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Fizz Build Guide by ProjectAwesomes

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ProjectAwesomes

The (I deserve a higher Elo) Fizz Mid guide!

ProjectAwesomes Last updated on July 2, 2016
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Threats to Fizz with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Katarina she is basically Freelo. her ult can be canceled by your ult. or if you save your E like a wise man, you can gun her down with your abilities, and when she becomes desperate and ults, you just jump man.
Malzahar wait for him to use abilities. then poke. "he's desperate to transfer his poison. use that. if he has ult, you must land your shark and go all in. preferred Q. poke. Shark triggers. then E. since you want him to ult you, as your shark is onto him. to cancel his only escape ultimate ability. if he ults you as you Q/poke, its FINE!! it'll just get cancelled by your ult. and you have a spare E if he tries anything, or if you suddenly get ganked. its EZ life
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Hello! this is my first Guide here on Mobafire. and im here to teach you about my favorite, mastery 7 champion, Fizz!

since the nerf. I was honestly confused in the mid lane. Maxing E and Q thinking W was stale. but in honesty, each level of W is now 15+ more damage each basic attack. W sure does 50 more each level. but W reaches that consistently. is mana wise. and unlike E, you can use it more often. whereas if you max E first in early mid lane, you'll only have a chance to use it once per engagement. what. you wont stay in combat for 8-12 seconds. be real with me. Cooldown reduction is awful early game. and that's where I realized I need to level W for early, and E for mid/late.

if you guys want to build jg fizz. I have a guide. but its not mine. go to this man's build.
I followed his build. and it. is. genius. I found myself several times stuck with 2-4k gold. and full health/mana with the amount of sustain his build provides!! and that's "with" ganking!

I hope this guide proves helpful. and I hope you enjoy!

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screw what people tell you. "AAAAH. WHY DIDNT YOU BUILD SHEEN?!?!?!?!?!??"

screw that guy. you want to build whats convenient for you. sheen is good early game, sure. but sometimes you think getting Darkseal to go with your potion. or if you're a high ego player "a true assassin" you'd think of maybe building mejais. oh. you ARE an assassin?? don't build mejais until you have > good kills on Dark Seal. and a Zhonyas. you have to keep the stacks fresh, and pick the fights "VERY" carefully to stay strong. you're not a coward. you're just not trading 1 kill for 1. you. my friend. don't WANT an even trade... you want MORE...

anyways. now that I got that off my chest. lets move on to the build.

Number 1. Starter Pak) when I make a build. I hardly ever find myself needing to go outside of my build tab. this has all the trinkets for all scenarios. pink ward to secure bushes, and ambush someone/protect yourself from ganks/screw twitch/akali/shaco.
as I said. it highly varies on you opponent.
dorans or Darkseal if you think you need instant damage, while keeping your mana fresh. (usually if you want to proc stormraiders. or want a higher chance to finish your laner with one go.)

or a classic Corrupt potion. which I usually build Dark Seal on top of when I Dunk my laner. more healing. more mana. more damage. and a chance to build onto mejais.

Number 2 Cooldown dunkshow: Zhonyas is a good item to build. especially if both the jg, and mid laner is AD. you'll survive most ganks. even then, just take it. its a great item to keep your stacks of mejais fresh. or just to save you in general. I would "not" get it early game if I didn't do well with getting stacks. I'd focus on power, maybe protobelt for damage/survivability. mornmnemormmorm for CD and power for a cheap price. etc. you don't necessarily have to take all of these. its just a list of options you might want to consider for Cooldown Reduction. which is good mid game.

(you can cancel your Q mid-probobelt, for intense plays and damage. also helps clear jungle camps for extra gold.. and the item path to Probobelt is amazingly convenient if you want sustain mid game. or the other path being high damage early game/mid game/anygame. it helps as you build into the real thing.

Number 3: Power fillers) you have your mejais bulging with power. your rabadons to store it in. and your Lich bane to proc that 600ap damage onto your opponent with a single Q. I don't usually get Rylais, or echo.

the AP build is usually like this. high AP. "good" penetration (flat for squishies. or Void 35% for tank teams)
so 600 ap. 50% goes to lichbane. 300 extra damage abilities. with your zhonyas who helped you get this far, keeping you alive as you proc that lichbane over and over, consistently... your protobelt to give you CD and health to last long to do all of this. and that's the POWER build.

I did "not" put these builds together, because it really varies on your opponent. from flat to squishies or % void staff along with the mastery path I pointed out to destroy tanks.
so instead, I made a list of CD items. items with high AP. items with penetration. and I mix and match from there.


first off. DO NOT get all of these items.
get AC if youre team uses good AP, the enemy has squishies. and on-top of that, build some nice flat pen. like boots 15 flat. or Liandry if necessary.
15 flat penetration gold-wise is worth 400-500 gold. against squishies, you're basically doing 10-15% more damage by getting just "one". and usually with liandry, boots, and with your flat pen mastery "precision" you don't even need AC, and you can do true damage, wooping 30-35% more damage to squishies. so for 800-1000 gold. you do that much damage. this build I usually take when I really see that the enemy only has 1-2 tanks/not impressive tanks such as Sup tank.

if the team is high in tanks, you need to consider. are they high health, or defense...
sometimes the answer is shockingly, mostly health "like sejuani. Mundoo" most of the time its both though.
I usually get high cooldown, Survivability, with liandry and probably "Voidstaff if high defense too" in team fights, you want to proc your Liandry as much as possible. throw an ult, E behind, then Q back to your team. the ult will disable them upon leap, making sure you wont get stunned/rooted, etc. then chill as the enemy and your front line suffers. and go for another fresh coat of Liandries, since you charged your abilities behind your team. and that's usually game from there. its a flipping team fight. there will be stuns and slows. so liandry's effect will be doubled. and sure you're not assassinating anyone. but you'll probably be the highest peeler there.
it all varies on scenarios really. they can have one powerful adc for example, which i'd want to assassinate without getting caught up with the meat-fest. the moves all depend on you. im just listing examples which hopefully reach out as to how Fizz is flexible.

items 4: this is highly unnecessary. and I don't see myself building this even mid game. its only a nice calculation to have when you're fighting heavy AP late. or if you decide to build early AC to say "screw you" to your ridiculous mid laner.
don't take me wrong. the only time you'll see me build MD, is if I want to play safe. or want to help my AP team get some damage late. or if I just want that sweet safe play/Reduction from AC.

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with runes I like to go full AP Quints and glyphs. just to get the feeling of a nice trade, and the fact that I can dodge abilities, and often times win a trade at lv 3+.

you can get 72 health from the seals. that's a woopin nice way to negate ignite. it almosts accounts for its damage. and will help you immensely on surviving when you're going all out on your opponent early game.

with marks I like the penetration, mostly since it can decimate squishies, and my lane.
if there was marks that had % penetration, i'd take it whenever I'd fight a tank team. but that's not present. so too bad.

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Fizz mid varies from Storm raider. which is nice for juking, and slows (looking at Cassiopeia) to doing the Shark Rush move Late game. procing your Stormraider with ult/E/Q to safety. Slush around, watching the enemy team die from afar. as you prepare to do a U-Turn with your abilities back up.

To Thunderlords. classic, EZ kills. helps with most opponents.

to full ferocity. 7% pen, and firetouch. if you have a high ego to owning early game. this WILL prove helpful to you if the enemy team is filled with 3+ tanks. just don't mess up your early game, and you're good to go with stacking that 7% with your 35% void staff.

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Skill Sequence

mana is your problem early game. late game, its a little bit of a nuisance. but that depends on the build you've chosen to take.

usually after getting some nice W for damage and harass on mid. I'd want to build E cause I know it wont drain me from my mana. I can do more damage, especially since it's aoe. and sustain since it does reduce the cooldown. and often time's youll be chased, and need that extra 1-2 seconds to have jumped over the wall.

so that's why I suggest getting at least 3-5 on W. then focusing on E immediately.

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mid lane I take Exhaust if I know im going to get bullied when I go in.

but most of the time I take ignite, knowing I can dodge abilities well, and will probably take minimum damage thanks to that. I know ill be able to defeat my laner before he does to me.

Ignite is also to be considered late game. for example. Illaoi. Darius. Mundo. etc on the other team. you want to ignite one of your choosing to disable their healing, so your team can finish them off. and as soon as you do that, you just let your team handle it, as you Q-Flash. or E-Flash. Q-Ult. Q-E-ult. E-Q-Ult. heck. even Ult-Flash onto the backline of the squishies. I usually try and aim for the ones with the highest kills or highest threat, since I can assassinate them in 2-3 seconds. and on-top of the great gold, you also save your team from a champion with extreme power. which could be the mid laner. jg. adc. or whatever. you're a dam fizz assassin. deal with it.

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with farming. the biggest challenge is not to get bad CS. often times I myself get 100 CS the first 20-30 minutes. that's because you often get poked "immensely" in your lane.

but, the more aggressive you lane is. the more you can predict them doing it again. and when you hit 3, you smack em hard. you can dodge easier. you can even destroy them. as long as you have good health. that's why potion of corruption is pretty decent for pokes thanks to the mana, and sustain. you could get seal or dorans, and a couple health potions. its "really" flexible. and that's what I love about Fizz, so much.

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basically. you have a nice Assassin, who can destroy tanks. heavy damage carries. or whatever you wish him to be.

you can build him tank top, jg, mid, theyre all amazing. and I've yet to try and understand how the AD fizz operates. I'd make a guide, but I am much more comfortable in the AP items. AD is alien to me.

often times you'll need to save your ult. which can potentially save you from a tight situation where you fight 1-3 enemies. you got your E, Q, use ult to help buy you time. E Q again. and it should be easy from there.

often when you go all out on your opponent in lane. they'll flash away. just flash/basic attack them. it usually works just fine.

usually, if you can take out your lane without flash, its gg.
you just go for the second round, poke them, and you can easily just Q them, your character will do the walking animaton, until in range for Q. and you just flash, and all of a sudden, you go from farming, right into your opponent's face. the Q activated as soon as you were on site. and that's the surprise of flash.
theres some tactics that are extremely difficult to pull off. even im mastering them to this day. here's an example of how much flexibility and possibilities you all have with Fizz.
(I tried this one. it worked.) EX: team fight breaking out. I start the animation walk from Q to the Lucian ADC. I flash Q immediately teleporting me to him, past the heavy enemy lines. as im Q'ing, I throw a fish to seal the deal and decimate Lucian. I then have my E to keep me safe and deal damage as my team finishes the engagement.

(this too. its easy) "E. flash onto opponent. Q past. Ult.)

(flash THROUGH tank. ult into the squishy in the back.)

you all probably know all this tactics, or at least most of them.

I hope my guide provided you help with the feeling of freedom in items. and helped you learn some cool fizz tactics you could do.

feel free to add me on LoL! I'm a boosted silver who keeps fighting diamond players because I like playing with friends/dynamic duo.