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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Shen Build Guide by NAPKEtheBLOODY2

The S3 Jungle Shen Guide: He really is everywhere!

The S3 Jungle Shen Guide: He really is everywhere!

Updated on June 20, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NAPKEtheBLOODY2 Build Guide By NAPKEtheBLOODY2 45 7 832,283 Views 21 Comments
45 7 832,283 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NAPKEtheBLOODY2 Shen Build Guide By NAPKEtheBLOODY2 Updated on June 20, 2013
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Hi, my name is NAPKEtheBLOODY2 and this is my first guide. I'm not pro or anything but I'm no noob either. This guide is about jungle Shen and it has worked fine for me.

Shen is a great champion and if he's not banned he should be in your team either top, jungle or support. This build has its focus on jungle Shen, although this build works fine in any other lane.

I've seen many other jungle Shens that usually build straight tank (as if they are top lane), which causes a very slow jungle speed. This results in less ganks, less money and more lane pressure.

This guide shows a way that makes your jungle speed acceptable and your ganks very hard.

P.S. I'm Dutch, so my grammar/spelling could contain some flaws
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Game changes (needs more testing)

In this chapter I will note relevant changes to items and gameplay as a result of patches taht affect Jungle Shen.

-""Wit's End"" now steals Magic Resist. This is great! With my build Shen deals more magic damage than attack damage all game long. The change will improve your damage quite a bit, especially in long fights against other tanky characters, but will also help your team's other magic damage dealers! Riot made us more OP!

-""Madred's razors"" now deal flat damage but only to creeps. I like the flat damage part as it is more reliable and that's what jungle Shen is all about. It hurts that you can't proc the passive on minions though. Because of his ult, Shen is a capable split pusher, but his pushing power (which wasn't good before the change) has become less now.

-Jungle changes:
Spawn time changes: You'll now have to start at red or blue, because the lesser camps spawn at the same time now. It doesn't affect jungle shen that much as the exp gain is also increased from the big camps, but it favors very fast junglers and rewards successful buff steals. I expect to see more Shyvanas, Udyrs, Nunus and Dariusi(?) because of this.
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Pros / Cons

+Energy based (doesn't need blue)
+Global ult
+Great survivability and sustain
+Good damage all game long
+Good counter-gank
+Can safe team mates

-Not the fastest jungler (but with this build his speed is acceptable)
-Wards can ruin your ganks
-Lacks armor through early-mid
-Not the best 5v5 teamfight initiator
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The Seals and Glyps are standard for most junglers but the marks and quints might need some explanation

Mark of Attack Speed: These are mandatory for jungle Shen. Not only do they allow more Ki Strikes, giving you more damage and energy gain, they also work well with the passives Madred's Razors and Wit's End.

Quintessence of Movement Speed:I like these because it makes me a better ganker, chaser and basically gets you quicker to where you are needed.
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Masteries are pretty standard for a tank jungler. I don't like Legendary Armor because it's only good late game when you are already super tanky. Attack speed is also way better than cooldown for jungle Shen.

Masteries are pretty flexible though. An interesting option for any champion with a taunt are Unyielding and Block . These could be taken instead of Relentless and Safeguard.
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Summoner Spells

- Smite: Shen needs Smite to be effective in the jungle.
- Exhaust: is great for ganks, escaping, teamfights and assisting people after you teleported to them with your ult
- Flash: allows for very good initiation, positioning for Shadow Dash and very safe counter-jungling and escaping. It's probably better than Ghost except for ganking. Flash is a very good choice

- Ghost: allows for stronger ganks (probably more so than Exhaust) and better initiation
- Heal: I have never used this spell on jungle Shen, but I imagine that it will improve your ability to save teammates after you ulted to them. It doesn't help much in the way of ganking and/or initiation team fights though.
- Ignite: Only pick this when your teammates don't have it, or you face multiple strong healing/regenerating champions. For all other purposes Exhaust is better for Shen.
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Skills Sequence

The skill sequence is kind of set in stone. The only deviation you should allow is choosing Shadow Dash on lvl 2 or lvl 3 if there's a really good ganking opportunity with a high chance of getting a kill. A Shen with Shadow Dash and Exhaust or Ghost can gank very well.

- Shadow Dash restores more energy when it hits more enemy champions
- Shadow Dash can be used to escape/chase through thin walls
- Shadow Dash can't be used on minions and creeps
-Your Ult Stand United doesn't cost any energy, but you typically want some energy as reserve anyway, in order to actually use your skills after you ulted to someone.
-When in doubt whether someone needs your ult's shield in order to survive a gank or whatever, just do it. It's better to waste your ult than have someone killed when you could have saved them. They will almost always appreciate it!
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My build focuses on some attack speed for triggering your passive Ki Strike and Hit Points (HP) for making you tanky and getting the most out of Ki Strike and Vorpal Blade.

- Madred's Razors greatly increases your jungle speed. Armor is nice too. I often upgrade this to Wriggle's Lantern as it is a nice jungle item. Shen doesn't really need the life steal though, so sometimes it's better to not upgrade it

You basically have to choose between Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi. If they have a lot of cc you should pick Merc's and if they have auto attackers pick Tabi.

- Recurve Bow
It will give you faster jungle speed and dangerous ganks. This is item is core on Shen and is usually build into Wit's End which increases the damage and gives you magic resist.

- Warmog's Armor
Next on the list is Warmog's Armor, however it's expensive and you could be lacking armor now, so you could consider buying a Chain Vest before finishing Warmog's. The HP of Warmog's together with your decent attack speed makes your passive Ki Strike trigger often and for high damage.

- Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen is probably the best item for a tank that has taunt. The passive makes you harder to kite. I sometimes buy some of the armor components before finishing Warmog's. DON'T FORGET THE ACTIVE!

Now that we have our core we have some more freedom in our other items. You'll usually end up with buying one tank item and one damage or utility item. My favorites are:

- Sunfire Aegis
Sunfire Cape is very good item on any tank/bruiser

- Runic Bulwark
Good for Magic Resist is great and it's also awesome for the rest of your team. If the Support does not build this you should definitely build it!

- Blade of the Ruined King
Great if your team need more damage (especially against tanky enemies). Again, the attack speed works well with Key Strike and other on hit effects.

- Spirit Visage
If your Support is building Runic Bulwark, this is your other defensive Magic Resist choice. I don't build this very often though

- Abyssal Mask
Very good item on Shen! You deal quite some magic damage and if your team has good AP champs, they will love the aura. This is your offensive magic Resist Choice

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter
This item sets itself apart because it makes your Vorpal Blades apply a slow. A very good item if you find enemies escaping a lot.
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Jungling with Shen is easy. You want to have Vorpal Blade's passive on the enemy you are attacking AT ALL TIMES. Typically you toss a Vorpal Blade whenever it's off cooldown. Use Feint after you used Ki Strike for a shorter cooldown on Ki Strike.

Shen doesn't neccisarily need blue so he can have many jungle routes. However, Blue Buff greatly enhances your early jungle so I usually take it. This Route works best for Shen (and most of my other junglers as well);

Wolves-> Blue-> Wraiths-> CHECK RED BUFF!-> Wolves-> Red-> Wraiths->GANK

You should be lvl4 now, have most of your HP and have all your basic skills and on top of that a nice double buff! You're probably the most badass champion on the map right now so look for gank opportunities. If there aren't any good opportunities you should probably try to gank mid anyway as you're already there. Continue jungling taking out golems only when you don't need smite for a buff or if wolves and wraiths are dead and you can't gank.

Tips for better jungling.
-Use Feint after you just used Ki Strike for a faster recharge time
-When you have almost slain a creep and Vorpal Blade is off cooldown, use it on the next creep instead.
-When low on energy note that Vorpal Blade's duration is longer than it's cooldown. Wait before tossing out an other until the duration has timed out.
-When invading the enemy jungle, be sure to keep enough energy in reserve to Shadow Dash away, and always know where to escape (preferably through a wall)
-Keeping some energy reserve is always a good idea, especially when you may need to save someone with your Ult, so you can actually do something once you teleport to them.
-GANK! Shen is an awesome ganker so let your enemies know that. You should be that Ninja that could be anywhere on the map!
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Shen can gank pretty good when the enemy is pushing and after he has build some tank items Shen is a great tower diver and can gank low HP enemies under their turrets! Always ping the enemy you are going to gank in a timely matter and ping again when you are actually starting the gank.

- Shadow Dash
When to use Shadow Dash is crucial. Often the best way is to use Shadow Dash right away, as it lets your team mates catch up. The drawback of this strategy is that will often Flash away after the taunt has ended or even dodge your taunt with it! Therefore, when your team mates are already in attack range of the victim, approach behind them on an intercept course. They will usually Flash as soon as they get in your attack range. Quickly follow them with a Shadow Dash and the distance he created with his Flash is neglected because has to stand still for a short period allowing your teammates to catch up! Use Exhaust or Ghost if it's off cooldown.

-Ganking with your Ult Stand United
You can use your ult as you would use teleport for ganking, only you can't teleport to wards. You must therefore ult on someone that is stealthed or hiding in the bush. Since you came from the jungle none of the enemies has seen you using your ult, so they should not be aware of your presence, making for a nasty surprise!
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- Shadow Dash
In team fights Shadow Dash is best saved for the situation to taunt as many enemies as possible. After the taunt has worked out, pop the active from your Randuin's Omen to slow them all.

When your team is depending on you to initiate a team fight, just walk towards them and see how they react. A smart enemy will just harras, keep a distance and save their major skills for your carries. In this case you might need to use Shadow Dash to initiate, however be sure to taunt a squishy enemy, preferably the AD or AP carry.
If the enemy is stupid however, walking towards them will trigger them to all out attack you, which is a mistake. Pop Randuin's active slow and your team will clean them up. Use dash to taunt important targets or protect your carries. In the case where they focused you so hard that you are almost dead before your team arrives, shadow dash out of there! Stay close and carefully watch the team fight as you might be needed again or use your Ult to save your carries.

- Stand United
In teamfights try to use this on your carries. Even when you are in the middle of the team fight, with multiple enemies hacking into you, as soon as your carry gets attacked, use your Ult on him. The extra second you may have prolonged his life allowed him to do more damage than you could ever do in the time you were charging your ult!
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I hope this guide will be helpful to you. Shen is a really great and fun Champion to play, with a unique Ult that makes him one of the best choices regardless of enemy or allied team. This guide focuses on strong ganks early game, stable mid-game and extremely powerful late game.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NAPKEtheBLOODY2
NAPKEtheBLOODY2 Shen Guide
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The S3 Jungle Shen Guide: He really is everywhere!

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