely better spells for Teemo then this one.
Revive - We are not planning to die, are we?
Smite - For the love of god, DO NOT Jungle Teemo.
Clarity - Not that big mana problems, definitely not worthy to take place in your spells.
Promote - Not Good. Not sure who is supposed to take this anyway. Looks like Dominion thing to me.
Clairvoyance - Fantastic spell, but leave it for your support.
Garrison - This is not Dominion guide but if it was i would tell you that Garrison is not a Teemo spell.

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Every Champion needs a set of items and i will try to explain how does my Teemo deal with the shopkeeper!


Doran's Shield - Many people take a **** on me for this but yes;I play this on Teemo.

-Sustaining the enemy AD Carry
-Health Regen in case your Support doesn't have a Low CD-Heal(ex. Janna, Nunu, Lux, Blitzcrank etc.)

Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion - I take these when i think that i will have to dodge skillshots(ex. Piltover Peacemaker, Boomerang Blade, Howling Gale etc.)

Berserker's Greaves - AP or AD, doesn't even matter - You need AS.Feel free to swap them for Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads but in my eyes you are making a mistake.

Malady - The CORE! I rush this one because of a great passive(mouse over the item and read it :D) that stacks up onto your AA together with Toxic Shot. Great Item for Captain Teemo!

Phage - We pick this for a small chunk of HP and damage. The 25% chance for a slow is also nice but not something you should rely on.

Guinsoo's Rageblade - I never considered playing this on any other champion but Jax. That is till' i received a message and tried it out. Works awesome, especially when combined with Surge, you can reach high AS in a moment and completely outshine your opponent.

Frozen Mallet - We need this for a massive chunk of HP and a small amount of AD, but most importantly we take it for a slow on each AA.

Wit's End - More AS for you, but even more importantly more on-hit effects. This item works preety similiar to Malady and both of them combined with Toxic Shot will blow away even the beefiest opponent.

Madred's Bloodrazor - Let's spice up the AA with some HP% burning, to be specific 4% of opponent's max HP. Let's not forget some nice stats it gives us(mouse over the item :D).


Mercury's Treads - If you feel like you could get pwned by CC take it.

Sword of the Divine - A ****load of AS and a enchantment that gives ur every 4th AA some magic damage, also your attacks cannot be dodged. Get dat Jax.

Hextech Gunblade - This gives you LS, Spell Vamp, AD and AP. Everything hybrid needs.
If you're a fan of this item you can put it in stead' Guinsoo's Rageblade.

Guardian Angel - Put this instead of Madred's Bloodrazor if you feel like your death would mean a certain loss and you think that the HP% burning effect is not that necessary.

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So AMAZING skill!
Stand still and go all invisible;and then do:

-Camp in jungle or a brush infested with Noxious Trap, pop up, blind and spit em' to death!
-Once you see a GANKER rolling in just go all invisible in brush if there is no time to run.If they know where are you and decide to camp near you waiting for someone who can reveal you(ex. Lee Sin, Caitlyn etc.) just surprise them using Flash and Move Quick in a right moment.
-Harass with AS boost.

Blinding Shot

Your anti-AD carry tool that makes you superior in 1v1 carry duel if played right.
Or just face**** that Warwick before he ults. :D

Move Quick

You need some MS to catch up a runner?
Who doesn't?
You need MS to run away from a crazy Volibear 0.o
Who Doesn't?
Simple enough,pop this when you need extra movement speed.

Toxic Shot

This enchants your AA with poison that makes damage right away and Dots them for 4 secs.
It makes your AA hit almost as AD carries one later on.

Noxious Trap

Straight from Captain Teemos laboratory comes the allmighty Noxious Trap better known as "shroom".
This baby provides sight (Free Wards 0.0), early deals low damage and late it deals OVER 9000 DAMAGE! No it doesn't ,im kidding. It deals 700 to 1000 and that's a lot for a spammable trap.
You must know how to place this right!

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The Way of the "Shroom"

YELLOW SHROOMS - Top priority targets - Baron and Dragon;keep them visible at ALL TIME!

RED SHROOMS - These are the "push shrooms". Place them when your team is pushing to keep yourself safe from ganks.

BLUE SHROOMS - These are the "def shrooms". Place them when you are getting pushed to pick off runners after a fight and to provide sight on pushed area.

GREEN SHROOMS - These are the combination of RED and BLUE shrooms. Put them down for both defensive and offensive reasons.

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Team Arranging

Ok,This is important!
Teemo is a hybrid and deals both of damage - Magic and Physical(Mostly Magic).
That's why you must be sure your team won't lack AD.

For Example:
If your JUNGLER deals TONS OF PHYSICAL DAMAGE(ex. Nocturne, Master Yi, Tryndamere) you shouldn't worry for a lack of AD and you are free to pick Teemo.

If your JUNGLER deals Magic Damage(ex. Fiddlesticks, Fizz) DO NOT PICK Teemo;You will lack AD and MR will whip your butts!

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Some Gameplay Tips

-Harass your enemy like this:Hit your Move Quick, use Blinding Shot and land a couple of Toxic Shot hits to the target.
-Be sure to use your Noxious Trap as a ward on the river to provide sight on the enemy JUNGLER!
-Infest the brush in bot lane with Noxious Trap to make it visible and keep their support player out of there.
-Shroom the key places of the map(Drake,Nashor,Buffs)
-If your team is pushing, get into one of their jungles and infest them with Noxious Trap.(You can also camp in the infested jungle with Camouflage and wait for someone to hit the shroom.)
-If your team is being pushed, infest your jungle with Noxious Trap.
-If you see a possible teamfight going on, hit your Move Quick and shroom all the escape routes before the fight happens.

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Peace Out

I want to thank you for the time you spent reading this guide.
This is my first guide so if there is something wrong with it please tell me how to improve for the future.

Good Luck!
I will see you on the Fields of Justice!

Peace Out and...
Never underestimate the Power of the Scout's Code!
- Teemo, The Swift Scout