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Katarina Build Guide by Ragnar Fox

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragnar Fox

The Noxian Jungler - Biskat Jungler MiniGuide

Ragnar Fox Last updated on June 5, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys and welcome to my Katarina Jungle Guide! Before you start to read it I must say somethings about this guide:

  • This is not a troll guide:
This guide is serious as any other champion guide and I want you recognize this. If you disagree what I will proper here leave your vote and comments but please don't troll!
  • This guide don't teach how to jungle in General.
This guide will only teach you how to play as Katarina on the Jungler Role specific. It won't tell that you cannot gank witch low life, that the small camps re-spawn every minute. To let the blue buff to your AP carry and things like this.
  • This is NOT a Korean Challenger Guide!
Publishing this guide I don't want to say that Katarina is the best jungler of the LoL and people must stop to use their other junglers. I only want tell that this champion with this build and role works on my server and Elo. On case, Silver I on BR server. I can't guarantee that it works on Diamond EUW or in Gold NA.

With this 3 things in mind I hope you enjoy and make greats uses of this guide like this:

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Pros and Cons

+ Extremely easy to snowball.
+ Easy to learn.
+ Great clean.
+ High base damage.
+ Natural Good Mobility.
+ Powerful team fighter.
+ Can build full tank, bruiser or assassin.
+ High item pool in a Bruiser perspective.
+ High damage potential even in full tank build.
+ Enter in almost any team comp you can imagine.

sinister steel

- Squish without items.
- Very susceptible to interruptions.
- Item dependent.
- Weak jungle Deflection.
- No CC.
- Only utility is healing reduction from Death Lotus.

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  • Clean Speed:

clean speed
  • Mobility:

  • Reflex:

  • Counter:


  • Gank:


  • Lategame:


  • Sustain:


  • Teamfight:

Spin to Win

  • Snowball:


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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage -> This runes will help you on early game adding extra damage to your auto-attacks and are not wasted on late game one time Death Lotus and sinister steel have AD scales on it.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist -> Pure focused on Ganks/Mid game and team fights. You can substitute it for Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist for more resistance on late game or for Greater Glyph of Ability Power/ Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power for more damage.

Greater Seal of Armor -> Essential for any Jungler one time it will reduce the damage receive by monster.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration -> No reason to take another rune one time you have awesome clean and you are Team fight oriented. These marks will boost your damage on champions and have no other better option.

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Default AP Off tank masteries that provide bonus armor, initial and scaling health, damage and cc reduction and etc.

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Core Items

Obviously reason classify this item as a "core". One time we don't want, in any case, have a focus on AS. This eliminate Feral Flare as a jungler item choice, them the other junglers items are made from spirit stone. Spirit of the Elder Lizard has no purpose one time Katarina's only physical damage output come from her AA so this left to us Spirit of the Ancient Golem if you want be more tank or Spirit of the Spectral Wraith if you want more damage.

Note: If you take Spirit of the Spectral Wraith there are no need for another full offensive item one time you can chose good mix options like Abyssal Mask and Sunfire Cape

No better item for Katarina. Health, armor, damage. This item give us so much thing that must be done in path you follow. Damage, Off tank or full tank. YOU NEED THIS ITEM. For cheap gold it give 45 and 450 health plus damage around you that boost your sinister steel and your Death Lotus. It is magical damage one time your magic penetration will count to it, it has an amazing synergy with Abyssal Mask, make your clean easy... I have more guide to write...

MR Items

The only problem of this is that he don't give health to us. AP that is very good for Katarina, all we know that, MR that increase your defense power and, the best of all, MR reduction for your enemies that will boost even more your damage and... remember that feeded mage in your team that cannot enter in the middle of battle but this MR reduction will be awesome for him? So... Recommended in most of all games.

Pretty good MR item don't you think? We don't have self heals or lifesteal or spellvamp to make Spirit Visage worthily, so this became a good option. Block one skill is awesome in almost 100% of cases specially if you have a Death Lotus to land.

Great item as well. Lots of cool stats for you and for your team. This item really shine against heavy AP teams one time it give MR to ALL your team and have its OP shield that help more than it happens against high busters.

One of the best boots of the game. If enemy team has no feeded ad guy do this! It create a little logistic problem with Spirit of the Ancient Golem due tenacity but it always a good against most of common teams.

Armor Items


Cool stuff against teams that have lots of AD's champions. It give armor, and return physical damage as magic damage (your magic penetration count to it). This item is very self-explanatory, don't have much to comment about it.

Zhonya's Hourglass

This item is massively done for mages and AP guys and it is a very good choice for Katarina as well. It is a little expensive item for a tank perspective but 120AP? If you are feeded and have gold there no reason do don't do that, It is simple perfect if you don't have another situational priority.

Randuin's Omen

Must have against Jax, Vayne, Xin Zhao and etc. Pretty good armor item on general, lots of armor and health, slow enemies to easy land an Death Lotus and broken enemy AS that is always good, at least the AD Carry you will screw up.

Ninja Tabi

This is a weak choice compared to other boots we have, you may do this against full armor teams or feeded AD Champions, other than that situations you may chose Mercury's Treads or Sorcerer's Shoes

Offensive/Utility Items

Cooming Soon.

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Jungler Route e Ganking

Inital Route

The initial route depends of who you are facing in the jungle.

If you are facing a guy who is don't a great duelist like Amumu or Sejuani you can take the way that you prefer without fear of being conterjugled in the initial levels.

You can go to first buff them second buff. Don't matter blue or red, go on that what will give you the better leash or that you like more, I particularly prefer start on red in the most cases. Them you can clean anything near or go gank, what is better for game.

However if you are facing a duelist Lee Sin or Udyr guy you must delay your second buff in one or even two smites to avoid being killed for he, them do your second buff and back safe for home.

After it

Katarina don't need to follow a singularly play style like some guys like Xin Zhao, he NEED to gank or he become useless, or even Shyvana she NEED to farm.

Kat can do what is better in the present moment, you can stay in the jungle farming 20 minutes of game if your team is doing good or even do only the buffs and stay ganking all day if your lanes pushed to tower.

If you are not ganking you can clean the entire jungle in CD, however if you are ganking I recommend to prioritize wraiths and wolf due its stay near lanes.

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If you have a good score plis send it to me, I will love to put it here. (Don't forgot to show that you do her on JG and your scores and Items)


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Change Log

12//05//2013 - Publish

18//02//2014 - Item changes!

12//04//2014 - Item changes!

21//04//2014 - Minor corrections

19//05//2014 - Added item section, Change name of "Need MR" to "MR Items" remove Spirit Visage and Guardian Angel, added Locket of the Iron Solari, Added more recently scores.

05//06//2014 - Added Armor items, added Sorcerer's Shoes to Offensive/Utility Items, removed Hextech Gunblade from Offensive/Utility Items, change Flash for Ghost as a summoner spell. Fix an error of understanding on Jungle route section ( Lee Sin and Udyr ARE duelists o.o)