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Teemo Build Guide by support_diff

Support The Only Teemo Support Guide You Will Need

Support The Only Teemo Support Guide You Will Need

Updated on November 22, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author support_diff Build Guide By support_diff 28 1 60,646 Views 1 Comments
28 1 60,646 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author support_diff Teemo Build Guide By support_diff Updated on November 22, 2023
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Runes: Dark Harvest

1 2
Dark Harvest
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Gathering Storm

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

The Only Teemo Support Guide You Will Need

By support_diff
I am Support_diff, a league of legends player and currently a support main though I have mained every role during my gaming career. I made this guide to be the most perfect Teemo support guide there is or will be.
I will try to update this guide whenever I can and will also answer your questions as soon as I see them.
I already have created guides for Thresh, Ashe, Blitzcrank, Pantheon, Xerath, Varus and Shaco and I am now working on some other guides, which will also be mostly in-depth guides for support champions. I am trying to make my guides as perfect as possible, so if you have a suggestion for a chapter or something else, I am all ears.
Hopefully you enjoy this guide and also learn to play Teemo!
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Why To Play Teemo Support
Teemo, the Swift Scout is known for being a very frustrating toplaner to face, but when played correctly in botlane, he can win his adc every single fight as he can bling the enemy adc and burst the enemies down. When he gets level 6, it is nearly impossible to take him or his adc down because there are shrooms everywhere. Though he has an amazing early game, his late game is even better as he can nearly spam the shrooms then.
What You Will Learn

From this guide, you will learn:

  • Different types of matchups and how hard they are to win
  • What items you should buy in different situations
  • What runes to use
  • What summoner spells to use and when
  • How to use your shrooms usefully
  • Where to place your wards
  • What abilities to upgrade and when
  • Overall things about playing Teemo


+ incredibly impactful even in the early game
+ fun to play
+ doesn't have many counters besides cc supports
+ can deal insane amounts of damage
+ can carry the adc easily
+ fast and easy combos


- immobile if W is not up
- loses hard against cc supports
- relies on knowing how to use shrooms effectively
- bad if falls behind


Even though Teemo is a very good and very underrated support, he has some cons that you should consider before starting to play him. He isn't a real support, because his kit doesn't provide his adc a huge amount of cc or healing. Basically, his way of helping his adc is blinding the enemies in trades and all-ins and provide vision for the team with his shrooms that also deal a good amount of damage in the late game.

Dark Harvest Runepage

Dark Harvest is a really good rune for Teemo because you are going to proc it a lot with your poison and shrooms. It is also very rewarding to collect the souls and at least in my opinion makes the game funnier to play.
Sudden Impact works really well with Teemo's kit because it procs every time you leave your passive's stealth, which makes you really strong in the early game.
I like Eyeball Collection as a rune because it can provide you a really good amount of ability power fast if you just play aggressively early. You can also take Zombie Ward if you want to maximize your vision score, but I think it's not that important as you can just place a mine for vision wherever you want.
This build is mostly about using your shrooms, and Ultimate Hunter is the best rune for that purpose. It can decrease your ultimate's cooldown siginficantly, which is great for you as with it you can nearly spam your mines.
As I mentioned before, this build is mostly about getting to spam your mines. Transcendence accesses you to a lot of ability haste, which helps you with this goal a lot. If you want to get the most ability power you want, you can also take Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm is too good to be real. Really. At 40 minutes it gives you 80 ability power, which is as much as a decent ability power item would provide you. It is amazing compared to any other rune, so I always take it when I play a full ability power champion.

Arcane Comet Runepage

Arcane Comet is another keystone you can use on Teemo because it provides a lot of damage and is better in the early game than Dark Harvest. I like the Domination rune tree more because in my opinion it provides Teemo more damage than Sorcery.
Because Teemo doesn't have too much mana, Manaflow Band is a really good choice for you. The mana it provides helps you a lot in the early game but also makes sure you can spam your shrooms in the late game.
As I mentioned before, this build is mostly about getting to spam your mines. Transcendence accesses you to a lot of ability haste, which helps you with this goal a lot. If you want to get the most ability power you want, you can also take Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm is too good to be real. Really. At 40 minutes it gives you 80 ability power, which is as much as a decent ability power item would provide you. It is amazing compared to any other rune, so I always take it when I play a full ability power champion.
I like Eyeball Collection as a rune because it can provide you a really good amount of ability power fast if you just play aggressively early. You can also take Zombie Ward if you want to maximize your vision score, but I think it's not that important as you can just place a mine for vision wherever you want.
This build is mostly about using your shrooms, and Ultimate Hunter is the best rune for that purpose. It can decrease your ultimate's cooldown siginficantly, which is great for you as with it you can nearly spam your mines.
Summoner Spells
Flash is a must to take for most of champions, and Teemo is one of them. With Flash you can escape every 5 minutes without a high chance of dying, which is great for your survivability.
Ignite is nearly every time the best option for second summoner spell, as it gives grievous wounds to the target, which prevent it from healing much, very good against Aatrox and other healer champions. The damage is also surprisingly high even in the early game.
Exhaust is a really good summoner spells, especially at early all-ins and late game fights. If the enemy team has a really fed Katarina, exhausting her will chomp 30% of her damage. If the enemy team has many champions with high burst damage, I suggest you to take Exhaust.
Don't get me wrong, I don't suggest you to take Heal, but there is one situation when you should take it. If you see a matchup with adc like Kai'Sa and a support without much cc, your adc should take Heal. If they don't, pick it yourself, as you already have Exhaust or Ignite in the bot duo.
Liandry's Torment is the perfect item for Teemo support, it provides you burn and ability haste, the two things you are really going to need in the game.
Crown of the Shattered Queen is a great item against a team comp with a lot of assassins like Rengar and Qiyana as it can ignore most of their combo damage. Only buy it when it is really necessary, Liandry's Torment is usually better.
Banshee's Veil is a really good item for survivability as it provides you a lot of magic resist and also a spellshield that is really good against champions like Thresh and Nautilus for example.
Even though I rarely build Cosmic Drive, it is really good item for Teemo because you are really going to need that movement speed in fights to run after of from enemies. It also provides a massive ability haste stat of 30.
Demonic Embrace is another burn item you are going to buy often. Though it isn't very gold efficient, the burn if very good for your playstyle.
If you buy Horizon Focus, you need to try this: instead of placing mines randomly, you can place two mines VERY near each other so if the enemy steps on one, they will also step on the other, and Horizon Focus increases the second one's damage.
Mejai's Soulstealer is the ultimate snowball item as it provides you more ability power every time you kill an enemy up to 125 bonus ability power, which makes it the most gold efficient item in the game.
Morellonomicon is the best antiheal item for you as it provides 90 ability power and also 10 magic penetration while also giving grievous wounds to enemies you deal damage to.
Nashor's Tooth is a very good item for Teemo as it works very well with your E and also gives your auto attacks ability power scaling. It is great during all stages of the game, and most Teemo players buy it as first or second item.
Rabadon's Deathcap is nearly must to buy for any full ability power champion as it gives you a lot of ability power and also increases the ability power of your other items, runes and so on.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a great item for Teemo because with it your shrooms also slow the enemies hit, which makes them easy to catch.
Void Staff is a great item against tankier enemies because it gives you a lot of magic penetration and also a nice amount of ability power.
Zhonya's Hourglass is a great item for survivability because it gives you opportunity to invulnerable for a second which is really gamechanging if you are being towerdived or an assassin jumps on you in a teamfight.
Stealth Ward is the basic ward that you place and it shows the area around it for 90-120 seconds based on champion level. You will start with it and keep it until you get your support item upgraded.Then you will change it to Oracle Lens. Before you change it, make sure to use your remaining Stealth Wards if there is a good ward spot without a ward near you.
Oracle Lens is the trinket you will change your Stealth Ward to. When used, it reveals the wards and traps around it for 10 seconds. Wards will also be disabled, lingering for 2 seconds after no longer being revealed. Use it wisely, because it can be a real game-changer when used right, if enemies don't have sight to baron for example.
Farsight Alteration isn't really a popular trinket option as it is visible to enemies and only has 1 health, but is a viable choice for the following reasons: Lasts forever if not destroyed, does not count towards the ward limit, has a range of 4000 (very big) and has lower cooldown than Stealth Ward.
Control Ward is the most valuable trinket in the game. It costs 75 gold, but is definetely worth the price. They reveal area like Stealth Ward, reveal Stealth Wards and traps and disables them like Oracle Lens and last forever like Farsight Alteration. You can place them in important places like river bush or tribush, or put them to other places with a high probability of having an enemy ward nearby to reveal them instead of using Oracle Lens (dragon pit for example). I suggest you to buy one or two of them every time you go back to base, because they are so important source of vision.

Best Laning Phase Ward Placements

These are the best ward placements in the laning phase in my opinion as they provide vision to the most important places of the bot-side map like dragon pit, tribush, river bush and bottom bushes. You will be a lot harder to gank by enemy jungler because you know before they try to gank you and have time to retreat. If you are playing on the red side and the enemy team has Kayn, Zac or Shaco, I suggest you to ward the tri-bush looking bush near your gromp so they can't just jump on you without you knowing.

Best Ward Placements After Laning Phase

These ward placements are better after the laning phase has ended, because they provide very much vision control to the map and makes it harder for the enemy team to collect objectives, because there is always a control ward on dragon and rift herald or baron nashor. Your team will more easily control the teamfights and splitpushing with these wards.

Passive:Guerrilla Warfare

If Teemo stands still and takes no actions for 1,5 seconds, he comes stealthed. When leaving stealth, Teemo has increased attack speed for 5 seconds. Teemo also gains the stealth if he stays in a bush for 1,5 seconds, no matter if he moves during that time.

Q:Blinding Dart

Teemo fires a dart at the target enemy, dealing magic damage and blinding them, causing their all auto attacks to miss for a short duration. The blind duration is doubled against minions and jungle monsters.

W:Move Quick

Passive: Teemo gets bonus movement speed until struck by a champion or turret. The cooldown is 5 seconds starting after struck.
Active: Teemo gains double his passive movement speed for a short duration and will not lose it even if he gets hit.

E:Toxic Shot

Teemo's auto attacks poison the enemies hit, dealing damage over 4 seconds. His auto attacks also deal bonus magic damage. The damage doesn't stack. Jungle monsters take 50% increased damage.

R:Noxious Trap

Teemo places a trap that arms and stealths after 1 second. It detonates if an enemy unit steps on it, dealing magic damage by poisoning nearby enemies, also slowing and revealing them. The traps last for 5 minutes. Teemo will store one every 30/25/20 seconds and can have 3/4/5 stocked up. After death, Teemo spawns with 2 stocked up.
Placing Mines
=most important shroom positions
=less important and situational shroom positions
To help you understand the positioning more easily, I have divided the botlane to three sections. Green area, yellow area and red area. Green is near to your own turrets and very safe, yellow area is in the middle of the lane but still kind of safe and red area is near enemy turrets which means that you are very vulnerable to enemy jungler ganks. Remember this throughout the guide, you are going to need this information a lot.
Wave Management

Rules of wave management as Teemo support

As Teemo support, there are a few rules you have to follow to win the laning. Firstly, you never want to be in the green area. You need to have access to bushes to perform your kit's features at their finest. Also, if you get pushed hard, you won't be able to play aggressively or place shrooms freely which is a great loss for you. Additionally, you shouldn't be always pushing to the red area, as it can make your shrooms and kit overall less effective. While you are at the red area, you are also very vulnerable for enemy jungler ganks. If you get the wave to be between the red and yellow area, you have a lead in fights as if you win, it is easy to push the lane to get some plates, and if you lose, you can escape to your shroomed area

Freezing the wave

Because you simply can't get into your green area without having a couple of minutes wasted due to your lane being pushed, you need to know how to freeze the lane. By freezing the lane, you prevent the enemy bot duo from getting to your green area so they can take plates. When you are at yellow/red area, you have to know when it's your time to recall. When you are on the lane, the enemies will have really hard time pushing the wave. Before you recall, try to aggressively push the wave for a couple of seconds by blinding minions and using auto attacks. By doing this, the enemies will lose a couple of seconds of pushing time and you are able to perform the following: Go near your green area, and place a couple of shrooms between the yellow and green area in the middle of the lane so the enemies won't be able to get to your turret. If you are not recalling, but the enemies are pushing, you need to freeze the wave to the end of yellow area. To do that, leash the minions to your adc by hitting them as many times you can without stealing them or making it impossible for your adc to last hit them. It will speed up your adc's wave clear, which helps you first freeze the lane and then push it back to the yellow/red area. If your adc isn't there, try to hit the minions as many times as you can, and if the minions are getting to your turret, tank the minions if possible. If the enemies somehow manage to get to the turret, blind the adc to prevent their damage and hit them and their minions as many times as you can to prevent them from getting plates. Additionally, you can use your mines to destroy the minions as long as you don't waste them with placing 4 on a single wave and then getting pushed hard on the next minion wave.

Pushing the wave

it is really important that you can both freeze and push the wave when necessary, it helps you a lot with managing your laning, objectives and roaming. Pushing is really easy, you just need to destroy enemy minions faster than the enemies destroy yours. When pushing, it is usually your goal to push the wave to the red area to get damage to turret or for that you can safely leave the lane to help your jungler with dragon for example. Keep in ming that even though you deal a lot of damage, you are a support. All the minion kills belong to your adc, so don't steal them, only damage them as much as necessary. If you steal a lot of minions, your adc will get behind in gold which means that their game is basically over, at least during the laning phase. Sometimes you just have to push the wave a bit so you have access to bushes and shroom placing again. When you are doing that, don't push the wave as hard as you can, just enough to get your minions where you want to.


At level 1, you can't really invade, because it would probably end miserably for your team. Instead, you have a very important mission at level 1. Guarding and granting vision. Upgrade your Q at level 1, it is by far the best option at level 1. Your passive makes it possible for you to be a living ward.
These are the places you should camp at to prevent the enemies from invading. Though it usually only saves you a ward, it is still a cool thing to do as normally you don't have much to do at level 1. If the enemies come close to you, don't panic, they can't see you when you are in your stealth, no matter how close they are. Make sure you have turned off your automatic attacks in your settings so you can't unintentionally attack the enemies as it would end up in you dying. When your own buff spawns, blind it immediately when it tries to attack your jungler, so you have it up again as fast as possible. The reason you blind it is that your Q's blind time is doubled against jungle monsters which means that the buff is blinded for 4 seconds, which saves your jungler from a lot of damage. Otherwise, you don't have a lot to do at level 1 as there isn't a high chance of you getting into a fight.


At level 2 you have a great powerspike as you have your Q and E up. Level 2 is one of your best points in the game because you can outdamage most of the champions on the rift. If you can, rush to level 2 so you maximize your damage gap to the enemies. Try to get to the point where yellow area turns into red area, because there you have one bush and amazing possibilities to ambush the enemies. If possible, try to take a trade at level 2 because you will win nearly every time and get a Dark Harvest stack.


Levels 3-5 are somewhat useless for you because you don't have a new powerspike at level 3. During these levels, you can take as many trades as you want as long as you don't die. Usually Teemo can easily win these fast trades as the enemy adc is blinded during the fight and he can deal incredible amount of damage only by himself. Try to stay in the yellow/red area so you can play as aggressively as you want and control the wave if you see it heading to your green area. It also helps your shroom placing from level 6 onwards if you are not in your green area.


At level 6 your game becomes significantly easier because you finally get your shrooms. They give you vision, improve your wave control and control over your enemies. When you have your shrooms, you are not easily ganked as if the enemy jungler dares to come to botlane, they will immediately be slowed and damaged by a couple of shrooms. Here's the map I already showed you, the green circles stand for important shroom placements and red circles for less important ones.


Dragons are one of the most important things in the game as if you lose them, the damage is permanent. It is also pretty simple taking these. If you see your jungler pathing towards bottom when dragon is up, start to push the lane. When the jungler is closer to bottom, ping them to come to take the dragon with you. When the jungler goes to the dragon, leave bot lane with your adc. If you pushed the lane, the enemy bot laners are less likely to interrupt your peaceful interactions with the dragon. Always try to have ward at the dragon pit so you can see if the enemies start to take it. If you don't have vision there, it the enemies become more unpredictable as you can't know if they are recalling, camping in a bush waiting for you or at the dragon. If you see the enemies going to the dragon, inform your team about it, so you have a chance of taking it yourself or at least preventing the enemies from getting it.


Your role in teamfights is simple. Deal damage and don't die. The first one is easy, the build gives you enough ability power to become a serious threat to any enemy. Your blind's cooldown isn't high and your E gives your auto attacks a nice bonus damage. be sure to target the right enemies, blinding a Xerath won't help your team a lot. Additionally, place shrooms when in a teamfight to maximize your damage. Of course, you need to be alive to do this all. Your W gives you a bit of survivability which is nice when the enemy Kha'Zix comes a bit too close. Your blind is also amazing for survivability as it will stop most of the auto attack-based champions' damage for a couple of seconds which is enough for you to survive. Always try to stay in the backline, you don't want to try to be the team's tank, it is not a good idea.
The End
This is all I've got to say about Teemo support, have a fun time playing it. If you have a question, feel free to ask me. GG!
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