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Blitzcrank Build Guide by PhoenixianSlayer

Support The inescapable golem: Blitzcrank

By PhoenixianSlayer | Updated on June 26, 2019
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Font of Life
Bone Plating

Approach Velocity
Future's Market

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Ranked #23 in
Support Role
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

The inescapable golem: Blitzcrank

By PhoenixianSlayer
Hello, I am PhoenixianSlayer. I have played Blitzcrank since the beginning of Season 8. I have gotten Mastery 7 in a month or two of casual play with the Champion. I have had extreme success with the champion and noticed that my build is different than most builds, so I thought I would put my experiences into a guide.

Blitzcrank is a champion that is designed to completely immobilize an opponent champion. He is one of the most notorious supports in the game at one point having a 57% win rate in support. He is always a strong pick with the ability to force an opponent to come to you (unlike most all-in champs that go to their opponent). With this build, you can 1v1 the enemy ADC during late game. Blitzcrank is a great pick if you want to lead your team to victory.
Easy to master
Highly effective in support role
Highly durable
Can 1v1 in late game
When with your ADC, landing one Rocket Grab
.... generally means instant death to your target
Has low damage in early game
His ability that could be called an escape tool, Overdrive,
.....isn't as good as other escape tools

Has no escapes for the ADC other than forcing them to attack instead.
Is helpless in the early and mid game if he is abandoned while
.....trying to or has hooked someone.

Blitzcrank has one job: immobilize someone as long as possible so your ADC can kill them without dying. As a result, his entire kit is designed with that purpose in mind. A hook that stunned for pull duration, a knockup, a silence, and a MS boost for chasing. He can make team fights not an option by pulling people into 5v1s and have them dead before the enemy team realizes what happened. However, for most of the game, if he doesn't get followup on his plays, he is not going to do well. Also, since his entire kit is meant for immobilization, he doesn't have many good options for protecting your ADC.

Passive: Mana Barrier
You pay half your mana when you go below 20% health to get a shield equal to the mana that you spent.

First: Rocket Grab
Your main engage tool. Its a skillshot that pulls the first thing you hit to you. It has a high cooldown, so don't use this unless you are pretty sure it will hit AND you want a fight. It doesn't pass through minions so that is annoying at times. Also, its kinda easy to dodge (depends on target mobility), so try and do it when the opponent seems the most dazed/preoccupied.

Second: Overdrive
You speed up for a time then become slower. The slow is slightly annoying, but you get more distance out of it in the end so use it to help you close the gap. Its also adds Attack Speed, so go ahead and use it on towers.

Third: Power Fist
Basically a built in Sheen. its also CC. Use it to destroy towers or immobilize enemies.

Static BarrierUltimate: Static Barrier
The final CC in the kit, its an AOE silence. The spell is kinda weak due to this specific build because AP isn't built. However, This is good for interrupting channels or stopping champs from dashing for a bit longer. The passive will mark champs then hit them 1 sec later with a lightning bolt that does a bit of damage. The mark stacks up to two times and since your build is all about autoing, you will always have 2 stacks on your target.


Row 1: Aftershock
Aftershock is the best rune in this row. While Grasp of the Undying does have some survivability, Aftershock adds lots of protection for four seconds and then applies damage at the end. Grasp of the Undying only comes into effect after four seconds. Without the 75 armor and magic resist, you could be dead in 4 seconds, especially at the beginning. You need your summoner spells early game to secure kills. Once your ADC has some decent damage, then you don't need them as much. Aftershock has a lot more protection overall.

Row 2: Font of Life
I like Font of Life for this row. Demolish is a good second choice, but we want to keep our ADC healthier and keep them from dying in 2v2 by giving them health when they attack your hook target. Without this rune, the only protection you can offer them is the Summoner Spell Heal. This rune has saved my ADC many times because they get a ton of heals off it since they AA very quickly.

Row 3: Bone Plating
Bone Plating is the best choice because it will keep you alive through the early game. Conditioning does not come into play until mid game, and you need the damage reduction to survive the first few kills in early game. Second Wind becomes irrelevant after Warmog's Armor is bought, so no need for that either.

Row 4: Overgrowth
Overgrowth is really handy and adds so much health. You don't really use shields or heals, so Revitalize is only helpful for the ADC, and while they do take some damage, you should be taking the brunt as the aggressor, besides, you won't let them attack your ADC with the constant airbornes, stuns, and silences. Unflinching is not that helpful because you won't really be casting summoner spells after early game, and the roots and stuns you would be avoiding with this rune won't impede you when engaged in a 2v2 and can be dodged when not in a 2v2.


Row 1: Approach Velocity
Approach Velocity is one of the best runes in Inspiration for this build. Once you slow someone, they can't escape, because they go slower when escaping and you go faster when pursuing. It makes it insanely hard for them to escape.

Row 2: Future's Market
Future's Market is insanely handy. You need to be able to get to Frozen Mallet as soon as Possible, so you want to be able to get it 100-200 gold earlier, and the 50 gold debt for being loaned the gold will be quickly repaid with the gold earned from all the kills this item can get you.

Ancient Coin/Nomad's Medallion
Basic support item. Every minion that dies has a chance to drop a coin. The chance increases for every minion that did not drop a coin, and the chance decreases when a minion drops a coin. The coin either gives gold or recovers mana. This build doesn't have a ton of mana early, so the mana from coin helps cover that deficit. This item also adds some CDR which increases the time targets are stunned/airborne.

Frozen Mallet
If Blitzcrank didn't have enough CC, this adds some more. This item adds a slow to anything Blitzcrank autos. Also adds some tank stats. Since you pull people into auto attack range and then proceed to auto with Power Fist and Overdrive, this seems like a logical item to have. An all around necessity for this build.

While Warmog's Armor is still your second item, Sheen is cheap and adds a nice amount of damage, so its worth the detour. It adds 100% base AD to your next auto after a spell. It stacks with Power Fist giving you 200% total AD + 100% base AD for one auto. It also adds a bit of mana and 10% CDR

Warmog's Armor
This item gives you infinite sustain. You can always be ready to grab someone, just take the time you have to wait for your hook to come back up and wait for the healing effect to activate. You'll be full health by the time your hook comes back up and you are ready to target someone else.

Trinity Force
Big Brother to Sheen. It adds 200% base AD instead of 100% and also gives a movement speed buff when you auto. It also adds attack speed and gives you double the CDR that Sheen did.

There are other items that are good for the categories below, but these are my preferred items. The others are also good, but for different reasons and can be chosen instead due to preference or to counter a specific champion.

Damage Item
Titanic Hydra adds tank with damage, so its my goto. Spear of Shojin is a nice second since it allows you to use Rocket Grab more often after ulting. It would only take a sec or two to regain Rocket Grab with the attack speed boosts from Spear of Shojin, Overdrive, and the attack reset from Power Fist.

Defense Item
Knight's Vow, Gargoyle Stoneplate, or Guardian Angel are my gotos for this slot. Knight's Vow helps your ADC by letting you tank even more damage, and gives you some significant battle regen since your ADC should be doing 600+ damage per auto by now. Gargoyle Stoneplate is best for team fights, or if the enemy specifically targets you, which they should. It gives you a bunch of armor and magic resist to defend against their barrage. As for Guardian Angel, what's better than a tanky guy that makes teamfights easy for your team and generally should be getting enemy aggro? A tanky guy that makes teamfights easy for your team and generally should be getting enemy aggro WITH A REVIVE. Plus it adds a bit more damage.

For the defensive items, you need to sell your Nomad's medallion. At this point in the game, you definitely have hit late game. While I agree that wards are important, your team has to be really struggling to extend the game this long. Therefore, you need to take the initiative and try to carry. Therefore, you need to go full unkillable mode and try to end it.

Heal is Emergency health and speed for you and your ADC. At least one person should have Heal in the bottom lane, and since it gives you a way to help your ADC escape in the early game, you should always have it.

While most people take Barrier as an alternative to Heal, I take it in conjunction with Heal to maximize survivability and tanking potential to maximize the time the ADC has to kill the target.

Flash is great for securing kills or protecting yourself Super useful and a staple for most builds.

Kill Securing Combo

First get the Opponent with your Rocket Grab. Hit them with your auto attack to apply Frozen Mallet and the Spellblade damage. Then use your Power Fist to slow them even more and reproc your spellblade. Use your Static Field to keep them from using their abilities for a bit longer and reproc your spellblade. auto attack to reapply Frozen and use Spellblade. Use your Overdrive to get another Spellblade proc. Then auto attack. Continue using your Power Fist and Overdrive to apply damage and keep the opponent from escaping until they are dead. Reserve your Rocket Grab in case they Flash so you can pull them right back.

If there are too many minions in the way of your shot, skip the Rocket Grab and just run at them and open with your Power Fist

You should be focused on looking for a good opportunity to land a Rocket Grab. Don't waste it. IT'S NOT A POKE TOOL. YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY POKE TOOLS. You only have engage and entrapment tools. Therefore, do not waste your hooks needlessly.

As for teamwork, watch for the enemy JG. Let your ADC focus mainly on CSing and you focus on the stuff out of lane. Also, unless your ADC has a more powerful form of CC, you should target people for kills. Try and let your ADC know ahead of time then hook them. Since you are normally the one starting the engage, you should be the one choosing the target and such things.
Mastering Blitzcrank is really worthwhile, and this build will get you to Mastery 7 fast. Good hunting and show those fleshlings who's boss.

"Quake in fear, fleshling."
League of Legends Build Guide Author PhoenixianSlayer
PhoenixianSlayer Blitzcrank Guide
The inescapable golem: Blitzcrank