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Shaco Build Guide by kokc

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kokc

The stacking hybrid shaco

kokc Last updated on September 25, 2011
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Introduction to a little bit "different" shaco

Most of you have probably played the critical damage shaco, or the attack damage shaco, or sometimes just for fun, or even for real the ability power shaco. Well, this is the introduction to a little bit different one, it's called the stacking shaco. You will be just terrified, when you will see what that demon is capable of. scared allready?

Yes, this build is not quite simple, you have to work on your harras, be constantly getting nice amounts of gold and everything, but when you get the hang of it, you will become the unleashed beast!

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As every champ, this one's got Pros/Cons too.

-two shiv damage is extremly high
-heal with spell vamp AND life steal
-Q, W and E are used for both, for running away or getting in to a fight
-killing every single champ at low health with a smile on your face
-going trough ANY wall in game
-badly annoying
-an extremly sexy notty boy

-no stacks=no shaco
-not for taking down a turret
-not quite an autoattacker build
-every mistake can end badly
-people will get just to jealous of you

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Summoner Spells

Ones to take:

Just perfect, more damage inflict, or slow so you can run away, again in 1 word perfect

I don't really like it, but i've seen many people doing really good with it+makes your way while stealthed slightly better+lizard's buff and this isn't a bad combination

In the early game the combination of and is just TO SICK, you won't be able to resist it once you start being aggresive :D +ignite gives you a quite good advantage getting that champ 1vs1

It is good if you teleport to the boxes and gank them out of nowhere, or if you're new with shaco so you can recall and get back to lanes fast, but personally you don't really need it.

Heal is for noobs! yes probably it is, but if you're a big fat fluffy troll and know when to use this, your early game will be just hillarious, otherwise at late game it gets a little bit useless, too bad.

Ones NOT to take:

just NO. -.- i don't know why would you need it, if you're lacking out of mana in just a matter of seconds, then it is YOUR problem, you just can not lack of so much mana. Okay unless you're an ap shaco or smth.

I don't think i have to explain why NOT to take it.

you've got a flash+stealth every 6 seconds, so no you do NOT NEED IT, i would just slap in the face every shaco that uses it, those epic "acrobatics" with decive+flash, why would you run so far away?

you are not a tank, also not a support.

yeah it looks good, but the cooldown is just the slap in the face

you shouldn't be dying -.- even if you do, you will probably die 4 times at most. Even if you're new with shaco do NOT USE IT


you could take it if you're jungling, but it's not 100% neccesarly

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those are quite simple:
Greater Mark of Desolation
damage says it all

i give all my credits for escaping to those,you just simply dodge and the next second decive will be waiting for you

constant harras is your middle name, and decive is just to perfect for going in to ganks or running away from them
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
you can still use something else, I suggest or

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Early game
You start off with , and constantly annoy with on lvl 2. stay on lane untill you have enough gold for and
Recall or not, depends on how good you're doing
mid game
you should have , if not, try to get them, roaming around and getting kills is what shaco is good at, actually perfect.
From now on your playstyle becomes dependant of how many stacks will you have, buy and start collecting kills/assists.
When you have enough money, get , and later ,
late game
Stacks, stacks, stacks, you just gotta love them, enough of adoring the stacks, in late game your core build, that is should be done, so here's the only one and last place for the 6th occasional item, and when you will sell doran's ring, all the sudden you will have 2 free slots! how great is that?
Here are some of the item choices:

I preffer getting as the 6th item, or maybe , because you could never get to used of attack and movement speed.
after that you can sell and get the defensive item, and that is also your choice, depending on how good you're doing and how much damage are you taking

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Lane game

after buying go and get one of the buffs, depends on which one is closer to your lane.

Lizard elder's path/red buff path

Start placing behind the lizard, so when he spawns, the boxes will be behind him. Lizard spawns at around 1:52 minute, untill then you should have at least 4 placed boxes.
After getting the buff go to lane to get that last piece of exp for lvl 2 and start harrasing with , BUT take care of your mana, if you're able to, try to get enemy champs with normal attacks and then decive away if necessary, and last hit as many minions as possible with normal attacks.

golem's path/blue buff path

Same as red buff, start placing behind the golem-get the buff-go to your lane. when you get , make enemy champs suffer as much as you can, use E as spam for constant harras and place boxes,so if you get an unwanted gank or start being chased so you will be able to nicely run away and laugh at their miserable faces as hard as you can.
Also make sure that those boxes will save your lane partner as well

buffs went out :O
now what? if you're pushing the lane nicely with your lanepartner, go to mid if possible and secure the kill, also you will probably have enough money to recall and get a few items.
The best way after recall would be to gank the other lane or mid again and after that return to your lane.

gank other lanes ONLY if your lane is doing well, otherwise return to your lane

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Am i hallucinating?!

Dear god, wasn't one shaco enough? There are two now! if that isn't just great!

Do not underestemate your ultimate , I will tell you what all you're capable of:
-With this ult you can dodge to actually anything, karthus's ult, ashe's ult, anything! it is just perfect.
-All the sudden your team has 6 players against 5, making your team a little stronger+ making you easier to run away into a closest brush, to locate your focused champ and take him down
-Luring away enemies, or getting them in to a brush a.k.a. a trap where your whole team is waiting.
-if your clone dies, it blows up and makes some nice damage to everyone around your clone

for folks that don't know how to use your clone, you control your clone with ctrl+right click

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A few last words

This is my first build, so i would be glad to know what do you think about it, there are probably some things missing, i will add them as soon as i see they're missing, and offcourse try the build a few times before commenting it, i'm sure you will like it.

Thank you for your understanding, or actually no, i'm not thanking you, you should be placing the boxes right now to get that buff allready, so go now, and demonize everything standing in your way!

Sincerely, a satisfied shaco player